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  Thank God its FRIIIIIIDAY

ferragamo797808/31/2018 01:38PM

  Did anyone go to 7-11 to get these

ferragamo794408/31/2018 01:44PM

  simple times

ferragamo792708/31/2018 01:51PM

  Baseball cards ding dongs

ferragamo792508/31/2018 01:55PM

  after my time as a collector, but.......

21Dog2608/31/2018 02:34PM

  I've got all the RAMS Post cereal cards.....

roman181909/04/2018 08:19AM

  No but...............

IowaRam2008/31/2018 08:34PM

  S&H Green Stamps

IowaRam2208/31/2018 08:48PM

  I licked those stamps so much

ferragamo792309/04/2018 04:34PM

  Re: Did anyone go to 7-11 to get these

21Dog2608/31/2018 02:31PM

  MAN!! I MISS THE 70s!!!!

Ramgator2609/03/2018 06:28PM

  We'd go in to 7-11 and I'd always hope for a new cup

ferragamo792009/04/2018 03:47PM

  Funniest thing. . ..

RAMbeau2708/31/2018 05:26PM

  you lucky man

ferragamo791708/31/2018 06:35PM

  I swear this is true

IowaRam2608/31/2018 08:30PM

  I was getting Fish Saved Pittsburgh confused with

ferragamo792609/01/2018 09:03AM

  I've never seen Fast Break

IowaRam2409/01/2018 03:15PM

  Re: I swear this is true

LMU932109/06/2018 12:05PM

  Well , it was the 70's

IowaRam1609/06/2018 03:09PM

  Well, they definitely didn't..

sstrams1909/07/2018 07:59AM

  Regarding collecting stuff..

sstrams2309/05/2018 02:59AM

  I remember playing with them as a little kid

ferragamo792309/06/2018 03:28PM

  I'll hafta shoot a pic..

sstrams2109/07/2018 03:58AM


waterfield3709/05/2018 07:42PM

  have another Scotch, waterfield

21Dog2409/06/2018 04:39AM

  Re: have another Scotch, waterfield

waterfield2109/06/2018 07:29AM

  man I just don't get how the Rockies keep winning

ferragamo792109/06/2018 10:24AM

  I bleed dodger blue...

BlueRidgeHorns1809/06/2018 11:51AM

  for once they have quality starting pitching

21Dog1509/06/2018 11:51AM

  I have Dodgers at #1

ferragamo792009/06/2018 03:32PM

  I did pick up a piece of NON movie memorabilia this weekend

IowaRam10208/27/2018 05:35AM

  That's super cool, Iowa..

sstrams2208/27/2018 05:46AM

  VERY cool.... Iowa. (nm)

JamesJM1708/27/2018 07:12AM

  I can EASILY see me doing the same thing.

Ramgator2508/27/2018 07:45AM

  A gentle giant

IowaRam3108/27/2018 07:58AM

  great pic and story

ferragamo792108/27/2018 01:01PM

  Stereo stores in late 70s/80s side note

ferragamo792808/27/2018 03:09PM

  Yeah, I loved those rooms...

sstrams2308/27/2018 03:42PM

  Are stereo's a thing of the past ?

IowaRam3808/27/2018 08:02PM

  Re: Are stereo's a thing of the past ?

MamaRAMa2608/27/2018 08:23PM

  Re: Are stereo's a thing of the past ?

IowaRam2108/27/2018 08:46PM

  Not in my house they aren't...

sstrams2308/28/2018 03:37AM

  Yup, I get that....

JamesJM2108/28/2018 11:24AM

  Re: Yup, I get that....

MamaRAMa1708/28/2018 11:53AM

  And all the while....

JamesJM2008/28/2018 12:08PM

  OK my set ups use many things

ferragamo792408/28/2018 07:51AM

  I just bought the boat from JAWS on Ebay

ferragamo792608/31/2018 01:40PM

  You outbid me on that, too?

sstrams3009/01/2018 03:38PM


ferragamo792009/04/2018 03:42PM

  Did I ever ask you if you had this

ferragamo791909/04/2018 03:44PM

  I never got the Jaws version..

sstrams1809/05/2018 03:02AM

  Check this out. Attachments

Atlantic Ram2709/05/2018 04:25PM


ferragamo792009/05/2018 05:16PM

  I had to google it

IowaRam2009/05/2018 05:24PM

  ..and THAT, Atlantic, would make you..

sstrams1909/06/2018 03:00AM

  I had the knock off too

ferragamo791809/05/2018 05:39PM

  They got mine..

sstrams1909/06/2018 03:02AM

  yeah playing it as a kid you relaize

ferragamo791609/06/2018 10:27AM

  And yet again... not a happy post....

JamesJM5809/04/2018 10:18AM

  As you know..

sstrams2109/04/2018 10:30AM

  DITTO! nm

Ramgator1309/04/2018 11:10AM

  I tried to speak at my dads funeral

ferragamo791809/04/2018 11:18AM

  Done it a few times.

waterfield1609/04/2018 11:59AM

  you can get it done

21Dog1709/04/2018 02:46PM

  Yes, agreed...

JamesJM1509/04/2018 02:55PM

  there is a reason people ask you

ferragamo791809/04/2018 03:36PM

  Thanks, everyone...

JamesJM1509/05/2018 07:39PM

  I got an idea at a recent funeral service

21Dog1909/06/2018 04:37AM

  My wife and I have discussed that..

sstrams1909/06/2018 07:12AM

  Re: And yet again... not a happy post....

MamaRAMa1909/05/2018 09:40PM

  Watching Star Trek "Squire Of Gothos" LOL...

Ramgator3209/05/2018 08:27AM

  Went to see Dave Mason and Steve Cropper earlier this week....

roman185909/02/2018 07:14AM

  I'm jealous

21Dog1609/02/2018 09:54AM

  Yes on all counts....

roman181409/02/2018 10:52AM

  Im not familiar with either

ferragamo791409/02/2018 12:07PM

  Mason played in the band Traffic....Cropper played with Booker T and the MG's...

roman181409/02/2018 01:07PM

  Traffic was one of my favorites

21Dog1509/02/2018 06:22PM

  Steve Winwood

Atlantic Ram1609/02/2018 08:25PM

  I have everything he ever recorded....

JamesJM1409/02/2018 10:51PM

  he was a child prodigy with the Spencer Davis group

21Dog1409/03/2018 02:49AM

  I have to retell this story.....sort of Winwood related....

JamesJM1809/03/2018 05:23AM

  Well that is a great story

Atlantic Ram1609/03/2018 01:43PM

  My favorite Dave Mason song, by far...

JamesJM1809/02/2018 02:46PM

  Had to google both of them

IowaRam2009/02/2018 03:01PM

  That's the song I meant to say....

JamesJM1609/02/2018 03:04PM

  Hey Roman

ferragamo791709/02/2018 06:03PM

  My son lives in Wilmington

BlueRidgeHorns1409/05/2018 02:53AM

  What to do as a parent ?

waterfield8008/29/2018 03:35PM

  I'm sure you've dealt with this before..

sstrams2408/29/2018 04:57PM

  Re: I'm sure you've dealt with this before..

waterfield1708/29/2018 07:41PM

  Just imagine how badly..

sstrams1608/30/2018 02:48AM

  I’m sure I had several concussions.

Atlantic Ram3008/29/2018 06:09PM

  Re: I’m sure I had several concussions.

waterfield1808/29/2018 08:01PM

  Re: I’m sure I had several concussions.

Atlantic Ram2109/02/2018 08:36PM

  Re: What to do as a parent ?

MamaRAMa1608/29/2018 06:43PM

  Re: What to do as a parent ?

waterfield2008/29/2018 07:42PM

  Spend time with your kids......

IowaRam1908/30/2018 08:00AM

  oil change lawn mower

ferragamo798208/23/2018 08:21AM

  I use 10w-30 in my riding mower

Atlantic Ram3708/23/2018 08:31AM

  See what the new JD's have done?

JamesJM3308/23/2018 10:14AM

  Re: oil change lawn mower

Aries2308/26/2018 04:20PM

  thx guys: Im guessing no oil filter

ferragamo792208/29/2018 10:25AM

  SAE 30w.....

JoeMad2608/30/2018 09:11AM

  Auto Shop was essential when I was in High School

IowaRam2108/30/2018 09:25AM

  my 1st car... 1970 AMC hornet....

JoeMad2008/30/2018 09:41AM

  I owned a '65 GTO....

JamesJM2008/30/2018 09:56AM

  Re: I owned a '65 GTO....

21Dog1908/30/2018 10:20AM

  Well, yeah...

JamesJM2008/30/2018 10:38AM

  you mean i walked or biked daily past your house in 1978?

JoeMad2008/30/2018 11:57AM

  Re: I owned a '65 GTO....

RAMbeau2408/31/2018 08:41AM

  MY first car was a '67 Camaro..

sstrams1908/30/2018 12:42PM

  Re: MY first car was a '67 Camaro..

JoeMad1908/31/2018 08:32AM

  My first car was a '65 Mustang

MamaRAMa1908/31/2018 03:29PM

  wife had one similar....

21Dog1809/02/2018 05:08AM

  My wife's first car was a Mustang

IowaRam2009/02/2018 03:41PM

  Yeah, I'll always regret the Camaro.. but..

sstrams1409/02/2018 04:56AM

  Re: oil change lawn mower

RAMbeau2408/31/2018 08:38AM

  thanks Frank

ferragamo791608/31/2018 01:39PM

  Re: thanks Frank

RAMbeau1808/31/2018 05:10PM

  drink 2 chiantis tonight

ferragamo792208/31/2018 06:36PM

  Funny you should post that...

JamesJM1809/02/2018 04:23PM

  Im on my third Cabernet

ferragamo791909/02/2018 06:02PM

  DuckDuckGo search... a review...

JamesJM2709/02/2018 04:22PM

  Got humbled, 21Dog...

JamesJM4108/31/2018 09:59PM

  no shame there

21Dog1209/01/2018 10:28AM


JamesJM1309/01/2018 08:14PM

  some good news from the football weekend

21Dog1509/01/2018 09:18PM

  Were you at the game?

JamesJM1309/02/2018 02:13AM


21Dog1309/02/2018 05:06AM

  Ram 29, are you there?

BlueRidgeHorns2409/01/2018 10:06AM

  Found a Bogart movie last night I had not seen... Attachments

JamesJM6708/28/2018 12:20PM

  Mama, I thought sure you would get this one...

JamesJM3908/28/2018 02:56PM

  Re: Mama, I thought sure you would get this one...

MamaRAMa2508/28/2018 07:58PM

  Did you see his TV roles?

JamesJM2408/28/2018 08:55PM

  Re: Did you see his TV roles?

MamaRAMa2708/29/2018 04:05AM

  I looked it up, too

21Dog2008/29/2018 01:46PM

  I'm the ONLY person that saw 'The Millionaire"?

JamesJM2008/29/2018 01:55PM

  Re: I looked it up, too

IowaRam2008/29/2018 02:11PM

  I got it

waterfield2708/28/2018 06:55PM

  You're not fooling me...

JamesJM2408/28/2018 07:07PM

  Re: I got it

waterfield1708/29/2018 06:01AM

  Bogart is on TCM tonight.

waterfield1708/29/2018 02:55PM

  Ok guys Bogart or Cary Grant

ferragamo792608/29/2018 03:23PM

  It's a good question... and an interesting comparison...

JamesJM7208/29/2018 05:11PM

  Re: Ok guys Bogart or Cary Grant

waterfield2408/29/2018 08:08PM

  I own it

ferragamo792408/30/2018 03:28PM

  Re: Ok guys Bogart or Cary Grant

21Dog2308/30/2018 05:01AM

  You're all wrong..............

IowaRam2408/30/2018 07:55AM

  Pray for Jacksonville.

Ramgator34508/26/2018 01:57PM

  Read that

IowaRam9308/26/2018 01:59PM

  Yes. A witness said he lost twice.....

Ramgator11108/26/2018 02:16PM

  Re: Pray for Jacksonville.

Rams435208/26/2018 08:04PM

  Yeah, you certainly got that right!

Ramgator2808/27/2018 02:56AM

  Re: Pray for Jacksonville.

Classicalwit4308/26/2018 08:31PM

  crazy times, Gator

21Dog3208/27/2018 04:50AM

  Acts of heroism. . . .

RAMbeau2408/28/2018 04:10AM

  I know the Captain.

Ramgator2008/28/2018 04:48AM

  many thanks to firefighters and our police

ferragamo791908/29/2018 03:24PM

  21Dog... Your HS alma mater?

JamesJM4808/23/2018 08:59PM

  got a couple of very talented individuals

21Dog3108/24/2018 04:47AM

  So I hear...

JamesJM1708/24/2018 10:58AM

  Re: So I hear...

21Dog1908/24/2018 01:25PM

  Re: So I hear...

waterfield1108/28/2018 06:59PM

  21's school here

ferragamo792008/26/2018 04:53PM


21Dog1608/26/2018 07:37PM

  If ya have time to kill, 21Dog.... video

JamesJM1808/27/2018 03:49AM

  good stuff

21Dog1508/27/2018 04:49AM

  Sports buddies forever....

JamesJM1608/27/2018 07:04AM

  Hmm!! Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz in the new "Midway"?

Ramgator14507/08/2018 06:14AM

  If I had my choice, Spielberg, Eastwood and Tom Hanks would be involved.

Ramgator4407/08/2018 06:17AM

  Hate to offend Tarantino fans....

JamesJM5707/08/2018 07:31AM

  I too liked Pulp Fiction

Atlantic Ram4507/08/2018 08:20AM

  Jackie Brown and Inglorious @#$%& my two favorites

ferragamo794607/08/2018 11:41AM

  Inglorious B's was so close to being great

Atlantic Ram4907/08/2018 03:33PM

  Inglorious B's was great early and then rolled downhill IMO.

DaJudge5507/12/2018 03:08PM

  Re: Hmm!! Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz in the new "Midway"?

zn4207/08/2018 08:04AM

  Re: Hmm!! Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz in the new "Midway"?

zn3907/08/2018 08:10AM

  Re: Hmm!! Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz in the new "Midway"?

zn4007/08/2018 08:12AM

  Just curious, about WWII and your interest...

JamesJM3907/08/2018 08:16AM

  Re: Just curious, about WWII and your interest...

zn4807/08/2018 08:40AM

  Midway itself, is almost a hobby for me.

Ramgator4007/08/2018 11:03AM

  Re: Midway itself, is almost a hobby for me.

zn4207/08/2018 11:39AM

  It's gonna have a ton of CGI in it

IowaRam5107/08/2018 01:49PM

  Roland Emmeric is basically a Michael Bay wanna be

IowaRam4507/08/2018 02:09PM

  Just seeing the name.....Michael Bay in the same post with "Midway"..

Ramgator4307/08/2018 02:17PM

  I don't mind..IF done right! Good example....

Ramgator3907/08/2018 02:16PM

  Woody Harrelson sure looks the part

IowaRam5207/08/2018 03:02PM

  Gonna be tough to top Henry Fonda. VERY tough!

Ramgator4107/08/2018 04:41PM

  Little known War movie that I love...

JamesJM5007/10/2018 02:31AM

  Re: Little known War movie that I love...

zn4507/10/2018 03:45AM

  A good question, I think, regarding great films, directors...

JamesJM3507/10/2018 06:22AM

  Re: A good question, I think, regarding great films, directors...

zn3107/10/2018 07:22AM

  Perfectly apt anecdote....

JamesJM3307/10/2018 07:38AM

  Re: Perfectly apt anecdote....

zn4907/10/2018 09:22PM

  I took Latin..

sstrams3307/11/2018 03:38AM

  VERY good movie! Not shown on TV much at all

Ramgator3207/11/2018 03:44AM

  Toshiro Mifune....

Ramgator3007/11/2018 03:47AM

  Lee Marvin....

LMU933407/12/2018 08:53AM

  I'd like to see the Japanese actor, Ken Watanabe in the new "Midway"

Ramgator3807/11/2018 03:49AM

  Give me the guy from The Hangover..

sstrams3707/11/2018 09:26AM

  is that this guy?...

LMU933307/12/2018 08:57AM

  a great scene

zn5407/16/2018 07:09AM

  D Day scene Saving Private Ryan

ferragamo795807/16/2018 07:28AM

  this is fun

zn4007/17/2018 06:56PM

  Great War Scenes, in movies...

JamesJM3507/17/2018 07:18PM

  Re: Great War Scenes, in movies...

zn4207/17/2018 10:57PM

  here ya go buddy- Braveheart & Glory

ferragamo793607/18/2018 10:04AM

  Stirling is one..

sstrams3307/18/2018 10:21AM

  Re: Stirling is one..

zn3307/19/2018 03:29PM

  I didnt watch Braveheart for historicl accuracy

ferragamo793107/19/2018 04:07PM

  Loosely based

IowaRam2807/19/2018 04:14PM

  Re: I didnt watch Braveheart for historicl accuracy

zn2807/19/2018 05:03PM

  no I get it

ferragamo792707/20/2018 06:57AM

  In Public Affairs..

sstrams3307/20/2018 04:57AM

  Re: In Public Affairs..

zn2707/20/2018 06:21AM

  I thought The Patriot was ok..

sstrams3007/20/2018 08:14AM

  I'm the you know what in the punch bowl....

JamesJM3007/20/2018 08:50AM

  Re: I'm the you know what in the punch bowl....

zn3107/20/2018 07:48PM

  Re: a great scene

IowaRam3907/18/2018 01:44PM

  Re: a great scene

IowaRam2907/22/2018 02:26PM

  Re: a great scene

IowaRam2907/22/2018 03:02PM

  Re: a great scene

zn2307/22/2018 03:59PM

  Re: a great scene

LMU932907/26/2018 12:40PM

  Re: a great scene

zn2007/27/2018 05:56AM

  a book

zn3607/22/2018 08:14PM

  Remember that scene in Field Of Dreams...

JamesJM3807/23/2018 08:57PM

  Re: Remember that scene in Field Of Dreams...

zn2707/24/2018 05:19AM

  Books are knick-knacks....

JamesJM2807/25/2018 05:46AM

  Re: Books are knick-knacks....

waterfield2707/25/2018 07:09AM


JamesJM2607/25/2018 11:25AM

  well as it happens

zn2507/25/2018 02:48PM

  Each to their own....

JamesJM2707/25/2018 03:03PM

  Re: Each to their own....

waterfield1907/27/2018 06:14AM

  "Midway" starts filming in September, according to IMDB. nm

Ramgator2107/26/2018 07:41AM

  WWII stuff... which proves I'm an idiot...

JamesJM2907/26/2018 11:56AM

  Re: WWII stuff... which proves I'm an idiot, as well... Attachments

sstrams3307/26/2018 01:55PM

  The entire Pacific..

JamesJM3007/26/2018 02:09PM

  Yeah, our aviation fleet is..

sstrams2807/27/2018 06:45AM

  The F-18 always makes me feel old

IowaRam1907/27/2018 02:33PM

  my brother had a model of f14 in his room

ferragamo792007/28/2018 10:27AM

  isn't there like downed aircraft in the shallow water around there

IowaRam2607/26/2018 02:17PM

  Downed aircraft

waterfield2607/27/2018 06:28AM


Ramgator2407/27/2018 08:39AM

  Re: WOW!!

waterfield2507/27/2018 08:59AM

  Rough seas..

sstrams2107/27/2018 12:37PM

  I don't know about Bora Bora, Iowa..

sstrams2207/27/2018 06:41AM

  Re: I don't know about Bora Bora, Iowa..

zn2407/27/2018 08:23AM

  That is freakin' amazing...

sstrams2507/27/2018 10:16AM

  Hunter Killer trailer

IowaRam3107/27/2018 02:44PM

  Re: Hunter Killer trailer

zn2407/28/2018 12:50PM

  Hurricane Trailer

IowaRam2307/28/2018 06:41PM

  Re: Hurricane Trailer

zn2407/29/2018 06:16AM

  303. BITWA O ANGLIĘ trailer

IowaRam2207/29/2018 08:05AM

  Emperor, with Tommy Lee Jones

zn2008/27/2018 09:41PM

  Now I read that Tim Conway is doing poorly.

JamesJM3608/27/2018 12:31PM

  I was a big fan of...

sstrams2008/27/2018 12:47PM

  GEESH! I'm only 51. By the time I'm 60....

Ramgator2308/27/2018 04:32PM

  One of my all time favorites

IowaRam2208/27/2018 07:50PM

  SST..I saw "The Meg" today

Ramgator5008/26/2018 03:40PM

  AND SPEAKING OF $%$$#%^ POPCORN!!!!!!!

Ramgator2008/26/2018 03:41PM

  I thought it had its moments..

sstrams1908/26/2018 04:29PM

  I only saw it because my Son wanted to see it.

Ramgator1608/27/2018 03:06AM

  Re: I only saw it because my Son wanted to see it.

MamaRAMa1808/27/2018 03:27AM

  ..and I agree with everything you mention..

sstrams1508/27/2018 04:32AM

  The movie theater experience. Even that has gone down hill

Ramgator2108/27/2018 06:08AM

  Re: The movie theater experience. Even that has gone down hill

waterfield1908/27/2018 06:24AM

  Not so much for me....

JamesJM2108/27/2018 06:58AM

  They used to kick people out..

sstrams1808/27/2018 07:24AM

  I get yelled at all the time....

JamesJM1908/27/2018 07:36AM

  Oh, I let EVERYONE know.

Ramgator1908/27/2018 07:51AM

  LOLOLOL Cannot imagine WHY.......

Ramgator1608/27/2018 07:52AM

  I'm such a Nerd!! Loving my Star Trek TOS DVDs!

Ramgator2308/27/2018 06:13AM

  The best video you're gonna watch all day

IowaRam4908/26/2018 04:27PM

  I give you this

ferragamo792908/26/2018 04:42PM

  and one of my all time favorites

ferragamo792208/26/2018 04:44PM

  Oh man, an all time classic...

JamesJM1808/26/2018 06:59PM

  speaking of Drifters' style music.......

21Dog1708/26/2018 07:35PM

  zn gets inappropriate

zn2008/26/2018 08:53PM

  I missed a golden opportunity....

JamesJM1708/27/2018 03:42AM

  Johnny Rotten obviously styled himself after Sinatra nm

21Dog1508/27/2018 04:52AM

  I did my college term theme..

sstrams1708/27/2018 05:25AM

  2bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar

JamesJM3808/25/2018 01:03PM

  A staple at Gator games in The Swamp! nm

Ramgator1508/25/2018 01:41PM

  Re: 2bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar

RAMbeau2408/25/2018 02:26PM

  both my sisters were cheerleaders

ferragamo792508/26/2018 04:51PM

  Ditto...................kinda sorta

IowaRam2108/26/2018 05:00PM

  In my opinion this is genius.... at Sir Isaac Newton level.... Attachments

JamesJM7008/19/2018 01:11PM


waterfield2308/19/2018 01:33PM


IowaRam2408/19/2018 01:44PM

  I showed this to my granddaughter....

JamesJM2708/19/2018 01:48PM

  Re: I showed this to my granddaughter....

waterfield2308/19/2018 02:10PM

  You can be deceiving, Waterfield...

JamesJM2208/19/2018 02:12PM

  Re: In my opinion this is genius.... at Sir Isaac Newton level....

zn2408/19/2018 03:44PM

  Let me get scientific on ya...

JamesJM2908/19/2018 03:47PM

  Same for me.

Drew28392208/19/2018 04:38PM

  Upper chest here..

sstrams2408/19/2018 05:15PM

  no, No, NO, NOO, NOOO, NOOOO.....

JamesJM2208/19/2018 06:16PM

  Serious as a heart attack..

sstrams1808/20/2018 03:09AM

  I've experienced it a few times....

Aries1808/26/2018 04:25PM

  Re: Let me get scientific on ya...

waterfield2508/19/2018 05:20PM

  I suppose that's a good question...

JamesJM2208/19/2018 05:53PM

  God Bless John McCain

Classicalwit16108/25/2018 03:34PM

  Re: God Bless John McCain

RFIP4808/25/2018 03:36PM

  Re: God Bless John McCain

Old Goat3508/25/2018 04:10PM

  Yeah, any POW has my respect

six2stack2708/25/2018 04:22PM

  Re: Yeah, any POW has my respect

MamaRAMa2408/25/2018 04:51PM

  Re: God Bless John McCain

Classicalwit3108/25/2018 04:24PM

  Re: God Bless John McCain

IowaRam2608/25/2018 04:37PM

  Did not agree with some of his Politics BUT.....

Ramgator2308/25/2018 05:31PM

  Re: Did not agree with some of his Politics BUT.....

MamaRAMa2808/25/2018 05:40PM

  Re: Did not agree with some of his Politics BUT.....

waterfield2708/25/2018 09:32PM

  Lost my Dad 5 years ago to what he thought was a sore/ tired back.

Ramgator2608/26/2018 12:46AM

  Geesh! It just hit me. My Dad passed 5 years ago today. nm

Ramgator2108/26/2018 12:47AM

  Lost my dad to stomach cancer 18 years ago

ferragamo791808/26/2018 02:24PM

  Man, I hate that for you guys..

sstrams2008/26/2018 03:09PM

  I got outbid for Hooper's dive mask today..

sstrams4608/25/2018 11:00AM

  Is there anything else you can bid for? nm

Ramgator1208/25/2018 11:08AM

  They also had a..

sstrams1708/25/2018 11:25AM

  Wow. . .

RAMbeau1808/25/2018 12:42PM

  Yep , when sst says he's a fan

IowaRam1708/25/2018 12:46PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams1308/25/2018 12:55PM

  Sweet.. I'll let ya know..

sstrams1508/25/2018 12:53PM

  Don't think that's gonna happen Attachments

MamaRAMa2108/25/2018 03:46PM

  Oh yeah..

sstrams1508/25/2018 05:12PM

  WELLLL............... I'm hoping to bid on...

Ramgator1508/25/2018 03:03PM

  That's funny..

sstrams1408/25/2018 03:28PM

  Just watched the trailer on Youtube.

Ramgator1308/25/2018 03:32PM

  baseball and analytics-no turning back

waterfield2708/25/2018 10:14AM

  Finally! A movie I want to see!! "Unbroken, Path To Redemption"

Ramgator4908/23/2018 02:39PM

  I can't even remember..

sstrams2608/23/2018 03:04PM

  I watched "Million Dollar Baby" last night...

JamesJM2108/23/2018 09:02PM

  It's VERY good!

Ramgator2108/24/2018 03:12AM

  One Time Only

MamaRAMa2808/24/2018 04:28PM

  That was said perfectly.....

JamesJM2008/24/2018 10:15PM

  Taking Chance

MamaRAMa2208/25/2018 05:06AM

  About 8 years ago, I showed this to my Dad (My DVD)

Ramgator1908/25/2018 07:46AM

  This topic has been moved. Pray for Jacksonville.

Ramgator22908/27/2018 02:10AM

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