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  Making my own 1970's Los Angeles Rams varsity jacket

IowaRam32509/30/2017 07:48AM

  you may have just started a business lol

Atlantic Ram7209/30/2017 09:43AM

  make me one

ferragamo796710/03/2017 05:03PM

  Here's the patch for ya

IowaRam8010/03/2017 05:24PM

  I still have my knit cap. Got it along with jacket....

Ramgator6510/04/2017 04:29AM

  Re: Making my own 1970's Los Angeles Rams varsity jacket

Ramsdude5402/11/2018 12:57PM

  Why do I always have to break the ice? Winter Olympics!!!!

JamesJM17902/07/2018 12:35PM

  Re: Why do I always have to break the ice? Winter Olympics!!!!

MamaRAMa5002/07/2018 01:13PM

  Yes, I agree....

JamesJM4202/07/2018 02:42PM

  Glad ya said something

IowaRam4702/07/2018 03:46PM

  USSR and East Germany

IowaRam3002/07/2018 03:59PM

  Katarina Witt

IowaRam4602/07/2018 04:12PM

  I just resent.....

Ramgator4402/08/2018 10:54AM

  Re: I just resent.....

waterfield4102/08/2018 07:45PM

  It's a thankless job, Jimmy. . .

RAMbeau5202/08/2018 03:02PM

  OH YEAH, Curling Baby!!!!!!!!!

JamesJM4902/08/2018 03:48PM

  Opening Ceremonies... Korean women are stunningly beautiful...

JamesJM4702/09/2018 03:43PM

  If Cute Babies Competed in the Olympic Winter Games

MamaRAMa5902/10/2018 11:16PM

  Women's Ice Hockey

JamesJM4202/11/2018 06:09AM

  What is more amazing about Curling?

JamesJM18102/10/2018 09:08PM

  Revolutionary War (SNL)

MamaRAMa21002/05/2018 03:43PM


Ramgator4602/08/2018 11:06AM

  Only thing it was missing was the cheating

Atlantic Ram5902/09/2018 03:03PM

  Feedback on a new project? Attachments

Atlantic Ram21502/03/2018 09:02PM

  Wow Atlantic...!

sstrams4802/04/2018 05:39AM

  Re: Wow Atlantic...!

Atlantic Ram4502/04/2018 01:48PM

  Sure, Atlantic..

sstrams3502/05/2018 01:16PM

  Ok, maybe I should read..

sstrams5102/05/2018 01:25PM

  the ink comes in quart bottles

Atlantic Ram3702/05/2018 02:16PM

  Possibly Dallas or Houston..

sstrams4202/06/2018 03:08AM

  Check these out... Attachments

Atlantic Ram5602/06/2018 06:50PM

  Re: Check these out...

MamaRAMa3602/07/2018 03:40AM

  Thanks! Me too

Atlantic Ram4702/07/2018 09:35PM

  Yeah, I agree...

sstrams3702/08/2018 05:35AM

  That's a good idea. Attachments

Atlantic Ram4102/08/2018 06:08PM

  That's GREAT, Atlantic..

sstrams4202/09/2018 04:58AM

  lol... thanks... NM

Atlantic Ram5102/09/2018 02:44PM

  Re: Feedback on a new project?

MamaRAMa5002/04/2018 06:54AM

  Re: Feedback on a new project?

Atlantic Ram4702/04/2018 01:51PM

  that is some quality woodwork there

Deadpool4302/04/2018 08:21AM

  Re: that is some quality woodwork theres

Atlantic Ram3502/04/2018 01:56PM

  Flat out amazing. . .

RAMbeau4902/04/2018 09:05AM

  Re: Flat out amazing. . .

Atlantic Ram3302/04/2018 02:07PM

  sell different sizes

ferragamo793302/05/2018 08:44AM

  muchas gracias mi amigo

Atlantic Ram4402/05/2018 02:03PM

  my first wife would take my to craft fairs

ferragamo793302/08/2018 07:41AM

  I am actually doing an Expo in a few months

Atlantic Ram2802/08/2018 06:03PM

  Car pileup near Ames Iowa yesterday

IowaRam16202/06/2018 02:15PM

  Nice job by the truck drivers

Atlantic Ram4102/06/2018 05:07PM

  Re: Nice job by the truck drivers

NorCalRamFan3302/08/2018 11:13AM

  The Darkest Hour - before I see it some thoughts...

JamesJM11702/05/2018 06:02AM

  And while I'm at it... the movie Dunkirk...

JamesJM4602/05/2018 06:36AM

  Dunkirk didn't floor me, either...

sstrams3402/05/2018 01:14PM

  That bugged me as well...

JamesJM4302/05/2018 01:41PM

  I loved Dunkirk with one HUGE exception

waterfield3302/06/2018 09:10AM

  I didn't see it in a theater....

JamesJM4202/06/2018 10:03AM

  Re: I didn't see it in a theater....

waterfield3602/06/2018 06:26PM

  Same here!

Ramgator3902/08/2018 10:58AM

  Re: The Darkest Hour - before I see it some thoughts...

Billy_T4302/05/2018 11:24AM

  Well put....

JamesJM3702/05/2018 12:45PM

  Re: Well put....

Billy_T3602/06/2018 03:41AM

  OK Billy T, no spoilers, I promise...

JamesJM4202/05/2018 08:47PM

  Re: OK Billy T, no spoilers, I promise...

Billy_T4102/06/2018 03:47AM

  Like to make note of one thing....

JamesJM3802/07/2018 11:54AM

  I saw the early release a few weeks back. LOVED IT!!

Ramgator4602/08/2018 10:57AM

  Music question

IowaRam16202/06/2018 02:54PM

  From what I understand..

sstrams5402/06/2018 03:42PM

  we saw Joe Walsh in Las Vegas a year ago

21Dog4802/07/2018 05:23AM

  $50,000 Gene Simmons will come to your house

ferragamo794402/07/2018 09:57AM

  From what I understand, 79..

sstrams4402/07/2018 11:37AM

  I must be very stingy with my money...

JamesJM4702/07/2018 11:40AM

  Only two guys I'd even consider...

sstrams3802/07/2018 01:56PM

  most make money touring

ferragamo794702/07/2018 09:48AM

  SpaceX launches Red Tesla Roadster to Mars

IowaRam13202/06/2018 01:49PM

  Its awesome

Atlantic Ram5602/06/2018 05:24PM

  75 in Cali today

ferragamo7913502/03/2018 10:07AM

  Bite me.......

HighPlainsDrifter3702/04/2018 11:01AM

  Re: 'Bit' me?.......

RAMbeau3302/04/2018 01:02PM

  Little cooler in Minneapolis today

IowaRam3502/04/2018 11:10AM

  Re: 74 in STL today...

RAMbeau3102/04/2018 12:56PM

  That's nothing to be proud of

waterfield4202/04/2018 06:57PM

  just enjoying the weather on a nice Saturday

ferragamo793202/05/2018 08:43AM

  Re: just enjoying the weather on a nice Saturday

waterfield3302/05/2018 12:22PM

  Re: just enjoying the weather on a nice Saturday

NorCalRamFan3102/05/2018 02:24PM

  Re: 75 in Cali today

NorCalRamFan3002/05/2018 09:53AM

  Re: 75 in Cali today

NorCalRamFan3302/05/2018 10:54AM

  My top 5 IPAs (and some non-IPAs as requested)

Deadpool19902/02/2018 10:44AM

  Me and your wife...

JamesJM4302/02/2018 10:59AM

  Re: My top 5 IPAs (and some non-IPAs as requested)

HighPlainsDrifter4102/03/2018 05:08AM

  Where does that distinctive taste in IPA's come from? And Liqueurs...

JamesJM4302/03/2018 05:29AM

  Type of hops might be of some significance.......

HighPlainsDrifter3902/03/2018 05:34AM

  Not a fan of IPAs, but a big fan of BEER!

ferragamo793602/03/2018 10:06AM

  I'm in the same boat

Deadpool4802/04/2018 08:27AM

  Spacedust and Goose IPA

Drew28393202/04/2018 12:33PM

  I'm an evil scientist....

JamesJM15902/01/2018 07:26AM

  You could simulate most of that..

sstrams5702/01/2018 07:36AM

  LOL how come...

JamesJM4502/01/2018 09:06AM

  Couldn't see..

sstrams4302/02/2018 04:15AM


zn3902/04/2018 07:29AM

  Hmmm, what I've read...

JamesJM3902/04/2018 08:13AM

  Finally got my subwoofer hooked up

ferragamo7924101/28/2018 01:30PM

  Nothing like a sub...

sstrams3501/29/2018 05:53AM

  Sony AVR's.......

Ramsrule3701/29/2018 06:22AM

  Thanks RR...

sstrams3601/29/2018 07:03AM

  Same problem....

JamesJM3501/29/2018 07:16AM

  I hear ya, Jimmy...

sstrams3401/29/2018 07:50AM

  What Denon..

sstrams3601/29/2018 07:10AM

  it's several years old.... AVR790 - link

Ramsrule4401/29/2018 08:23AM

  Thanks RR...

sstrams3501/29/2018 11:49AM

  try this site

ferragamo793501/29/2018 08:50AM

  Completely agree, center speaker...

JamesJM4301/29/2018 08:58AM

  my findings have always went back to levels

Ramsrule5201/29/2018 09:35AM

  Did a little research this morning on Denon...

JamesJM3601/29/2018 09:43AM

  holy @#$%&!

Ramsrule4801/29/2018 11:34AM

  Jimmy, we just got back from Best Buy,,

sstrams3601/29/2018 11:45AM

  I looked online and they are out but

ferragamo793601/29/2018 11:47AM

  Re:if your going to run a 4k tv through an AVR

VANRAM6601/29/2018 05:15PM

  Thanks VANRAM...

sstrams4201/30/2018 07:01AM

  me too Troy

ferragamo793601/29/2018 09:53AM

  '79 i'm an old Marantz guy from the 80's...

sstrams5701/29/2018 11:48AM

  Sony is not the same as it used to be for audio

ferragamo794301/29/2018 12:22PM

  Re: Sony is not the same as it used to be for audio

sstrams6501/29/2018 01:21PM

  Long ago I owned a few Marantz products..

JamesJM3501/29/2018 01:39PM

  what about Teac?

Ramsrule6401/29/2018 02:47PM

  Geez, hadn't thought of them in years...

JamesJM5701/29/2018 02:52PM

  I do know the one thing that Teac did better than everyone....

Ramsrule4401/29/2018 02:57PM

  I had a Teac tape player....

JamesJM3901/29/2018 03:02PM

  Teac veteran here...

sstrams5101/29/2018 05:05PM

  my 7 surrounds are all Polk Audio

Ramsrule3201/29/2018 02:44PM

  Me too, big Polk fan...

JamesJM5301/29/2018 02:55PM

  '79 if you have a Klipsch...

sstrams3501/29/2018 11:52AM


Ramgator4901/30/2018 08:48AM

  Not even close! Attachments

sstrams4601/30/2018 09:35AM

  LOL! lots of bass there..... NM

Ramsrule3401/31/2018 03:30AM

  Re: Finally got my subwoofer hooked up

IowaRam5201/30/2018 09:49AM

  I forgot: hooked up my Harmon Karden

ferragamo794502/03/2018 10:11AM

  Sweet! I just got finished..

sstrams4002/03/2018 02:38PM

  Lost another good one. Dennis Edwards of the Temptations.

Ramgator17302/02/2018 02:55PM

  such a great group

ferragamo793202/03/2018 10:08AM

  LOL NBA is crap!

Ramgator17702/01/2018 03:56AM


MamaRAMa5202/01/2018 12:44PM

  And to think I used to be a NBA junkie. I'd pace the floor during Laker games!

Ramgator5002/01/2018 01:08PM

  Re: And to think I used to be a NBA junkie. I'd pace the floor during Laker games!

MamaRAMa3802/01/2018 01:50PM

  Winter Olympics are only a week away

IowaRam4002/01/2018 02:12PM

  Re: Winter Olympics are only a week away

IowaRam3602/01/2018 02:21PM


JamesJM4402/01/2018 03:30PM

  Look for the women's Alpine events

waterfield3502/02/2018 10:56AM

  yup... we look good in the women's events.

JamesJM4202/02/2018 11:06AM

  Re: yup... we look good in the women's events.

waterfield2902/02/2018 11:17AM

  So what you're sayin is

IowaRam3602/01/2018 02:34PM

  Re: So what you're sayin is

IowaRam3202/01/2018 02:49PM

  Re: So what you're sayin is

MamaRAMa4102/01/2018 02:51PM


Ramgator3402/02/2018 11:19AM

  A very personal story for the wife of an x NFL player

waterfield14202/02/2018 09:30AM

  I really wished I could kick the CEO of Spectrum..

sstrams24502/01/2018 01:50PM

  WHOA, that WAS a kick in the nads...

JamesJM2502/01/2018 02:46PM

  I'd like to know more about Sling..

sstrams2302/02/2018 04:14AM

  I got it....and this isn't a review....

JamesJM3802/02/2018 06:32AM

  I have no issue with DirectV

ferragamo792802/02/2018 07:55AM

  sure you know but just to note...

JamesJM2602/02/2018 09:06AM

  Ok - just cuz its SO slow here... Attachments

sstrams23801/19/2018 07:56AM

  Oddly enough. . .

RAMbeau6501/19/2018 02:00PM

  RAMbeau I could..

sstrams5501/19/2018 04:05PM

  Good luck with that. . .

RAMbeau5801/24/2018 03:47PM

  Hey, you're not kidding, RAMbeau...

sstrams3201/26/2018 04:30AM

  Which I've always wondered about. . .

RAMbeau2701/31/2018 07:57AM

  You ain't kidding, RAMbeau...

sstrams2201/31/2018 09:38AM

  Speaking of my Jag...

JamesJM3601/31/2018 10:13AM

  Can't argue any of your points..

sstrams2601/31/2018 11:22AM

  Wow, speak of the devil...

JamesJM3001/31/2018 07:38PM

  I've done that a BUNCH of times..

sstrams2102/01/2018 02:49AM

  Don't believe him Rambeau!!

Ramgator5001/20/2018 09:01AM

  Ok, you got me, 'Gator...

sstrams4401/20/2018 09:22AM

  AH HA!!!!!!!!

RAMbeau5201/20/2018 09:56AM

  Love the hair bro

ferragamo795501/21/2018 06:45PM

  Thanks '79..

sstrams3701/22/2018 05:07AM

  What happened to GRITS?

Ramsdude19901/30/2018 04:33PM

  Re: What happened to GRITS?

Shaky6201/31/2018 12:41AM

  Re: What happened to GRITS?

Ramsdude5401/31/2018 02:09AM

  Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer

IowaRam13801/30/2018 05:00AM

  First reactions are in for Black Panther are it

IowaRam4601/30/2018 08:57AM

  Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

IowaRam2501/30/2018 10:33AM

  Adam and the Ants

IowaRam4401/30/2018 05:46PM

  What happened to Mingo in the Daniel Boone show?

roman186901/30/2018 06:16AM

  Ok, new TV-wise...

sstrams16101/29/2018 11:55AM

  I just bought Samsung 65 inch

ferragamo794801/29/2018 12:16PM

  Closest Cosco is...

sstrams6501/29/2018 01:11PM

  Ok, the Samsung 8000 65" is in the house..

sstrams3201/29/2018 05:06PM

  I'm acclimating back to Ca. time BUT...

JamesJM15801/26/2018 04:30AM

  Love to see pics of Garmisch...

sstrams4601/26/2018 04:32AM

  I've been to Garmisch many times...

JamesJM4801/26/2018 04:35AM

  I believe it, Jimmy.. Attachments

sstrams4401/26/2018 06:10AM

  I think you're looking at the wrong virw

IowaRam3201/26/2018 06:46AM

  Well... honestly, Iowa...

sstrams3301/26/2018 08:21AM

  something to know if you ever visit Garmisch....

JamesJM2401/29/2018 05:00AM

  I might have been to Garmisch as a kid..

sstrams3401/29/2018 05:48AM

  eating and drinking

21Dog3701/26/2018 05:39AM

  I would know...

JamesJM5601/26/2018 12:16PM

  Now that football is done. Time for me to get rolling....

Ramgator20701/21/2018 06:08PM

  Good for you, Gator... Attachments

sstrams3701/22/2018 07:23AM

  Snow Storm today

IowaRam5701/22/2018 07:45AM

  Re: Snow Storm today

IowaRam3401/22/2018 08:07AM

  Re: Snow Storm today

MamaRAMa6001/22/2018 02:24PM


IowaRam6101/22/2018 04:38PM

  still play with your VertiBird

IowaRam3001/22/2018 07:57AM

  Yes I did...

sstrams2901/22/2018 08:00AM

  Office pictures coming soon

ferragamo7921701/21/2018 06:44PM

  Ok, I'll play along...

sstrams4801/22/2018 05:08AM

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