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  Its -11ยบ in Gunnison, Co...

JamesJM4901/20/2020 05:52AM

  Couldn't handle it...

sstrams2101/20/2020 11:34AM

  I'm with ya Steve....

JamesJM1501/20/2020 11:56AM

  Nothing worse than walking into the wind..

sstrams1601/20/2020 11:59AM

  We've talked about this before... there is 'cold' and then there is 'cold'...

JamesJM2001/20/2020 12:13PM

  This is true...

sstrams1801/20/2020 12:21PM

  Ya know, I envy you, Steve....

JamesJM2101/20/2020 12:25PM

  Its extremely addicting, Jimmy...

sstrams1701/20/2020 01:04PM

  Sundogs were barking this morning Attachments

IowaRam2301/21/2020 06:01AM

  Dang, man..

sstrams1601/21/2020 06:13AM

  Re: Dang, man..

IowaRam1801/21/2020 06:39AM

  Old Geezer Alert!

Crazylegs18901/12/2020 07:39AM

  Now thats some good TV

IowaRam3401/12/2020 08:05AM

  The I Love Lucy set Attachments

IowaRam3701/12/2020 08:15AM

  I remember seeing that photo some time back...

JamesJM3801/12/2020 08:21AM

  Re: I remember seeing that photo some time back...

Crazylegs3901/12/2020 08:54AM

  Remember Davey vs Mike Fink?

JamesJM3101/12/2020 09:14AM

  Re: Remember Davey vs Mike Fink?

Crazylegs3301/12/2020 09:49AM


waterfield3701/13/2020 09:17AM

  Re: Chair/Desk

21Dog2701/13/2020 09:41AM

  Was your neighbor Christopher Walken ?

waterfield3101/13/2020 01:28PM

  Chair/Desk.. because they would..

sstrams2901/13/2020 09:47AM

  We had these desks in Elementary School Attachments

IowaRam2201/17/2020 07:35AM

  I remember our High School desks had so much stuff carved into them

IowaRam1701/17/2020 07:43AM

  Stuck at home , another Blizzard

IowaRam2101/17/2020 07:48AM

  School Dismissed Attachments

IowaRam2101/17/2020 08:14AM

  Blizzard , Day 2 Attachments

IowaRam1901/18/2020 06:53AM

  Highway heading South out of town Attachments

IowaRam1501/18/2020 07:02AM

  My Ranch, near Coalinga, California...

JamesJM1801/18/2020 07:14AM

  Surprisingly , I'm not actually complaining

IowaRam1901/18/2020 07:39AM

  We've had a bit of a return to fog this year....

JamesJM2101/18/2020 07:51AM

  We get fog really bad in the Spring

IowaRam1901/18/2020 08:10AM

  Okoboji winter Games start next weekend Attachments

IowaRam1501/18/2020 08:33AM

  Our local bar just posted this picture Attachments

IowaRam2101/18/2020 09:49AM

  Speaking of local bars...

JamesJM2101/18/2020 10:18AM

  We don't go all to often

IowaRam1801/18/2020 10:52AM

  fog used to be much, much worse

21Dog1701/19/2020 05:08AM

  We've had fog the last couple of weeks..

sstrams1601/20/2020 05:32AM

  NOTHING will EVER stop...

sstrams1601/20/2020 11:35AM

  Repeat of an old story... Tacos....

JamesJM1501/20/2020 11:51AM

  Homemade flour tortillas are evil...

sstrams1401/20/2020 11:54AM

  Not more than a week ago.. make two weeks...

JamesJM1401/20/2020 12:46PM

  3 dozen?!?!...

sstrams1801/20/2020 12:57PM

  Reminded me on how much school lunches have changed

IowaRam1301/20/2020 01:30PM

  Yeah, seems like the more they try to..

sstrams1401/20/2020 01:37PM

  I think I sat at every kind of school desk ever made....

JamesJM2101/17/2020 07:52AM

  I remember all the little stuff that collected at the bottom

IowaRam1701/17/2020 08:20AM

  Re: The I Love Lucy set

Crazylegs2101/17/2020 05:13AM

  note the separate beds for Lucy and Ricky

21Dog2301/17/2020 05:25AM

  Re: Old Geezer Alert!

Crazylegs3401/12/2020 08:19AM

  Re: Old Geezer Alert!

JamesJM3401/12/2020 08:23AM

  The Twilight Zone

SeattleRam4201/12/2020 11:37AM

  @ Wfield & SST: Tornado warnings

ferragamo792101/17/2020 07:19AM

  No kidding, right? I always like the one..

sstrams1601/17/2020 09:03AM

  about these terrible Progressive/Baker Mayfield commercials...

spagsbacker12101/19/2020 01:06PM

  I'll have to pay attention and watch for it....

JamesJM3301/19/2020 01:22PM

  No No No!! It's Lemu Emu..........AND DOUG commercials that are killing me!

Ramgator2801/19/2020 01:30PM

  those are awful

ferragamo791701/20/2020 06:48AM

  Have not seen those...

sstrams1601/20/2020 08:06AM

  Re: about these terrible Progressive/Baker Mayfield commercials...

Classicalwit2801/19/2020 01:40PM

  don't care about those one way or another.....

21Dog2901/19/2020 04:19PM

  Re: about these terrible Progressive/Baker Mayfield commercials...

MamaRAMa2001/20/2020 05:31AM

  I've had that happen before.

waterfield2001/20/2020 07:12AM

  Latest addition.. Attachments

sstrams3901/19/2020 08:37AM

  How do you determine what you're gonna collect

IowaRam2201/19/2020 03:49PM

  Well, pretty much all my..

sstrams3101/19/2020 04:02PM

  UFC.. this is SICK...

JamesJM5601/18/2020 04:54PM

  Well if that bothers you...

SeattleRam1901/18/2020 08:46PM

  hehe, thanks for the warning. (nm)

JamesJM2101/18/2020 09:19PM

  Last night is why I REFUSE to pay per view any bout.

Ramgator2301/19/2020 09:48AM

  Yeah, we pay per viewed a 30 second bout..

sstrams1701/19/2020 11:37AM

  I don't disagree with you guys...

JamesJM2101/19/2020 01:33PM

  Anyone here live in a High Rise Apartment?

JamesJM4601/18/2020 11:05AM

  Question #2... any one been to the 'Cavern Club'...

JamesJM2801/18/2020 11:21AM

  Used to think about that all the time as a kid

IowaRam2101/18/2020 01:13PM

  Speaking of groceries?

JamesJM1901/18/2020 02:14PM

  Here is why

waterfield2001/18/2020 08:18PM

  LA Times: Dodgers were definitely cheated out of 2017 World Series Title by sign stealing

sacram9301/13/2020 02:00PM

  he is right....

LMU934001/13/2020 02:13PM

  Re: he is right....

21Dog3301/13/2020 02:43PM

  Yes indeed..

sacram3201/13/2020 05:07PM

  That's just horrible..

sstrams4101/13/2020 02:39PM

  For the record....

RAMbler2801/14/2020 12:16PM

  So sorry, man...

sstrams1701/14/2020 01:21PM

  Why aren't Dodgers Compensated with Houston's Picks

David Deacon2801/14/2020 01:19AM

  This is not good....

JamesJM2401/14/2020 12:20PM

  Link to video example of the cheating

sacram2301/14/2020 12:36PM

  Alex Cora fired nm

ferragamo791701/14/2020 04:46PM


Rampage2K-2401/15/2020 12:09PM

  Yeah, cuz as long as..

sstrams1801/15/2020 12:39PM

  Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield2401/15/2020 04:58PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-3001/15/2020 07:45PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield2201/15/2020 08:52PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

Rampage2K-1701/15/2020 09:09PM

  Re: Me thinks we doth protest too much

waterfield1701/16/2020 07:32AM

  Echoing Green

21Dog1801/16/2020 05:24AM

  LA Times story on the '51 scandal

21Dog1801/16/2020 02:10PM


sacram1801/16/2020 06:25PM

  Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

sacram2101/16/2020 10:03AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

Rampage2K-1901/16/2020 10:59AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

sacram1901/16/2020 11:17AM

  Re: Kershaw's game logs from the 2017 series

21Dog1701/16/2020 01:47PM

  Here's the answer to those who think the players should be punished

waterfield2201/18/2020 01:44PM

  Disney dropping the FOX name

IowaRam2901/18/2020 09:38AM

  And you guys think I'm annoying NOW? Just wait....

JamesJM3401/17/2020 04:22PM

  Oh yeah? I was..

sstrams1801/17/2020 05:31PM

  Yes, I remember that...

JamesJM1401/18/2020 07:36AM

  No, it was..

sstrams1301/18/2020 07:42AM

  That's right, I remember now....

JamesJM1101/18/2020 07:47AM

  Hard to believe of a better place then Japan to hold a Summer Olympics

IowaRam1101/18/2020 07:53AM

  My favorite Olympic memory....

SeattleRam2201/17/2020 07:20PM

  Re: My favorite Olympic memory....

21Dog1701/18/2020 04:53AM

  Don't normally pay much attention to Summer Olympics

IowaRam1301/18/2020 06:52AM

  You're a heathen...

JamesJM1201/18/2020 07:24AM

  I love the Winter Olympics

IowaRam1201/18/2020 07:42AM

  Speaking of Summer Olympics......

sstrams1501/18/2020 07:35AM

  Oh yes, I remember it... you caused me a lot of work....

JamesJM1101/18/2020 07:38AM

  Well, the last thing on Earth I ever expected......

sstrams1301/18/2020 07:44AM

  You should have got a plaque or trophy for that

IowaRam1101/18/2020 07:59AM

  Yeah, I should have..

sstrams1101/18/2020 08:12AM

  Guess I gotta stick to pizza and tacos... Attachments

sstrams6101/13/2020 03:34PM

  love it nm

21Dog2701/13/2020 03:38PM

  Tacos. When you are playing on stage....

Ramgator1901/16/2020 09:14AM

  No, not tacos....

sstrams1601/16/2020 11:05AM

  That is awesome.......nm

IowaRam1601/16/2020 09:41AM

  Re: Guess I gotta stick to pizza and tacos...

ferragamo791501/17/2020 07:20AM

  '79 it has grown...

sstrams1701/17/2020 09:05AM

  that's what I did too

ferragamo791601/17/2020 10:16AM

  Yeah, I pretty much... Attachments

sstrams1701/17/2020 10:28AM


SeattleRam3401/16/2020 03:07PM


sstrams1201/16/2020 05:02PM

  Didn't realize

SeattleRam1901/17/2020 04:44AM

  ALLLLLLLLLL the stuff Downey Jr has done and all I think about..

Ramgator1401/17/2020 05:45AM

  Weird Science

IowaRam1601/17/2020 06:16AM

  Weird Science for me... nm

sstrams1201/17/2020 06:20AM

  Prohibition , 100 years ago.........

IowaRam3401/16/2020 10:14AM

  missed that one

21Dog1201/16/2020 01:49PM

  Music question. "Theme From Shaft" by Isaac Hayes....

Ramgator4701/14/2020 04:29PM

  To me, without really digging into it..

sstrams2501/14/2020 04:41PM

  The only thing I might add to this brilliant explanation is.....

RAMbler2401/15/2020 09:22AM

  Yes Sir, he is...

sstrams1701/15/2020 09:39AM

  No wah wah for drums....

JamesJM1401/15/2020 01:01PM

  Yeah, roto-toms are cool..

sstrams1601/15/2020 02:19PM

  That's not possible...

JamesJM2001/15/2020 02:29PM

  I know, right?

sstrams1701/15/2020 02:43PM

  Just curious, beyond my expertise...

JamesJM1201/15/2020 02:47PM

  Well, I try to keep it minimal..

sstrams1301/15/2020 04:29PM

  I think Steve is exactly right...

JamesJM2501/14/2020 04:59PM

  Thanks Jimmy.. Its a cool piece..

sstrams1901/15/2020 03:19AM

  sstrams is da man...

Aries4201/14/2020 05:10PM

  Why thank you, Aries...!

sstrams1901/15/2020 03:18AM

  you see this cat sst is a bad @##$%%^er nm

21Dog1901/15/2020 05:28AM

  21, you rule...!

sstrams2201/15/2020 05:44AM

  While in High School marching band....

roman181901/15/2020 06:18AM

  Thanks for all the info. SOOOME day...

Ramgator2001/16/2020 09:11AM

  All you mediocre Musicians just remember!!

Ramgator1501/16/2020 09:15AM

  I would have to practice every day for years

IowaRam1601/16/2020 09:35AM

  It does take dedication, Iowa..

sstrams1901/16/2020 11:08AM

  Well, you might be surprised, Gator..

sstrams1301/16/2020 11:07AM

  Neil Peart . Dead at age 67 .

IowaRam14401/10/2020 12:06PM

  JUST saw this.

Ramgator3901/10/2020 12:55PM

  Re: Neil Peart . Dead at age 67 .

IowaRam3301/10/2020 01:05PM

  Almost not surprising..

sstrams3801/10/2020 02:05PM

  Saw them in 1979 Roanoke VA.....

roman183401/11/2020 08:16AM

  Saw 'em with April Wine.. Attachments

sstrams3301/11/2020 10:14AM

  I'll trade you a....

roman182901/11/2020 11:33AM

  I still have all my LPs..

sstrams2901/11/2020 12:28PM

  that would have been a great concert

ferragamo792501/11/2020 05:34PM

  Rush from 1974-1981ish was awesome

ferragamo792901/11/2020 05:32PM

  Sirius Radio has been playing them non-stop...

roman181701/16/2020 03:40AM

  Re: Sirius Radio has been playing them non-stop...

21Dog1601/16/2020 05:25AM

  How about some April Wine

SeattleRam3601/15/2020 05:47PM

  Re: How about some April Wine

IowaRam1401/15/2020 06:24PM

  Saw them open for..

sstrams1701/16/2020 02:57AM

  Jojo Rabbit

Rampage2K-3501/15/2020 12:06PM

  Never even heard of it..

sstrams1101/15/2020 12:40PM

  Taika Waititi directed it

IowaRam1001/15/2020 01:27PM

  Re: Taika Waititi directed it

Rampage2K-1401/15/2020 01:33PM

  gotta ditto Steve, yet again...

JamesJM1601/15/2020 01:34PM

  I love Clint Eastwood

ferragamo793201/15/2020 07:48AM

  Yeah, we saw The Mule..

sstrams1401/15/2020 08:03AM

  Eastwood playing the piano-soft after hours jazz

waterfield2201/15/2020 10:59AM

  First look at Jared Leto as Morbius , the Living Vampire ( Marvel Comics )

IowaRam4501/12/2020 06:41AM

  A couple fun MCU rumors

IowaRam2601/12/2020 07:15AM

  Morbius Trailer

IowaRam2501/13/2020 07:31AM

  Black Widow Trailer

IowaRam2201/13/2020 07:09PM

  Re: you and my brother were the 2 lol

Speed_Kills2001/14/2020 02:58PM

  Not sure which it is

IowaRam1501/14/2020 06:45PM

  Well I'll be danged, Watership Down....

JamesJM3601/14/2020 07:25AM

  Is it overrun by bunnies....?

sstrams2401/14/2020 08:50AM

  Well, no, if the novel was factual...

JamesJM2101/14/2020 10:58AM

  I didn't..

sstrams1401/14/2020 11:16AM

  Nah, you don't suck....

JamesJM1301/14/2020 11:22AM

  That would be difficult..

sstrams2001/14/2020 11:23AM

  Feeling unsettled. Here I go again.

Ramgator4801/13/2020 09:52AM

  Hang in there Gator...

sstrams1901/13/2020 10:04AM


Ramgator2501/13/2020 10:41AM

  Re: Feeling unsettled. Here I go again.

MamaRAMa2601/13/2020 10:27AM

  He has had a headache or two in recent weeks .

Ramgator2301/13/2020 10:40AM

  SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!! Wife is watching Golden Globes.

Ramgator13401/05/2020 03:35PM

  I read Ricky Gervais pretty much ripped Hollywood a new one..

sstrams4901/06/2020 03:35AM

  I heard about it as well.....

roman183401/06/2020 04:35AM

  so awesome when he told celebs not to preach

ferragamo794001/06/2020 11:23AM

  Yeah, that's just amazing...

sstrams4001/06/2020 11:36AM

  I saw the entire opening on Youtube last night. I LOVED watching..

Ramgator3901/07/2020 03:24AM

  I don't mind people "preaching"

waterfield4501/07/2020 06:34AM

  Thing is...People turn to Hollywood and sports to tap out of Politics.

Ramgator3801/07/2020 06:49AM

  and to add to that.....

roman183801/07/2020 07:04AM

  Re: Thing is...People turn to Hollywood and sports to tap out of Politics.

waterfield4101/07/2020 09:05AM

  "Turn the channel"

Ramgator3801/07/2020 09:53AM

  Re: "Turn the channel"

IowaRam3401/07/2020 10:03AM


Ramgator2401/07/2020 10:25AM

  Re: "Turn the channel"

waterfield3201/07/2020 04:34PM

  More options for the saaaaame tired programming.

Ramgator2701/08/2020 03:59AM

  You may not have to worry

waterfield3301/08/2020 07:18AM

  Probably right...

sstrams2601/08/2020 07:24AM

  Another thing

waterfield2701/08/2020 07:31AM

  Yeah, I gotta wonder about that...

sstrams2701/08/2020 07:39AM

  NO!!! But yes....I can see theaters going away.

Ramgator2601/08/2020 04:23PM

  I don't want a 16 year old pop star with no talent

ferragamo794601/08/2020 07:52AM

  Re: I don't want a 16 year old pop star with no talent

waterfield4101/08/2020 10:01AM

  "how a bill gets passed.."....?

sstrams3601/08/2020 10:11AM

  Re: "how a bill gets passed.."....?

IowaRam3401/08/2020 10:43AM

  Re: SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!! Wife is watching Golden Globes.

NorCalRamFan3601/10/2020 10:37AM

  Re: SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!! Wife is watching Golden Globes.

waterfield2401/13/2020 09:19AM

  American Idol, America Has Talent, Britain has Talent...

JamesJM9401/07/2020 12:47PM


sstrams3201/07/2020 01:21PM

  You gotta be kidding me

IowaRam3401/07/2020 01:23PM

  Serious as a heart attack...

sstrams3201/07/2020 02:20PM

  I LOVED the 70s version of "Make Me Laugh"

Ramgator3001/07/2020 02:03PM

  I do miss those 1970's variety shows

IowaRam2701/07/2020 01:22PM

  Ed Sullivan in the late 60s, early 70s

21Dog3801/08/2020 06:16AM

  Did you guys see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind?

SeattleRam3501/07/2020 08:29PM

  I haven't seen the film, but I do..

sstrams3101/08/2020 02:59AM

  now thats a book I want to read

ferragamo792501/08/2020 07:54AM

  No spoilers..

sstrams2301/08/2020 08:01AM

  If you REALLY get desperate for a read..

sstrams2501/08/2020 08:05AM

  Re: If you REALLY get desperate for a read..

Aries2901/12/2020 03:55AM

  Yeah, its a great read..

sstrams2401/12/2020 08:29AM

  Re: Yeah, its a great read..

Aries2401/13/2020 08:12AM

  It was remade a couple of years ago..

sstrams2101/13/2020 08:39AM

  Now that's a great memory.....

roman182901/08/2020 05:27AM

  Just watched a bunch of George Carlin clips

ferragamo795801/08/2020 07:55PM

  One of my fav's was...

sstrams2901/09/2020 02:52AM

  he was brilliant

21Dog3001/09/2020 06:02AM

  Saw him in Vegas once....

JamesJM4501/09/2020 08:27AM

  Back in the early/ mid 80s, he was on SNL and did a hilarious skit...

Ramgator3101/11/2020 02:00PM

  Re: Back in the early/ mid 80s, he was on SNL and did a hilarious skit...

MamaRAMa2901/11/2020 06:36PM

  watched Eddie Murphy Delirious last night

ferragamo792301/11/2020 05:29PM

  Ozzy and Elton

IowaRam3201/11/2020 06:05AM

  Edd Byrnes of "Grease" also passed away at 87

Ramgator5101/10/2020 12:57PM

  He was 87 ?

IowaRam4101/10/2020 01:04PM

  Kind of odd...

JamesJM3501/10/2020 01:09PM

  I'd never seen 77 Sunset Strip

IowaRam3001/10/2020 01:52PM

  this is the Cookie I remember

21Dog3601/10/2020 02:52PM

  Odd for me that I have never seen "77 Sunset Strip"

Ramgator2901/11/2020 05:00AM

  This topic has been moved. about these terrible Progressive/Baker Mayfield commercials...

spagsbacker6501/19/2020 04:21PM

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