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  It finally caught me! I have Jury Duty! Oh.........joy.

Ramgator3811/18/2019 04:35PM

  Re: It finally caught me! I have Jury Duty! Oh.........joy.

waterfield2411/18/2019 07:49PM

  Never said that. It's not the mistakes Cops make that piss me off.

Ramgator1711/20/2019 04:55AM

  Re: Never said that. It's not the mistakes Cops make that piss me off.

waterfield2711/20/2019 07:56AM

  I just did jury duty..

sstrams1611/20/2019 08:06AM

  Last time I was called in for jury duty....

JamesJM1911/20/2019 08:26AM

  Yeah, the biased thing..

sstrams1911/20/2019 08:54AM

  Me for example.

Ramgator1911/20/2019 10:39AM

  If that were the case..

sstrams1811/20/2019 11:19AM

  Even if I was passive, I'd be for that shirt

Ramgator2211/20/2019 08:43AM

  Re: Even if I was passive, I'd be for that shirt

waterfield2411/20/2019 07:36PM

  The Call of the Wild trailer

IowaRam2811/20/2019 02:31PM

  Not going to get long-winded here...

JamesJM1911/20/2019 07:30PM

  Here ya go, Gator...

sstrams4111/19/2019 03:25AM

  William Windom was great in that episode

BlueRidgeHorns1911/20/2019 02:44AM

  He sure was. Funny thing is.....

Ramgator1411/20/2019 04:48AM

  Makes me think of many moons ago...

Ramgator1211/20/2019 04:51AM

  Surely you have space...

sstrams1211/20/2019 05:17AM


Ramgator1111/20/2019 06:07AM

  Yeah, only commies don't like Star Trek..

sstrams811/20/2019 07:15AM

  On the Fire Dept, we have a guy with the last name of Kirk

Ramgator811/20/2019 08:40AM

  Much too early to know, but a Grandpa can hope...

JamesJM3311/19/2019 06:59AM

  Uniform Question... I don't know the answer....

JamesJM1411/19/2019 07:46AM

  I'm as old school as they come

21Dog1011/19/2019 02:38PM

  Gavin's got a little Tarkenton in his game

21Dog1011/19/2019 02:26PM

  Since it's been 50 years...

JamesJM1011/19/2019 02:30PM

  I can tell you ....

JamesJM1211/19/2019 02:44PM


21Dog911/20/2019 05:25AM


JoeMad711/20/2019 05:25AM

  "Midway" ... I LOVED IT!!!!!

Ramgator8411/08/2019 04:37PM


IowaRam2511/08/2019 04:54PM

  sure but was it really better than

ferragamo795011/09/2019 07:53AM

  OK...OK...You busted my report!

Ramgator2411/12/2019 09:03AM

  Rotten tomatoes

waterfield1911/12/2019 11:54AM

  Hollywood critics.

Ramgator2311/12/2019 12:10PM

  Going to see it tonight..

sstrams2211/16/2019 11:31AM

  It was ok..

sstrams2011/17/2019 06:06AM

  BOTH were thrown overboard.

Ramgator1411/17/2019 08:35AM

  Yeah, that was pretty chicken..

sstrams1011/17/2019 09:01AM

  I hear they had trouble with Mandy Moore during filming.

Ramgator1411/17/2019 08:37AM

  "Said she had trouble focusing on her lines.."

sstrams1211/17/2019 08:59AM

  D-Day Darlings

IowaRam1311/19/2019 04:58PM

  Handymen... use them?

JamesJM3211/18/2019 12:10PM

  I AM my local handyman.. lol

sstrams1211/18/2019 02:39PM

  been using a local guy for years

21Dog1411/18/2019 03:11PM

  LOLOL Everytime I fix something around here, I bring this guy up to my Wife.. Attachments

Ramgator1611/18/2019 04:37PM

  Where did NASCAR go??

Ramgator5011/15/2019 01:59PM

  Don't know...

SeattleRam3311/15/2019 02:23PM

  Re: Don't know...

waterfield2011/15/2019 03:29PM

  Re: Don't know...

SeattleRam2311/15/2019 05:27PM

  Re: Don't know...

waterfield1411/15/2019 06:51PM

  Ayrton Senna's death

waterfield1511/15/2019 07:36PM

  Grand Prix-opening scence

waterfield1211/15/2019 08:01PM

  Grand Prix - musical soundrtack-always the best

waterfield1411/15/2019 08:08PM

  Grand Prix-just a sense of the

waterfield2311/15/2019 08:18PM

  being a SoCal guy.......

21Dog1311/16/2019 04:27AM

  Re: being a SoCal guy.......

waterfield1111/16/2019 07:56AM

  Not as avid a follower as I once was..

JamesJM2211/15/2019 07:29PM

  The ended IRL and NASCAR at Laguna Seca

JamesJM1611/16/2019 07:59AM

  You guys ever see....

SeattleRam1911/16/2019 01:39PM

  No, but I'd love too....

JamesJM2111/16/2019 08:37PM

  Re: No, but I'd love too....

SeattleRam1511/17/2019 10:51AM

  such great athletes

ferragamo791611/17/2019 07:18AM

  Re: such great athletes

SeattleRam1511/17/2019 07:43AM

  Whats the crazest headline in your area today?

SeattleRam4911/15/2019 06:44AM

  sounds like my morning commute

ferragamo792011/16/2019 05:37AM

  Same here..

sstrams1211/16/2019 05:51AM

  Re: Whats the crazest headline in your area today?

MamaRAMa1611/16/2019 10:18AM

  Cold, Cold, Heart.... Attachments

JamesJM6311/13/2019 05:18PM

  Always hate to hear that..

sstrams3011/14/2019 06:17AM

  SO sorry! Your post is something that scares me.

Ramgator2811/14/2019 11:23AM

  Sorry man.......nm

Arkansas Ram1811/14/2019 12:22PM

  sorry about your old friend, Jimmy

21Dog2411/15/2019 05:08AM

  So sorry...

fearsomefoursome1511/15/2019 05:39AM

  And so it ends. Charlie passed today. (Nm)

JamesJM1611/15/2019 03:57PM

  damn nm

21Dog1111/16/2019 04:37AM

  Re: And so it ends. Charlie passed today. (Nm)

Arkansas Ram1311/16/2019 05:51AM

  So sorry to hear that, Jimmy... nm

sstrams1511/16/2019 05:52AM

  We watched the Mandalorian on Disney Plus

IowaRam3611/14/2019 03:59PM

  I loved it

Deadpool2511/14/2019 06:03PM

  I can bring you in warm...............or I can bring you in cold

IowaRam2811/15/2019 02:51AM

  WTH! The things you can find on youtube....

SeattleRam3611/14/2019 03:51PM

  Great....first my Rams, now my Dodgers......ughhh

Rampage2K-9811/12/2019 07:59PM

  there are ways to steal signs in the game.......

21Dog1611/13/2019 03:39AM

  Re: there are ways to steal signs in the game.......

Rampage2K-1411/13/2019 08:38AM

  Re: there are ways to steal signs in the game.......

waterfield1711/13/2019 10:38AM

  As the Great Darrell Waltrip stated.....

Arkansas Ram1411/14/2019 12:22PM

  Re: Great....first my Rams, now my Dodgers......ughhh

JoeMad1611/13/2019 05:45AM

  rams - this is complete HEAR-SAY...

JamesJM5811/13/2019 01:41PM

  Wouldn't surprise me in the least

IowaRam1911/13/2019 05:19PM

  Well, wouldn't surprise me either...

JamesJM2211/13/2019 05:49PM

  On to the Championship games... after a big scare...

JamesJM4311/10/2019 06:05AM

  BBC A Christmas Carol

IowaRam5211/09/2019 05:34PM

  Shared Movie Universes

IowaRam4511/08/2019 06:39PM

  Greatest Western Song Ever?

JamesJM6611/07/2019 04:48PM

  The beauty of country

waterfield4211/07/2019 08:24PM

  I wasn't born in the South....

BlueRidgeHorns2811/08/2019 02:46AM

  he's a great story teller

21Dog3111/08/2019 04:17AM

  Whenever I hear 'story teller'...

JamesJM2911/08/2019 06:54AM

  Re: he's a great story teller

waterfield2311/08/2019 06:54AM

  far from a country fan, but......

21Dog2911/08/2019 04:14AM

  A song, a story, you probably haven't heard before...

JamesJM2711/08/2019 07:07AM

  Re: Greatest Western Song Ever?

IowaRam2711/08/2019 05:01PM

  Gunnison, Colorado -3 this morning feeling like -14

JamesJM8611/01/2019 05:21AM

  Freezing in my office yesterday..

sstrams2611/01/2019 09:42AM

  Re: Freezing in my office yesterday..

MamaRAMa2611/01/2019 12:22PM

  Yes Ma'am..

sstrams2511/01/2019 01:21PM

  Trick or Treating last night Attachments

IowaRam3211/01/2019 02:25PM

  I envy him

IowaRam2111/03/2019 10:07AM

  Huge Arctic surge hits next week

IowaRam1911/07/2019 08:19AM

  Not here, could you spare a cool breeze?

JamesJM2311/07/2019 09:04AM

  Yikes, somewhat local football brawl.... I don't know the whole story...

JamesJM5611/04/2019 10:31AM

  there was nothing in our local paper

21Dog2811/04/2019 10:56AM

  Same here....

JamesJM1911/04/2019 11:10AM

  By the way, Greg, hear about Sean?

JamesJM2511/04/2019 01:45PM

  Speaking of football... I'm off to Bakersfield...

JamesJM1711/04/2019 11:17AM

  funny thing about those long road trips to game

21Dog1811/06/2019 04:16AM

  In HS we took few long road trips...

JamesJM2311/06/2019 07:34AM


SeattleRam11311/01/2019 06:58PM

  I have always been VERY interested in Midway. I'm 50/50....

Ramgator2411/02/2019 03:46AM

  Really, the ONLY way Midway could be done right would be a series.

Ramgator2011/02/2019 03:49AM

  Midway Featurette - Spectacle

IowaRam2211/02/2019 02:52PM

  I've seen one preview and it looked really good..

sstrams1711/02/2019 05:42PM

  I'm looking forward to it...

JamesJM2111/02/2019 08:03PM

  Navy Helps 'Midway' Film Crew Bring Battle to Life

IowaRam1811/03/2019 03:24AM

  ‘Midway’ Director profiles unknown heroes behind Navy’s greatest comeback

IowaRam2011/03/2019 03:31AM

  Re: ‘Midway’ Director profiles unknown heroes behind Navy’s greatest comeback

zn2311/04/2019 01:18PM

  I believe the enterprise was separate from the other two

IowaRam2311/04/2019 02:33PM

  Re: I believe the enterprise was separate from the other two

zn2411/05/2019 04:54AM

  If I recall.....Hornet and Enterprise left first.

Ramgator2411/05/2019 04:23PM

  Re: If I recall.....Hornet and Enterprise left first.

zn1811/05/2019 05:30PM

  Re: Midway

waterfield3211/03/2019 07:41AM

  How 'Midway' Threads Hollywood History in to a WWII Spectacle

IowaRam3811/03/2019 09:55AM

  For you book readers, three MUST reads on Midway....

Ramgator2011/05/2019 04:27PM

  Woo Hoo!! Wife just got our "Midway" tickets!!

Ramgator2811/05/2019 04:28PM

  I'm going to miss this....

JamesJM6111/03/2019 05:32PM

  The most trippin' photo ever shot of me live.. Attachments

sstrams8210/31/2019 08:49AM

  I knew it! SST is really........ Attachments

Ramgator2211/01/2019 03:20AM

  I really wished I knew who that was, Gator..

sstrams1511/01/2019 07:22AM

  The "Heat Mieser" !!

Ramgator2011/01/2019 03:13PM

  Wow - no idea..

sstrams2011/02/2019 01:04PM

  OMG !!!

IowaRam2311/01/2019 03:21PM

  Pink Floyd's got nothing on sst

21Dog2811/01/2019 04:07AM

  Dang 21..

sstrams1811/01/2019 07:24AM


Ramgator4811/01/2019 03:16PM


waterfield2111/01/2019 04:22PM

  glad you were finally able to do it

ferragamo791811/01/2019 05:04PM

  glad you enjoyed it

21Dog1911/02/2019 04:08AM

  That's awesome, Gator..

sstrams2111/02/2019 07:45AM

  If you need any photo help..

sstrams2311/02/2019 12:15PM

  What do you do when going against the best team in your division?

JamesJM3111/01/2019 01:38PM

  Re: What do you do when going against the best team in your division?

MamaRAMa2611/01/2019 02:14PM

  You're right, I shouldn't have washed them...

JamesJM1811/02/2019 06:52AM

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