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  I'm about a 100% positive

IowaRam19002/25/2018 05:00PM

  My grandkids do that.. sometime my wife....

JamesJM2702/25/2018 05:11PM

  Happens to me too

Atlantic Ram3302/25/2018 08:59PM

  I'm making progress....

JamesJM4402/26/2018 10:58AM

  I am sure

Atlantic Ram3702/26/2018 12:00PM

  Be patient. . .

RAMbeau3902/26/2018 05:54PM

  Which brings up...

JamesJM3302/26/2018 07:03PM

  Am I missing something: streaming Sirius radio

ferragamo7912802/24/2018 07:19AM

  I don't see why you couldn't...

JamesJM3802/24/2018 08:52AM

  Re: I don't see why you couldn't...

Rampage2K-3502/25/2018 06:01PM

  Re: Am I missing something: streaming Sirius radio

Rampage2K-3302/25/2018 05:57PM

  I get monthly offers to resubscribe to Sirius....

JamesJM3002/25/2018 06:29PM

  Thanks boss!

ferragamo792802/26/2018 08:59AM

  Re: Thanks boss!

Rampage2K-3302/26/2018 11:03AM

  Another old curmudgeon movie review... "Murder On the Orient Express"..

JamesJM8902/26/2018 08:45AM

  21Dog... is our local boy going #1?

JamesJM10002/25/2018 07:53AM

  I don't think so and I hope he doesn't

21Dog3502/25/2018 08:08PM

  Chuck Norris hijacked a plane load of terrorists! nm

Ramgator14902/25/2018 03:56PM

  Chuck Norris tells his alarm clock when to wake up! nm

Ramgator14402/25/2018 03:54PM

  NAS Drives, I give up...

JamesJM16002/24/2018 04:10PM

  Do you..

sstrams2102/25/2018 06:52AM

  All the time...

JamesJM3202/25/2018 07:00AM

  And so, tonight, I eat....

JamesJM18302/22/2018 02:48PM

  been there, done that

21Dog3302/22/2018 03:28PM

  For some of us. . it's our destiny. . .

RAMbeau4102/22/2018 03:56PM

  I assuming..

sstrams2202/23/2018 08:53AM

  Anyone have the ORIGINAL Star Trek episodes on DVD??

Ramgator15602/20/2018 07:17AM

  you talking like these ones ?

IowaRam2602/20/2018 03:46PM

  I have the gold and blue

ferragamo793902/20/2018 04:33PM

  About $69.99, brand new on Ebay!

Ramgator3202/20/2018 05:08PM

  Do NOT get the red package...

sstrams3802/21/2018 04:06AM

  This took me a second and then........

Ramgator3602/21/2018 04:35AM

  Yeah, that one was right out of..

sstrams2402/21/2018 06:18AM

  You probably already know this, but...

six2stack2202/21/2018 09:19AM

  Re: You probably already know this, but...

IowaRam3002/22/2018 07:13AM


IowaRam2202/22/2018 06:48AM

  Fail Attachments

ferragamo792202/22/2018 08:28AM

  Ensign Ricky

IowaRam2102/22/2018 08:57AM

  Yes. The top set.

Ramgator2502/20/2018 05:06PM

  When my Brother passed away almost 7 years ago...

Ramgator2102/20/2018 05:17PM

  The bottom set

IowaRam2802/22/2018 07:12AM

  I have read a few a reviews and......

Ramgator1902/22/2018 02:49PM

  What is cost for new tile and tub in a bathroom?

Ramgator20602/17/2018 08:07AM

  That all depends...

sstrams3402/17/2018 01:54PM

  Labor seems to be the killer there

Atlantic Ram3002/19/2018 05:14PM

  THE #1 concern for me with spending $$$$$$$$

Ramgator2302/20/2018 07:13AM

  Well, you could go with..

sstrams2402/22/2018 03:32AM

  RIP Rev Billy Graham

Ramgator14802/21/2018 03:32AM

  Re: RIP Rev Billy Graham

six2stack3502/21/2018 09:26AM

  Amen! And....

Ramgator2802/21/2018 04:25PM

  Another magical moment in Sports... High School....

JamesJM19302/21/2018 12:38PM

  video of the magical moment... VERY poor quality

JamesJM2302/21/2018 01:02PM

  Tired of figure skating, for sure.

NewMexicoRam14502/15/2018 06:45PM

  they made you a liar

JamesJM3802/16/2018 03:39AM

  TV has become...

sstrams4102/16/2018 05:27AM

  Re: they made you a liar

MamaRAMa3402/16/2018 06:17AM

  All good points...

JamesJM3302/16/2018 07:31AM

  Re: All good points...

MamaRAMa4202/16/2018 08:31AM

  That was VERY well said

JamesJM3402/16/2018 09:17AM

  I agree w/ this part

waterfield2902/16/2018 02:25PM

  Re: I agree w/ this part

MamaRAMa4502/16/2018 03:31PM

  Re: I agree w/ this part

21Dog3102/16/2018 05:37PM

  This is NOT disagreement...

JamesJM2302/16/2018 06:47PM

  my only Siri experience....

21Dog2902/17/2018 04:14AM

  I'm a bit of an anomaly when it comes to technology..

sstrams2202/17/2018 04:35AM

  I assume you won't be changing your $$ to digital

waterfield3302/16/2018 07:07PM

  Control AI now or brace for nightmare future, experts warn

MamaRAMa1902/21/2018 07:00AM

  I don't know where it's headed, the implications...

JamesJM2802/16/2018 06:31PM

  I agree with ya there, Jimmy...

sstrams2502/17/2018 04:45AM

  A little off topic. . . .

RAMbeau3802/16/2018 04:33PM

  I'm going to say this aloud....

JamesJM3902/16/2018 05:12PM

  Any investors here...retirement portfolios?

ferragamo7917002/20/2018 04:41PM

  I inherited some of my Dad's stocks. Till he passed away.......

Ramgator1902/20/2018 05:20PM

  Re: Any investors here...retirement portfolios?

MamaRAMa2902/20/2018 07:46PM

  I have 3 different 401k's..

sstrams2002/21/2018 04:12AM

  My new favorite show -- must see TV. . .

RAMbeau28402/17/2018 09:44AM

  HOW can anyone care about TV........

Ramgator3602/17/2018 10:53AM

  It wasn't easy. . .

RAMbeau2902/17/2018 11:42AM

  thank you!

Atlantic Ram3202/19/2018 01:17PM

  I've actually seen that show

ferragamo792902/19/2018 05:45PM

  GEESH!! Pollen in Jacksonville!!! BRUTAL!!!

Ramgator23802/18/2018 08:24AM

  LOL I bought a sling blade for the yard work I did today....

Ramgator3702/18/2018 08:27AM

  Pollen ?

IowaRam3502/18/2018 09:24AM

  YES!!! Just 3 weeks ago we had lows in the lid 20s..Highs in 40s

Ramgator4302/18/2018 04:35PM

  My TV problems, services, are solved....

JamesJM23702/11/2018 07:47PM

  Oh, I should add a caution....

JamesJM5602/11/2018 08:00PM

  Re: My TV problems, services, are solved....

MamaRAMa7502/12/2018 07:53AM

  Re: My TV problems, services, are solved....

IowaRam6302/12/2018 01:38PM

  Well... that may not be accurate...

JamesJM4302/12/2018 02:43PM

  are you able to record shows?

ferragamo795102/13/2018 08:15AM

  Yes, if you have a recorder.... or...

JamesJM4902/13/2018 10:02AM

  Re: My TV problems, services, are solved....

JoeMad4602/14/2018 05:23PM

  Better positioning

JamesJM3702/15/2018 10:33AM

  Just found a drawback to AirTV....

JamesJM3202/15/2018 10:57AM

  Re: Better positioning

JoeMad3202/16/2018 06:10AM


JamesJM3002/16/2018 07:35AM

  Re: My TV problems, services, are solved....

IowaRam2202/16/2018 02:02PM

  Is it similar to this ?

IowaRam2802/16/2018 02:00PM

  Channel Master 7777 Signal amplifier/ booster +FM..nm

Arkansas Ram2602/18/2018 10:33AM

  Dodgers-Darvish signs with Cubs

waterfield21902/10/2018 05:39PM

  glad Dodgers didn't resign him

ferragamo792102/16/2018 06:31PM

  signing any pitcher to more than three years........

21Dog2002/17/2018 04:18AM

  Can you feel it?

RAMbeau22902/11/2018 10:42AM

  Oh come on admit it

IowaRam4102/11/2018 01:57PM

  BUSTED. . . .nm

RAMbeau3702/11/2018 03:18PM

  What does the 4th guy do?

sstrams4702/11/2018 03:27PM


canadaram5202/11/2018 06:34PM

  Curling is wonderful...

JamesJM3702/11/2018 06:39PM

  To be honest. . . .

RAMbeau3902/15/2018 01:51PM

  Hey Canada!

sstrams2102/16/2018 05:22AM

  Women's Hockey Brawl... what is wrong with me?

JamesJM11802/15/2018 01:20PM

  Oh, I get it...

sstrams2502/15/2018 01:27PM

  Olympic opening ceremonies

waterfield23802/09/2018 10:30PM

  Hehehe, very well said...

JamesJM5002/09/2018 10:34PM

  Re: Hehehe, very well said...

waterfield4202/11/2018 08:37AM

  Ha!! I feel the same after the Rams win a game! When they lose??

Ramgator4302/10/2018 10:10AM

  My first thoughts were. . .

RAMbeau4502/11/2018 10:12AM

  I do not like NBC's coverage...

JamesJM4402/11/2018 08:18PM

  Re: I do not like NBC's coverage...

waterfield4302/12/2018 09:55AM

  Re: I do not like NBC's coverage...

JamesJM3502/12/2018 11:39AM

  Re: I do not like NBC's coverage...

waterfield3302/12/2018 12:42PM

  Mirai Nagasu, did I spell that correctly...

JamesJM4102/11/2018 09:23PM


ferragamo793802/15/2018 08:30AM

  Making myself the most hated person on this board...

JamesJM20702/09/2018 10:29AM

  I dunno...

DaJudge5802/09/2018 10:44AM

  Not a huge fan, either...

sstrams4502/09/2018 11:02AM

  And it's not just girl scout cookies...

JamesJM4902/09/2018 11:12AM

  I like 2

Atlantic Ram5802/09/2018 02:50PM

  Not your worst moment by far.. . .

RAMbeau5302/09/2018 04:44PM

  Your memory is amazing

JamesJM4702/09/2018 05:04PM

  I wasn't aware of the muppet hate

Atlantic Ram5102/09/2018 06:50PM

  Well, to be fair...

JamesJM6802/09/2018 07:12PM

  You know who else was super hot !!!

IowaRam4202/11/2018 02:05PM

  Not liking the muppets

IowaRam4102/11/2018 02:10PM

  Debbie Harry likes the Muppets

Atlantic Ram4802/14/2018 08:42PM

  Forget the letter Miss Leghorn , lets take the afternoon off

IowaRam4602/11/2018 02:26PM

  Girl Scouts: Watch this classic scene from Taxi.

Billy_T4702/10/2018 12:03PM

  Didn't have to watch, it's embedded in my memory..

JamesJM3702/10/2018 01:30PM

  Re: Making myself the most hated person on this board...

IowaRam4202/10/2018 02:07PM

  Actually, I'm on board with you here

Drew28394402/11/2018 07:03PM

  Why you should never get sick in China. . .

RAMbeau25602/12/2018 02:45PM

  What does a Kidney transplant cost?

JamesJM6402/12/2018 03:06PM

  Re: What does a Kidney transplant cost?

RAMbeau6102/12/2018 04:02PM

  Speaking of Mexico..

sstrams5802/13/2018 04:14AM

  So the point is

IowaRam4102/13/2018 05:05AM

  Re: So the point is

MamaRAMa4302/13/2018 05:18AM

  I don't know

waterfield3602/13/2018 07:46AM

  I often wonder what the REEEAL cost of medical treatment is.

Ramgator3802/13/2018 06:54AM

  And don't get me started on Pharmaceutical companies and a cold cure!

Ramgator5302/13/2018 06:58AM

  Yep somebody has to pay for all those visits

ferragamo794902/13/2018 07:59AM

  Welcome to Communism

ferragamo793602/13/2018 08:04AM

  Re: Why you should never get sick in China. . .

NorCalRamFan4502/14/2018 02:25PM

  Re: Why you should never get sick in China. . .

MamaRAMa3402/14/2018 04:38PM

  Olympics... just keeps getting better....

JamesJM20202/13/2018 08:05PM

  I hope the..

sstrams5702/14/2018 03:21AM

  I'm not sure it had the drama of Klammer...

JamesJM4502/14/2018 05:06AM


waterfield4302/14/2018 07:14AM

  That and the pressure...

JamesJM3002/14/2018 07:53AM

  Re: That and the pressure...

waterfield4002/14/2018 08:59AM

  Did you know when you first saw Klammer's run.. live...

JamesJM4402/14/2018 09:54AM

  Re: Did you know when you first saw Klammer's run.. live...

waterfield4602/14/2018 12:35PM

  Yeah, Klammer wins the title..

sstrams3002/14/2018 09:50AM


Ramgator3502/14/2018 09:20AM

  for Waterfield only... music... but you can take chance if you want too...

JamesJM19802/11/2018 10:56PM

  Shoot yeah, Jimmy...

sstrams4302/12/2018 03:35AM

  Variety, contrasts, seeming contradictions, give spice to life.

Billy_T3102/12/2018 05:14AM

  So if the subject touches on aging-you address it to me ?

waterfield3202/12/2018 07:40AM

  Think I've asked this question before

IowaRam4602/12/2018 02:16PM

  you forgot this one

ferragamo794002/13/2018 08:31AM

  If memory serves, you failed to mention one song. . .

RAMbeau5202/12/2018 05:57PM

  Nice call... you named the two..

JamesJM3802/13/2018 10:08AM

  not a musician but

ferragamo793102/13/2018 08:14AM

  This topic has been moved. Tired of figure skating, for sure.

NewMexicoRam3302/15/2018 08:07PM

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