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  My family has gone electrical shock treatment crazy...

JamesJM4501/27/2019 11:26AM

  Rule #1......

Arkansas Ram1801/27/2019 03:43PM

  You should have been here just after New Year's Day...

JamesJM2001/27/2019 03:53PM

  Perhaps multifunctional?.

RAMbeau2601/28/2019 05:47AM

  I have a problem on my hands, Frank...

JamesJM2001/28/2019 06:14AM

  LOL...Belly laugh....nm

Arkansas Ram901/28/2019 04:22PM

  And you think the Saints got hosed...

NorCalRamFan6201/27/2019 08:04PM

  Re: And you think the Saints got hosed...

NorCalRamFan2301/27/2019 09:08PM

  Has anybody seen "First Man" ?

waterfield4201/25/2019 09:13PM

  Re: Has anybody seen "First Man" ?

Arkansas Ram1501/26/2019 05:20AM

  Pirate it ?

waterfield2001/26/2019 10:52AM


JamesJM2101/26/2019 01:32PM


waterfield1301/27/2019 10:13AM

  Re: Has anybody seen "First Man" ?

Headslap751601/27/2019 06:40AM

  I believe my 2nd favorite Space Program movie...

JamesJM1501/27/2019 08:04AM

  Re: I believe my 2nd favorite Space Program movie...

IowaRam1401/27/2019 08:10AM

  Mean Gene interviews Macho Man...

NorCalRamFan2501/26/2019 04:07PM

  Re: Mean Gene interviews Macho Man...

NorCalRamFan1101/26/2019 04:30PM


IowaRam2501/25/2019 02:27PM

  On my death bed, I hearby divide my Rams shrineand estate Attachments

ferragamo798701/20/2019 04:27PM

  Got some pretty nice stuff there

IowaRam2401/20/2019 05:26PM

  That is a one beautiful display.....

JamesJM1801/21/2019 04:15AM

  gotta get down there

ferragamo791401/21/2019 03:36PM

  all that's missing is a kneeler

21Dog2001/21/2019 04:46AM

  While I'm not catholic. . .

RAMbeau1701/21/2019 01:18PM

  Jerry Seinfeld didn't understand

JoeMad1901/22/2019 10:53AM

  good one nm

21Dog1201/22/2019 01:36PM

  All goes to ME! Attachments

Ramgator1801/21/2019 09:19AM

  Two things I still wanna find

IowaRam2401/21/2019 12:34PM

  that poster.......

21Dog2201/21/2019 02:40PM

  1973 (nm)

ferragamo791101/21/2019 03:34PM

  Love them retro face masks in the poster. nm

RAMbler1001/25/2019 12:03PM

  While I'm honored to be on "the list". . .

RAMbeau2401/21/2019 01:15PM

  I got nothin'

Atlantic Ram2001/24/2019 07:31PM

  Hank Stram, Comedy Gold...

NorCalRamFan3401/23/2019 06:35PM

  another coach who was a star on NFL Films.....

21Dog1701/24/2019 05:32AM

  Glenn Miller's plane found?

JamesJM8701/17/2019 07:54AM


IowaRam2701/17/2019 08:30AM

  Wife and I went and saw the Glenn Miller Orchestra a few years back

IowaRam2101/17/2019 08:46AM

  One of my favorite songs ever: Moonlight Serenade

ferragamo792301/17/2019 09:22AM

  Me too! Goes hand in hand with a generation I love so much.

Ramgator1601/17/2019 09:27AM

  About a year ago, I bought the DVD "Glenn Miller Story"

Ramgator1601/17/2019 09:29AM

  My Wife LOVES Michael Buble and I grew to like him....

Ramgator1701/17/2019 09:30AM

  That song tears at me...

JamesJM1801/17/2019 10:09AM

  My very favorite part of being a Firefighter with Jacksonville...

Ramgator1301/18/2019 05:35AM

  Re: Glenn Miller's plane found?

Crazylegs2601/18/2019 06:03AM

  Was that you ?

IowaRam1601/18/2019 07:25AM

  Re: Was that you ?

Crazylegs1801/18/2019 08:25AM

  looking very Cary Grant-ish nm

21Dog1001/18/2019 07:46AM

  good for you...

JamesJM1201/18/2019 08:08AM

  Re: good for you...

Crazylegs2301/18/2019 08:29AM

  Eagle Field

Crazylegs1601/18/2019 11:30AM

  Just fantastic, Crazylegs...

JamesJM1401/18/2019 11:42AM

  Re: Glenn Miller's plane found?

fearsomefoursome1501/22/2019 09:33PM

  Elton John... my wife saw him last night in concert...

JamesJM4401/16/2019 07:58AM

  Re: Elton John... my wife saw him last night in concert...

Aries1701/16/2019 11:40AM

  I think that was his first hit, wasn't it?

JamesJM1601/16/2019 11:45AM

  Re: I think that was his first hit, wasn't it?

Aries1301/16/2019 04:39PM

  He's coming to Jacksonville pretty soon.

Ramgator1701/16/2019 11:48AM

  Yeah, very expensive...

JamesJM1701/16/2019 11:55AM

  Great 1971-1976

ferragamo791701/16/2019 05:52PM

  Elton John

IowaRam1701/22/2019 08:27AM

  Crocodile Rock

IowaRam1701/22/2019 08:48AM

  that song always reminds me of

ferragamo791201/22/2019 10:29AM

  sst was MIA yesterday

21Dog5301/21/2019 09:50AM

  Absent on Championship Sunday

IowaRam1701/21/2019 12:13PM

  Yup, been on my mind as well...

JamesJM2001/21/2019 01:31PM

  Re: Yup, been on my mind as well...

MamaRAMa3101/21/2019 08:20PM

  Let it Snow!

MamaRAMa9001/11/2019 03:38PM

  LOL... good luck, Mama...

JamesJM2401/11/2019 03:42PM


sstrams2301/11/2019 05:17PM

  Break in the weather

MamaRAMa2401/12/2019 10:48AM

  Good to have you back, Mama..

sstrams3101/12/2019 10:50AM

  Wer're not in Missouri anymore. . . .

RAMbeau4201/13/2019 12:36PM

  One saving grace

IowaRam1601/14/2019 06:44PM

  A single snowflake falling here....

JamesJM1501/15/2019 11:26AM

  did you miss the snow in Jan. of '99?

21Dog1401/15/2019 11:44AM

  Yup... if I'm not mistaken....

JamesJM1601/15/2019 12:50PM

  Send some to Jacksonville!!!

Ramgator2301/15/2019 12:33PM

  That's why your jokes are so hilarious .......

Arkansas Ram2801/15/2019 01:52PM

  Blytheville is heartbreaking these days.

Ramgator1301/16/2019 07:16AM

  Re: Blytheville is heartbreaking these days.

Arkansas Ram1301/16/2019 12:30PM

  We seem to have had a change in the weather

IowaRam2101/19/2019 03:53PM

  Seven Day Forecast

IowaRam1201/21/2019 06:19PM

  Not My Favorite Dessert List

MamaRAMa6401/04/2019 08:30AM

  Angel Food Cake.... no...

JamesJM2201/04/2019 09:19AM

  You failed to mention . .

RAMbeau2201/05/2019 12:08PM


JamesJM2201/05/2019 12:12PM

  That's a tough one, Mama.

sstrams3701/04/2019 10:20AM

  I'm a ittle confused. . .

RAMbeau2101/05/2019 12:05PM

  Try to get this to compute....

JamesJM1701/05/2019 12:09PM

  Yeah, its just cheesecake..

sstrams1901/05/2019 01:19PM

  Re: Not My Favorite Dessert List

IowaRam2401/04/2019 07:36PM

  Re: Not My Favorite Dessert List

RamsFootballFans.com2901/05/2019 08:53AM

  the 'nut' thing is 'nuts'...

JamesJM2601/05/2019 09:09AM

  Nuts make the world go round..

sstrams2901/05/2019 09:32AM

  those who don't like nuts are nuts

21Dog2001/06/2019 06:27AM

  Yeah, pistachios rule...

sstrams1601/06/2019 07:18AM

  Written by a true central valley farmer (nm)

waterfield1301/06/2019 08:40PM

  Colonoscopies and nuts (any kind)

waterfield1301/20/2019 07:05AM

  Red Velvet and devils food cake yuck! nm

six2stack1201/20/2019 08:25AM

  Re: the 'nut' thing is 'nuts'...

RamsFootballFans.com1101/20/2019 05:01AM

  Catfish doughnuts

waterfield1401/20/2019 07:04AM

  Damn, Gypsie needs surgery... Attachments

sstrams9101/14/2019 01:31PM

  Dear Lord Stevie. . .

RAMbeau2401/14/2019 02:01PM

  Thanks RAMbeau..

sstrams2101/14/2019 02:41PM

  Hope all goes well.

Ramgator1901/14/2019 04:41PM

  Ever thought about moving ?

IowaRam1701/14/2019 06:46PM

  Re: Damn, Gypsie needs surgery...

waterfield1801/14/2019 07:48PM

  Re: Damn, Gypsie needs surgery...

zn2701/15/2019 02:29AM

  Re: Damn, Gypsie needs surgery...

MamaRAMa2101/15/2019 04:13AM

  that's awful, Steve

21Dog1801/15/2019 04:23AM

  Stay strong.....

Arkansas Ram1901/15/2019 07:39AM

  Any updates

IowaRam1201/18/2019 07:27AM

  Re: Any updates

zn2501/18/2019 04:18PM

  Gyps is so far doing well.. Attachments

sstrams3701/19/2019 05:33AM

  Re: Gyps is so far doing well..

zn2601/19/2019 08:12AM

  Re: Gyps is so far doing well..

Crazylegs2401/19/2019 09:09AM

  Poor Gyps

waterfield2201/19/2019 11:57AM

  Re: Damn, Gypsie needs surgery...

RamsFootballFans.com1401/20/2019 04:39AM

  remember that smell from your old metal lunch box

ferragamo794701/16/2019 05:49PM

  Re: remember that smell from your old metal lunch box

ferragamo791701/16/2019 06:10PM

  Makes me appreciate and miss my Mom.

Ramgator1201/16/2019 06:52PM

  Going WAY back. How many had thermoses that would break if dropped??

Ramgator1201/16/2019 06:53PM

  Favorite lunch packed by your Moms???

Ramgator1201/16/2019 06:57PM

  Egg Salad...

JamesJM2101/16/2019 07:50PM

  Egg Salad are the best

IowaRam1701/17/2019 07:41AM

  I don't remember anyone having lunch box's

IowaRam2201/17/2019 08:17AM

  Brown bagger here. . .

RAMbeau1801/18/2019 02:18PM

  I did get poisoned...

JamesJM2401/18/2019 02:47PM

  Spent all afternoon today......

Arkansas Ram4101/17/2019 01:41PM

  Merle one of my all time favorite C&W artists....

JamesJM1601/17/2019 01:46PM

  By the way... fate hit me square in the face yesterday...

JamesJM1301/17/2019 02:12PM

  Right on, I believe in that kinda stuff.....

Arkansas Ram1401/17/2019 02:16PM

  While I'm not a country western fan. . .

RAMbeau2001/17/2019 02:21PM

  Great story, Rambeau...

JamesJM1801/17/2019 02:30PM

  "Makes the PUB come alive"...+1........nm

Arkansas Ram1101/17/2019 03:04PM

  Celery and peanut butter...

JamesJM4401/16/2019 01:24PM

  Re: Celery and peanut butter...

21Dog2501/16/2019 02:03PM

  every elementary school child from the 70s knows this

ferragamo791801/16/2019 05:46PM

  Now I want it

Atlantic Ram1501/17/2019 08:23AM

  Chuck Norris and I gargle peanut butter!!! nm

Ramgator1401/17/2019 09:28AM

  Watching Karate Kid 2 and having trouble taking the bad guy serious because...

Ramgator5101/15/2019 08:30AM

  Question for those of you brought up in the 70's, 80's...

JamesJM1601/16/2019 07:31AM

  I liked Young Guns.

Ramgator1501/16/2019 11:46AM

  watched that last year

ferragamo791201/16/2019 05:54PM

  Regulators !!!

IowaRam1401/16/2019 01:48PM

  Fact vs Fiction...

JamesJM1201/16/2019 01:52PM

  OH, I was reminded...

JamesJM1401/16/2019 01:54PM

  watch it any time I see it's on TV

21Dog1601/16/2019 02:04PM

  Yeah, I think so as well.

JamesJM1901/16/2019 02:06PM

  Just shot 100 rounds....

JamesJM3401/16/2019 11:54AM

  Spider-man Far From Home trailer

IowaRam2601/15/2019 04:19AM

  Never, ever, tell your wife.......

Arkansas Ram6301/12/2019 07:35AM

  Rookie mistake..

sstrams2101/12/2019 07:43AM

  Re: Rookie mistake..

Arkansas Ram1701/12/2019 08:13AM

  Yeah, you cannot give a woman an inch..

sstrams1501/12/2019 09:51AM

  Hear about the shooting in Davis, Ca.?

JamesJM6701/11/2019 02:38PM

  No.. Man, that's terrible..

sstrams1401/11/2019 02:50PM

  Re: No.. Man, that's terrible..

MamaRAMa1901/11/2019 02:51PM

  Yes, they found him about midnight...

JamesJM1701/11/2019 03:11PM

  that was a former student at the college I work at

ferragamo791801/11/2019 04:33PM

  Just talked to my grandson and he was stopped because...

JamesJM1601/11/2019 04:41PM

  yeah he killed himself

ferragamo791601/11/2019 05:10PM

  We so much wanted Davis to make Mason an offer...

JamesJM1401/11/2019 05:26PM

  we visited Davis with our oldest daughter

21Dog1501/11/2019 05:55PM

  Cal-Poly is almost my alma mater...

JamesJM1901/11/2019 06:12PM

  Re: we visited Davis with our oldest daughter

waterfield1201/12/2019 08:50AM

  Bondi's gone now

zn13101/09/2019 11:11AM

  RIP, BONDI....

JamesJM2501/09/2019 11:24AM

  Such a loss

waterfield2101/09/2019 11:27AM

  I'm so sorry, zn..

sstrams3101/09/2019 11:33AM

  Sorry for your loss.

stlramz2801/09/2019 12:08PM

  I do too, man..

sstrams2501/09/2019 12:17PM

  Oh boy. So sorry. nm

Ramgator1001/09/2019 03:22PM

  From one dog lover to another

IowaRam3401/09/2019 04:01PM

  Re: Bondi's gone now

zn3801/09/2019 04:03PM

  My fiancee just walked past and saw the pictures

ferragamo792501/09/2019 05:51PM

  Re: Bondi's gone now

MamaRAMa2501/09/2019 06:09PM

  sorry about your friend, zn nm

21Dog1701/09/2019 06:44PM

  I'm very sorry to hear that

Atlantic Ram2401/09/2019 08:30PM

  Sorry man........

Arkansas Ram1901/10/2019 01:21PM

  Re: Bondi's gone now

fearsomefoursome2301/10/2019 01:30PM

  Time to annoy that heck out of UFC, Karate, Judo fans...

JamesJM3401/10/2019 12:46PM

  That was kind of the deal with Rhonda Rousey, wasn't it?

sstrams1701/10/2019 01:08PM

  I don't know....

JamesJM1701/10/2019 01:14PM

  I've only seen her last two fights..

sstrams1601/10/2019 01:19PM

  Header update.. Attachments

sstrams7001/08/2019 03:47AM

  Re: Header update..

MamaRAMa1601/08/2019 07:18AM

  Anyone else want on ?

IowaRam1701/08/2019 08:09AM

  Yeah, I could remove..

sstrams2101/08/2019 08:26AM

  Dang Zach went from 75

ferragamo791701/08/2019 08:10AM


sstrams1401/08/2019 08:23AM

  Can I do a new me ? Attachments

IowaRam2201/08/2019 08:58AM

  Sure, man...

sstrams2101/08/2019 09:05AM

  Re: Sure, man... Attachments

IowaRam2101/08/2019 09:22AM

  How's this? Attachments

sstrams3001/08/2019 09:12AM

  not complaining....

ferragamo791801/08/2019 09:13AM

  Nah, its cool '79..

sstrams1501/08/2019 09:22AM

  Really Cool Banner Sstram

Ram Fan Teacher1801/08/2019 02:46PM

  Hey man, you want on it?

sstrams1501/08/2019 02:59PM

  Re: Hey man, you want on it?

Ram Fan Teacher1901/08/2019 04:19PM

  Well, either you or one of us..

sstrams3401/09/2019 03:18AM

  Here you go sstram Attachments

Ram Fan Teacher2401/09/2019 03:42PM

  Hey cool, man!

sstrams1401/09/2019 05:19PM

  Re: Hey cool, man!

Ram Fan Teacher1301/10/2019 02:28AM

  Update with Teacher and two Iowas! Attachments

sstrams2701/10/2019 03:10AM

  You can do away with the yellow one........lol

IowaRam1201/10/2019 03:26AM

  Okie doke... nm

sstrams1101/10/2019 03:29AM

  Re: Update with Teacher and two Iowas!

Ram Fan Teacher1501/10/2019 05:45AM

  Definitely need at least one more character..

sstrams1801/10/2019 03:31AM

  Re: Definitely need at least one more character..

IowaRam1801/10/2019 03:56AM

  Pretty much, yeah..

sstrams1701/10/2019 04:05AM

  He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

JamesJM9501/04/2019 06:44PM

  just outstanding news

Deadpool3101/04/2019 07:03PM

  Thanks, Deadpool. He's had other offers...

JamesJM2701/04/2019 07:55PM


21Dog3201/04/2019 08:16PM

  Re: He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

MamaRAMa2901/04/2019 08:27PM

  If I had to guess, Mama...

JamesJM3001/04/2019 08:57PM

  Re: He got an offer, Greg.. Div II...

RamsFootballFans.com1401/05/2019 08:48AM

  POSSIBLE offer coming in from Colorado...

JamesJM1701/06/2019 01:25PM

  GOOD GRIEF but the politics in playing football...

JamesJM1501/06/2019 03:41PM

  exciting times for Mason

21Dog1101/06/2019 04:30PM

  You remember Jas Bains?

JamesJM1501/06/2019 04:47PM

  Re: GOOD GRIEF but the politics in playing football...

waterfield1301/06/2019 08:33PM


JamesJM1801/06/2019 11:18PM

  Re: Mom...

waterfield1501/07/2019 08:35AM

  That's awesome, Jimmy..

sstrams1301/06/2019 04:34PM

  Thanks, Steve... as you can easily see....

JamesJM1101/06/2019 04:53PM

  Did you get to make..

sstrams1301/06/2019 05:17PM

  My videos are better...

JamesJM1301/06/2019 05:26PM

  Yeah, I'll bet they are..

sstrams1701/06/2019 05:30PM

  Man that's a TOUGH one....

JamesJM1101/06/2019 05:40PM

  Well, I'll tell ya, Jimmy..

sstrams1201/07/2019 03:19AM

  How well does post stabilization work?

JamesJM1001/07/2019 04:25AM

  I haven't ever tried it..

sstrams1101/07/2019 04:42AM

  OH yeah, that would be my guess...

JamesJM1101/07/2019 05:01AM

  That I don't know..

sstrams1001/07/2019 05:25AM

  Two offers now in, and we're going through a living hell....

JamesJM2001/09/2019 05:05PM

  This is stressful.. might be headed to Cleveland this Sunday

JamesJM1801/09/2019 07:18PM

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