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  So a year from now...

SeattleRam4003/28/2020 07:24AM

  Good question.. We have discussed..

sstrams603/28/2020 08:04AM

  Let's hope so

CeeZar603/28/2020 08:42AM

  Got on a Sweet kick last night on Youtube. Always loved "Fox On The Run. And DANG!!!

Ramgator1903/28/2020 04:10AM

  I love Sweet..

sstrams403/28/2020 06:30AM

  Last night I watched a video from 1995....

Ramgator703/28/2020 08:35AM

  Yeah, that whole LP..

sstrams603/28/2020 08:36AM

  Does anyone like "Murder By Death"?

BlueRidgeHorns2403/28/2020 03:18AM

  You have to ask? Of course.

JamesJM803/28/2020 05:43AM

  It is a COW, not a moose. nm

BlueRidgeHorns303/28/2020 07:38AM

  Perhaps my favorite scene...

JamesJM403/28/2020 08:00AM

  Here's a shirt for Gator

IowaRam4503/27/2020 04:42PM

  Ya know...

JamesJM1603/27/2020 04:48PM

  I guess....

BlueRidgeHorns1103/28/2020 03:11AM

  Yeah, some time back I read that...

JamesJM603/28/2020 07:54AM

  BlueRidge it is absolutely true..

sstrams403/28/2020 07:59AM

  LOLOLOL I saw that a day or two ago on FB.

Ramgator903/28/2020 04:11AM

  Have any of you Trekkies ever seen "Star Trek, The Red Shirt Diaries" on Youtube.

Ramgator703/28/2020 04:14AM

  I will have to look into thatnm

BlueRidgeHorns303/28/2020 04:55AM

  Night Of The Demonic Logo...

JamesJM5803/27/2020 06:19PM

  Re: Night Of The Demonic Logo...

IowaRam603/27/2020 06:27PM

  You had me at boobs...

sstrams603/27/2020 06:43PM

  I am considering....

JamesJM603/27/2020 06:47PM

  I say go for it... Boobs..

sstrams603/28/2020 06:32AM

  The Wonders Of Iowa

IowaRam503/27/2020 06:48PM

  How is it that I knew that was coming. (nm)

JamesJM603/27/2020 06:49PM

  I think it was that Children will find corn only causes severe diarrhea part.....................nm

IowaRam703/27/2020 06:51PM

  That impresses you more than the 'boobs' thing?

JamesJM803/27/2020 07:04PM

  Lets see.... boobs.. diarrhea..... boobs.... diarrhea.....

sstrams803/28/2020 06:35AM

  Boobs I understood

IowaRam603/28/2020 07:39AM

  Ok cool.. but isn't corn...

sstrams603/28/2020 07:56AM

  I can't wait till the uniforms come out...........lol

IowaRam503/27/2020 07:54PM

  Yup, that will definitely be interesting. (nm)

JamesJM403/27/2020 08:12PM

  Vaccine testing

MamaRAMa36603/22/2020 05:58AM

  Re: Vaccine testing

Rampage2K-3703/22/2020 10:50AM

  I bet there's tons of cures out there all being held up by $$$$$$$$$$

Ramgator3103/22/2020 11:15AM

  Re: I bet there's tons of cures out there all being held up by $$$$$$$$$$

Rampage2K-2503/22/2020 11:47AM

  Re: I bet there's tons of cures out there all being held up by $$$$$$$$$$

waterfield2403/22/2020 12:13PM

  So is greed.

Ramgator2203/22/2020 05:39PM

  It's not Rocket Science but simple math / business.

Ramgator1803/22/2020 05:46PM

  Look at the science Gator

RamUK2503/23/2020 03:36AM

  Maybe so but I have my doubts.

Ramgator1403/23/2020 04:15AM

  Nobody is doubting they are a racket

RamUK2103/23/2020 05:34AM

  How could they have a vaccine for something...

roman182703/23/2020 03:58AM

  Re: How could they have a vaccine for something...

Rampage2K-2503/23/2020 08:45PM

  That requires a careful reading

Drew28392003/24/2020 04:56PM

  Re: How could they have a vaccine for something...

zn2803/24/2020 06:48PM

  Re: How could they have a vaccine for something...

Rampage2K-2303/25/2020 06:33PM

  Re: How could they have a vaccine for something...

zn1403/26/2020 04:01AM

  Re: Vaccine testing

waterfield2303/23/2020 08:58PM


MamaRAMa3903/23/2020 07:02PM

  I compare that to taking someone ELSE'S prescription.

Ramgator1803/25/2020 04:12AM


Arkansas Ram1003/25/2020 04:16AM

  CNN is garbage

CeeZar1203/28/2020 05:09AM

  good thread

zn1903/24/2020 06:45PM

  PCT is closed? Attachments

JamesJM2803/27/2020 03:41PM

  Re: PCT is closed?

waterfield1003/27/2020 03:48PM

  Well, yes, there is a ledge... Attachments

JamesJM1003/27/2020 03:58PM

  Re: Well, yes, there is a ledge...

waterfield703/27/2020 04:25PM

  Half Dome would be to the left of that photo...

JamesJM803/27/2020 04:45PM

  That's a hard photo to unsee....

sstrams403/27/2020 06:44PM

  couldn't resists posting this photo... Attachments

JamesJM1103/27/2020 05:50PM

  They are telling us to stay off the App. Trail

BlueRidgeHorns603/28/2020 03:08AM

  It's no big deal

SeattleRam2703/26/2020 11:26PM

  Re: It's no big deal

21Dog703/27/2020 05:26AM

  one of my favorite movies all time

ferragamo79903/27/2020 04:28PM

  It's not one of my favorites BUT...

JamesJM803/27/2020 04:38PM

  Happy Birthday To My Granddaughter.... Attachments

JamesJM1203/27/2020 11:44AM

  Happy Birthday Sydney Kaai....!

sstrams303/27/2020 11:47AM

  I remember you sending family pics

ferragamo79503/27/2020 04:19PM

  LOL, Todd... yup.... I did do that.... Attachments

JamesJM703/27/2020 04:32PM

  Ok, I saw it, officially the worst movie ever made....

JamesJM4303/26/2020 09:24PM

  Now Jimmy, you know I bought this movie up....

sstrams2203/27/2020 05:39AM

  Sorry Steve...

JamesJM1103/27/2020 06:15AM

  No problem, man..

sstrams603/27/2020 07:25AM

  Actually I agree....

JamesJM603/27/2020 08:42AM

  I think it was serious...

sstrams703/27/2020 09:17AM

  Well, I do too... as I said....

JamesJM703/27/2020 09:20AM

  By the way... locations...

JamesJM403/27/2020 01:29PM

  That's pretty cool...

sstrams403/27/2020 01:43PM

  I'll keep this movie in this thread....

JamesJM703/27/2020 06:31AM

  OK 1 minute here....

roman181203/27/2020 07:39AM

  I have seen that movie....

JamesJM603/27/2020 09:00AM

  I love bad movies

waterfield903/27/2020 09:59AM

  My favorite of all time..

sstrams503/27/2020 10:12AM

  Yes, me too....

JamesJM603/27/2020 11:12AM

  another great goof in Braveheart..

sstrams303/27/2020 11:50AM

  Ok, a story... this from my days acting on stage.

JamesJM503/27/2020 11:37AM

  I'm not 100% sure of the legitimacy of this..

sstrams3603/27/2020 05:56AM

  I just asked Helen

RamUK1803/27/2020 06:47AM

  Re: I'm not 100% sure of the legitimacy of this..

MamaRAMa1403/27/2020 07:34AM

  Re: I'm not 100% sure of the legitimacy of this..

waterfield603/27/2020 10:09AM

  Re: I'm not 100% sure of the legitimacy of this..

SeattleRam1103/27/2020 11:00AM

  Thanks man...

sstrams403/27/2020 11:53AM

  Walmart here a LONG ways from being normal...

sstrams2303/27/2020 05:51AM

  Re: Walmart here a LONG ways from being normal...

Rampage2K-1303/27/2020 07:46AM

  Yup, returning to normal here as well....

JamesJM803/27/2020 09:02AM

  I went to one Walmart..

sstrams803/27/2020 09:16AM

  Barb has taken up gardening Attachments

waterfield1903/26/2020 07:49PM


SeattleRam903/26/2020 08:07PM

  Re: Barb has taken up gardening

21Dog1103/26/2020 08:11PM

  Better have eyes..

sstrams703/27/2020 05:33AM

  The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee trailer

IowaRam1003/26/2020 05:41PM

  Re: The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee trailer

SeattleRam803/26/2020 07:11PM

  Fred ''Curly'' Neal has passed away

IowaRam1103/26/2020 01:41PM

  I REALLY wanna go back in time. I miss the 1970s.

Ramgator903/26/2020 04:46PM

  my favorite globetrotter

ferragamo79703/26/2020 05:26PM

  What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

SeattleRam14803/23/2020 11:00PM

  Star Trek..

sstrams1903/24/2020 02:23AM

  I loved Star Trek!

BlueRidgeHorns1803/24/2020 02:43AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

MamaRAMa2203/24/2020 03:10AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

roman181803/24/2020 03:59AM

  you guys have already mentioned a few of my favorites

21Dog2003/24/2020 04:39AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

CeeZar2003/24/2020 05:44AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

canadaram1903/24/2020 06:20AM

  I forgot a bunch...

sstrams2003/24/2020 07:34AM

  Saturday Morning Cartoons

MamaRAMa1803/24/2020 07:44AM

  Yeah, Saturday morning fever ruled..

sstrams1703/24/2020 07:47AM

  Life without a #$@%^&*phone.....

roman181203/24/2020 08:04AM

  Does anyone remember Highway Patrol and Cannonball?

BlueRidgeHorns1403/24/2020 08:06AM

  Re: Does anyone remember Highway Patrol and Cannonball?

roman181303/24/2020 08:18AM

  Of course, and Dragnet...

JamesJM1603/24/2020 08:21AM


waterfield1203/24/2020 11:00AM

  Re: Dragnet

roman181303/24/2020 12:03PM

  Re: Dragnet

waterfield1203/24/2020 01:24PM

  Highway Patrol

21Dog1103/24/2020 08:19AM

  Wacky Racers..... nm

RAMbler603/26/2020 01:10PM

  All good choices in this thread...

JamesJM1503/24/2020 08:19AM


waterfield1403/24/2020 08:25AM

  Re: Hoppy

21Dog1203/24/2020 08:27AM

  I met him in person... AND...

JamesJM1503/24/2020 08:31AM

  Re: Hoppy in Fresno...

JamesJM1103/24/2020 08:33AM

  as you remember.........

21Dog1303/24/2020 10:17AM

  Yup.. Hoppy actually visited Producers often....

JamesJM1103/24/2020 10:23AM

  Met his wife Grace Bradley

waterfield703/24/2020 10:52AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

Arkansas Ram1503/24/2020 01:22PM

  always like the Rat Patrol opening

21Dog1803/24/2020 01:51PM

  Re: always like the Rat Patrol opening

SeattleRam1303/24/2020 02:44PM

  Bob Newhart , Mary Tyler Moore , Carol Burnett

IowaRam1403/24/2020 04:26PM

  Captain Kangaroo

IowaRam1003/24/2020 05:36PM

  Star Trek, Emergency and Baa Baa Black Sheep! WOW!!!!! How cool...

Ramgator1203/25/2020 04:51PM

  Shows I took for granted in my youth but grew to LOVE with age....

Ramgator1403/25/2020 04:53PM

  CHiPs -Gilligans Island(re-runs) - Speed Racer

Rampage2K-1103/25/2020 06:26PM

  SNL, Star Trek, Gilligan's Isle, Sanford and Son! THEN

ferragamo79903/26/2020 08:40AM

  1970's Disco Theme Music TV Show Openings

IowaRam1403/26/2020 09:10AM

  As a kid I always took comfort in the fact

IowaRam903/26/2020 09:20AM

  Remember the opening to the NBC Sunday Night Mystery?

Ramgator903/26/2020 11:50AM

  The Fugitive, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley...

RAMbler703/26/2020 01:15PM

  This is how whacko I was back then...

JamesJM1103/26/2020 01:36PM

  Bonanza was never on much when I was a kid

IowaRam803/26/2020 01:44PM

  A TV Western I'd never even heard of

IowaRam1003/26/2020 02:16PM

  There are many I never saw....

JamesJM703/26/2020 04:02PM

  Forgot My Three Sons

IowaRam1003/26/2020 04:57PM

  My Wife is too cool! We watched my new Midway DVD last night.....

Ramgator1303/26/2020 04:41PM

  Re: My Wife is too cool! We watched my new Midway DVD last night.....

IowaRam803/26/2020 04:50PM

  Freezing with the fireplace..

sstrams1803/26/2020 12:13PM

  At least you are alternating days...

JamesJM703/26/2020 01:07PM

  Typical Iowa Spring

IowaRam703/26/2020 01:51PM

  Making me think of Boot Camp in San Antonio.

Ramgator603/26/2020 04:44PM

  Hard to beat METV. Watching "The Waltons".

Ramgator1203/26/2020 07:27AM

  Kinda the same here

IowaRam603/26/2020 07:32AM

  we used to make fun of kids in school who watched it

ferragamo79903/26/2020 08:35AM

  LOL Sounds like that was Nation wide!

Ramgator803/26/2020 11:43AM

  Remember the CHIPS episode with a Happy Days connection???

Ramgator703/26/2020 11:47AM

  Ok, so convince to watch The Waltons...

JamesJM1103/26/2020 09:33AM

  Since about noon yesterday... I'm on a Hitchcock binge...

JamesJM2303/25/2020 07:34PM

  To Catch a Thief

SeattleRam1503/25/2020 08:00PM

  There's a reply I can't argue with...

JamesJM1403/26/2020 06:31AM

  I could spend a whole month watching nothing but Cary Grant films

IowaRam803/26/2020 07:24AM

  As I've said before, about Cary...

JamesJM903/26/2020 07:32AM

  A Biography-Cary Grant-by Marc Eliot

waterfield803/26/2020 07:45AM

  Gotta be honest, I trust few of those....

JamesJM1103/26/2020 08:31AM

  Re: Gotta be honest, I trust few of those....

waterfield903/26/2020 09:25AM

  My next 'binge' topic...

JamesJM1303/26/2020 06:37AM

  Doris Day...

SeattleRam703/26/2020 06:59AM

  See Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Thursday's dawn sky

SeattleRam1903/25/2020 01:47PM

  Yup, one of my favorite 'notifications'...

JamesJM803/26/2020 08:53AM

  So two of my grandsons turned this seclusion into 500K views!!

JamesJM1503/26/2020 08:40AM

  The things you find on youtube

SeattleRam1703/26/2020 08:29AM

  Might Mookie Betts never play for the Dodgers ?

waterfield903/26/2020 07:37AM

  Greatest acting performance of all time?

JamesJM5103/22/2020 07:43AM

  We watched The Joker last night..

sstrams1903/22/2020 07:54AM

  So I hear....

JamesJM1603/22/2020 07:57AM

  At times its kinda slow, imo

sstrams1803/22/2020 07:58AM

  I figured he'd win best Actor at the Oscars

IowaRam1703/22/2020 08:43AM

  hey sstrams ?

IowaRam1703/22/2020 08:50AM

  We still have Benny..

sstrams1103/22/2020 01:02PM

  Way, way, better than I expected

RamUK1503/22/2020 11:16AM

  Yeah, he was really good...

sstrams1203/22/2020 12:59PM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time?

SeattleRam1803/22/2020 02:51PM

  I completely agree....

JamesJM1003/22/2020 02:56PM

  Re: I completely agree....

BlueRidgeHorns1403/24/2020 08:11AM

  Do you mean Eva Hernandez?

JamesJM903/24/2020 08:25AM

  In my mind

waterfield1703/25/2020 12:22PM

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