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  Just because

IowaRam18607/25/2017 04:35PM

  Anyone know anything about donating a car?

JamesJM12607/25/2017 04:42AM

  Re: Anyone know anything about donating a car?

MamaRAMa3407/25/2017 05:17AM

  I don't a car to St Vincent Depaul

ferragamo793407/25/2017 07:00AM

  That's a good idea...

JamesJM2907/25/2017 04:31PM

  Funniest thing on the internet

waterfield17107/24/2017 09:30AM

  very true...

JamesJM3607/24/2017 09:40AM

  Classic, huh?

sstrams3407/24/2017 10:56AM

  Just Saw Hacksaw Ridge on HBO

ferragamo7914207/24/2017 07:07AM

  Wine, from the Herd Board....

JamesJM24807/15/2017 10:47AM

  Poggiotando Chianti Superiori

JamesJM3707/15/2017 05:29PM

  I drink red wine often

ferragamo794007/15/2017 06:44PM

  my grandfather.....

21Dog4907/16/2017 04:19AM

  I am part Croatian

ferragamo793807/16/2017 09:23AM

  My son and his family drove around Europe last summer...

JamesJM3707/16/2017 09:49AM

  Bologna sandwichs

waterfield4207/16/2017 07:46AM

  You forgot.....

ScRAM3407/16/2017 07:36PM

  Yeah, Rainbow bread may be somewhat local... and ScRAM...

JamesJM3707/16/2017 08:19PM

  Standard breakfast here..

waterfield2707/22/2017 08:14PM

  Is a 'Garden Salad' universal or...

JamesJM3607/22/2017 08:31PM

  Re: Is a 'Garden Salad' universal or...

waterfield3007/23/2017 02:37PM

  I've thought about it......

ScRAM4007/16/2017 07:34PM

  Me and Uncle Vernon... one and the same....

JamesJM14807/23/2017 10:30AM

  covey nm

21Dog3007/23/2017 02:36PM

  Most sinister/ mean villan in a movie??

Ramgator26307/21/2017 04:32AM

  Yeah, gonna be hard to top that choice....

JamesJM4207/21/2017 04:39AM

  Hedley Lamar

21Dog4907/21/2017 05:34AM

  Heddy Lamar was beautiful

ferragamo795607/21/2017 09:53AM


Ramgator5207/21/2017 04:15PM

  Villlain in Blazing Saddles

ferragamo794207/21/2017 04:49PM

  I know. Just being sarcastic. The line I used was from....

Ramgator3607/22/2017 07:12AM

  don't worry, Gator

21Dog3907/22/2017 09:20AM

  Harrumph Harrumph nm

Atlantic Ram2707/22/2017 06:23PM

  a favorite

zn5407/21/2017 07:12PM

  That was one strange flick....

JamesJM4007/22/2017 10:10AM

  Re: That was one strange flick....

waterfield3807/22/2017 10:51AM

  Hmmmm, interesting...

JamesJM3507/22/2017 11:14AM

  Re: Hmmmm, interesting...

waterfield3307/22/2017 08:05PM

  Re: Hmmmm, interesting...

zn3707/22/2017 08:20PM

  Cannery Row

Atlantic Ram3207/22/2017 08:07PM

  It's a great mystery to me...

JamesJM3507/22/2017 08:26PM

  Re: Most sinister/ mean villan in a movie??

IowaRam4007/22/2017 05:41AM

  Wonder Woman - Review

Speed_Kills32606/05/2017 06:27AM

  Re: Wonder Woman - Review

zn9906/05/2017 06:40AM

  I heard it's the best DCU movie

IowaRam7806/05/2017 01:07PM

  no it's one of the best SUPERHERO movies, not just DC

zn9906/06/2017 11:56AM

  Three days until The Mummy opens

IowaRam9306/06/2017 12:43PM

  Re: dude... you're such a geek lol

Speed_Kills9106/06/2017 03:31PM

  Total geek

IowaRam7606/07/2017 07:35PM

  Re: on it! lol nm

Speed_Kills7206/08/2017 06:56AM

  I KNOW I should go see all these super hero movies...

JamesJM9506/05/2017 08:30PM

  I don't mean to laugh , but..................

IowaRam8806/06/2017 05:25AM

  Good point... but...

JamesJM8306/06/2017 06:27AM

  I still haven't watched Logan

IowaRam7706/06/2017 07:15AM

  I have no excuse...

JamesJM7106/06/2017 07:26AM

  From my perspective, Speed nails it

six2stack7806/08/2017 03:37PM

  interesting thing about WW for those who have seen it

zn7706/09/2017 02:40PM

  Re: didn't know that

Speed_Kills7506/09/2017 04:32PM

  something else

zn6506/10/2017 05:51AM

  Re: yeah I noticed that too

Speed_Kills6806/12/2017 02:50AM

  Re: yeah I noticed that too

zn7206/12/2017 05:05PM

  Re: yeah I noticed that too

Speed_Kills6506/12/2017 05:57PM

  Marvel's Black Panther teaser

IowaRam8106/09/2017 04:32PM

  Re: Marvel's Black Panther teaser

zn7006/09/2017 04:58PM

  Re That looks great nm

Speed_Kills7306/09/2017 05:57PM

  Re: Wonder Woman - Review

GreatRamNTheSky6206/16/2017 03:08AM

  Re: I think it was Paris at the end GRITS

Speed_Kills6006/16/2017 06:38AM

  Just saw it----Outstanding

ferragamo793707/18/2017 06:39AM

  The Defenders preview ( with Stan Lee )

IowaRam4507/20/2017 02:10PM

  JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic-Con Trailer 3

IowaRam3207/22/2017 11:35AM

  The Orville comic con trailer

IowaRam3107/22/2017 12:52PM

  Dunkirk reviews are starting to come in

IowaRam22307/17/2017 03:27PM

  next on my list to see

ferragamo793907/18/2017 06:40AM

  Re: next on my list to see

zn4907/18/2017 11:20AM

  The previews...

sstrams4307/18/2017 11:35AM

  Re: next on my list to see

zn4807/19/2017 05:19AM

  IMDB rating

MamaRAMa4807/18/2017 05:02PM

  saw it

zn4107/20/2017 07:22PM

  Anyone see it on IMAX ?

waterfield3407/21/2017 09:39AM

  Watched Star Trek Beyond last night...

JamesJM23307/16/2017 06:24AM

  Your new Captain

IowaRam4307/17/2017 02:15PM

  Jason Isaacs. Pretty good actor. And......

Ramgator4007/21/2017 04:24AM

  Remember When?

ScRAM23207/12/2017 09:23PM

  Re: Remember When?

zn4707/16/2017 08:25PM

  Re: Remember When?

21Dog4407/17/2017 04:31AM

  Re: Remember When?

ScRAM3807/20/2017 08:22PM

  Re: Remember When?

zn3507/20/2017 11:31PM

  No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

JamesJM23007/18/2017 05:43PM

  Re: No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

MamaRAMa3707/18/2017 06:20PM

  Job had nothing on you.

21Dog3607/18/2017 06:59PM

  Re: No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

zn4007/18/2017 07:12PM

  But, you still have your health..

sstrams3107/19/2017 03:27AM

  Re: No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

IowaRam3907/19/2017 03:41AM

  Typical Ram fan

waterfield4107/19/2017 08:37AM

  Some years you just oughta stay in bed

Atlantic Ram4007/19/2017 06:52PM

  Re: No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

Arkansas Ram3307/20/2017 05:57AM

  Re: No way you're going to believe this... the year I'm having...

JoeMad3107/20/2017 10:33AM

  I got the boat to the repair shop...

JamesJM3307/20/2017 11:13AM

  Meet your 13th Doctor Who9

IowaRam19507/16/2017 03:20PM

  Re: Meet your 13th Doctor Who9

Arkansas Ram3107/20/2017 06:15AM

  Does anyone know...

Arkansas Ram12307/20/2017 06:04AM

  College football sucks...

JamesJM16607/17/2017 09:55AM

  Watching rerun of Remington Steele on MeTV. I forgot.......

Ramgator12707/17/2017 06:37AM

  Planet of the Apes..

sstrams21307/14/2017 03:58AM

  I can see that

Atlantic Ram2807/15/2017 06:28PM

  I was kinda disappointed...

sstrams3207/16/2017 10:17AM

  LOVE the original. It got better as I got older.

Ramgator2207/16/2017 02:01PM

  Has anyone ever seen the 1 or 2 hour making of the original?

Ramgator2607/16/2017 02:03PM

  For many years at Universal Studios...

JamesJM3807/17/2017 04:44AM

  That's typical..

sstrams3107/17/2017 04:50AM

  Heat Index hit 107 here yesterday

IowaRam21307/16/2017 04:35PM

  In 4-5 months...

Ramgator3107/16/2017 06:48PM

  14 straight days of 100 degrees plus here.......

21Dog3507/16/2017 07:31PM

  Hasn't been pleasant, has it?

JamesJM3607/16/2017 08:23PM

  sounds like a plan nm

21Dog3207/17/2017 04:32AM

  My first impression Firestick vs AppleTV review...

JamesJM19607/16/2017 08:15PM

  Ugh! Poor ol SEARS! Anyone been in one lately??

Ramgator33307/01/2017 10:23AM

  glad their going away

waterfield6207/01/2017 10:30AM

  My horror story with Sears

JamesJM7507/01/2017 11:15AM

  Mall rent is high too

LesBaker7107/01/2017 01:06PM

  Re: Sears..., has anyone ever heard of this ?

RAMbler6807/05/2017 12:53PM

  Re: Sears..., has anyone ever heard of this ?

HighPlainsDrifter5907/05/2017 01:26PM

  Re: Sears..., has anyone ever heard of this ?

RAMbler5807/06/2017 09:44AM

  Simple tune up and plug change.

Ramgator7107/05/2017 05:22PM

  What is it with oil changes over here?

RamUK4407/14/2017 04:16AM

  Re: What is it with oil changes over here?

Billy_T4707/14/2017 04:56AM

  It's not pushing my luck

RamUK4007/14/2017 11:40AM

  There's a reason

waterfield4507/14/2017 01:39PM

  Yeah, 7500 is what..

sstrams3607/16/2017 10:19AM

  I believe synthetic oil has upped the miles too. nm

Ramgator2707/16/2017 01:57PM

  I came into Sears with broken jumper cables.

Ramgator2707/16/2017 01:59PM

  SOMETHING went wrong with SEARS in the late 80s.

Ramgator5607/05/2017 05:29PM

  Re: SOMETHING went wrong with SEARS in the late 80s.

zn6007/05/2017 05:44PM

  @ ZN could be any department store really

ferragamo795207/10/2017 06:13PM

  Re: @ ZN could be any department store really

zn4907/10/2017 06:35PM

  no I get the article and thanks for posting

ferragamo795007/11/2017 06:56AM

  Re: no I get the article and thanks for posting

waterfield4707/12/2017 12:10PM

  I needed a display cases for my jerseys

ferragamo794007/14/2017 06:35AM

  Law partnerships

waterfield4607/12/2017 12:08PM

  Yes at Walmart

Atlantic Ram3707/15/2017 11:03AM

  Re: Yes at Walmart

waterfield3607/15/2017 12:16PM

  Voids the warranty maybe?

Atlantic Ram2907/15/2017 06:15PM

  Speaking of Stores... for me a rare recommendation...

JamesJM5907/06/2017 05:21AM

  Re: Speaking of Stores... for me a rare recommendation...

waterfield5007/12/2017 12:18PM

  There is a walk-in store...

JamesJM4707/12/2017 06:30PM

  I'll miss the craftsman brand tools.

ScRAM4607/11/2017 08:04PM

  me too and their screw driver set

ferragamo793007/15/2017 07:29AM

  Re: me too and their screw driver set

ScRAM2907/16/2017 07:30PM

  reviews of Spiderman Homecoming are positive

zn44207/03/2017 04:56PM

  I've already chalked it up as the greatest super hero movie of all time

IowaRam6207/03/2017 06:02PM

  Re: I've already chalked it up as the greatest super hero movie of all time

zn6107/03/2017 08:49PM

  saw it

zn5207/07/2017 11:10AM

  saw it , loved it

IowaRam3907/09/2017 08:39AM

  Re: saw it , loved it

zn4007/09/2017 12:06PM

  I'm sure I have a few

IowaRam3907/09/2017 01:45PM

  Re: I'm sure I have a few

zn5107/09/2017 05:27PM

  Same Thing

ScRAM3907/16/2017 07:28PM

  Re: I'm sure I have a few

zn3407/16/2017 08:45AM

  Sounds like he'll get his spidersense in Infinuty War

IowaRam3007/16/2017 01:59PM

  Thanos Black order

IowaRam3107/16/2017 02:23PM

  saw it as well

LMU933607/13/2017 06:02AM

  I liked it

six2stack3907/14/2017 12:50PM

  Re: I liked it

zn3007/14/2017 06:17PM

  Should be getting a new Thor trailer any day now

IowaRam3107/14/2017 07:26PM

  New Punisher poster from netflix

IowaRam30207/14/2017 07:34PM

  RIP Martin Landau

Ramgator18207/16/2017 04:29PM

  July 16, 1969

IowaRam19907/16/2017 03:35PM

  July 13 , 1977

IowaRam27507/13/2017 04:31PM

  That sorta spooked me as a kid.

Ramgator3307/16/2017 02:08PM

  The second half of 1977 was a BOOGER!

Ramgator2707/16/2017 02:11PM

  Close enough to be added to list.....

Ramgator2607/16/2017 02:13PM

  The scary part

IowaRam2607/16/2017 02:21PM

  Never want to see a big city again

IowaRam3007/16/2017 02:44PM

  Two pieces of plywood got sloshed / drunk during a hurricane.

Ramgator19907/16/2017 02:07PM

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