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  Anyone watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

IowaRam3711/22/2019 05:25PM

  Without giving anything away..

JamesJM2211/23/2019 09:13AM

  Clint Eastwood in Space

IowaRam2411/23/2019 02:41PM

  A little of the humor

IowaRam3011/23/2019 02:45PM

  Now the number one Streaming Show

IowaRam1111/27/2019 03:59AM

  Iowa... I really don't know how you can keep up on all this...

JamesJM1011/27/2019 10:59AM

  You just gotta move with the times James

IowaRam1311/27/2019 04:44PM

  It's kinda like when you go to Walmarts website

IowaRam911/27/2019 04:49PM

  1917.....................best film of the year ?

IowaRam1211/27/2019 05:55PM

  I'm in the middle of the 4th episode...

JamesJM1211/29/2019 03:05PM

  Just got done watching it

IowaRam1311/29/2019 03:16PM

  Busting with pride for Josh Allen..

JamesJM2911/28/2019 05:35PM

  me, too

21Dog1411/29/2019 04:19AM

  Pretty sure I told you about Sean, right?

JamesJM1111/29/2019 06:26AM

  yes...I knew about him

21Dog1111/29/2019 07:28AM

  Thanksgiving Day Menu

Speed_Kills5511/27/2019 10:05AM

  I'm putting my Turkey in the Smoker...

JamesJM1411/27/2019 10:16AM

  Re: Salmon

Speed_Kills1411/27/2019 10:55AM

  It's my first...

JamesJM1111/27/2019 11:02AM

  I'm embarrassed to say this..

sstrams1911/27/2019 11:42AM

  You are invited, Steve... officially...

JamesJM1411/27/2019 11:55AM

  Thank you so much, Jimmy..

sstrams1511/27/2019 01:19PM

  If not for that hurricane, Steve...

JamesJM1211/27/2019 01:33PM

  Yeah, we woulda had a good time..

sstrams1111/28/2019 07:55AM

  Re: I'm embarrassed to say this..

Crazylegs1211/28/2019 06:10AM

  That was the plan, Crazy..

sstrams811/28/2019 07:53AM

  I will be at work BUT.......

Ramgator1211/27/2019 02:45PM

  Speed and to all others.....

Ramgator1611/27/2019 02:48PM

  Re: yup u2 gator nm

Speed_Kills911/27/2019 04:48PM

  my best to you and the rest of the loons around here nm

21Dog1211/28/2019 04:05AM

  Re: Thanksgiving Day Menu

MamaRAMa1711/28/2019 05:27AM

  Re: That’s awesome Mama. thx for sharing!

Speed_Kills1011/28/2019 01:07PM

  I've gained five lbs......

21Dog1611/28/2019 05:49AM

  Re: I've gained five lbs......

BlueRidgeHorns1111/28/2019 07:49AM

  Re: yup. I can relate to that for sure! nm

Speed_Kills911/28/2019 01:08PM

  man that sound awesome

ferragamo791111/28/2019 07:49AM

  Re: lol come on over lol nm

Speed_Kills811/28/2019 01:09PM

  Re: tenderloin turned out well

Speed_Kills1011/28/2019 01:11PM

  Re: Thanksgiving Day Menu

six2stack911/28/2019 01:17PM

  never heard of Bob Evans.....

21Dog711/29/2019 04:14AM

  I guess no one here is a Dr Who fan, are they?

BlueRidgeHorns1811/27/2019 02:36AM

  I watched two seasons...

JamesJM1011/27/2019 02:48AM

  Any Doctors in particular ?

IowaRam1311/27/2019 03:14AM

  Guess I'm a one woman man...

JamesJM1311/27/2019 06:35AM

  Oh how I HAVE tried but......

Ramgator1411/27/2019 06:38AM

  Believe it or not...

JamesJM1011/27/2019 10:54AM


Ramgator1311/27/2019 02:42PM

  Re: Reese...

BlueRidgeHorns1011/28/2019 07:55AM

  Thanksgiving!!! THAT REMINDS ME!!!!!

Ramgator1511/27/2019 02:51PM

  Sorry for being overly sentimental here... Holidays... Attachments

JamesJM2511/27/2019 11:52AM

  Wow! Funny you bring this up.

Ramgator711/27/2019 02:41PM

  My granddaugher is taking her official driving test...

JamesJM1611/27/2019 01:09PM

  I really think I could be a HS Statistician...

JamesJM1811/26/2019 04:46PM

  Foster Brooks

SeattleRam3211/25/2019 11:05PM

  One of my all time favorites

IowaRam1111/26/2019 03:07PM

  Re: One of my all time favorites

SeattleRam911/26/2019 04:04PM

  Gator got my XMAS lights up today

ferragamo792311/24/2019 02:51PM

  HA! LAST week!

Ramgator1411/25/2019 05:46AM

  Re: HA! LAST week!

ferragamo791411/25/2019 05:53AM


Ramgator911/26/2019 05:10AM

  Lily Attachments

IowaRam3211/25/2019 12:53PM

  Lily is gorgeous...

sstrams1111/25/2019 01:08PM

  Re: Lily

zn1111/26/2019 04:34AM

  My Army homes are all gone now...

JamesJM4411/24/2019 10:09AM

  Re: My Army homes are all gone now...

Crazylegs2611/24/2019 01:14PM

  I can appreciate that...

JamesJM1011/24/2019 01:48PM

  We dove a sunken Russian Frigate..

sstrams611/24/2019 02:47PM

  I spent a week on the USS Midway

Crazylegs1211/25/2019 05:06AM

  Re: I spent a week on the USS Midway

waterfield1411/25/2019 08:11PM

  Re: My Army homes are all gone now...

zn1611/24/2019 06:27PM


JamesJM911/25/2019 07:05PM

  Re: 34B20...

zn1111/25/2019 07:41PM

  Put my tree up Friday

MamaRAMa2411/25/2019 05:05AM

  We had ALL of our stuff up LAST week. I have caught flak for it but

Ramgator811/25/2019 05:45AM

  The smart thing to do..

sstrams1211/25/2019 01:59PM

  Anyone seen Ford Vs Ferrari?

sstrams2011/24/2019 02:43PM

  Only Fords I liked......

roman18711/25/2019 08:27AM

  I'd drive a..

sstrams711/25/2019 08:53AM

  Had a friend who drove a MG....

roman181011/25/2019 09:06AM

  Yeah.. it even surprised me..

sstrams911/25/2019 09:24AM

  Yeah the English cars have all those neat things....

roman18811/25/2019 10:28AM

  Yeah, you know you're in trouble when....

sstrams611/25/2019 11:36AM

  Heck...that ain't all that bad...

roman18911/25/2019 11:58AM

  Well.... in my opinion...

sstrams911/25/2019 01:09PM

  Going to see Lee Ritenour tonite...

roman185111/23/2019 04:41AM

  You're going to love it....

JamesJM2211/23/2019 04:50AM

  You hit it .....

roman181511/24/2019 04:58AM

  Re: You hit it .....

MamaRAMa1411/24/2019 05:18AM

  Same here... it dried up...

JamesJM1311/24/2019 06:12AM

  In our local area I listen mostly to 2 stations....

roman181311/24/2019 08:05AM

  Re: In our local area I listen mostly to 2 stations....

MamaRAMa1511/24/2019 08:18AM

  Apple Music...

JamesJM1211/24/2019 08:36AM

  never knew you lived in North Carolina

ferragamo791111/24/2019 02:53PM

  It's actually becoming a "go to place"....

roman181511/25/2019 03:59AM

  count me in!

ferragamo79611/25/2019 04:49AM

  fun little English tv commercial (for the musicians on the board & of course everyone)

zn4511/23/2019 02:01PM

  That is pure brilliance, zn...

sstrams1011/24/2019 07:20AM

  eye of the beholder... it aggravated the hell out of me...

JamesJM1711/24/2019 09:53AM

  Well, there is that, too..

sstrams1111/24/2019 11:51AM

  she's a thing

zn1911/24/2019 02:55PM

  Trekkies lost a notable Actor. Michael J Pollard died at 80.

Ramgator3911/23/2019 11:17AM

  great character in Bonnie and Clyde

21Dog1811/23/2019 11:40AM

  Always liked that guy...

JamesJM1711/24/2019 12:59PM

  more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1,95706/16/2019 04:18PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn10606/16/2019 04:50PM

  I thought this was an interesting photo... Attachments

Atlantic Ram7606/17/2019 11:23AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn7306/23/2019 07:25PM

  doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

zn7206/26/2019 06:08PM

  Re: this also doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

Atlantic Ram5207/17/2019 09:12PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn6706/29/2019 02:59PM

  Saw that many times....

JamesJM6006/30/2019 06:56AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn6407/07/2019 05:57AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn6007/12/2019 07:07AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn5807/17/2019 10:10PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn6108/31/2019 04:09AM

  THAT is pretty darned cool..

sstrams4808/31/2019 05:11AM

  Re: THAT is pretty darned cool..

zn4909/01/2019 07:43PM

  Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

zn3909/04/2019 08:58AM


sstrams4109/04/2019 09:01AM

  Re: Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

MamaRAMa4709/04/2019 01:26PM

  Re: Unfortunately they took it down (nm)

zn4309/04/2019 04:40PM

  FOUND IT ...youtube version

zn5609/06/2019 05:35PM

  and BONUS, a similar one

zn3409/06/2019 05:40PM

  I almost got the sense..

sstrams3909/07/2019 06:14AM

  Re: I almost got the sense..

zn5309/07/2019 07:54AM

  A pretty good dog movie

waterfield5009/07/2019 08:42AM

  We just saw that two weeks ago..

sstrams4109/07/2019 12:52PM

  Re: We just saw that two weeks ago..

waterfield4909/07/2019 01:47PM

  Yeah, we did too..

sstrams4009/07/2019 01:57PM

  My friends at Ferrari

waterfield4409/07/2019 02:47PM

  with a twist

zn4709/07/2019 02:28PM


sstrams4809/07/2019 04:38PM

  I know you've probably seen this, zn, but.. Attachments

sstrams4709/08/2019 04:08PM

  Re: I know you've probably seen this, zn, but..

zn4409/11/2019 08:47PM

  Cool.. thanks..

sstrams3509/12/2019 02:59AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn3309/25/2019 05:50PM


sstrams2909/26/2019 02:56AM

  a variation

zn3710/12/2019 11:23AM

  Gotta love that.. and I'll add to it..

sstrams3410/12/2019 12:17PM

  I don't want to bring you down...

JamesJM3010/14/2019 01:35PM

  That doesn't bring me down, Jimmy..

sstrams2410/14/2019 01:45PM

  Well thanks for that James

waterfield3010/14/2019 01:59PM

  Yeah, that was a great moment... Attachments

sstrams3210/15/2019 02:55AM

  Re: Yeah, that was a great moment...

waterfield2110/15/2019 09:35AM

  I think most people would guess..

sstrams2510/15/2019 09:38AM

  Re: I think most people would guess..

waterfield2410/15/2019 12:10PM

  We do have a camera..

sstrams2410/15/2019 01:44PM

  You asked for it... Beagles...

JamesJM2610/15/2019 12:13PM

  Re: You asked for it... Beagles...

zn2510/15/2019 01:20PM

  They can be a handful..

sstrams2310/15/2019 01:46PM

  No doubt about that..

sstrams2510/15/2019 01:45PM

  I think that applies to all breeds...

JamesJM2510/15/2019 02:11PM

  Re: I think that applies to all breeds...

zn3110/15/2019 06:12PM

  My sister-in-law has Australian Shepard's...

JamesJM3010/15/2019 08:22PM

  Good man, zn...

sstrams3010/16/2019 02:38AM

  The Aussies are truly unique.

waterfield2910/18/2019 01:31PM

  YET MORE dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2710/22/2019 05:27PM

  Heck yeah!

sstrams1910/23/2019 06:16AM

  different variation

zn2111/03/2019 10:19AM

  That is so cool..

sstrams1911/03/2019 11:35AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1511/23/2019 04:11PM

  More awesomeness, zn..

sstrams911/24/2019 07:15AM

  [Off Topic] FLAMENGO America Champion!!!

RamsFanFromRio4211/24/2019 02:35AM

  Re: [Off Topic] FLAMENGO America Champion!!!

73Ram711/24/2019 06:11AM

  Space 1999

SeattleRam2111/23/2019 09:00AM

  My favorite episode scared the HELL outta me as a kid...

Ramgator2511/23/2019 11:13AM

  Gerry and Sylvia Anderson created this and another early 70s classic

Ramgator1711/23/2019 11:14AM

  I remember UFO

SeattleRam1811/23/2019 12:17PM

  The cutie waving at the 10 sec mark????

Ramgator2311/23/2019 03:06PM

  Hey, JamesJM...!!!!!

Aries3811/23/2019 07:23AM

  Thanks, Randy... and back at you...

JamesJM1211/23/2019 07:55AM

  Happy Bithday Jimmy!

Crazylegs1311/23/2019 08:11AM

  Happy Birthday Jimmy and Aries!

sstrams1111/23/2019 08:19AM

  Re: Hey, JamesJM...!!!!!

MamaRAMa1311/23/2019 08:24AM

  Re: Hey, JamesJM...!!!!!

SeattleRam1111/23/2019 08:53AM

  happy birthday to the both of you nm

21Dog1111/23/2019 11:39AM

  The best sporting event I've ever attended?

JamesJM5911/12/2019 06:15PM

  that's a great story

21Dog1611/13/2019 03:36AM

  Re: that's a great story

waterfield2211/13/2019 10:41AM

  Wow, you had to stretch for that one. (nm)

JamesJM1311/13/2019 11:23AM

  Re: Wow, you had to stretch for that one. (nm)

waterfield2011/13/2019 03:46PM

  didn't take it that way at all

21Dog1711/15/2019 05:05AM

  Re: didn't take it that way at all

waterfield1811/15/2019 03:25PM

  1988 Winter Olympics Calgary.

waterfield1911/13/2019 10:47AM

  We had another nice story here locally of late...

JamesJM1611/13/2019 11:30AM

  Re: The best sporting event I've ever attended?

NorCalRamFan1911/13/2019 07:19PM

  I'm torn. Just 2 months ago....Saints / Rams IN LOS ANGELES!!!

Ramgator911/23/2019 11:19AM

  I even saw my Cubs at Wrigley for the 1st time this past Summer. BUT!!!!!!!!

Ramgator1411/23/2019 11:22AM

  1991 FSU / Florida is up there too.

Ramgator911/23/2019 11:24AM

  Christmas Movies... I must confess...

JamesJM4411/21/2019 09:46AM

  Ever see the Hallmark flick from about 15 years or so ago with Linda Hamilton?

Ramgator2011/21/2019 09:54AM

  Nope, never even heard of it...

JamesJM4311/21/2019 09:58AM

  Yes she is. nm

Ramgator911/21/2019 10:00AM

  My favorite xmas movie of all time

waterfield2511/21/2019 10:20AM

  Wrong movie (nm)

waterfield1111/21/2019 12:23PM

  Not really a fan..

sstrams1811/21/2019 10:53AM

  Prep and Landing has been a much watch

IowaRam1611/21/2019 11:25AM

  A Christmas Carol is probably my favorite

IowaRam1511/21/2019 11:43AM

  I saw it.... Miracle on 34th that is...

JamesJM1711/21/2019 07:27PM

  In my mind...

BlueRidgeHorns1611/22/2019 02:44AM

  I'm an old softie

21Dog1411/22/2019 04:25AM

  Re: Christmas Movies... I must confess...

MamaRAMa2311/22/2019 04:47AM

  You and my wife

waterfield1411/22/2019 07:11AM

  Not sure what you mean by the old Christmas specials...

JamesJM2111/22/2019 07:24AM

  Re: Not sure what you mean by the old Christmas specials...

MamaRAMa1811/22/2019 11:25AM

  Okay...favorite Original Series Star Trek episodes

BlueRidgeHorns3411/20/2019 08:24AM

  The Corbomite Maneuver, Balance of Terror

BlueRidgeHorns1711/20/2019 08:26AM

  Slam dunk for me!

Ramgator1211/20/2019 08:36AM

  I always tend to gravitate toward...

JamesJM2111/20/2019 08:37AM

  Spock on Shuttlecraft.... "Galileo Seven"

Ramgator1011/20/2019 08:41AM

  Thanks, Ramgator.. and did you...

JamesJM1011/20/2019 08:42AM

  LOL This nerd remembered!

Ramgator1511/20/2019 08:45AM

  Shatner on SNL, telling Trek fans to "GET A LIFE!"

Ramgator1211/20/2019 08:48AM

  Odd fact... well, a personal one....

JamesJM1111/20/2019 08:52AM

  I have to agree. He is Captain Kirk...period.

Ramgator1111/20/2019 10:40AM

  Mine would probably be..

sstrams1911/20/2019 08:52AM

  The 40s Gangsters..."Piece Of The Action" with ol Mel from "Alice"

Ramgator1311/20/2019 10:41AM

  Told this before...

JamesJM1511/20/2019 10:48AM

  Yeah, I remember you mentioning that..

sstrams1111/20/2019 11:20AM

  I have no idea...

JamesJM1311/20/2019 11:50AM

  Ah.. say no more..

sstrams911/20/2019 01:00PM

  Probably the one with the Space Hippies

IowaRam1911/20/2019 01:06PM

  I mostly just watched it for the women

IowaRam1311/20/2019 01:13PM

  Space Hippies... lMAO (nm)

SeattleRam811/20/2019 04:38PM

  Head now to Eden. Yay hey Brother! LOL Many hate that episode..

Ramgator1311/21/2019 09:58AM

  Hard to believe the main blond guy who sings is....

Ramgator1211/21/2019 09:59AM

  Re: Okay...favorite Original Series Star Trek episodes

SeattleRam1311/20/2019 04:25PM

  I would start one of these threads about favorite "Twilight Zone" episode....

SeattleRam1511/20/2019 04:42PM

  My favorite...or at least...

JamesJM1211/20/2019 06:54PM

  Re: My favorite...or at least...

SeattleRam2011/20/2019 07:14PM

  OOPS. Should've read this before replying.

Ramgator1311/21/2019 03:43PM

  Is that the one with Agnes Moorhead from Bewitched? nm

Ramgator1111/21/2019 03:42PM

  William Windom, of S.T. "Doomsday Machine" was in a good one.

Ramgator811/21/2019 03:46PM

  I also like the T.Z. episode with the young couple on a cruise liner..

Ramgator1011/21/2019 03:48PM

  Hey SST....

SB34RAMS13111/21/2019 07:24AM

  Wasssup SB34?

sstrams1111/21/2019 07:48AM

  Re: Wasssup SB34?

SB34RAMS11211/21/2019 01:12PM

  Yeah, we were at that game, I think..

sstrams1511/21/2019 01:44PM

  This topic has been moved. [Off Topic] FLAMENGO America Champion!!!

RamsFanFromRio211/24/2019 02:40AM

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