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  Anyone ever think about the here after....

Arkansas Ram4107/26/2019 05:45AM

  Re: Anyone ever think about the here after....

waterfield2007/26/2019 07:29AM

  Re: Anyone ever think about the here after....

IowaRam1807/26/2019 02:07PM

  In all seriousness....The past 8 -10 years??? YES!!

Ramgator1907/26/2019 03:43PM

  Mama and Rambeau!! You and your evil Cardinals!!!!!

Ramgator2607/26/2019 09:25AM

  Re: Mama and Rambeau!! You and your evil Cardinals!!!!!

MamaRAMa1507/26/2019 11:52AM

  I am a ODD Cubs fan.

Ramgator1307/26/2019 03:36PM

  Frank, Astrud Gilberto is 79 now, but still with us...

JamesJM2907/25/2019 05:47PM

  interesting story how she came to sing her most famous song

ferragamo791207/26/2019 06:18AM

  Re: interesting story how she came to sing her most famous song

MamaRAMa1007/26/2019 06:47AM

  I want to say Yesterday by the Beatles

ferragamo791007/26/2019 07:21AM

  Re: I want to say Yesterday by the Beatles

ferragamo79807/26/2019 07:24AM

  Re: Frank, Astrud Gilberto is 79 now, but still with us...

MamaRAMa1207/26/2019 07:37AM


JamesJM1407/26/2019 11:51AM

  *Sigh*.. . . bestill my heart.. .

RAMbeau1607/26/2019 01:56PM

  Right there with ya, Frank....

JamesJM1307/26/2019 02:58PM

  Waterfield...was by the James Dean memorial 2 days ago..

JamesJM2207/26/2019 11:59AM

  Jocko's today....

JamesJM3307/24/2019 11:10AM

  Spencer? . . . really? ...

RAMbeau1507/24/2019 04:48PM

  Pretty sure it's common...

JamesJM1607/24/2019 09:27PM

  Haaaaaa. . . .

RAMbeau1307/25/2019 07:54AM

  Yup... and I had never heard of a Delmonico Steak...

JamesJM1407/25/2019 08:55AM

  I grew up in the area....

RAMbler2107/25/2019 10:06AM

  Alex's was one of the last I know of that...

JamesJM1107/25/2019 10:47AM

  Yup, 'Clam Capital of the World'......

RAMbler907/25/2019 02:16PM

  Most I was ever called a liar...

JamesJM1307/25/2019 02:39PM

  Arliss Coates? Is that you?

RAMbler1007/26/2019 07:16AM

  Canadian lows this time of the year....

Arkansas Ram5307/23/2019 05:07PM

  Nice post...

JamesJM2107/23/2019 06:25PM


IowaRam2007/23/2019 06:34PM

  Lol...I never am........

Arkansas Ram1607/25/2019 05:24AM

  P.S......My old "out of gas" sparking spots....

Arkansas Ram2007/25/2019 05:59AM

  Jansen isn't dependable anymore

NewMexicoRam7907/16/2019 05:52PM

  Beat me to it

waterfield3107/16/2019 07:13PM

  A tangent... Dodger fans vs Giant fans...

JamesJM1807/17/2019 06:52AM

  Second thought

waterfield1707/17/2019 09:34AM

  I think it might be time to move on

BlueRidgeHorns1607/17/2019 11:27AM

  they've got too much invested in him to move on at this point

21Dog1407/18/2019 02:05PM

  two things

ferragamo791807/18/2019 01:30PM

  @ 21

ferragamo791607/18/2019 01:41PM

  Verdugo is fearless

21Dog1407/18/2019 02:03PM

  Vasquez from the Pirates would be #1 on my list

21Dog1507/18/2019 02:06PM

  not for two prospects

ferragamo791607/18/2019 04:16PM

  Ruiz in a heartbeat

21Dog1507/19/2019 04:37AM

  Re: Ruiz in a heartbeat

waterfield1507/19/2019 08:12AM

  like Beaty a lot

ferragamo791307/19/2019 08:38AM

  Re: two things

waterfield1707/18/2019 08:49PM

  Re: two things

BlueRidgeHorns1307/19/2019 02:43AM

  Re: two things

21Dog1307/19/2019 04:38AM

  Re: two things

21Dog1307/19/2019 04:40AM


ferragamo791407/19/2019 08:35AM


waterfield1407/19/2019 09:52AM

  good stuff at Dodger Stadium last weekend (Paul and Ringo)

21Dog1807/19/2019 02:43PM

  Dodgers prospect ratings

ferragamo791407/24/2019 02:54PM


IowaRam2207/22/2019 06:16PM


IowaRam907/23/2019 09:10AM

  I REALLY wish Hanks and Spielberg would've taken control of "Midway".

Ramgator1207/23/2019 04:49PM

  Another classic B&W movie crossed off my list...

JamesJM3207/23/2019 11:13AM

  +1..William Powell A#1 all the way...nm

Arkansas Ram1207/23/2019 04:21PM

  Marvel Phase 4 Attachments

IowaRam2707/21/2019 02:49PM

  I find this a bit hard to swallow...

JamesJM1907/21/2019 05:50PM

  Not quite sure what you're saying

IowaRam1207/22/2019 02:07PM

  Marvel Comic Con 2019 - Phase 4 BREAKDOWN

IowaRam1107/22/2019 02:08PM

  No, not saying that.. I wasn't clear...

JamesJM1407/22/2019 02:38PM

  If you're talking just movies in general

IowaRam1107/22/2019 02:58PM

  Did you see the new Robin Hood?

ferragamo791407/22/2019 08:15AM

  No.............surprisingly , I don't actually watch that many movies

IowaRam1007/23/2019 09:57AM

  Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness & Wanda Vision BREAKDOWN

IowaRam1307/22/2019 03:35PM

  First look at Taskmaster ???

IowaRam1507/23/2019 12:43PM

  My aunt Ethel, and the Natl. Enquirer....

JamesJM5207/19/2019 09:54AM

  Re: My aunt Ethel, and the Natl. Enquirer....

Aries2807/19/2019 01:49PM

  Re: My aunt Ethel, and the Natl. Enquirer....

21Dog2707/19/2019 02:28PM

  My Dad knew it was fake....

JamesJM2507/19/2019 03:46PM

  Hold on you guys. . .

RAMbeau2707/19/2019 06:30PM

  WHAT?????? Say it ain't so.......

Arkansas Ram2207/21/2019 06:40AM

  When your plans go awry...

JamesJM1707/21/2019 09:41AM

  did you ever go to any of the local shows.......

21Dog1807/21/2019 09:47AM

  Absolutely... wow, you remember them?

JamesJM1907/21/2019 10:44AM

  Re: Absolutely... wow, you remember them?

21Dog1807/21/2019 10:51AM

  NO, I had it right...

JamesJM2207/21/2019 11:16AM

  My very real experience. . . .

RAMbeau2207/22/2019 10:52AM

  LOL... good one...

JamesJM1607/22/2019 11:47AM

  My wrestling Link

JamesJM2407/21/2019 11:27AM

  Putting aside my agoraphobia...

JamesJM4407/20/2019 10:37AM

  Re: Putting aside my agoraphobia...

waterfield2107/20/2019 10:49AM

  Yeah, I agree with all that..

JamesJM1507/20/2019 10:54AM

  Hey Waterfield... my son-in-law fell for it...

JamesJM1607/20/2019 11:49AM

  Related topic, or no it really isn't, or maybe it is...

JamesJM2307/20/2019 11:04AM

  So we chose Toy Story 4...

JamesJM1707/20/2019 11:17AM

  Re: So we chose Toy Story 4...

Aries1607/20/2019 11:23AM

  Good question...

JamesJM1607/20/2019 11:45AM

  Should have chosen Lion King

JamesJM1907/21/2019 06:09AM

  did you go to the Maya Theater?

21Dog1507/21/2019 07:21AM

  yeah the later would

ferragamo791707/21/2019 07:26AM

  Re: yeah the later would

21Dog1607/21/2019 08:51AM

  Like a race horse ?

waterfield1207/21/2019 10:41AM

  Re: Like a race horse ?

21Dog1507/21/2019 10:52AM

  No no

waterfield1407/21/2019 11:04AM

  I knew that :) nm

21Dog1607/21/2019 11:49AM

  No, Broadway Faire...but..

JamesJM1307/21/2019 07:47AM

  Before too long, theaters will charge for the SMELL of popcorn.

Ramgator1507/21/2019 06:39AM

  I essentially go once a year - during the summer

ferragamo791307/21/2019 07:27AM

  Re: Before too long, theaters will charge for the SMELL of popcorn.

MamaRAMa1907/21/2019 08:18AM

  I sat next to my youngest grandson..

JamesJM1907/21/2019 08:29AM

  never went to the Crest......

21Dog1607/21/2019 08:53AM

  Warner's and the Tower....

JamesJM1307/21/2019 09:34AM

  Re: never went to the Crest......

MamaRAMa1907/21/2019 12:58PM

  I believe they have a Crest theater in Bakersfield

ferragamo791907/21/2019 09:53AM

  Speaking of "very elaborate and ornate theaters

waterfield1807/21/2019 01:19PM

  IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer

IowaRam2607/18/2019 07:25AM


IowaRam1607/18/2019 11:25AM

  I will see it twice...

JamesJM1707/18/2019 11:36AM

  That very last shot has me curious Attachments

IowaRam1507/18/2019 11:46AM

  Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser

IowaRam1607/18/2019 12:03PM

  SO let me get this straight Disney

ferragamo791507/21/2019 07:25AM

  Jimmy and Rambeau are probably......

21Dog1307/21/2019 08:55AM

  No, no...

JamesJM1107/21/2019 09:36AM

  His Dark Materials:trailer

IowaRam1507/18/2019 05:03PM

  Star Trek: Picard trailer

IowaRam2007/20/2019 01:42PM

  Feels like 113 Degrees !!! Attachments

IowaRam3507/19/2019 04:20PM

  LOL "Walk Like A Man" makes me smile.

Ramgator2007/19/2019 06:24PM

  Football Shoes today... Attachments

JamesJM8007/13/2019 03:34PM

  thank you, Red Grange

21Dog3307/14/2019 04:06AM

  Best football uniforms ...............ever !!! Attachments

IowaRam2807/14/2019 02:32PM


IowaRam3007/14/2019 02:40PM

  @ Iowa

ferragamo791307/18/2019 01:34PM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield1507/15/2019 08:57AM

  Not sure when names were added...

JamesJM1807/15/2019 09:39AM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield1307/15/2019 12:28PM

  Players today, High School Level...

JamesJM1707/15/2019 12:59PM

  Johnny U

JoeMad3307/14/2019 08:04PM

  I also wore a leather helmet...

JamesJM2607/15/2019 06:07AM

  Re: I also wore a leather helmet...

IowaRam2207/15/2019 07:11AM

  Haven't heard the term GRAMMAR SCHOOL in a long time

BlueRidgeHorns1407/19/2019 02:48AM

  "Grammar School"

waterfield1207/19/2019 08:15AM

  21, you can handle my grandson bragging...

JamesJM2707/17/2019 08:34PM

  Re: 21, you can handle my grandson bragging...

waterfield1407/17/2019 09:02PM

  You bet, Waterfield..lots...

JamesJM1207/17/2019 09:13PM

  Colorado Attachments

waterfield2107/18/2019 07:12AM

  Looks icy....

JamesJM1107/18/2019 07:38AM


waterfield1307/18/2019 09:34AM

  Not to mention...

JamesJM1507/18/2019 10:35AM

  Re: Not to mention...

waterfield1507/18/2019 12:53PM

  Powder Skiing...

JamesJM1407/19/2019 05:16AM

  Re: Powder Skiing...

waterfield1207/19/2019 08:05AM

  never get tired you guys' grandpa bragging nm

21Dog1407/18/2019 02:15PM

  Re: never get tired you guys' grandpa bragging nm

waterfield1407/18/2019 04:01PM

  I can live with that....

JamesJM1207/18/2019 08:45PM

  Re: I can live with that....

waterfield1407/18/2019 08:51PM

  Just watched Last Jedi

ferragamo792507/18/2019 01:35PM

  The Ewoks ruined Star Wars............lol

IowaRam1407/18/2019 03:19PM

  Re: The Ewoks ruined Star Wars............lol

ferragamo791707/18/2019 04:13PM

  forgot about Rogue One

IowaRam1607/18/2019 05:02PM

  I'm back - and I need advise

Deadpool3907/18/2019 09:31AM

  I can't help... Attachments

JamesJM1707/18/2019 10:59AM

  Not an expert here. . . .

RAMbeau2007/18/2019 04:52PM


Arkansas Ram2507/18/2019 09:45AM


JamesJM1907/18/2019 10:41AM

  +100% on the cliche thing.....nm

Arkansas Ram1207/18/2019 01:15PM

  no doubt on that cliche nm

21Dog1407/18/2019 02:16PM

  more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn9306/16/2019 04:18PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn6006/16/2019 04:50PM

  I thought this was an interesting photo... Attachments

Atlantic Ram3906/17/2019 11:23AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn3106/23/2019 07:25PM

  doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

zn3106/26/2019 06:08PM

  Re: this also doesn't quite fit the theme but wth

Atlantic Ram1107/17/2019 09:12PM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2706/29/2019 02:59PM

  Saw that many times....

JamesJM2406/30/2019 06:56AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn2207/07/2019 05:57AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1707/12/2019 07:07AM

  Re: more dog's & people rescuing each other vids & tweets

zn1307/17/2019 10:10PM

  UUGH!! My 52 year old eyes! I'm building a 1/700 ship.... HMS Rodney

Ramgator2307/17/2019 01:46PM

  My worst talent....

JamesJM1507/17/2019 06:58PM

  Related to an earlier thread... assault on Area 51.

JamesJM4907/12/2019 06:45AM


Arkansas Ram3207/12/2019 07:37AM

  That would be interesting... I thought it was a joke...

Atlantic Ram2707/15/2019 05:12PM

  anyone else suffer from RLS?

JamesJM5707/12/2019 09:06PM

  I'm not sure

Atlantic Ram1607/15/2019 05:06PM

  We're a Opoly Attachments

IowaRam4307/10/2019 05:45PM


Atlantic Ram1807/15/2019 04:58PM

  I'm a softie, I admit it....

JamesJM5107/14/2019 04:31PM

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