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  OK, If the Dam fails I have left something for all of you

ferragamo7938302/13/2017 03:06PM

  Been following the news closely....

JamesJM10102/13/2017 03:15PM

  Thanks so much, '79...

sstrams8402/13/2017 04:57PM

  Re: OK, If the Dam fails I have left something for all of you

waterfield9702/13/2017 05:58PM

  signed vintage football cards of

ferragamo798102/14/2017 04:43PM

  I want them NOW !

waterfield7002/14/2017 06:35PM

  hoping the best for you

21Dog7902/13/2017 06:19PM

  left you all my Kate Perry and Clay Aiken CDs

ferragamo799002/14/2017 04:44PM

  Re: left you all my Kate Perry and Clay Aiken CDs

21Dog8702/14/2017 08:07PM

  I hope you keep safe

Atlantic Ram8002/13/2017 08:34PM

  shame of all this is........

21Dog7602/14/2017 04:29AM

  I read just yesterday that there are MANY old dams out there.

Ramgator8002/14/2017 07:24AM

  Ever see the TV Special about building the Hoover Dam?

JamesJM7902/14/2017 08:44AM

  back home tonight

ferragamo798802/14/2017 04:42PM

  good to hear

21Dog7702/15/2017 04:11AM

  Thank God!

Drew28398702/15/2017 07:32AM

  thanks Drew

ferragamo799002/15/2017 10:28AM

  giant sea turtle?!

Drew28398302/16/2017 02:11PM

  Re: thanks Drew

IowaRam7402/16/2017 02:24PM

  That was a cute commercial!

Drew28397402/17/2017 06:11AM

  good the hear the evacuation was lifted

JoeMad8002/15/2017 06:13AM

  thanks Joe

ferragamo798502/15/2017 10:26AM

  glad you're ok!

JoeMad7502/15/2017 11:36AM

  A brief explanation of what is happening

ferragamo798902/15/2017 10:24AM

  Glad you are safe and thanks for posting the link you did

LesBaker7202/16/2017 09:01AM

  thanks Les

ferragamo796702/17/2017 10:09AM

  Can I still have it even though you are safe?

LesBaker7802/17/2017 03:21PM

  More rain-10 inches-on the way Sunday night through Monday night (nm)

waterfield7002/16/2017 09:26AM

  Just got word we could be flooded as well....

JamesJM10002/16/2017 01:08PM

  stay safe James

JoeMad8602/17/2017 01:45PM

  Getting ready to evacuate.

JamesJM8602/17/2017 03:31PM

  Seriously? Hang in there man..

sstrams8302/17/2017 03:47PM

  local newspaper account........

21Dog8802/17/2017 07:13PM

  a television report on the situation

21Dog8902/18/2017 03:34AM

  Thanks 21..

sstrams8002/18/2017 04:59AM


IowaRam8502/18/2017 05:34AM

  Re: Crazy

21Dog8402/18/2017 05:41AM

  Iowa, if you'll remember..

sstrams7202/18/2017 07:05AM

  so sorry to hear that

21Dog7602/17/2017 07:06PM

  Me too

waterfield7402/17/2017 07:21PM

  Quick update...

JamesJM10002/18/2017 02:39PM

  Hang in there, Jimmy!

sstrams7702/19/2017 05:50AM

  Re: Quick update...

Shaky8502/19/2017 02:36PM

  Re: Quick update...

RAMbler7602/20/2017 02:18PM

  Just an update

JamesJM6102/26/2017 08:01AM

  ugh....keep us posted if you can

ferragamo797002/20/2017 03:06PM

  We have evacuated. (Nm)

JamesJM6702/20/2017 05:55PM

  final post from my home.

JamesJM10202/20/2017 06:08PM


IowaRam7102/20/2017 06:16PM

  Re: final post from my home.

21Dog7502/20/2017 07:25PM

  Not sure what to say

Atlantic Ram7502/20/2017 08:06PM

  Re: final post from my home.

HerdAdmin6802/21/2017 01:26AM

  Re: final post from my home.

sstrams7802/21/2017 03:59AM

  thanks for updating us

zn6802/22/2017 03:57AM

  Im on the run will text later stay safe NM

LesBaker5502/22/2017 04:08AM

  update from SF Chronicle

21Dog8102/21/2017 07:19AM

  Fingers crossed there, 21..

sstrams7502/21/2017 07:25AM

  update on Jimmy's part of the state......

21Dog7702/22/2017 04:21AM

  I got a quick pm from him last night..

sstrams7802/22/2017 04:45AM

  Re: I got a quick pm from him last night..

21Dog6902/22/2017 04:56AM

  I hear ya..

sstrams6602/22/2017 05:03AM

  Holding so far. Attachments

JamesJM9202/22/2017 05:50AM

  thanks for the update nm

21Dog6202/22/2017 06:38AM

  great news!

ferragamo796702/22/2017 05:22PM

  Re: Holding so far.

MamaRAMa7603/01/2017 07:34AM

  Our situation is much improved...

JamesJM6703/01/2017 11:14AM

  Glad to hear..

sstrams5303/02/2017 03:23AM

  I'm sore...

JamesJM5603/02/2017 07:23AM

  I'll bet!

sstrams5003/02/2017 07:43AM

  Be honest

LesBaker5603/02/2017 10:34AM


ferragamo795303/02/2017 11:25AM


JamesJM5303/02/2017 03:39PM


Atlantic Ram5103/04/2017 05:36PM

  My feel good story for the year.. Attachments

sstrams14403/02/2017 07:57AM

  Most excellent!

JamesJM5303/02/2017 08:53AM

  Thanks Jimmy...

sstrams6103/02/2017 09:07AM

  Re: My feel good story for the year..

MamaRAMa5603/02/2017 09:26AM

  Thank you Mama...

sstrams5003/02/2017 09:35AM

  Dude you and everyone involved in this story

LesBaker5803/02/2017 10:31AM

  You are too kind, Les...

sstrams5603/02/2017 10:49AM

  Re: My feel good story for the year..

IowaRam5803/02/2017 11:20AM

  Cool - thanks Iowa.. nm

sstrams5403/02/2017 11:35AM

  good for you

zn5403/02/2017 03:05PM

  Thanks zn..... nm

sstrams4003/03/2017 04:19AM

  good work, Steve

21Dog5503/02/2017 09:08PM

  Thanks 21 - we try to be... nm

sstrams4603/03/2017 04:20AM

  YOU are

ferragamo795803/03/2017 05:11PM

  Thank you so much '79..

sstrams5403/03/2017 06:29PM

  Yay!!! That's so great.

Atlantic Ram5203/03/2017 07:41PM

  Thanks Atlantic.. she's been bad today...

sstrams4903/04/2017 08:28AM

  lol... oh no!

Atlantic Ram4703/04/2017 10:16AM

  She's in SO much trouble now..

sstrams4903/04/2017 11:25AM

  How fortunes can change

Atlantic Ram5303/04/2017 04:05PM

  Anybody ever try cryotherapy?

sstrams13603/02/2017 10:54AM

  I read about that today....

JamesJM4703/02/2017 03:43PM

  Re: I read about that today....

sstrams5103/03/2017 04:08AM

  saw this on the local news last night

21Dog5103/02/2017 09:05PM

  Yeah 21 its becoming more popular..

sstrams4503/03/2017 04:10AM

  When I fell off my bike, as a kid...

Ramgator5803/03/2017 11:55AM


sstrams5503/03/2017 06:30PM

  You know... that's interesting - "Placebo's" that is..

JamesJM4603/04/2017 08:49AM

  Yeah I believe placebos can..

sstrams5203/04/2017 02:12PM


Atlantic Ram15403/04/2017 10:08AM

  Bill Paxton dead at 61...

sstrams25702/26/2017 06:16AM

  More sad news

IowaRam6502/26/2017 02:28PM

  I n Weird Science, he SORTA reminded me of my Brother..

Ramgator6502/27/2017 04:35AM

  i too was terrorized by my older brother.....

JoeMad5703/01/2017 05:39AM

  I had 6 older brothers....

RAMbler5203/01/2017 12:35PM

  Really loved him in Indian Summer.......

Arkansas Ram6002/28/2017 10:51AM

  Little late to this thread... been busy...

JamesJM6203/01/2017 11:17AM

  My hearing loss, a surprise ending...

JamesJM23502/15/2017 09:26PM

  Re: My hearing loss, a surprise ending....

21Dog6802/16/2017 04:23AM

  I agree

LesBaker6102/16/2017 09:00AM

  Re: My hearing loss, a surprise ending....

waterfield7502/16/2017 09:29AM

  I don't find that to be true....

JamesJM6702/16/2017 10:25AM

  Re: I don't find that to be true....

waterfield6502/16/2017 11:27AM

  Oh don't know

IowaRam7202/16/2017 11:47AM

  Ah, yes, misunderstood you...

JamesJM6102/16/2017 12:32PM

  Something else too

waterfield6002/16/2017 12:54PM

  waterfield, my guess is that..

sstrams6402/17/2017 05:01AM

  A Perfect Storm

waterfield5502/20/2017 01:34PM

  not really

ferragamo795002/28/2017 06:38PM

  i moved and turned up my center speaker

Atlantic Ram5702/28/2017 06:55PM

  Baseball fans

waterfield14202/27/2017 08:27AM

  To an extent...

DaJudge5502/27/2017 12:34PM

  Yeah, that's what the Royals do too

Drew28394502/27/2017 01:26PM

  some pitchers start slow

ferragamo794602/28/2017 06:36PM

  &*^%^ I AM FUUURIOUS!!!!!!!!

Ramgator16002/27/2017 04:33AM

  The Russians tried to rig it

IowaRam6502/27/2017 04:55AM

  Re: &*^%^ I AM FUUURIOUS!!!!!!!!

waterfield6602/27/2017 08:35AM

  Just watched Manchester last night

Drew28397402/27/2017 01:30PM

  I really hope you..

sstrams6602/27/2017 01:42PM

  Oh yes

Drew28395302/28/2017 03:37PM

  I hate the speeches SO much

ferragamo796302/27/2017 03:34PM

  SpaceX to Send Privately Crewed Dragon Spacecraft Beyond the Moon Next Year

IowaRam17002/27/2017 04:14PM

  America is turning 7UP

IowaRam22202/14/2017 09:11AM

  Do you know me ?

IowaRam7602/14/2017 09:12AM

  Everything you ever wanted in a beer

IowaRam6202/14/2017 09:17AM

  Felix's First Commercial

IowaRam6102/14/2017 09:21AM

  Great taste

IowaRam7102/14/2017 09:23AM

  Mrs Merlin Olsen

IowaRam8202/14/2017 09:28AM

  She's cute.

Ramgator6602/27/2017 04:39AM

  No time to write it up...

JamesJM22902/23/2017 09:30PM

  I was there last night, too

21Dog8002/24/2017 04:35AM

  Restored my soul.

JamesJM6602/24/2017 07:17AM

  Re: Restored my soul.

21Dog6902/24/2017 10:25AM

  Hey Jimmy, If your grandson is interested in UCD

ferragamo796302/25/2017 03:07PM

  My sister went there if you mean Davis

LesBaker4802/26/2017 02:08PM

  I know exactly what that feels like, Jimmy..

sstrams6702/24/2017 04:54AM

  David Cassidy has admitted

IowaRam20102/23/2017 03:40PM

  in all seriousness...

JamesJM5602/23/2017 09:31PM

  really sad to have dementia at any age

ferragamo795102/24/2017 06:26AM

  Can't say it enough.

Ramgator4602/24/2017 06:58AM


IowaRam5902/24/2017 07:31AM

  Re: Alcohol

waterfield5302/24/2017 10:14AM

  no link

ferragamo795102/25/2017 05:48PM

  Friends Are Family

IowaRam18602/24/2017 04:11PM

  Ooooh BOY! I am going to meet Olivia Newton John!!

Ramgator21102/22/2017 08:45AM

  You could ask this

LesBaker6202/22/2017 02:59PM

  Might explain how Barry Gibb

IowaRam5802/22/2017 03:49PM

  I cannot hear Staying Alive and NOT........

Ramgator5002/22/2017 05:52PM

  tell her I love her

ferragamo795202/22/2017 07:20PM

  Lets Go

IowaRam4402/23/2017 03:08PM

  try not to drool on her nm

21Dog4602/23/2017 04:25AM

  Take a defib and oxygen with you..

sstrams4402/23/2017 05:25AM

  If lost for words, I'll take a note pad.....

Ramgator5202/23/2017 08:34AM

  And as we wind on down the road..........

LesBaker22102/17/2017 03:57PM

  good stuff.....thanks for sharing nm

21Dog5102/17/2017 07:26PM

  Page on another guitar legend

21Dog5902/18/2017 07:08AM

  Hearing loss, and headphones...

JamesJM18802/15/2017 09:46PM

  I'm onboard with that, Jimmy..

sstrams4902/17/2017 05:06AM

  This date in history

IowaRam18202/14/2017 04:53PM

  You know whats worse then the Patriots winning the Super Bowl

IowaRam18602/14/2017 10:57AM

  Followed by NFL Network..

sstrams5602/14/2017 11:02AM

  Iowa.. know Dordt College? Anyone else know of Dordt?

JamesJM23802/13/2017 02:47PM

  Just general knowledge

IowaRam7902/13/2017 04:27PM

  Thanks Iowa... here's what impressed me...

JamesJM7802/13/2017 04:34PM

  Re: Thanks Iowa... here's what impressed me...

IowaRam6502/13/2017 04:43PM

  Get this, Iowa...

JamesJM7502/13/2017 04:46PM

  Now that would look good on a job resume

IowaRam6002/13/2017 04:54PM

  I have no idea... still 8?

JamesJM6902/13/2017 04:57PM

  Looks like it's five years , after graduation

IowaRam5702/13/2017 05:05PM

  Yeah, I meant after graduation...

JamesJM6102/13/2017 05:17PM

  I just remember when I was in the Navy

IowaRam6202/13/2017 05:08PM

  Re: Iowa.. know Dordt College? Anyone else know of Dordt?

Coach Nutt5802/14/2017 05:25AM

  Now this is truly amazing....

JamesJM5702/14/2017 07:27AM

  Double wow

IowaRam6602/14/2017 08:17AM

  How many people remember this race ?

IowaRam19402/13/2017 05:17PM

  Are you kidding?

JamesJM5502/13/2017 05:22PM

  Here's the one I distinctly remember..

sstrams4802/14/2017 03:42AM

  Building models gets harder and harder. I CAN'T SEE!! LOL

Ramgator24002/11/2017 08:07AM

  Unless you already are using them...

sstrams7102/11/2017 09:08AM

  I use 1.5 They are fine for reading but....

Ramgator5402/12/2017 05:49AM

  I hear ya,,,

sstrams6802/12/2017 06:11AM

  I just turned 50 and my close vision

ferragamo796802/12/2017 07:26AM

  Same here '79..

sstrams6502/12/2017 12:41PM

  I had to ge bifocals a couple years ago

IowaRam6402/12/2017 06:14PM

  been wearing the progressives for several years

21Dog6002/13/2017 04:34AM

  I don't know why but....

JamesJM5002/13/2017 07:48AM


waterfield5402/13/2017 09:36AM

  I know which option I'd choose..

sstrams5002/13/2017 09:45AM

  Re: Do I understand you correctly?

JamesJM5302/13/2017 02:20PM

  I think youth baseball will be curtailed this year...

JamesJM20602/12/2017 06:07AM

  re. that rain

21Dog5302/13/2017 04:37AM

  Hopefully I'll be there...

JamesJM4902/13/2017 07:41AM

  Hearing loss cure....

JamesJM22802/12/2017 06:14AM

  I'm going to use that

LesBaker5602/12/2017 02:13PM

  That's the beauty of this board...

JamesJM5702/12/2017 02:24PM

  Any drone pilots here???

Rampage2K-24802/07/2017 01:02PM


IowaRam6402/07/2017 02:13PM

  Re: Nope

Rampage2K-7202/07/2017 02:34PM

  Re: Nope

IowaRam5602/07/2017 05:29PM

  Re: Nope

Rampage2K-5702/07/2017 09:34PM


sstrams6002/08/2017 03:08AM

  Re: Barely...

Rampage2K-5702/08/2017 08:16AM


sstrams4802/08/2017 09:13AM

  Re: Yeah..

Rampage2K-5502/08/2017 09:41PM

  Sweet.... Attachments

sstrams5802/09/2017 05:47AM

  Re: Sweet....

Rampage2K-5002/09/2017 10:49AM

  That's the.. Attachments

sstrams6102/09/2017 11:34AM

  FedEx it to the resort

LesBaker7002/09/2017 05:54AM

  I've heard about doing that, Les...

sstrams6402/09/2017 06:34AM

  I've only mailed inside the US and from China

LesBaker4702/09/2017 07:54AM

  Oh I believe ya..

sstrams5102/09/2017 08:01AM

  Awesome trip

LesBaker4902/10/2017 06:38AM

  Re: Awesome trip

sstrams5502/10/2017 07:39AM

  TV theme show songs - post your favorites

ferragamo7941901/27/2017 05:19PM

  Ok Todd here are mine

ferragamo799301/27/2017 05:24PM

  Jaclyn Smith was the bomb......

LMU938502/01/2017 10:25AM

  so the bomb

ferragamo797602/02/2017 05:40PM

  Always my favorate Angel..... nm

RAMbler6302/03/2017 06:22AM

  Cheryl Ladd

IowaRam7102/03/2017 02:51PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

IowaRam10401/27/2017 05:38PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

IowaRam6801/30/2017 05:07PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

IowaRam8601/27/2017 05:42PM

  forgot this one

ferragamo7913601/27/2017 06:13PM

  you stole my favorite

21Dog9301/27/2017 08:02PM

  Every song in this thread is great....

JamesJM9401/27/2017 08:11PM

  I'm betting this one is yours

IowaRam9901/28/2017 03:29AM


IowaRam8001/29/2017 02:11PM

  good one... (nm)

LMU937102/01/2017 10:23AM


MamaRAMa7402/02/2017 03:29AM

  The Sunday Night Mystery, in the early 1970s...

Ramgator7901/28/2017 02:31PM

  Baa Baa Black Sheep always fired me up as a kid! And STILL! nm

Ramgator7601/28/2017 02:32PM

  Re: Baa Baa Black Sheep always fired me up as a kid! And STILL! nm

ferragamo799301/28/2017 07:03PM

  I liked the WKRP in Cinninati intro...

RAMbler8201/28/2017 03:32PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

IowaRam7601/28/2017 03:38PM

  Forgot this one.........more recent

ferragamo797701/28/2017 06:51PM

  Wonder Woman for me

Atlantic Ram8001/28/2017 08:40PM

  Lynda Carter

LesBaker7201/30/2017 02:49PM

  Not Lynda Carter , butt..................

IowaRam7501/30/2017 03:04PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

Cornelius7201/29/2017 04:47PM


ferragamo797001/29/2017 05:51PM


JoeMad6901/31/2017 07:56AM

  Family Ties, Simon & Simon, Growing Pains...

LMU937402/01/2017 05:54AM

  Chico and the Man......Jose was a cool cat......NM

roman187202/01/2017 06:20AM

  Not yet included...

JamesJM7402/01/2017 07:42AM


IowaRam8202/01/2017 09:04AM

  Not to mention the cartoon shows...

JamesJM7002/01/2017 09:12AM

  How'd I forget this one

IowaRam10402/01/2017 10:31AM

  How'd I forget this one? or this one, etc.

Atlantic Ram6502/03/2017 07:25PM

  6 million dollar man and bionic women

ferragamo796702/05/2017 07:22AM

  All these years later

IowaRam6602/05/2017 07:34AM

  I bet I watched every episode

Atlantic Ram6802/06/2017 04:10PM

  I'm gonna share this now

ferragamo796902/08/2017 06:57PM

  Waited long enough...

JamesJM7802/05/2017 11:03PM

  Re: TV theme show songs - post your favorites

MamaRAMa6902/06/2017 08:33AM

  The Peter Gunn music

waterfield5902/06/2017 10:11AM

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