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  Former Boston Drummer Sib Hashian Dead at 67..

sstrams24003/23/2017 07:19AM

  more sad news

IowaRam11203/23/2017 08:04AM

  James is definitely the coolest drummer..

sstrams14403/23/2017 08:26AM

  Hehe, thanks sst... Attachments

JamesJM11103/25/2017 08:27PM

  I rest my case....

sstrams8403/26/2017 06:16AM

  I too looked at that cover years later

ferragamo7910003/23/2017 09:15AM

  My Brother had their first LP from 1976. I can still see...

Ramgator11203/25/2017 05:22PM

  Joined one of those record clubs for a penny in 1978

ferragamo7911203/25/2017 06:00PM

  I did that once..

sstrams9603/25/2017 07:11PM

  Robin Trower....

73Ram10103/27/2017 10:03AM


sstrams9803/27/2017 10:38AM

  under rated guitarist IMHO

ferragamo7910403/27/2017 06:29PM

  David Gilmour...

sstrams9803/28/2017 03:08AM

  Re: David Gilmour...

ferragamo799203/29/2017 04:24PM

  Guitar solos in "Comfortably Numb".....

HighPlainsDrifter8303/29/2017 12:58PM

  Yeah HPD....

sstrams7303/29/2017 01:01PM

  for sure my friend

ferragamo799303/29/2017 06:56PM

  Loved Boston.......

HighPlainsDrifter8903/29/2017 12:45PM

  Yup, me too....

JamesJM10403/29/2017 01:09PM

  the new lead singer is pretty good

ferragamo797903/29/2017 04:26PM

  TV boyhood 'crushes'...

JamesJM45803/02/2017 04:10PM

  Agent 99

IowaRam16203/02/2017 04:50PM

  She was a looker, no doubt...

JamesJM15303/02/2017 05:06PM

  Laurie Partridge

IowaRam20303/02/2017 05:36PM

  Re: Yep. Susan Dey was adorable.

Billy_T12103/26/2017 11:56AM

  Re: Yep. Susan Dey was adorable.

MamaRAMa12003/28/2017 04:29AM

  Re: Yep. Susan Dey was adorable.

Billy_T10903/28/2017 07:37AM

  It's like when you run into a old school mate

IowaRam10303/28/2017 08:11AM

  Natural aging doesn't bother me much...

JamesJM10103/28/2017 08:34AM

  I think sometimes

IowaRam10503/28/2017 09:14AM

  My TV girlhood 'crushes'...

MamaRAMa20503/02/2017 04:54PM

  That was great...

JamesJM12503/02/2017 05:00PM


JamesJM13903/02/2017 05:24PM

  Always been a fan of Richard Chamberlain

IowaRam13803/02/2017 05:33PM

  You reminded me...

JamesJM14703/02/2017 05:51PM

  Wait a tic..........

IowaRam15703/02/2017 05:59PM

  Not a one...

JamesJM15703/02/2017 06:08PM

  Re: Not a one...

MamaRAMa15303/02/2017 06:32PM

  That's the one I hear so many recommend...

JamesJM16603/02/2017 06:36PM

  Thought of another....

JamesJM15203/04/2017 09:28AM

  Re: Thought of another....

MamaRAMa15203/05/2017 11:24AM

  Bobbie Jo from Petticoat Junction

21Dog19803/02/2017 09:15PM

  Marlo Thomas....That Girl.....NM

roman1815303/03/2017 03:09AM

  Mine were typical..

sstrams14103/03/2017 04:19AM

  WKRP in Cincinnati - Bailey Quarters (n/m)

The_Bad_Guy15003/11/2017 09:28AM


ferragamo7917403/03/2017 07:23AM

  I was among the few who liked...

Ramgator14503/03/2017 11:50AM

  Meeting one of my 70s/ 80s crushes tomorrow night.

Ramgator14603/03/2017 11:52AM

  How about some Lynda Carter

IowaRam16203/05/2017 07:35AM

  Wow those guys from KISS can really dance

Atlantic Ram17303/06/2017 09:03AM

  that was pretty weird

ferragamo7913003/06/2017 10:33AM

  Man!! All those CBS Specials back in the 70s!

Ramgator18003/06/2017 11:39AM

  Martha Quinn, MTV VJ!

Ramgator15103/06/2017 02:52PM

  The original Battlestar Galactica 1978-80..

Ramgator16703/06/2017 02:54PM

  Re: TV boyhood 'crushes'...

IowaRam21603/07/2017 06:51AM

  Thanks for the memories...

RAMbler11903/17/2017 10:07AM

  Jeanie and her twin sister Jeanie II

JoeMad17903/07/2017 07:21AM

  loved the mischievous Jeannie

ferragamo7912703/14/2017 05:56PM

  Yeah, gotta love those bad girls, '79..

sstrams15303/15/2017 04:59AM

  This board has it together...

JamesJM14803/15/2017 11:53AM

  Never watched these shows but.....

Ramgator10903/16/2017 03:42AM

  Re: Never watched these shows but.....

ferragamo799803/16/2017 07:20PM

  Mary Ann (over Ginger) nm

RAMbler14903/16/2017 10:32AM

  That's an awesome mental image, Rambler!

sstrams16403/16/2017 01:18PM

  That was pretty damn good, wasn't it.....

RAMbler13903/17/2017 10:10AM

  Well, we were all thinking it..... lol

sstrams10803/17/2017 11:39AM

  Pam Dawber

IowaRam14403/18/2017 02:58PM

  Barbi Benton......

HighPlainsDrifter12803/26/2017 09:52AM

  those guys from Hee Haw were the bomb

ferragamo7915403/27/2017 06:31PM

  Me being the square guy...

Ramgator10903/29/2017 12:33PM

  I was partial to the lady in the hat

ferragamo7911303/29/2017 06:40PM

  Nice vintage photo... of my Dad and Mom... Attachments

JamesJM32703/25/2017 07:29PM


IowaRam9803/26/2017 03:47AM

  Re: Nice vintage photo... of my Dad and Mom...

21Dog9803/26/2017 05:37AM

  LOL, 21....

JamesJM9503/26/2017 06:17AM

  That's really nice...

sstrams7403/26/2017 06:10AM

  Re: Nice vintage photo... of my Dad and Mom...

MamaRAMa9103/26/2017 07:02AM

  Just watched a CLASSIC! "The Ghost And Mr Chicken"!!

Ramgator30703/25/2017 05:19PM

  not that you can one up Don Knotts.....

21Dog9203/26/2017 05:40AM

  Waasssssuuupppp with the videos?

sstrams25303/17/2017 01:59PM

  I had a problem too

LesBaker9303/17/2017 02:04PM

  Are they working now ?

IowaRam11003/17/2017 02:24PM

  No, not yet, Iowa..

sstrams8703/17/2017 05:19PM


IowaRam10303/17/2017 05:21PM

  I'm seeing them...

JamesJM10703/17/2017 07:57PM

  I'm still not seeing them..

sstrams10203/18/2017 02:51AM

  Shark Video

IowaRam9503/18/2017 04:37AM

  No, just this computer..

sstrams8903/18/2017 04:44AM

  Re: No, just this computer..

Rampage2K-10103/25/2017 02:29PM

  Meet your new Star Trek Captain

IowaRam36003/07/2017 06:22PM

  Good choice. Very versatile actor.

Ramgator12303/08/2017 05:20AM

  He was evil in the Patriot..

sstrams11503/08/2017 05:57AM

  Re: He was evil in the Patriot..

zn12003/18/2017 04:55AM

  If I'm not mistaken..

sstrams11003/20/2017 03:39AM

  Re: If I'm not mistaken..

zn9303/22/2017 03:43PM

  So you're saying..

sstrams9903/22/2017 04:39PM

  I've found this film on King Arthur much more accurate

IowaRam11703/22/2017 04:59PM

  I hope so... Attachments

sstrams9903/22/2017 05:25PM

  here is the thing

ferragamo799503/23/2017 07:34AM

  Yeah, you're right about that..

sstrams10003/23/2017 08:34AM

  The one movie that really ticked me off

IowaRam8403/23/2017 08:57AM


ferragamo799803/23/2017 09:02AM


ferragamo798803/23/2017 07:24AM

  211 years from today

IowaRam9703/22/2017 08:07PM

  Chuck Berry has passed away

IowaRam30503/18/2017 01:32PM

  Gonna take a far better man than I...

JamesJM9603/18/2017 02:47PM

  no disrespect to the great Elvis.....

21Dog11503/18/2017 03:04PM

  i agree. (Nm)

JamesJM9803/18/2017 04:05PM

  True pioneer

ferragamo799103/21/2017 11:29AM

  They said on the radio today..

sstrams8303/22/2017 06:11AM

  Just my luck with planting stuff!!

Ramgator21003/16/2017 03:40AM

  Same here..

sstrams12203/16/2017 03:52AM

  I did same thing

ferragamo7911803/16/2017 07:22PM

  So, '79, you're saying..

sstrams9403/17/2017 04:54AM

  authorities said

ferragamo7910303/20/2017 11:11AM

  We made it all the way up to the lower 30s yesterday

IowaRam9603/17/2017 05:09AM

  I'm headed to Sioux Falls soon...

JamesJM9703/17/2017 07:03AM

  Well, actually Sioux Center, Iowa.. by way of Sioux Falls. (nm)

JamesJM11003/17/2017 07:05AM

  Flying into Sioux Falls ?

IowaRam10003/17/2017 02:20PM

  You don't make it sound that appealing...

JamesJM11103/17/2017 06:42PM

  Hey James , welcome to Dordt College

IowaRam14203/18/2017 06:54AM

  The last Day of Winter !!!

IowaRam11103/19/2017 01:26PM

  Spring Fever

IowaRam10503/19/2017 01:47PM

  April 20th

IowaRam11603/20/2017 06:07AM

  All is well~!

Ramgator10103/18/2017 07:12AM

  Hey Gator , did you ever get your Tonka Crane ?

IowaRam9403/18/2017 09:09AM

  Robert Osborne has passed away

IowaRam33203/06/2017 06:28PM

  TCM..One of MAYBE 3-4 channels I enjoy.

Ramgator9603/06/2017 07:23PM

  Sorry to hear this. He & TCM were always great together

RAMbler9403/17/2017 12:07PM

  Baseball.. ethical? No? You decide.... I still liked it...

JamesJM26603/11/2017 08:04AM

  That's an easy one for me...

sstrams12003/11/2017 10:03AM


JamesJM11103/11/2017 02:40PM

  That's a good point..

sstrams8803/12/2017 05:38AM

  The rash of arm injuries these days is epidemic...

JamesJM9503/12/2017 06:17AM

  Re: The rash of arm injuries these days is epidemic...

waterfield9103/12/2017 07:44AM


JamesJM10103/12/2017 08:03AM

  I tell ya what it is.

Ramgator8603/12/2017 07:46AM

  Lakers fan? This is a great read!

LesBaker28303/08/2017 02:08PM

  Apparently I'm not as tough as I thought...

JamesJM25003/07/2017 08:56AM

  Glad there's hope...

sstrams11203/07/2017 09:33AM

  I'm hiring you as my PR guy.... Attachments

JamesJM13103/07/2017 09:51AM

  They probably will

sstrams10103/07/2017 10:11AM

  you're much more patient that I would be....

21Dog11403/08/2017 04:15AM

  Wrote about this long ago... country life... and I need help...

JamesJM26703/07/2017 10:37AM

  Movies, this does not speak well of me....

JamesJM35603/04/2017 08:45AM

  That's pretty tough

Atlantic Ram14903/04/2017 05:32PM

  Hacksaw Ridge

MamaRAMa17103/04/2017 06:14PM

  Saw it about 2 weeks ago.

Ramgator11803/06/2017 03:20PM

  I have always said...

Ramgator12103/06/2017 03:22PM


IowaRam12603/06/2017 03:52PM


waterfield10403/06/2017 04:13PM

  It's also the simple reason I hardly go to theaters anymore.

Ramgator10203/06/2017 05:58PM

  Movies I saw in the theaters in 1976

ferragamo7910203/06/2017 07:23PM

  what you think of the uss Indianapolis..........nm

IowaRam13803/06/2017 04:30PM


Ramgator10703/06/2017 05:49PM

  Have said it a few times...If not "Midway"...

Ramgator11003/06/2017 05:51PM

  Has anyone seen uss Indianapolis..........?

sstrams10703/07/2017 03:34AM

  Skip it

IowaRam11703/07/2017 03:46AM

  OOOH!!! I thought you were talking about ANOTHER remake.

Ramgator11003/07/2017 05:54AM

  How could they F that up?

sstrams11203/07/2017 06:35AM

  Re: Movies, this does not speak well of me....

waterfield13603/04/2017 09:04PM

  Olivia Newton John. What a beautiful and CLASSY lady!

Ramgator30503/05/2017 10:47AM

  Cool - you gotta post tha tpic..

sstrams10303/06/2017 03:44AM

  We saw ONJ on Saturday night. The next night...

Ramgator12703/06/2017 08:09AM

  Yeah.. especially..

sstrams12103/06/2017 09:46AM

  I actually like simple stages.

Ramgator10503/06/2017 11:36AM

  saw McCartney last year

21Dog9903/06/2017 03:13PM

  With Olivia Newton John on stage...

Ramgator9703/06/2017 03:26PM

  I was afraid you were going to do the Borat thing

ferragamo799403/06/2017 10:30AM

  LOL Or "Saving Silverman"!

Ramgator11903/06/2017 11:32AM

  LOL OF COURSE, last night...

Ramgator11103/06/2017 11:37AM

  Saw A Dog's Purpose last night...

sstrams25803/05/2017 05:24AM

  I hear it's sad. That makes me ask.......

Ramgator10003/05/2017 10:49AM

  Well, without giving away too much..

sstrams9303/06/2017 03:31AM

  My all time favorite dog movie.....

Ramgator11203/05/2017 10:50AM

  Mine has to be..

sstrams10603/06/2017 03:38AM

  Along those lines, ESPN segment on Arthur was really cool...

DaJudge13003/06/2017 08:03AM

  That is an awesome story...

sstrams9703/06/2017 09:53AM

  OK, If the Dam fails I have left something for all of you

ferragamo7949302/13/2017 03:06PM

  Been following the news closely....

JamesJM18602/13/2017 03:15PM

  Thanks so much, '79...

sstrams15302/13/2017 04:57PM

  Re: OK, If the Dam fails I have left something for all of you

waterfield16502/13/2017 05:58PM

  signed vintage football cards of

ferragamo7917302/14/2017 04:43PM

  I want them NOW !

waterfield13302/14/2017 06:35PM

  hoping the best for you

21Dog14702/13/2017 06:19PM

  left you all my Kate Perry and Clay Aiken CDs

ferragamo7917502/14/2017 04:44PM

  Re: left you all my Kate Perry and Clay Aiken CDs

21Dog15802/14/2017 08:07PM

  I hope you keep safe

Atlantic Ram15302/13/2017 08:34PM

  shame of all this is........

21Dog15702/14/2017 04:29AM

  I read just yesterday that there are MANY old dams out there.

Ramgator15402/14/2017 07:24AM

  Ever see the TV Special about building the Hoover Dam?

JamesJM15902/14/2017 08:44AM

  back home tonight

ferragamo7915402/14/2017 04:42PM

  good to hear

21Dog14102/15/2017 04:11AM

  Thank God!

Drew283916502/15/2017 07:32AM

  thanks Drew

ferragamo7915802/15/2017 10:28AM

  giant sea turtle?!

Drew283915102/16/2017 02:11PM

  Re: thanks Drew

IowaRam13402/16/2017 02:24PM

  That was a cute commercial!

Drew283914002/17/2017 06:11AM

  good the hear the evacuation was lifted

JoeMad14502/15/2017 06:13AM

  thanks Joe

ferragamo7914102/15/2017 10:26AM

  glad you're ok!

JoeMad14402/15/2017 11:36AM

  A brief explanation of what is happening

ferragamo7915702/15/2017 10:24AM

  Glad you are safe and thanks for posting the link you did

LesBaker14302/16/2017 09:01AM

  thanks Les

ferragamo7913302/17/2017 10:09AM

  Can I still have it even though you are safe?

LesBaker15402/17/2017 03:21PM

  More rain-10 inches-on the way Sunday night through Monday night (nm)

waterfield13602/16/2017 09:26AM

  Just got word we could be flooded as well....

JamesJM17002/16/2017 01:08PM

  stay safe James

JoeMad15402/17/2017 01:45PM

  Getting ready to evacuate.

JamesJM15902/17/2017 03:31PM

  Seriously? Hang in there man..

sstrams16402/17/2017 03:47PM

  local newspaper account........

21Dog14902/17/2017 07:13PM

  a television report on the situation

21Dog18202/18/2017 03:34AM

  Thanks 21..

sstrams17302/18/2017 04:59AM


IowaRam16002/18/2017 05:34AM

  Re: Crazy

21Dog15402/18/2017 05:41AM

  Iowa, if you'll remember..

sstrams14402/18/2017 07:05AM

  so sorry to hear that

21Dog13602/17/2017 07:06PM

  Me too

waterfield14002/17/2017 07:21PM

  Quick update...

JamesJM18302/18/2017 02:39PM

  Hang in there, Jimmy!

sstrams15402/19/2017 05:50AM

  Re: Quick update...

Shaky14502/19/2017 02:36PM

  Re: Quick update...

RAMbler15002/20/2017 02:18PM

  Just an update

JamesJM13602/26/2017 08:01AM

  ugh....keep us posted if you can

ferragamo7914602/20/2017 03:06PM

  We have evacuated. (Nm)

JamesJM12602/20/2017 05:55PM

  final post from my home.

JamesJM18002/20/2017 06:08PM


IowaRam16702/20/2017 06:16PM

  Re: final post from my home.

21Dog16802/20/2017 07:25PM

  Not sure what to say

Atlantic Ram14702/20/2017 08:06PM

  Re: final post from my home.

HerdAdmin13902/21/2017 01:26AM

  Re: final post from my home.

sstrams14602/21/2017 03:59AM

  thanks for updating us

zn13102/22/2017 03:57AM

  Im on the run will text later stay safe NM

LesBaker12402/22/2017 04:08AM

  update from SF Chronicle

21Dog16002/21/2017 07:19AM

  Fingers crossed there, 21..

sstrams17102/21/2017 07:25AM

  update on Jimmy's part of the state......

21Dog15502/22/2017 04:21AM

  I got a quick pm from him last night..

sstrams17802/22/2017 04:45AM

  Re: I got a quick pm from him last night..

21Dog13602/22/2017 04:56AM

  I hear ya..

sstrams14002/22/2017 05:03AM

  Holding so far. Attachments

JamesJM16602/22/2017 05:50AM

  thanks for the update nm

21Dog13402/22/2017 06:38AM

  great news!

ferragamo7913802/22/2017 05:22PM

  Re: Holding so far.

MamaRAMa15503/01/2017 07:34AM

  Our situation is much improved...

JamesJM11503/01/2017 11:14AM

  Glad to hear..

sstrams13203/02/2017 03:23AM

  I'm sore...

JamesJM12303/02/2017 07:23AM

  I'll bet!

sstrams12003/02/2017 07:43AM

  Be honest

LesBaker11803/02/2017 10:34AM


ferragamo7912203/02/2017 11:25AM


JamesJM9103/02/2017 03:39PM


Atlantic Ram13503/04/2017 05:36PM

  My feel good story for the year.. Attachments

sstrams23803/02/2017 07:57AM

  Most excellent!

JamesJM9203/02/2017 08:53AM

  Thanks Jimmy...

sstrams16003/02/2017 09:07AM

  Re: My feel good story for the year..

MamaRAMa10603/02/2017 09:26AM

  Thank you Mama...

sstrams11403/02/2017 09:35AM

  Dude you and everyone involved in this story

LesBaker9403/02/2017 10:31AM

  You are too kind, Les...

sstrams11603/02/2017 10:49AM

  Re: My feel good story for the year..

IowaRam10703/02/2017 11:20AM

  Cool - thanks Iowa.. nm

sstrams11303/02/2017 11:35AM

  good for you

zn11203/02/2017 03:05PM

  Thanks zn..... nm

sstrams9103/03/2017 04:19AM

  good work, Steve

21Dog10903/02/2017 09:08PM

  Thanks 21 - we try to be... nm

sstrams9103/03/2017 04:20AM

  YOU are

ferragamo7911703/03/2017 05:11PM

  Thank you so much '79..

sstrams10503/03/2017 06:29PM

  Yay!!! That's so great.

Atlantic Ram12303/03/2017 07:41PM

  Thanks Atlantic.. she's been bad today...

sstrams9903/04/2017 08:28AM

  lol... oh no!

Atlantic Ram12003/04/2017 10:16AM

  She's in SO much trouble now..

sstrams10503/04/2017 11:25AM

  How fortunes can change

Atlantic Ram10203/04/2017 04:05PM

  Anybody ever try cryotherapy?

sstrams21403/02/2017 10:54AM

  I read about that today....

JamesJM8703/02/2017 03:43PM

  Re: I read about that today....

sstrams9403/03/2017 04:08AM

  saw this on the local news last night

21Dog9003/02/2017 09:05PM

  Yeah 21 its becoming more popular..

sstrams8903/03/2017 04:10AM

  When I fell off my bike, as a kid...

Ramgator10803/03/2017 11:55AM


sstrams9403/03/2017 06:30PM

  You know... that's interesting - "Placebo's" that is..

JamesJM9603/04/2017 08:49AM

  Yeah I believe placebos can..

sstrams9203/04/2017 02:12PM


Atlantic Ram21103/04/2017 10:08AM

  Bill Paxton dead at 61...

sstrams35102/26/2017 06:16AM

  More sad news

IowaRam11702/26/2017 02:28PM

  I n Weird Science, he SORTA reminded me of my Brother..

Ramgator10202/27/2017 04:35AM

  i too was terrorized by my older brother.....

JoeMad12403/01/2017 05:39AM

  I had 6 older brothers....

RAMbler9903/01/2017 12:35PM

  Really loved him in Indian Summer.......

Arkansas Ram11302/28/2017 10:51AM

  Little late to this thread... been busy...

JamesJM12003/01/2017 11:17AM

  My hearing loss, a surprise ending...

JamesJM32602/15/2017 09:26PM

  Re: My hearing loss, a surprise ending....

21Dog11402/16/2017 04:23AM

  I agree

LesBaker9402/16/2017 09:00AM

  Re: My hearing loss, a surprise ending....

waterfield11302/16/2017 09:29AM

  I don't find that to be true....

JamesJM10702/16/2017 10:25AM

  Re: I don't find that to be true....

waterfield10002/16/2017 11:27AM

  Oh don't know

IowaRam11802/16/2017 11:47AM

  Ah, yes, misunderstood you...

JamesJM11402/16/2017 12:32PM

  Something else too

waterfield10102/16/2017 12:54PM

  waterfield, my guess is that..

sstrams11102/17/2017 05:01AM

  A Perfect Storm

waterfield9802/20/2017 01:34PM

  not really

ferragamo7911702/28/2017 06:38PM

  i moved and turned up my center speaker

Atlantic Ram9702/28/2017 06:55PM

  Baseball fans

waterfield21702/27/2017 08:27AM

  To an extent...

DaJudge10402/27/2017 12:34PM

  Yeah, that's what the Royals do too

Drew28399902/27/2017 01:26PM

  some pitchers start slow

ferragamo799702/28/2017 06:36PM

  &*^%^ I AM FUUURIOUS!!!!!!!!

Ramgator21302/27/2017 04:33AM

  The Russians tried to rig it

IowaRam12402/27/2017 04:55AM

  Re: &*^%^ I AM FUUURIOUS!!!!!!!!

waterfield12902/27/2017 08:35AM

  Just watched Manchester last night

Drew283912602/27/2017 01:30PM

  I really hope you..

sstrams11402/27/2017 01:42PM

  Oh yes

Drew28399102/28/2017 03:37PM

  I hate the speeches SO much

ferragamo7911302/27/2017 03:34PM

  America is turning 7UP

IowaRam29102/14/2017 09:11AM

  Do you know me ?

IowaRam12602/14/2017 09:12AM

  Everything you ever wanted in a beer

IowaRam10702/14/2017 09:17AM

  Felix's First Commercial

IowaRam10102/14/2017 09:21AM

  Great taste

IowaRam11202/14/2017 09:23AM

  Mrs Merlin Olsen

IowaRam12702/14/2017 09:28AM

  She's cute.

Ramgator11802/27/2017 04:39AM

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