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  Rumor about Hurricane Irma!!!

Ramgator23509/05/2017 04:12PM

  Hey, I got one!

Aries9009/05/2017 04:27PM


Ramgator5609/06/2017 04:05AM

  Hey, we haven't talked 'cars' in a while... Attachments

JamesJM18209/05/2017 09:56AM

  Man, I'd totally dig..

sstrams5709/05/2017 11:06AM

  You and me both...

JamesJM6409/05/2017 11:19AM

  There's something very cool about it

Atlantic Ram6309/05/2017 03:55PM

  Well said....

JamesJM7109/05/2017 04:31PM

  I could handle a few upgrades..

sstrams6109/06/2017 03:51AM

  Giants in my home, (Football)...

JamesJM19609/04/2017 01:37PM

  Video... looks like March Madness is in my future...

JamesJM6409/05/2017 08:24AM

  When your hopes come crashing down... (weather)...

JamesJM22109/05/2017 08:08AM

  Am I the only Dodger fan...

sacram25309/02/2017 07:04PM

  Re: Am I the only Dodger fan...

waterfield7009/02/2017 10:03PM

  I have debunked this several time

ferragamo796409/04/2017 04:24PM

  Re: I have debunked this several time

waterfield7109/04/2017 06:47PM

  his first game aside........

21Dog5309/03/2017 09:33AM

  Key MCU release dates through July 2018

zn20909/02/2017 03:19PM

  Second Great White vid..

sstrams22709/01/2017 02:26PM

  Re: Second Great White vid..

waterfield9209/01/2017 02:46PM

  That's terrible...

sstrams8609/02/2017 05:12AM

  Relishing in the misfortune of others.. (Grandson stuff)...

JamesJM18509/01/2017 09:47AM

  good luck to your guys

21Dog5809/01/2017 01:52PM

  Several cancelled, or so I hear... (and some bad news)

JamesJM6709/01/2017 01:59PM


JamesJM6209/01/2017 02:13PM

  horrible nm

21Dog5509/01/2017 04:21PM

  I guess the team met, 3 hours before game time..

JamesJM6709/01/2017 09:02PM

  Watching my all time fav horror flick...The ORIGINAL "The Fog"

Ramgator18608/29/2017 07:29AM

  Do not toss a hissy fit...

JamesJM9708/29/2017 01:45PM

  The Exorcist

Atlantic Ram8408/29/2017 10:21PM

  The Hills Have Eyes.....

JoeMad7108/30/2017 05:24AM

  Never saw it...

JamesJM7608/30/2017 05:27AM

  as a Central Valley resident

ferragamo797308/30/2017 05:37AM

  Tule nm

21Dog7608/30/2017 07:04AM


ferragamo796608/30/2017 11:12AM

  Mars Attacks???? Makes me wanna say....

Ramgator7308/30/2017 11:53AM

  When the book was released...

JamesJM7808/30/2017 05:25AM

  I still have some trouble with it actually

Atlantic Ram7309/01/2017 12:43AM

  My new avatar is sublime..

JamesJM12508/31/2017 01:25PM


waterfield22908/30/2017 09:27PM


21Dog6608/31/2017 05:02AM

  hey sst , you catching any of that hurricane ?

IowaRam22708/27/2017 02:51AM

  Re: hey sst , you catching any of that hurricane ?

73Ram8008/27/2017 07:39AM

  Re: hey sst , you catching any of that hurricane ?

Aries9208/29/2017 03:37AM

  Wichita Falls always sounds like a 1980's horror film

IowaRam8308/29/2017 06:12AM

  It kind of is...

sstrams7308/31/2017 04:21AM

  Just got back last night..

sstrams8908/31/2017 04:20AM

  RIP Jerry Lewis

Ramgator21208/20/2017 09:17AM

  Re: RIP Jerry Lewis

IowaRam10608/20/2017 09:47AM

  Re: RIP Jerry Lewis

MamaRAMa11008/20/2017 10:37AM

  One of my earliest movie mysteries

IowaRam9308/20/2017 04:41PM

  Who's Minding the Store

IowaRam9808/20/2017 10:39AM

  Yeah, I'm kind of like that...

JamesJM8608/20/2017 11:25AM

  My Jerry Lewis Story...

JamesJM10008/20/2017 04:54PM

  You always got cool stories James

IowaRam9608/20/2017 05:08PM

  Cool Story....

RAMbler8608/21/2017 11:24AM

  No, it wasn't him...

JamesJM10708/21/2017 11:37AM

  Watching old Jerry Lewis movies as a kid

IowaRam9508/20/2017 05:21PM

  The Wonderful Madness of Jerry Lewis

IowaRam10008/29/2017 05:38PM

  Black and White movies.. most of you know...

JamesJM17808/29/2017 03:51PM

  Sam Darnold season preview; "best anticipation since Andrew Luck..."

RFIP19308/29/2017 10:42AM

  IT , sneak peek

IowaRam15908/29/2017 08:21AM

  One of my most embarrassing moments....

JamesJM16608/28/2017 10:38AM

  And so Collegiate Football comes to the JamesJM household...

JamesJM18108/24/2017 07:04AM

  Daughter joined a sorority

IowaRam11208/24/2017 08:08AM

  Love the photo....

JamesJM7108/24/2017 10:57AM

  Elijah, 7, makes his football debut today.. he's on FIRE...

JamesJM7908/26/2017 09:00AM

  The younger generation has sold it's soul to the devil....

JamesJM8608/27/2017 08:32PM

  Mayweather vs McGregor... seriously?

JamesJM39306/27/2017 08:25PM

  You are probably giggling hysterically..

sstrams11706/28/2017 03:51AM

  I think it's going to flop.

Drew283913406/28/2017 09:49AM

  Oh it well sell... and sell BIG time...

JamesJM11806/28/2017 10:14AM

  it will sell.......

21Dog12106/28/2017 10:22AM

  Wait what? It's boxing rules? Dang.

ArizonaRamFan12406/29/2017 06:11PM

  Special Rules

Drew283911207/03/2017 06:25AM

  Mayweather may not even get hit

LesBaker10707/03/2017 07:01AM

  What the hell is MMA?

JamesJM9707/03/2017 07:14AM

  Mixed Martial Arts yeah its sort of the same

LesBaker12007/03/2017 03:36PM

  in all seriousness

JamesJM9307/03/2017 03:58PM

  It's dawning on me that this fight has something more at play...

JamesJM10507/03/2017 07:11AM

  Re: Mayweather vs McGregor... seriously?

73Ram12406/30/2017 12:13PM

  AzRamFan.. no one wants to fight with me!

JamesJM11907/03/2017 11:45AM

  You aren't moving the needle

LesBaker10207/03/2017 03:33PM

  Mayweather is a...

ArizonaRamFan10607/03/2017 04:37PM

  Anybody watch the fight?

Drew28398908/27/2017 10:55AM

  Have not watched boxing since ABC Wide World Of Sports!

Ramgator7108/27/2017 11:28AM

  Just watch it online for free the day after lol. nm

Drew28397108/27/2017 04:24PM

  wow fans really wanted Conor...

JamesJM6708/27/2017 08:06PM

  In San Diego...

sstrams25308/23/2017 05:00PM

  Re: In San Diego...

73Ram6108/26/2017 07:58AM

  Music, did even one of you take my advice and watch...

JamesJM22108/24/2017 10:59AM

  I want to

Atlantic Ram6308/25/2017 01:13PM

  I think the point when my mouth fell open in awe...

JamesJM8608/25/2017 01:18PM

  Admins please don't be mad but Rich Hill has a perfect game in the 9th nm

BlueRidgeHorns26608/23/2017 04:22PM

  had nm

21Dog6908/23/2017 04:47PM

  They hadn't been shutout in..

sacram7908/24/2017 12:26PM

  just when you doubt Gonzo.......

21Dog6608/24/2017 03:00PM


sacram6608/24/2017 05:09PM

  he's gotta raise his average

ferragamo795908/24/2017 06:11PM


sacram6908/25/2017 06:59AM

  Re: Bummer ......real tough loss nm

RamFire6608/23/2017 05:26PM


ferragamo796408/24/2017 07:29AM

  he had only thrown 95 pitches and........

21Dog6608/24/2017 08:06AM

  Re: I agree.....

RamFire6508/24/2017 02:00PM

  The meaning, and worth, of sports... Attachments

JamesJM20108/24/2017 09:51PM

  the people you meet.........

21Dog6008/25/2017 04:36AM

  Starsky and Hutch , returning to TV ?

IowaRam21008/24/2017 03:25PM

  Don't give up on us baby.......

ferragamo796308/24/2017 05:02PM

  What do you guys think? Poll Attachments

Atlantic Ram40108/17/2017 08:30PM

  Something you're making ?

IowaRam8308/20/2017 05:30PM

  Yes I am going to introduce it thru Facebook

Atlantic Ram10308/20/2017 07:49PM

  Well, sorry about being late...

JamesJM9108/21/2017 10:51AM

  Its a "prototype" but just to gauge interest

Atlantic Ram9108/21/2017 01:44PM

  Is this specifically Delaware?

JamesJM7508/21/2017 01:55PM

  Re: Is this specifically Delaware?

Atlantic Ram8808/21/2017 06:06PM

  What about using historical sites

IowaRam7608/21/2017 07:20PM

  George Washington

Atlantic Ram9608/21/2017 08:56PM

  My only question, Atlantic..

sstrams7608/22/2017 04:21AM

  They don't scare me

Atlantic Ram8308/22/2017 05:32AM

  Tear it up, then!

sstrams7008/22/2017 10:59AM

  I have about 100 likes so far lol

Atlantic Ram9008/22/2017 12:06PM

  What DID Delaware???

Ramgator7908/22/2017 04:22AM

  Re: What DID Delaware???

IowaRam7508/22/2017 04:55AM

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