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  Sticky Stop the LA (game attendance) bashing TODAY! thanks (1 Posts)

HerdAdmin72912/09/2017 01:58AM

  Sticky HERD: Game Time Forum Link (1 Posts)

Shaky12,03908/13/2016 02:18PM

  Gurley for 200?

L.A.Rams30812/15/2017 02:14PM

  Re: Gurley for 200?

Classicalwit4612/15/2017 02:19PM

  Think of it this way...

Rams435512/15/2017 02:44PM

  Re: Think of it this way...

CraigMatson3312/15/2017 03:06PM

  200 on the ground

L.A.Rams3412/15/2017 03:06PM

  Re: 200 on the ground

CraigMatson3012/15/2017 03:20PM

  Correct me if I am wrong but...

jemach3912/15/2017 03:46PM

  Correct me if I am wrong but...

L.A.Rams3212/15/2017 04:11PM

  Rams are 9-0 this year when......

Rampage2K-6112/15/2017 03:51PM

  Dilly Dilly!

ferragamo793212/15/2017 04:38PM

  Re: Rams are 9-0 this year when......

LMU932912/16/2017 04:39AM

  Re: Rams are 9-0 this year when......

AlbaNY_Ram2812/16/2017 05:23AM


leafnose2212/16/2017 03:45PM

  Gurley is capable of...

L.A.Rams2612/16/2017 03:01PM

  Might have gone for 300...

L.A.Rams212/17/2017 01:19PM

  This topic has been moved. We didn't just beat big brother today....

Rampage2K-2212/17/2017 12:55PM

  The HERD Pregame HEAD-BUTTS Step right up………

sstrams7112/17/2017 08:07AM

  Its OUR TIME!!!!! KRAAAACCK!!!!!!!!

stlramz812/17/2017 08:33AM

  NOW! Give those 12th men fits today stlramz!

sstrams212/17/2017 09:40AM

  Re: The HERD Pregame HEAD-BUTTS Step right up………

HerdAdmin412/17/2017 09:12AM

  LOVE IT………! Decapitate the Sea Hags!

sstrams612/17/2017 09:40AM

  I Don’t Feel Good About This Game...

Ram Rock712/17/2017 09:19AM

  Don't feel good, RR, FEEL GREAT...!

sstrams612/17/2017 09:42AM

  I Need That...

Ram Rock512/17/2017 09:50AM

  Anything for you, dude!

sstrams112/17/2017 10:46AM

  One big crack - Gurley

Hazlet Hacksaw1012/17/2017 09:23AM

  I hope so, Hazlet..

sstrams412/17/2017 09:42AM

  you too Bro

Hazlet Hacksaw312/17/2017 10:12AM

  Always my pleasure Hazlet..

sstrams112/17/2017 10:46AM


ArizonaRamFan312/17/2017 09:32AM

  Gurley to the house 2x today, 'Zona...

sstrams512/17/2017 09:44AM

  Re: The HERD Pregame HEAD-BUTTS Step right up………

CraigMatson412/17/2017 10:34AM

  Thanks Craig………

sstrams512/17/2017 10:47AM

  Ready for action baby!!!!!

ferragamo79312/17/2017 10:42AM

  That's all you need, '79...!

sstrams512/17/2017 10:48AM

  Re: The HERD Pregame HEAD-BUTTS Step right up……… Attachments

MamaRAMa812/17/2017 10:44AM

  Krack 'em upside the head, Mama………!

sstrams512/17/2017 10:49AM

  Re: The HERD Pregame HEAD-BUTTS Step right up………

stlurams212/17/2017 12:46PM

  This topic has been moved. BTO

idaram1212/17/2017 12:55PM

  FIsher is the master of quarterback development

Rams_814912/17/2017 11:27AM

  20 to 7 Giants early mua ha ha ha

GreatRamNTheSky11112/17/2017 08:59AM

  Yea. Philly is no longer a worry to any playoff teams

NewMexicoRam2112/17/2017 09:06AM

  Don't count the Eagles as done...

jemach1612/17/2017 09:16AM


RFIP1912/17/2017 09:17AM

  Re: lol...NM

laram1112/17/2017 09:19AM

  You weren't supposed to laugh.

NewMexicoRam1212/17/2017 09:24AM

  And just like that the Eagles lead...

RFIP1912/17/2017 09:25AM

  Re: Tricky Nicky with 3 TD's....NM

laram1112/17/2017 09:27AM

  No biggie

Hazlet Hacksaw2012/17/2017 09:33AM

  Re: Nah different story now HH guys playing for careers now...NM

laram1112/17/2017 09:42AM

  Sorry just really cant stand Giants

Hazlet Hacksaw1112/17/2017 09:47AM

  Re: Nah different story now HH guys playing for careers now...NM

Hazlet Hacksaw1512/17/2017 09:51AM

  Re: LOL...NM

laram312/17/2017 09:54AM

  Wow really handed it right back to the Gmen with that PF .nm

ArizonaRamFan1012/17/2017 09:39AM

  Looks like the game is gonna be a photo finish!

ArizonaRamFan1612/17/2017 10:47AM

  Re: WoW a fitting description ARF!....NM

laram712/17/2017 10:50AM


RFIP1712/17/2017 10:53AM

  Re: Anthesis? See Case Keenum...NM

laram1212/17/2017 10:55AM

  NICK FOLES Looking like Wentz? 4 TDs

BumRap512/17/2017 11:07AM

  progress Attachments

HerdAdmin6812/17/2017 10:45AM

  dont look like much!

Hazlet Hacksaw1212/17/2017 11:02AM

  Panthers look like a tough out

Hazlet Hacksaw5212/17/2017 09:55AM

  Yeah, Rodgers' deep ball just isn't there anymore

ArizonaRamFan1212/17/2017 10:14AM

  threw the last one without setting

Hazlet Hacksaw1012/17/2017 10:16AM

  Re: Spot on HH...NM

laram512/17/2017 10:17AM

  Re: Yeah, Rodgers' deep ball just isn't there anymore

RFIP1112/17/2017 10:48AM

  Bowles is doing a great job with the Jets

Hazlet Hacksaw5512/17/2017 10:19AM

  Re: Did some "housecleaning" paid off!!...NM

laram1012/17/2017 10:23AM

  yes Wilkerson will get potentially "rewarded" by leaving

Hazlet Hacksaw1312/17/2017 10:31AM

  Re: Richardson, Marshall, Fitz, Revis & Decker to name a few...NM,

laram912/17/2017 10:36AM

  Then you have the opposite

Hazlet Hacksaw612/17/2017 10:38AM

  Yes but wont matter

RFIP512/17/2017 10:47AM

  Rams' inactives

Blue and Gold16112/17/2017 09:40AM

  Re: Rams' inactives

CraigMatson4512/17/2017 09:52AM

  Re: Seahawk's inactives

RamsFanSince692712/17/2017 10:38AM

  Cam looks to run too early

Hazlet Hacksaw2812/17/2017 10:15AM

  Rams have their own 'cheat code' with punter Johnny Hekker

RamBill17912/17/2017 04:35AM

  This guy is HOF material

NewMexicoRam3212/17/2017 05:24AM

  Re: Hekker and Zuerline.......

oldschoolramfan2412/17/2017 06:14AM

  Agree, Hekker is NFL's best of this new era

Blue and Gold1012/17/2017 09:43AM

  Just need him to change field position

Hazlet Hacksaw712/17/2017 10:14AM

  I hope to see a lot of Ethan Pocic at left guard today...

laram8112/17/2017 09:54AM

  Re: I hope to see a lot of Ethan Pocic at left guard today...

cool_hand_luke1812/17/2017 10:06AM

  If Quinn stays on his feet

Hazlet Hacksaw1512/17/2017 10:08AM

  Morning shows liking Rams.....

Rampage2K-13912/17/2017 07:48AM

  Re: Morning shows liking Rams.....

CraigMatson1912/17/2017 10:00AM

  Rams Horrific Hurryup Offense makes early lead essential

Rams_8112212/17/2017 07:19AM

  A 14 point 4th quarter lead......

NewMexicoRam1912/17/2017 09:09AM

  I'm not comfortable with TDs on the Seahawks

ArizonaRamFan1012/17/2017 09:58AM

  McVay and Goff need some serious help in this area...

jemach1712/17/2017 09:12AM

  Probably weakest part of their game

Hazlet Hacksaw1212/17/2017 09:36AM

  Gotta disagree

AlbaNY_Ram1712/17/2017 09:38AM

  One drive does not make a good 2 minute offense...

jemach1312/17/2017 09:46AM

  From Seattle

stlramz26412/17/2017 06:52AM

  Have a great day.

Hazlet Hacksaw4212/17/2017 07:36AM

  Bring 1 home for us.....

roman182912/17/2017 08:01AM

  Thanks! and Update

stlramz3812/17/2017 08:28AM

  Re: Ok, Ok, Ok........

leafnose2312/17/2017 08:57AM

  Getting any heat yet fromn the fans?

Hazlet Hacksaw1012/17/2017 09:34AM

  Very little. I smell fear!!

stlramz1412/17/2017 09:42AM

  Thinking about it

Hazlet Hacksaw1112/17/2017 09:50AM

  Have some coffee and bring home a victory :) nm

GreatRamNTheSky1212/17/2017 09:01AM

  Do me a favor and

ferragamo791712/17/2017 09:18AM

  This is the game to tell us there is or isn't a new sheriff in town! nm

jemach1012/17/2017 09:48AM

  Who are we pulling for today?

hammer10712/17/2017 08:14AM

  Bengals looking strong

RFIP2912/17/2017 08:31AM

  Just amazing their collapse

Hazlet Hacksaw912/17/2017 09:35AM

  Here they are LOSE: Sea, GB, ATL, NO

stlramz2212/17/2017 08:32AM

  Re: the Rams

Speed_Kills2312/17/2017 08:36AM

  Giants up 13 EARLY

RFIP1712/17/2017 08:48AM

  The Eagles dont have a defense that can carry Foles

max1412/17/2017 08:57AM

  They won't make the SB

BigGame811312/17/2017 09:09AM

  Personally, I don't have any preferences except 2

NewMexicoRam1912/17/2017 08:46AM

  Could not care about any other game

Hazlet Hacksaw812/17/2017 09:45AM

  Looking like road to SB goes through Minny (nm)

BigGame811512/17/2017 08:48AM

  To all the real Rams fans | Part 2 Rams v Seahawks

Speed_Kills13512/17/2017 06:32AM

  Re: To all the real Rams fans | Part 2 Rams v Seahawks

Ramsdude3112/17/2017 06:36AM

  I think this is the kind of game Rams win

max3112/17/2017 07:04AM

  Re: Cheers to that! Well said nm,

embraceable_ewe831412/17/2017 07:08AM

  "Real" Ram fans ?

waterfield3812/17/2017 07:11AM

  Cheers, Speed! Game keys...

Saguaro1812/17/2017 09:01AM


Ram491212/17/2017 09:23AM

  I think you have the collective Herd 100%

Hazlet Hacksaw912/17/2017 09:37AM

  FEARLESS Rams / Seahawks predictions!!

Ramgator26412/13/2017 11:35AM

  Rams 30 Seahawks 17

alyoshamucci5212/13/2017 11:38AM

  Re: Rams Win and claim NFC West !

oldschoolramfan3712/13/2017 11:52AM

  My last prediction was against the Seahags and we lost so no prediciton for me

stlrams132912/13/2017 12:55PM

  Re: My last prediction was against the Seahags and we lost so no prediciton for me

CarolinaRam3012/13/2017 02:21PM

  Rams 24-23

XXXIVwin2912/13/2017 02:29PM

  Re: Rams 24-23

Classicalwit2312/14/2017 04:49PM

  Re: Revised, Rams 36 Hawks 20

XXXIVwin1412/16/2017 05:03PM

  30-23 Rams win

Steve2112/13/2017 08:44PM

  Rams 31 'Hawks 24

six2stack2112/14/2017 01:02AM

  Rams win 31-9 (nm)

L.A.Rams1712/14/2017 04:51PM

  Rams Trample Birds: 38-24...

Suh-weet!1912/14/2017 05:30PM

  Rams win 9 - 6 Jeff Fisher lights cigar....(NM)

ramithard1012/15/2017 12:40PM

  Rams win 26-24!

ferragamo791512/15/2017 12:41PM

  Re: Rams win 26-17.

guinnessram1412/15/2017 01:13PM

  Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

waterfield1212/15/2017 02:22PM

  Re: Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

XXXIVwin2812/15/2017 04:25PM

  Re: Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

waterfield2512/15/2017 08:50PM

  Re: Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

XXXIVwin1812/15/2017 09:13PM

  Re: Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

waterfield2012/15/2017 09:33PM

  Re: Hawks 13-Rams 10 (I hate myself) nm

CROMWELL211012/17/2017 07:23AM

  Rams win and Goff says Dilly Dilly in post game interview...nm

stlrams131512/15/2017 04:31PM

  Rams 23 - Seahawks 20

BeachBoy1212/15/2017 07:15PM

  Rams 23 Seahawks -7

Blue and Gold1112/16/2017 04:19AM

  Re: Rams 19 Seahawks 10

RamsFanSince691012/16/2017 07:44AM

  42 - 17 Rams Win...

Kilroy1012/16/2017 07:46AM

  Rams 24 Hawks 13

Schuylkill Ram1012/16/2017 08:06AM

  Rams 24 Seattle 17.

Saguaro1312/16/2017 08:35AM

  Haven't been very good at this, this year. Rams 26-17

ArizonaRamFan1112/16/2017 08:57AM

  Rams 35 Hawks 20 (nm)

RAMbler612/16/2017 09:02AM

  Rams Win Big! 42-24!

SoCalRamFan1212/16/2017 12:23PM

  Rams 30 Hags 23 .

bigjimram21612/16/2017 07:00PM

  Re: FEARLESS Rams / Seahawks predictions!!

Classicalwit1112/17/2017 04:15AM

  Rams 26, Seabags 17

NewMexicoRam1012/17/2017 05:25AM

  Re: Rams by two (touchdowns!)

hammer712/17/2017 09:18AM

  NRR Amon-Ra St. Brown Now there is a name

GreatRamNTheSky18312/15/2017 11:33AM

  64 receptions 18 TDs or a TD every 4th reception. nm

GreatRamNTheSky2012/15/2017 11:44AM

  Re: 64 receptions 18 TDs or a TD every 4th reception. nm

ramithard1512/15/2017 12:14PM

  Re: NRR Amon-Ra St. Brown Now there is a name

alyoshamucci2612/15/2017 02:06PM

  Re: It's "Gonna be a barn burner"....MD vs. De La Salle.

oldschoolramfan1912/16/2017 06:15AM

  Rollinson needs to retire and enjoy life.

GreatRamNTheSky1312/17/2017 04:44AM

  My boy playing in State Champs lower level

Headslap752612/16/2017 06:18AM

  Re: My boy playing in State Champs lower level

oldschoolramfan1412/16/2017 06:29AM

  Re: My boy playing in State Champs lower level

Headslap751912/16/2017 06:34AM

  Mater Dei 52 vs Concord De La Salle 21 Final Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky1312/17/2017 05:07AM

  Re: Younger brother of ND WR Equanimeous St. Brown

DomerRam1312/17/2017 07:22AM

  Boy, Rivers has problems in big games...

max26912/16/2017 06:19PM

  Re: Boy, Rivers has problems in big games...

stlrams134312/16/2017 06:40PM

  Alex Smith won't win a big game, but he won't lose it either

max4012/16/2017 06:46PM

  Re: Boy, Rivers has problems in big games...

Classicalwit4412/16/2017 07:08PM

  I witnessed it first hand

six2stack5712/16/2017 08:23PM

  Yup. That’s Rivers MO

max2412/17/2017 02:53AM

  He's a River Boat Gambler.

RockRam3812/17/2017 03:08AM

  Re: lol man max

Speed_Kills2512/17/2017 06:17AM

  Re: lol man max

RFIP1812/17/2017 07:14AM

  Today's papers

waterfield3212/17/2017 06:38AM


oldschoolramfan6112/17/2017 06:24AM

  Having a REAL hard time staying calm!

Ramgator1412/17/2017 06:58AM

  As a fan? I feel like Rocky III. Last week.....

Ramgator5812/17/2017 06:40AM

  Sean McVay Joins Mason/Ireland to Talk Rams

RamBill14912/15/2017 04:45AM

  Re: Sean McVay: my sense of his remarks on flags

leafnose6312/17/2017 05:32AM

  Anything short of making Playoffs= disappointing season.

guinnessram26512/15/2017 01:02PM

  Re: Anything short of making Playoffs= disappointing season.

Rampage2K-8712/15/2017 01:08PM

  Re: +ME...NM

laram2712/15/2017 01:12PM

  Re: Anything short of making Playoffs= disappointing season.

Classicalwit4612/15/2017 02:21PM


Speedball894212/15/2017 03:52PM

  Re: Really?

Classicalwit2112/16/2017 12:11PM

  Re: Really?

dzrams2212/16/2017 01:18PM

  The same he did last time we beat him -nm

Old Goat812/16/2017 01:40PM

  Re: Anything short of making Playoffs= disappointing season.

Ramkind2612/15/2017 06:12PM

  Re: Anything short of making Playoffs= disappointing season.

Killrazor2012/16/2017 12:49AM

  How they got there

RFIP4812/15/2017 05:12PM

  Re: agreed nm

Speed_Kills1412/15/2017 05:28PM

  Re: How they got there

zn3212/15/2017 05:41PM

  You know, great progress has been made this season

GreatRamNTheSky2812/16/2017 01:36AM

  That would almost replicate 1999

NewMexicoRam1212/17/2017 05:19AM

  If we lose tomorrow, go 11-5 miss playoffs.

CROMWELL214612/16/2017 01:27PM

  They can't go 11-5 and miss the playoffs.

Saguaro3412/16/2017 07:31PM

  I'd be shocked if the Rams miss the playoffs at 11-5.

GreatRamNTheSky1312/17/2017 04:42AM

  Me too. can't happen. 2 more wins = playoffs. Not an opinion.

Saguaro1612/17/2017 04:57AM

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