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HA!! I KNOW there is something to football and high BP!!

January 12, 2021 05:27AM
Mine has spiked the past month ( I think sleep apnea is catching up to me) We all laugh about BP going up during games but I KNOW mine did when I watched my Gators play Bama. As I watched that SORRY defense, I could hear the ring in my ears get louder, I started getting a headache and REALLY had to walk away to settle down. Watching our O in Seattle a few weeks ago almost had the same affect.

  Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

ferragamo79114January 11, 2021 07:57AM

  I'm getting it ASAP

21Dog21January 11, 2021 07:59AM

  Re: I'm getting it ASAP

waterfield21January 11, 2021 10:37AM

  My wife just got the second injection..

sstrams22January 11, 2021 08:07AM


Ramgator23January 11, 2021 08:29AM

  Same here...

sstrams18January 11, 2021 09:17AM

  Re: Oh.......joy.

waterfield19January 11, 2021 10:46AM

  Regardless.... I was OFTEN sick while getting flu shots.

Ramgator18January 11, 2021 01:57PM

  I had always done well with the seasonal flu shot...

RAMbler16January 12, 2021 01:09PM

  Re: I had always done well with the seasonal flu shot...

waterfield14January 13, 2021 09:33AM

  Got my first round 4 days ago....... 2 days ago, I tested positive???? sigh

Ramgator20January 11, 2021 08:20AM

  And four days later, my upper left arm is STILL sore!! Worst shot I have ever had.

Ramgator19January 11, 2021 08:23AM

  Awesome: so it may not work, flu like symptoms for weeks

ferragamo7929January 11, 2021 08:53AM

  Sore after the first shot?

sstrams19January 11, 2021 09:18AM

  My arm felt like hell after shot #1.

Ramgator16January 11, 2021 01:59PM

  COVID vaccination works

waterfield28January 11, 2021 10:54AM

  there's no evidence of it not working

zn17January 12, 2021 08:37AM

  Re: Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

MamaRAMa24January 11, 2021 01:58PM

  Re: Just curious - who here is getting the vaccine

ramBRO28January 11, 2021 04:38PM

  HA!! I KNOW there is something to football and high BP!!

Ramgator14January 12, 2021 05:27AM

  hope for both of your sakes.......

21Dog14January 12, 2021 05:33AM

  I was supposed to get it last Friday....

Rampage2K-27January 11, 2021 08:07PM

  I'll get it when they say I can have it.... nm

RAMbler12January 12, 2021 01:10PM

  A state-by-state guide for when you can get the COVID-19 vaccine

MamaRAMa27January 12, 2021 02:59PM


IowaRam16January 12, 2021 04:01PM

  Why Iowa's vaccine distribution plan differs from other states

MamaRAMa22January 12, 2021 06:15PM

  I thought you were gonna say....

Ramgator15January 13, 2021 05:02AM

  We have sled dog teams standing by Attachments

IowaRam9January 14, 2021 09:37AM

  Some people have gotten the shots

IowaRam13January 14, 2021 09:41AM

  My folks are getting theirs on February 4th, I believe

Drew28397January 18, 2021 01:01PM

  For folks in MO that are currently eligible: Be persistent!!

Drew283911January 18, 2021 01:12PM

  Ha... heard it could take 6 or 7 years

Atlantic Ram15January 18, 2021 05:19PM

  The more people that decide not to take the vaccine

waterfield13January 19, 2021 09:21AM

  Re: Got my first shot today

AlbaNY_Ram16January 19, 2021 12:31PM

  how do you feel

ferragamo797January 20, 2021 04:54PM

  Re: how do you feel

AlbaNY_Ram10January 21, 2021 07:01AM

  Re: how do you feel

IowaRam10January 21, 2021 07:52AM

  Re: lol

AlbaNY_Ram7January 21, 2021 10:51AM