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Some thoughts from the tractor a few weeks removed

May 12, 2021 10:41AM
From the draft. Thanks Leaf for the comments. You were spot on.

1. The Rams seemingly have shifted focus from building depth for future personnel loses to picking players that can relatively quickly help the team due to a win now window. I have no issues with this as AD isn't getting younger, Stafford is currently on a 2 year deal and frankly, the Rams are a young team with few impact FAs next year.

2. Part of the win now shift was identifying the weak areas of the team and improving them with prospects that can help now. Special teams and explosive offensive playmakers were high on the list.

3. The Rams have shifted a little from not worrying so much on athletic measurables, to more athletic or more physically gifted players they can mold. This could be part of in game tracking tech and RAS scores.

4. When the Rams said they liked their OL, they were not lying. I am still not as convinced, but what do I know. The OC battle is what interests me the most. No not the Rams OC battle, but KCs, they signed Blythe and drafted Humphrey. Can't wait to see how that shakes out.

Back to the prospects.

Tutu Atwell - McVay wanted more explosive plays. He got Jackson on a 1 year rental. I think this was priority #1 this off-season. And i really think it came down to Atwell or Eskridge. And Eskridge was gone. After Waddle, Smith and Moore, the most explosive wr left on the board was Atwell. Schwartz was close, but more a track star than football player at this point. Dynami Brown is fast, but not Atwell. Darden is explosive, but comes from a lower level of competition. Marsette-Smith fits the mold, not as explosive and has some bone head to him. Atwell will never be a #1 or #2 wr. Hollywood Brown with the Ravens shouldn't be either or you are setting the player and the team up for failure. But as a #3, he can be dangerous. As far as his size, McVay must be supremely confident he can scheme him open. And if any OC can, its McVay.

My biggest problem with the pick looking back now is the fact it LOOKED like a reach, but was it? If another team was indeed looking at him in the 2nd, it wasn't. And if the Rams are in win now mode, take a guy that fixes your biggest perceived weakness. I feel better about the pick today, than 2 weeks ago.

Ernest Jones - the Rams value run stopping and leadership along with instincts as their top 3 traits for ILBers, Reeder, Kiser and now Jones all share that. So looking at what was available in the draft that had those 3 traits at ILB, Jones was high on the list. And looking at what was left, by far the best available. McGrone, Cox, Wallow, Browning, Barnes, Johnson are all more run and chase types. Jones was an obvious choice looking back, knowing what I know now.

As far as Jones himself. I went back and watched 2 full games. I saw him hesitate at times, I thought it was from lack of instincts. It wasn't, he was actually letting the back commit to a lane then filling it. It was also hard to find a play where he wasn't in the frame when you paused the game at the point of the tackle. He is all over. He isn't the most explosive tackler, but when he wraps you up, you don't go forward, and you aren't escaping. You are done. I think he avoids going for knockout shots to make sure you are tackled. Lastly, his instincts get him to the ball carrier as quickly as a 4.5 40 lber because he takes great angles and does well to anticipate. This also helps in dropping into zone coverage. He's also a lights out, all day lunchpail leader. I think he starts sooner than people think.

Bobby Brown - if the Rams wanted to get stouter against the run, then they filled a hole. He has a grown man's body that can get into the rotation quickly. I worried about his motor, but if they can get him revved up he has huge upside as a 3 down defender. And if he gets soloed up due to AD, he will eat. Looking at the IDL that was left, other than Shelvin, Brown was the strongest, best run stuffer left and it wasn't close. And Shelvin doesn't have his pass rush upside. This pick also signifies the Rams are fully gone from Phillips stop the run on the way to the QB system to a multiple fronts, control the LoS system. 34, 43, 425. They now have personnel that can make that happen. If the safeties can hold up, this defense might be insane.

Robert Rochell - a Senior Bowl kid that struggled in the jump in competition. But his ball skills, fluidity and length make him a highly coachable prospect. The NFL is really starting to value length in their corners. And it makes sense. Give me a 6' to 6' 1" corner with long arms that is athletic and fluid over a stiffer 6 2 or 6 3 kid that is a tad stiffer and not as quick. Rochell can probably contribute right away on STs which is obviously important. Morris is the DB whisperer so he is the perfect match for Rochell. I'm fairly excited about his potential. Of he flames out fantastically.

Jacob Harris - outside Simi Fehoko, there was no one in the draft like him. Size, speed athletic ability. They targeted him to improve STs immediately, with the thought that he is WR 6 or TE 4 and maybe develop him into a Galladay or Megatron lite or even Waller lite. If he never develops into that, he at the worst is a ST demon with some redzone upside. At best, he is a massive mismatch in the red zone and 50 50 balls down the field. Raw, but so much athletic ability he is worth the pick.

He is also a change if wr drafting philosophy of valuing route running, excellent hands and being a polished wr like Kupp and Jefferson. He's more along the lines of Reynolds with so much more upside.

Earnest Brown - this pick made no sense to me, until I started thinking about multiple fronts and run defense. He is a true 3 pt DE. Run stopper that can hold the edge. If I am correct and the Rams go to more 425 and 43 stuff along with the previous 34. He fits as a DE in the 4 down lineman fronts and as an early down 34 de. He also can slide inside and give them a bit of some rush. He is fundamentally sound and his strength probably makes him more ready than a project down the line. It also tells me the Rams are happy with their olbers. I think a guy like Wyatt Hubert made more sense, but not as far as an edge setter. Roche and Rashed still made more sense to me as I am not a fan of the edge rushers until obo and Lewis can stay healthy. And if the Rams can pick up a Houston or Ingram or Kerrigan cheap, ill like this pick more. But if they needed an edge setting 43 34 DE, he was the best available at the pick.

Jake Funk - RB depth and ST ace. If his knees hold out, he could provide serious depth to both groups. And they wanted to upgrade STs. I hope he makes the roster. He looks to have regained his athleticism. But 2 left acl tears in 2 years makes me think he isn't long for the NFL. But he might give you 4 good years of STs and RB 3 or 4. And for a 7th rounder, that's really all you can ask. He will never be a superstar, but he will be solid, will always bring a positive attitude and plenty of effort. I think fans will like this guy.

Ben Skowronek - he is gonna have to make STs to make the roster. WR is too deep. Strong hands, plenty of contested catch ability and maybe a future in a hybrid role. I think he is a practice squad kid that fans will love in the preseason. But gets caught in a numbers game. If he does anything positive on STs, this pick is a success.

Chris's Garrett - never saw him until after the draft. Man does he have a node for the ball. Especially when it's in the qbs hands. Pure developmental PS kid, but I think he is high ceiling, and again, he has the profile of a STs contributer. Hard not to love his upside at the end of the draft. Personally I take Hamilcar Rashed Jr here, but this pick is ok on upside alone.

One last guy - Paris Ford, ballhawking tone setter that had 2nd day tape, a 3rd day pro day at best and off the field flags that had most teams remove him completely. If AD can mentor this kid and he decides to focus on football, he can be a real nice pickup. I have a feeling he will have a very short leash, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him let go before training camp and it also wouldn't surprise me to see him make the 53.

So there is a more positive spin on the draft after weeks of digesting it while sitting in a tractor for 12 hrs a day with it on auto steer.

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

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  Last Atwell weigh-in he was 160lbs

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  Some thoughts from the tractor a few weeks removed

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