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Thanks for all the great work on the draft

May 03, 2021 02:21AM

Thanks for everything you do on the draft. I have not been posting much lately but I read all of your posts and they are great. Again thank you.

I think Snead and those geeks he has working in the back room have a different data set on playing speed and performance that is kept top secret. I can understand them not taking a OL and Tutu will be fun to watch, I hope. I admit I am still suffering from the disaster Austin was. At least we didn't trade up like we did for Austin. Lets hope he can return punts where he doesn't really have any experience.

Jones seems to be their kind of guy for one of the ILB. Kiser probably gone after this year and they need a replacement. A geek squad pick

The DL choices do hint at Morris looking for something different than just a 3/4 defense. That will be an interesting development.

Rochell seems like he has a great physical package and production at a lower level. Interesting to see how fast they can coach him up.

Harris: I guess I am a sucker for his potential. 4.39 40?, great size and hands. Great special teamer. Seems like he is a guy they can develop.

You hit the nail on the head with ST. When there is a 30 or 40% chance of a 4 rounder or later making the team it makes sense to get some players that can contribute right away and let your player development work on maturing them to take over as a position player in a year or two. Snead has done a good job on finding talent in the later rounds that McVay can coach up.

What I find interesting to think about is that the Rams have a specific plan for each of these players. And based on these choices it would seem to give us just a little insight into what the Rams are planning for next year. Almost all these guys are drafted as depth pieces to be used on special teams this year. Maybe Tutu gets a package and returns punts. And Jones is probably ready to play if Kizer or Reeder gets hurt. Brown maybe can get in on a goal line defense and maybe make a rotation spot on DL and I guess Rockhell has a chance to beat out Long who has been a disappointment.

Anyway thanks again and stay positive. Heck this draft even has 43 scratching his head.

  My Draft review

Deadpool1377May 02, 2021 09:05PM

  Great stuff. You've been so dialed in that

stlramz142May 02, 2021 10:16PM

  Ernest Jones

hubestar174May 03, 2021 01:30AM

  Re: Ernest Jones

Ramdemic109May 03, 2021 06:37AM

  Re: Ernest Jones

Rams4395May 03, 2021 06:43AM

  Re: Ernest Jones

Ramdemic75May 03, 2021 11:55AM

  Re: Ernest Jones

hubestar72May 03, 2021 11:49AM

  Thanks again for your draft thoughts

brgjoe92May 02, 2021 11:45PM

  Re: My Draft review

Rams43112May 03, 2021 12:53AM

  Thanks for all the great work on the draft

David Deacon69May 03, 2021 02:21AM

  Last Atwell weigh-in he was 160lbs

Ram Fan Teacher104May 03, 2021 04:01AM

  Re: Last Atwell weigh-in he was 160lbs

six2stack97May 03, 2021 04:28AM

  Re: Last Atwell weigh-in he was 160lbs

Ekern5553May 03, 2021 11:46AM

  Re: Last Atwell weigh-in he was 160lbs

Classicalwit34May 13, 2021 01:52PM

  Jabril Cox

LSURAM165May 03, 2021 04:09AM

  Re: Jabril Cox

Killrazor111May 03, 2021 04:36AM

  Re: Jabril Cox

merlin50May 12, 2021 09:22AM

  good work again/as for the apology..........

21Dog90May 03, 2021 04:29AM

  On Funk

PHDram111May 03, 2021 05:52AM

  Funk is basically Chase Reynolds

LMU93103May 03, 2021 06:11AM

  Re: Funk is basically Chase Reynolds

PHDram90May 03, 2021 06:12AM

  Re: Funk is basically Chase Reynolds

LMU9388May 03, 2021 06:14AM

  Re: Funk is basically Chase Reynolds

PHDram67May 03, 2021 06:48AM

  Great Stuff Deadpool

BearlyThere81May 03, 2021 05:57AM

  thank you again

LMU9359May 03, 2021 06:07AM

  Re: My Draft review..Don't sleep on WR Skowronek..6'3" 220

oldschoolramfan112May 03, 2021 06:53AM

  Maybe they can develop him as a tight end

promomasterj55May 03, 2021 04:13PM

  Re: Maybe they can develop him as a tight end

PHDram47May 03, 2021 06:46PM

  Re: Maybe they can develop him as a tight end

Ekern5539May 03, 2021 07:04PM

  Re: My Draft review

spamlord120May 03, 2021 11:17AM


Deadpool138May 03, 2021 11:37AM

  Re: Simple

spamlord78May 03, 2021 11:53AM

  So then you're saying you suck at this?

JamesJM79May 03, 2021 11:53AM

  Some random thoughts

merlin97May 03, 2021 06:34PM

  Re: My Draft review

leafnose93May 12, 2021 06:04AM

  Some thoughts from the tractor a few weeks removed

Deadpool144May 12, 2021 10:41AM

  Re: Some thoughts from the tractor a few weeks removed

MamaRAMa70May 12, 2021 10:58AM

  Re: Some thoughts from the tractor a few weeks removed

Rams4356May 12, 2021 11:07AM

  Brilliant stuff Dead.

BC Ramsfan53May 12, 2021 11:44AM

  Just be careful on the tractor

BlueRidgeHorns54May 12, 2021 02:04PM

  from the tractor a few weeks removed: That's how I view this haul

Florida_Ram62May 13, 2021 03:33PM

  McSnead switched things up a bit

David Deacon37May 14, 2021 02:47AM

  Any thoughts on the rest of the NFC West drafts? (nm)

303021May 14, 2021 07:07AM

  some thoughts

Deadpool31May 16, 2021 05:09PM