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He's riffing on Jourdan's reporting

June 08, 2024 01:02PM

Whether Jake is right about this Corner or not, he's got the right drift in noting how they laid out the recent non contact sessions. They had #14 going on the perimeter.


And here Durant has been talked about as both CB and star this upcoming year. Nothing wrong with Jake going on for however long, but we can arrive at the point a lot faster.

Durant played field corner last year and also star but didn't make the impact plays he did as a rookie.

What would be interesting is if Jourdan told us WHAT CB positions Durant and Williams were player ... if they are going to do what they usually do ... or if Durant is really in White's position and if Williams is where he will be during season or up Williams was bumped to the boundary and Durant to the field ...in White's absence.

We did see that DK and Yeast were playing some star... that would presume Rams know what they have in Durant if they wanted to go 3 CBs in nickel since they have seen him, he's a known quantity.

Jake is fine ... he's a good fan and has worked his way to the top ... but man, he takes so long to arrive at his point. I have to skip through until I find the point -- cannot listen to him that long.

Plus, he's just taking Jourdan's reports and going on about them. We do that here and even in Jourdan's case --- she's not distinguishing the kind of CB durant is playing and that would be interesting to know.

Ten days ago I order Durant as the #3 CB. No surprise at all he was stepping in when White was out. Not to me, anyway.

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  VID: Jake Ellenbogen - It's time to start talking about THIS GUY

Ramsdude394June 07, 2024 12:14PM


leafnose140June 08, 2024 04:41AM

  He's riffing on Jourdan's reporting

JimYoungblood53160June 08, 2024 01:02PM

  Re: He's riffing on Jourdan's reporting

Rams4378June 09, 2024 05:21AM

  JY53 You Are Tough.

den-the-coach70June 09, 2024 06:22AM

  Re: JY53 You Are Tough.

Rams4347June 09, 2024 06:51AM

  Re: Kendrick

leafnose45June 09, 2024 07:16AM

  Re: Kendrick

den-the-coach39June 09, 2024 07:38AM

  That was a Kool Reference Den Easy like Sunday Morning Brother!

BerendsenRam34June 09, 2024 07:43AM

  Kendrick is a guy who fills in until you can get a real starter quality

JimYoungblood5334June 09, 2024 12:48PM

  Re: Kendrick

Rams4339June 09, 2024 07:46AM

  I could not make it through all of it.

JimYoungblood5337June 09, 2024 12:46PM

  This clip illustrates size issue with Durant in slot (also some outside)

JimYoungblood5333June 09, 2024 01:13PM

  Cobie as left edge, slot blitz ... but --- little shot on this one

JimYoungblood5327June 09, 2024 02:30PM

  Another think to consider is more dime usage Attachments

JimYoungblood5336June 09, 2024 01:26PM

  What can happen -- motion Attachments

JimYoungblood5334June 09, 2024 01:36PM

  Random Cincy plays

JimYoungblood5327June 09, 2024 02:14PM

  True dime defense -- a 4-1-6

JimYoungblood5327June 09, 2024 02:35PM

  Safety blitz

JimYoungblood5327June 09, 2024 02:37PM

  Other possibilities for 2024 Attachments

JimYoungblood5322June 09, 2024 04:36PM

  So long-winded...

RantoulRam37June 11, 2024 08:19AM

  yeah, poor guy

JimYoungblood5330June 11, 2024 02:34PM


RantoulRam25June 11, 2024 06:20PM