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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Rapp in game on the 3rd and long, not the 3rd and 4 where Brockers gor sack

JimYoungblood531109/13/2020 05:10PM

  Man Goff is sharp beat pressure there!

Speed_Kills1909/13/2020 05:09PM

  3 yards and a cloud of dust

Ram_Ruler1309/13/2020 05:08PM

  Why is Kupp handling PR? NM.

Rams432309/13/2020 05:05PM

  Re: Why is Kupp handling PR? NM.

napoli809/13/2020 05:06PM

  maybe inside own territory

Hazlet Hacksaw709/13/2020 05:06PM

  becuase hes a slot

Speed_Kills409/13/2020 05:07PM

  nice stop by the D

Speed_Kills2209/13/2020 05:06PM

  that was good

Hazlet Hacksaw309/13/2020 05:07PM

  Need a TD this drive.

NewMexicoRam509/13/2020 05:07PM

  (LOL!) You Don't Hear Brockers' Name Because...

ramBRO2809/13/2020 05:06PM

  4 missed tackles on first play - nm

Hazlet Hacksaw1509/13/2020 05:01PM

  much better after first play

Hazlet Hacksaw409/13/2020 05:06PM

  Something else hasn't changed. 3rd and long conversions.

NewMexicoRam2309/13/2020 05:04PM

  Holy crap! We made a stop! Nm

sstrams709/13/2020 05:04PM

  Brock!!!!! Bout time

napoli2309/13/2020 05:04PM

  How bout a blitz

droopy1709/13/2020 05:04PM

  So faze coverage

napoli2309/13/2020 05:03PM

  Just muted my TV

mexram3009/13/2020 05:02PM

  Tackling is gawd awful

napoli1909/13/2020 05:01PM

  Rams playing like there uniforms...nm

ramsfanatic1109/13/2020 05:01PM

  Doesn't look like a TD but in any case many of us have said

Speed_Kills8509/13/2020 04:43PM

  Al and Chris just said it doesn't seem like Dallas should be in front

Speed_Kills1709/13/2020 04:46PM

  Re: Al and Chris just said it doesn't seem like Dallas should be in front

Hazlet Hacksaw1409/13/2020 04:47PM

  They're right....

RAMbler1109/13/2020 04:49PM

  Re: disagree about the defense

Speed_Kills1409/13/2020 04:50PM

  Re: Doesn't look like a TD but in any case many of us have said

Classicalwit1509/13/2020 04:47PM

  Which defense?

NewMexicoRam1409/13/2020 04:48PM

  Re: Which defense?

Classicalwit309/13/2020 05:01PM

  they wore down already

Hazlet Hacksaw1109/13/2020 04:49PM

  Re: I don't know why any of you think the Rams are gonna shutdown Dallas

Speed_Kills1109/13/2020 04:54PM

  Speed, we say that every game, every year..

sstrams509/13/2020 04:58PM

  and they don't even talk about how well the Rams played

Speed_Kills1509/13/2020 04:52PM

  Cowboys win probability at halftime:

JimYoungblood532109/13/2020 05:01PM

  typical Rams game under Mcvay

Hazlet Hacksaw12109/13/2020 04:46PM

  Kicking too many short FGs and barely getting beat..

sstrams2209/13/2020 04:48PM

  And he said he's "got to get better on that"

NewMexicoRam2109/13/2020 04:49PM

  He needs to call somebody...

RAMbler2409/13/2020 04:53PM

  Not a bad idea

NewMexicoRam1809/13/2020 04:55PM

  He really does...

sstrams1309/13/2020 04:57PM

  Re: typical Rams game under Mcvay

Classicalwit1209/13/2020 04:58PM

  Daley differences

JimYoungblood536809/13/2020 04:50PM

  stole this off of twitter--shows who was in on that long Dak run Attachments

JimYoungblood532609/13/2020 04:57PM

  Re: stole this off of twitter--shows who was in on that long Dak run

Hazlet Hacksaw1109/13/2020 04:58PM

  Curious to see halftime adjs on O and D

Hazlet Hacksaw1109/13/2020 04:57PM

  ...and we're losing...

sstrams7609/13/2020 04:44PM

  At least the defense will not be tired

RamsDynasty1609/13/2020 04:50PM

  2 quarters to go

mexram1509/13/2020 04:51PM

  Re: 2 quarters to go

CarolinaRam409/13/2020 04:56PM

  Unbelievable.... our defense sucks again... nm

sstrams7109/13/2020 04:40PM

  middle is soft as a jelly dougnut

Hazlet Hacksaw1909/13/2020 04:41PM

  Re: Unbelievable.... our defense sucks again... nm

CarolinaRam1909/13/2020 04:41PM

  We need a pass rushing linebacker

RamsDynasty1709/13/2020 04:42PM

  yes he plays for Falcons now nm

Hazlet Hacksaw1009/13/2020 04:48PM

  I am missing Wade....

73Ram7609/13/2020 04:41PM

  Seems we still have the 2019 Wade coaching

NewMexicoRam1409/13/2020 04:43PM

  The cowboys offense put Wade to pasture nm

Ram_Ruler609/13/2020 04:46PM

  Re: The cowboys offense put Wade to pasture nm

73Ram1409/13/2020 04:47PM

  You Guys All We Have on The Dline is AD

Classicalwit4709/13/2020 04:46PM

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