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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFootballFans.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Cardinals are gonna pick up points before the half

MamaRAMa3509/25/2022 12:54PM

  Re: Cardinals are gonna pick up points before the half

ramsfanatic409/25/2022 12:55PM


sstrams309/25/2022 12:57PM

  Should be 21-3

NewMexicoRam609/25/2022 12:58PM

  Re: Should be 21-3

MamaRAMa509/25/2022 12:59PM

  Re: Cardinals are gonna pick up points before the half

Classicalwit509/25/2022 01:01PM

  Too close for comfort

dodgerram1909/25/2022 01:01PM

  #1 is NOT a good route runner

napoli4809/25/2022 12:47PM

  ARob? He doesn't appear to be very impressive..

sstrams809/25/2022 12:49PM

  Re: #1 is NOT a good route runner

Classicalwit409/25/2022 12:59PM

  Rams DB's should get a little closer....

JamesJM3809/25/2022 12:52PM

  they have babies out there

Hazlet Hacksaw809/25/2022 12:57PM

  Robinson looks slow or not quick to me....nm

Arkansas Ram3409/25/2022 12:48PM

  Re: Robinson looks slow or not quick to me....nm

ramsfanatic709/25/2022 12:49PM

  forcing the ball to him is killing the offense

Hazlet Hacksaw1009/25/2022 12:50PM

  Re: Robinson looks slow or not quick to me....nm

Classicalwit809/25/2022 12:55PM

  What is that, 3 or 4 flags on our O line?

NewMexicoRam2309/25/2022 12:42PM

  You must be at least 5 full minutes ahead of me (nm)

JamesJM309/25/2022 12:44PM

  That's what I thought, but I think he was referring to..

sstrams409/25/2022 12:47PM

  Yeah, I think you're right (nm)

JamesJM009/25/2022 12:48PM

  Yep, previous drives

NewMexicoRam209/25/2022 12:55PM

  Punter sucks...need to flip the field...

ramsfanatic1709/25/2022 12:48PM

  CANNOT let them score before half..

sstrams1009/25/2022 12:48PM

  Love to see McVay go all out to score here...

JamesJM1809/25/2022 12:43PM

  Just don't throw a goofy INT...

sstrams609/25/2022 12:44PM

  Very true but I hate...

JamesJM309/25/2022 12:46PM

  Should have been unnecessary roughness..

sstrams2009/25/2022 12:46PM

  Kupp is the leading rusher and the leading receiver for the Rams today

MamaRAMa1609/25/2022 12:18PM

  We do, but they're not very good... nm

sstrams209/25/2022 12:19PM

  Re: Kupp is the leading rusher and the leading receiver for the Rams today

Stafford9309/25/2022 12:41PM

  Re: Kupp is the leading rusher and the leading receiver for the Rams today

MamaRAMa809/25/2022 12:44PM

  Ramsey smacked him pretty good..

sstrams2209/25/2022 12:27PM

  Re: Ramsey smacked him pretty good..

Stafford9209/25/2022 12:42PM

  Yeah, I've always liked his tacking aggressiveness..

sstrams809/25/2022 12:43PM

  Saved by a dropped pass

MamaRAMa1609/25/2022 12:42PM

  Held 'em to a FG.. That's cool.... nm

sstrams1109/25/2022 12:41PM

  Was doing something in the kitchen... I come up back and Cardinals are in redzone

MamaRAMa1809/25/2022 12:36PM

  Defense going soft...

sstrams1009/25/2022 12:37PM

  They seem very aggressive to me.. the problem...

JamesJM409/25/2022 12:39PM

  Well, that's kinda what I meant.

sstrams109/25/2022 12:40PM

  Going to be an 18 play drive

NewMexicoRam2009/25/2022 12:38PM

  Takes up the rest of the half...

sstrams1109/25/2022 12:40PM

  Murray missed a sure TD..

sstrams1509/25/2022 12:38PM

  Ramsey playing really well today.... nm

sstrams1609/25/2022 12:30PM

  Yup, and the whole D... even on this drive...

JamesJM209/25/2022 12:34PM

  Defense still isn't good on 3rd and long

NewMexicoRam809/25/2022 12:34PM

  how many time has floyd lined up offisides?

Hazlet Hacksaw1109/25/2022 12:34PM

  God I hate soft coverage on 4th downs

The_Zone2109/25/2022 12:31PM

  Yeah its extremely frustrating..

sstrams309/25/2022 12:32PM

  they were a yard short there

Hazlet Hacksaw1309/25/2022 12:28PM

  Sometimes McVays TO's when a play looks to be succesful..

sstrams2409/25/2022 12:20PM

  Yeah, he seems to do that a lot... (nm)

JamesJM909/25/2022 12:22PM

  My wife just said the same.

Hazlet Hacksaw409/25/2022 12:22PM

  Reminds me of Monk...

JamesJM609/25/2022 12:26PM

  that was the big call out of the time out?

Hazlet Hacksaw3309/25/2022 12:20PM

  The play he killed to Higbie..

sstrams1609/25/2022 12:22PM

  Technical term, I believe, is a brain fart (nm)

JamesJM309/25/2022 12:22PM

  Its frustrating...

sstrams909/25/2022 12:23PM

  Dixon doesnt inspire much does he?

Hazlet Hacksaw2709/25/2022 12:21PM

  Nope... very run of the mill so far (nm)

JamesJM309/25/2022 12:23PM

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