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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Ok, that TD was just pretty...

MamaRAMa2109/20/2020 10:35AM

  OK...Time To Go Deep!

ramBRO2209/20/2020 10:31AM

  Re: OK...Time To Go Deep!

ramBRO909/20/2020 10:34AM

  Good call, Bro! nm

sstrams409/20/2020 10:35AM

  TD !!!!!!nm

Rams_78809/20/2020 10:34AM

  we'll take that nm

Rams_78509/20/2020 10:33AM

  Great run blocking, great run by Hendy!

Rams432609/20/2020 10:30AM

  yup that was fantastic blocking

Speed_Kills1109/20/2020 10:32AM


sstrams3109/20/2020 10:29AM


Classicalwit1709/20/2020 10:30AM

  Yeah, I dunno if he slowed down or the guy had the..

sstrams2109/20/2020 10:31AM

  Re: HENDERSON! nm Yep finally a burst Surprised he was caught nm

Rams_781509/20/2020 10:31AM

  RB committee is working, depth &versatility

Rams Junkie1009/20/2020 10:32AM

  OK...Doug Pedurson Has Figured Out The D

ramBRO7009/20/2020 10:17AM

  Re: OK...Doug Pedurson Has Figured Out The D

ramBRO2009/20/2020 10:18AM

  Maybe #41 Kenny Young has the speed to work well as a blitzer

Rams Junkie2009/20/2020 10:19AM

  Re: Maybe #41 Kenny Young has the speed to work well as a blitzer

Classicalwit1309/20/2020 10:29AM

  Re: Maybe #41 Kenny Young has the speed to work well as a blitzer

ramBRO1109/20/2020 10:32AM

  Need to get this to 31-19

Speed_Kills2409/20/2020 10:30AM

  Wow what a great play well blocked

Speed_Kills1109/20/2020 10:31AM

  That would be nice, no?

sstrams809/20/2020 10:32AM

  Get 7! NmNm

sfbayram609/20/2020 10:31AM

  C'mon RAMS O mix it up and move those chains TD nm

Rams_78809/20/2020 10:29AM

  Why they never call holdings for the Rams?

mexram5009/20/2020 10:23AM

  Re: Why they never call holdings for the Rams?

AlbaNY_Ram1609/20/2020 10:27AM

  Saw that too

RamsDynasty1309/20/2020 10:28AM

  Re: Why they never call holdings for the Rams?

Rams Junkie1309/20/2020 10:28AM

  That's how QB play doesn't leave points on the field..Awareness nm

Rams_781209/20/2020 10:28AM

  Whew on the penalty but still play smart RAMS!! nm

Rams_781309/20/2020 10:26AM

  Just gonna say it...

Rams439809/20/2020 10:18AM

  Re: Just gonna say it...

Classicalwit2209/20/2020 10:20AM

  Re: they aren't very good there 43

Speed_Kills2509/20/2020 10:21AM

  Re: they aren't very good there 43

Rams432109/20/2020 10:23AM

  Losing at the LOS

RamsFanSince695809/20/2020 10:17AM

  Re: Losing at the LOS on the D side winning the O side nm

Rams_781609/20/2020 10:19AM

  on D for sure

Speed_Kills1809/20/2020 10:20AM

  Re: on D for sure

Classicalwit1709/20/2020 10:22AM


sstrams8409/20/2020 10:12AM

  i thought is arm was hit

shellback1909/20/2020 10:13AM

  No, they showed the replay.. no arm hit.. nm

sstrams509/20/2020 10:15AM


JimYoungblood531709/20/2020 10:14AM

  Re: STUPID...

Classicalwit2009/20/2020 10:14AM

  Yup, but that's on Goff..

sstrams2109/20/2020 10:16AM

  Ok 24-16 Rams

Speed_Kills4009/20/2020 10:14AM

  That's the right way to look at it

stlramz1709/20/2020 10:15AM


Speed_Kills1409/20/2020 10:16AM

  RUN The Damn Ball!

ramBRO4709/20/2020 10:10AM

  Re: RUN The Damn Ball!

stlramz1409/20/2020 10:13AM

  McVay is in pass happy mode..

sstrams1309/20/2020 10:14AM

  the OPI hurt down there

Speed_Kills1209/20/2020 10:15AM

  Woods got CLOCKED..

sstrams5109/20/2020 10:08AM

  I'm telling ya, leather helmets.....

JamesJM1909/20/2020 10:10AM

  Looked like a dirty play NRC

Rams Junkie1609/20/2020 10:12AM

  Re: Looked like a dirty play NRC

YorkiePud1509/20/2020 10:14AM

  No doubt about it. (nm)

JamesJM609/20/2020 10:14AM

  Noteboom Injured Again

Classicalwit10009/20/2020 10:01AM

  Sort of reminds me of Saffold in that regard...

sstrams2809/20/2020 10:02AM

  Re: Sort of reminds me of Saffold in that regard...

RamsDynasty1709/20/2020 10:04AM

  Re: Noteboom Injured Again But Edwards just might be an improvement nm

Rams_781609/20/2020 10:04AM

  Right, this might be the best starting Oline

Rams Junkie1809/20/2020 10:06AM

  Re: Right, this might be the best starting Oline

RamsDynasty1209/20/2020 10:13AM

  Why didn't we run the ball in attempting the TD?

MamaRAMa1709/20/2020 10:13AM

  Another POOR Redzone Effort

ramBRO5209/20/2020 10:12AM

  better than a pic

shellback1409/20/2020 10:12AM

  Re: Another POOR Redzone Effort

Banana Ram1309/20/2020 10:12AM

  Re: 3 for 4 today and a penalty was the killer That works nm

Rams_78609/20/2020 10:13AM

  Well dang 3 is better than zilch nm

Rams_78909/20/2020 10:12AM

  Been watching Edwards since he came in...

Rams435909/20/2020 10:12AM

  Now lets see McVay answer ...keep an eye on pass rush and interior

Speed_Kills3509/20/2020 09:59AM

  ballsy call by McVay good job getting 1st down!!! nm

Speed_Kills1009/20/2020 10:01AM

  nice answer drive here

Speed_Kills1009/20/2020 10:07AM

  Robert Woods is one tough football player

Speed_Kills1009/20/2020 10:09AM

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