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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Kupp is having a season

The_Zone2510/24/2021 01:39PM

  We're toast without Kupp... nm

sstrams710/24/2021 01:40PM

  WHY go for 2 ...but they get it!! nm

Rams_783810/24/2021 01:36PM

  I don't get that either...

sstrams1110/24/2021 01:37PM

  Re: WHY gor for 2 ...but they get it!! nm

MamaRAMa1210/24/2021 01:38PM

  Re: WHY gor for 2 ...but they get it!! nm

JYB1410/24/2021 01:39PM

  Two FG now will only tie you

dodgerram1210/24/2021 01:39PM

  Wow.. right as I'm gonna post that Stafford..

sstrams5110/24/2021 01:31PM

  the play calling is bizarre nm

Hazlet Hacksaw1210/24/2021 01:32PM

  Agreed (nm)

JamesJM810/24/2021 01:34PM

  Woods should be wide open on most plays

Hazlet Hacksaw910/24/2021 01:39PM

  Another damn pass to Kupp... what is Stafford thinking?

JamesJM3710/24/2021 01:36PM

  19-17 Start of 4th Quarter

NJRam7151510/24/2021 01:36PM


sstrams1910/24/2021 01:35PM

  CK TD GO RAMS!! nm

Rams_781110/24/2021 01:35PM

  Does McVay have a plan?

Hazlet Hacksaw3710/24/2021 01:32PM

  He's been our HC for 5 years???

Ramgator1410/24/2021 01:33PM

  We have TWENTY NINE yards rushing!! PATHETIC!!!!!!

Ramgator4110/24/2021 01:31PM

  Re: We have TWENTY NINE yards rushing!! PATHETIC!!!!!!

MamaRAMa1710/24/2021 01:31PM

  ..and they said Detroit sucks against the run..

sstrams1210/24/2021 01:32PM

  Re: We have TWENTY NINE yards rushing!! PATHETIC!!!!!!

CarolinaRam1510/24/2021 01:32PM

  McVay callling a crappy game

stlrams133710/24/2021 01:31PM

  Re: McVay callling a crappy game

MamaRAMa1510/24/2021 01:32PM

  One man team

Hazlet Hacksaw4010/24/2021 01:30PM

  Re: One man team

CarolinaRam1410/24/2021 01:30PM

  Re: Yep but then again if it's there take it nm

Rams_78910/24/2021 01:31PM

  I know, I know, simply must stop going to Kupp...

JamesJM2210/24/2021 01:31PM

  Stafford is something like 22-34. That's not so hot.

MamaRAMa2610/24/2021 01:30PM

  some passes have been "What the heck"

Hazlet Hacksaw1410/24/2021 01:31PM

  Letting teams gain confidence

The_Zone1810/24/2021 01:30PM

  Rams are playing a desperate team.

chico n da rams4510/24/2021 01:23PM

  AT 0-6 they have no chance..

sstrams2010/24/2021 01:24PM

  on St's for sure

Hazlet Hacksaw1210/24/2021 01:26PM

  Re: AT 0-6 they have no chance..

CarolinaRam1010/24/2021 01:26PM

  THIS is their Super Bowl! Even if they pull this off....

Ramgator1510/24/2021 01:26PM

  Re: THIS is their Super Bowl! Even if they pull this off....

CarolinaRam1310/24/2021 01:29PM

  Good teams win the games they are supposed to

Paco70810/24/2021 01:30PM

  Man this team.... such a disappointing game nm

shellback910/24/2021 01:30PM

  CK does it again!! nm

Rams_78910/24/2021 01:30PM

  no more jet sweeps nm

Hazlet Hacksaw1110/24/2021 01:29PM

  If the Ram's had even piss poor ST's we'd be far in the lead. (nm)

JamesJM3010/24/2021 01:26PM

  We aspire to be piss poor..

sstrams1310/24/2021 01:27PM

  to beat a dead horse

Hazlet Hacksaw1410/24/2021 01:28PM

  McVay needs an ego check

stlrams136510/24/2021 01:15PM

  Re: I think that is a much bigger problem then most would acknowledge nm

Rams_781110/24/2021 01:23PM

  Re: McVay needs an ego check

chico n da rams1110/24/2021 01:28PM

  Special teams driving me nuts

Ram_Ruler4110/24/2021 01:25PM

  We're too stupid...

sstrams2010/24/2021 01:26PM

  its all coaching

Hazlet Hacksaw1510/24/2021 01:27PM

  I know it's not how you start but how you finish

MamaRAMa3110/24/2021 01:24PM

  Ok.. lets regroup and run it out to the 18 yard line.. nm

sstrams3010/24/2021 01:22PM

  ST coach needs to be fired if he does

RamsDynasty1010/24/2021 01:23PM


RamsDynasty1010/24/2021 01:24PM

  Get to the 25 and get a holding.

The_Zone2310/24/2021 01:24PM

  I really think the league wants this to be a close game

Hazlet Hacksaw2410/24/2021 01:23PM

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