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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFootballFans.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  The game is in Lamars hands

Stafford95001/28/2024 12:45PM

  Game over

sstrams2101/28/2024 12:48PM

  same ole ravens

Hazlet Hacksaw2501/28/2024 12:53PM

  Jackson sucks in postseason..

sstrams2001/28/2024 12:55PM

  Is that next week?

JamesJM2201/28/2024 12:55PM

  Does that constitute going belly up? nm.

Saguaro2001/28/2024 12:49PM

  Darn good imitation if it wasn't. (nm)

JamesJM1601/28/2024 12:52PM

  No targets for OBJ ?

illini_ram5101/28/2024 12:39PM

  I saw him on the bench

sstrams1901/28/2024 12:40PM

  Game is not over yet

Stafford91901/28/2024 12:41PM

  Usually there is one upset

Stafford93901/28/2024 12:35PM

  amen (nm)

JamesJM1401/28/2024 12:40PM

  That was a bad miss by Mahomes

Stafford93501/28/2024 12:37PM

  It's like Baltimore doesn't think KC will throw to Kelce..

sstrams3801/28/2024 12:32PM

  But that's same whomever they play...

JamesJM2101/28/2024 12:34PM

  Same with Witten

sstrams1901/28/2024 12:36PM

  ..and another roughing the passer.. idiots..

sstrams3101/28/2024 12:34PM

  Flowers is an idiot..

sstrams6001/28/2024 12:28PM

  Great play by the defender to knock it out. nm.

Saguaro1601/28/2024 12:30PM

  Then cuts his hand slamming his helmet down..

sstrams1801/28/2024 12:33PM


ramBRO3101/28/2024 12:31PM

  Taunting..... this is the dumbest team in history (nm)

JamesJM4701/28/2024 12:23PM

  I hope these Raven players....

JamesJM2701/28/2024 12:24PM

  It's shockingly stupid.. and where the hell is OBJ?

sstrams3101/28/2024 12:24PM


Hazlet Hacksaw2001/28/2024 12:28PM

  I'm going to make the call.. Chiefs have this in the bag....

JamesJM4301/28/2024 12:01PM

  I was going to wait to see if they score

Stafford91801/28/2024 12:02PM

  Yeah, barring a pick 6 or something..,

sstrams1801/28/2024 12:03PM

  The Ravens bag is full of holes. Extra ones, besides the ones in their heads. nm.

Saguaro2001/28/2024 12:26PM


sstrams4301/28/2024 12:22PM

  What happen to Elaire

Stafford93401/28/2024 12:03PM

  The best I have seen Kelce look in a little no time

Stafford93301/28/2024 12:01PM

  Chefs score here its over..

sstrams3801/28/2024 12:00PM

  I do not recall the the Chiefs D being this good... this year...

JamesJM4201/28/2024 11:54AM

  Would have had a better record if it had been this good all year. nm

Saguaro1801/28/2024 11:56AM

  I think they were the #2 ranked defense..?

sstrams2201/28/2024 11:58AM

  They are peaking at the right time

Stafford91901/28/2024 11:59AM

  That should have been a pick

Stafford94001/28/2024 11:54AM

  Indeed. nm.

Saguaro2001/28/2024 11:55AM

  Play Lamars strengths

Stafford92201/28/2024 11:57AM

  No kidding (nm)

JamesJM1801/28/2024 11:55AM

  Yeah please remove Jackson from MVP consideration,.

sstrams1901/28/2024 11:57AM

  I know this sounds crazy but they need to come away with points

Stafford94101/28/2024 11:33AM

  Re: I know this sounds crazy but they need to come away with points

Stafford91201/28/2024 11:34AM

  If a Raven player was to intentionally....

JamesJM1801/28/2024 11:37AM

  Two penalties taking 7 off the board

Stafford92101/28/2024 11:45AM

  Pretty Good Game So Far

Classicalwit4601/28/2024 11:35AM

  Re: Pretty Good Game So Far

Stafford91801/28/2024 11:36AM

  Re: Pretty Good Game So Far

Classicalwit1901/28/2024 11:37AM

  And Lamar is not

Stafford91601/28/2024 11:40AM

  It could be better....

JamesJM2501/28/2024 11:39AM

  If the Ravens choke

Stafford94001/28/2024 11:35AM

  Re: If the Ravens choke

Classicalwit2701/28/2024 11:38AM

  Is anybody on this thread

Stafford94101/28/2024 11:18AM

  I'm always checking (nm)

JamesJM1601/28/2024 11:22AM

  Re: I'm always checking (nm)

Stafford91601/28/2024 11:23AM

  I'm here.. nm

sstrams1601/28/2024 11:26AM

  Re: I'm here.. nm

Classicalwit2901/28/2024 11:33AM

  Re: I'm here.. nm

Stafford91501/28/2024 11:34AM

  Re: I'm here.. nm

Classicalwit2301/28/2024 11:36AM

  Raven D falling apart..

sstrams4101/28/2024 11:28AM

  They are peaking at a he right time

Stafford91501/28/2024 11:29AM

  I cannot tolerate stupid penalties...

JamesJM2301/28/2024 11:30AM


sstrams2201/28/2024 11:32AM

  Re: I cannot tolerate stupid penalties...

Stafford92201/28/2024 11:32AM

  Re: Raven D falling apart..

Classicalwit1901/28/2024 11:32AM


Stafford93201/28/2024 11:30AM

  Defenses are heating up

Stafford93801/28/2024 11:27AM

  Haha we have different POVs

sstrams1701/28/2024 11:29AM

  If KC scores it will be tough

Stafford92701/28/2024 11:28AM

  McVay in red zone killed us

RamsDynasty15701/14/2024 06:01PM

  Re: McVay in red zone killed us

30306101/14/2024 06:01PM

  Re: McVay in red zone killed us

napoli6001/14/2024 06:01PM

  Re: McVay in red zone killed us

kw135701/14/2024 06:02PM

  Re: McVay in red zone killed us

30304601/14/2024 06:03PM

  Re: McVay in red zone killed us

CarolinaRam4001/15/2024 06:34AM

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