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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Phyrrus win if both Peters and Talib are seriously injured

dodgerram7109/23/2018 02:00PM

  Re: Phyrrus win if both Peters and Talib are seriously injured

Classicalwit1009/23/2018 03:14PM

  Nice classical reference

PeoriaRa509/23/2018 06:28PM

  Jared Threw Some Really Impressive Balls Today

Classicalwit1909/23/2018 03:47PM

  Longacre blows contain yet again. NM.

Rams432509/23/2018 01:46PM

  Re: Longacre blows contain yet again. NM.

CarolinaRam1609/23/2018 01:47PM

  Yes, AND he was held. nm.

Saguaro1409/23/2018 01:47PM

  Re: Yes, AND he was held. nm.

Classicalwit309/23/2018 03:22PM

  Where is Donald?

max15609/23/2018 01:02PM

  Re: Where is Donald?

Ramsfsninmd3009/23/2018 01:02PM

  little pass rush, crappy coverage nm

21Dog1709/23/2018 01:02PM

  Rivers is a statue. Donald better step up.

max2109/23/2018 01:06PM

  A statue with years of experience, outstanding vision, and a sharp release. nm.

Saguaro1209/23/2018 01:09PM

  All true. But we’re paying Suh and Donald more than Rivers

max1609/23/2018 01:11PM

  Yep. Consistently one of the toughest guys to sack

stlramz1109/23/2018 01:15PM

  That D Line

Ram492509/23/2018 01:04PM

  It's called the inability to cover short passes...

jemach2109/23/2018 01:04PM

  thats part of it

max1209/23/2018 01:08PM

  DBs are getting beaten......

21Dog1209/23/2018 01:15PM

  Safeties coveting over middle...

jemach809/23/2018 01:23PM

  Re: It's called the inability to cover short passes...

Classicalwit009/23/2018 03:16PM

  Re: Where is Donald?

CarolinaRam2409/23/2018 01:05PM

  Suh & Brockers

Ram491609/23/2018 01:23PM

  Rams have lots to clean up before Thursday night. NM.

Rams436009/23/2018 01:54PM

  It wouldn

mexram3209/23/2018 01:55PM

  The good news.. Vikings have MORE to fix. (nm)

JamesJM2009/23/2018 01:56PM

  Um, well...did they lose both starting corners? nm

Saguaro1609/23/2018 01:59PM

  Their both confirmed gone for good? YIKES, didn't hear that. That's BAD (nm)

JamesJM1809/23/2018 02:03PM

  No, not confirmed, but no way Peters is playing Thur, I doubt Talib either. nm.

Saguaro1409/23/2018 02:04PM

  Sorry Saguaro.. stream buggers too much sO I'm listening...

JamesJM1909/23/2018 02:05PM

  Re: The good news.. Vikings have MORE to fix. (nm)

Killrazor2109/23/2018 02:01PM

  Re: The good news.. Vikings have MORE to fix. (nm)

CarolinaRam709/23/2018 02:22PM

  Did Dan Fouts just give us our name?

jemach8109/23/2018 02:03PM

  Re: Did Dan Fouts just give us our name?

RamsFootballFans.com1909/23/2018 02:04PM

  NO. Please no...... nm

RAMbler509/23/2018 02:07PM

  Re: Did Dan Fouts just give us our name?

MamaRAMa909/23/2018 02:09PM

  I'll say it again... Brown...

JamesJM8709/23/2018 02:02PM

  Yup. I think Brown...

Suh-weet!2609/23/2018 02:05PM

  Natson Scares Me

Classicalwit9809/23/2018 01:34PM

  Re: Natson Scares Me

sfbayram2809/23/2018 02:00PM

  he's been out of the game for a while

21Dog2809/23/2018 02:01PM

  Re: Natson Scares Me

The Professor2209/23/2018 02:04PM

  Trust the system! nm.

Saguaro1909/23/2018 02:02PM

  Rams can go into victory mode

MamaRAMa1709/23/2018 02:02PM

  Another double digit win. How many can we expect? Nm

sfbayram1309/23/2018 02:02PM

  The OL and Gurley just salted it away!

PeoriaRa2509/23/2018 02:02PM

  Looks like a stop on 4th and 5

The Professor5209/23/2018 01:49PM

  Re: Looks like a stop on 4th and 5

The Professor2209/23/2018 01:50PM

  Re: Looks like a stop on 4th and 5

MamaRAMa1809/23/2018 01:51PM

  Unlikely score a TD

The Professor2009/23/2018 01:54PM

  Re: Unlikely score a TD

MamaRAMa909/23/2018 01:59PM

  Time to take a knee! (nm)

The Professor209/23/2018 02:02PM

  What was Whitworth's injury? (nm)

JamesJM5209/23/2018 02:00PM

  Re: What was Whitworth's injury? (nm)

MamaRAMa3709/23/2018 02:01PM

  I know its been a rough decade, but

PeoriaRa3409/23/2018 02:00PM

  Rams OL getting it done right now. NM.

Rams431509/23/2018 01:57PM

  Gurley is in Beastmode!!! nm

RAMbler1709/23/2018 01:57PM

  Wade better get his D together

max6509/23/2018 01:46PM

  Re: Wade better get his D together

MamaRAMa2409/23/2018 01:52PM

  I'll take the turnovers but sheesh....

JamesJM2409/23/2018 01:54PM

  In fairness, he was stopped on 4th down BEFORE he fumbled.

Saguaro2009/23/2018 01:55PM

  Put the nitro glycerin away 43

stlramz7509/23/2018 01:51PM

  Re: Put the nitro glycerin away 43

Rams432209/23/2018 01:52PM

  3-0. But injury status makes me nervous.

stlramz1909/23/2018 01:53PM

  Re: Put the nitro glycerin away 43

21Dog1809/23/2018 01:53PM

  Re: Put the nitro glycerin away 43

sfbayram1409/23/2018 01:55PM

  Badda bing!

stlramz1009/23/2018 01:55PM

  Re: Put the nitro glycerin away 43

YorkiePud1709/23/2018 01:52PM

  Nitro nothing!!

Ramgator1609/23/2018 01:53PM

  496 offensive yds... 356 given up.. as of now. (nm)

JamesJM909/23/2018 01:55PM

  Back to back runs to Gurley for new set of downs (nm)

The Professor1209/23/2018 01:52PM

  Huuuuuge play!

dodgerram3509/23/2018 01:50PM

  Shields pass breakup endzone

The Professor3409/23/2018 01:48PM

  Refs decided they need to be part of the story now. nm.

Saguaro3809/23/2018 01:42PM

  Maybe the last they'd like to make an appearance

Ram_Ruler1509/23/2018 01:44PM

  VERY poorly officiated

Ram491709/23/2018 01:44PM

  That was atrocious.

NewMexicoRam1809/23/2018 01:45PM

  D has to step up now(nm)

dodgerram809/23/2018 01:45PM

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