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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Heard it here first........

Arkansas Ram11009/15/2019 02:36PM

  That was an insanely cool run.. and..

sstrams1909/15/2019 02:43PM

  Re: Hey your not in that "Negative Nelly" group

Rams_781809/15/2019 02:46PM

  Thanks '78,, i appreciate that... I try not to be negative..

sstrams1209/15/2019 02:54PM

  Re: I feel fortunate I still have a working TV after a Fist Half of football like today lol nm

Rams_78909/15/2019 03:03PM

  You and me both, '78 lol nm

sstrams609/15/2019 03:22PM

  Watching Kupp I am constantly reminded....

JamesJM1909/15/2019 02:51PM

  Ya know I wasn't impressed with him as a rookie..

sstrams1509/15/2019 02:55PM

  next stop Cleveland

Los Angeles Lenny4309/15/2019 02:48PM

  Hats off to McVay for adjusting

stlrams1311509/15/2019 02:17PM

  Re: Hats off to McVay for adjusting

MamaRAMa3009/15/2019 02:19PM

  Yup.. My apologies for ragging him.. nm

sstrams2009/15/2019 02:20PM

  Re: Yup.. My apologies for ragging him.. nm

MamaRAMa2609/15/2019 02:21PM

  Now THAT was a good point. LOL (nm)

JamesJM1309/15/2019 02:22PM

  It kinda WAS because of me, wasn't it?

sstrams1909/15/2019 02:23PM

  As Samuel Jackson would say...

JamesJM2109/15/2019 02:29PM

  It's like the saying goes

stlramz1009/15/2019 02:32PM

  Re: Far from that it was just a real ugly half for the Offense nm

Rams_781709/15/2019 02:21PM

  Me too

Deadhead Ram2309/15/2019 02:21PM

  Same here

Ram_Ruler2209/15/2019 02:22PM

  I love McVay

Los Angeles Lenny1609/15/2019 02:46PM

  Demby good game.....nm

Arkansas Ram5509/15/2019 02:35PM

  Yeah, didn't hear his anme.. which is a good thing.... nm

sstrams1709/15/2019 02:36PM

  I’m going to watch the game again

Deadhead Ram2109/15/2019 02:38PM

  Funny how the "Negative Nelly's" just disappear on the GTF

Rams_788309/15/2019 02:32PM

  Re: Funny how the "Negative Nelly's" just disappear on the GTF

Deadhead Ram3109/15/2019 02:33PM

  Re: But your not it that GROUP your just ROOTIN hard for the RAMS Huge difference nm

Rams_781709/15/2019 02:35PM

  I can get super frustrated when we suck..

sstrams2409/15/2019 02:35PM

  Great 2nd half

Deadhead Ram5609/15/2019 02:34PM

  I'm sorry but I just don't know how to feel

mexram12809/15/2019 02:23PM

  Re: I'm sorry but I just don't know how to feel

Rams433509/15/2019 02:24PM

  They get a lot of credit

mexram2209/15/2019 02:32PM

  It's a marathon, not a sprint. I'm just watching and chilling. nm.

Saguaro2209/15/2019 02:25PM

  2nd half was just WAY better than anything...

JamesJM3009/15/2019 02:25PM

  Re: don’t feel sorry

Speed_Kills3209/15/2019 02:25PM

  True, but second half we gave them a beat down..

sstrams2709/15/2019 02:26PM

  Re:Feel good A Win is a Win Take it to the Bank

Rams_782609/15/2019 02:26PM

  They are playing junkie and averaging 30 PPG

stlramz3309/15/2019 02:26PM

  Re: I guess your right but... man

Speed_Kills2209/15/2019 02:30PM

  9/10 for 167 for Goff to close it out

Suh-weet!2109/15/2019 02:34PM

  Now that's a good thoght

mexram1709/15/2019 02:34PM

  Second half was just fine

Suh-weet!2109/15/2019 02:30PM

  Re: I'm sorry but I just don't know how to feel

reggae1909/15/2019 02:30PM

  Rams Have outscored the Saints 21-3 in the 2nd half...

Rams432009/15/2019 02:33PM

  Good win, goodnight folks

shellback3209/15/2019 02:33PM

  Jared Cook has been awful today... just trash lol nm

Speed_Kills4309/15/2019 02:27PM

  Re: Jared Cook is a turd

stlramz1909/15/2019 02:30PM

  WAs he thr guy that Aaron Rogers..

sstrams1709/15/2019 02:33PM

  Lots of penalties against the Saints

Deadhead Ram2209/15/2019 02:31PM

  We remember that Jared Cook!

Suh-weet!3409/15/2019 02:28PM

  My thought exactly. (nm)

JamesJM709/15/2019 02:28PM

  Jared Cook sucks...

sstrams3209/15/2019 02:27PM

  If we're gonna keep Gurley fresh...

sstrams4109/15/2019 02:22PM

  Maybe more of a sign that it's an overblown issue

Ram_Ruler1209/15/2019 02:23PM

  Re: Maybe more of a sign that it's an overblown issue

MamaRAMa1309/15/2019 02:25PM

  Enter Sandman Todd "Mariano Rivera" Gurley

RamsDynasty3009/15/2019 02:24PM

  That knee is killing Gurley right now

Speed_Kills8009/15/2019 02:22PM

  Is it?

Ram_Ruler2509/15/2019 02:22PM

  Re: put Brown in nm

Speed_Kills1409/15/2019 02:23PM

  You think it was the TD?

JamesJM2209/15/2019 02:23PM

  Man Peters is still being a douche

Ram_Ruler6709/15/2019 02:18PM

  Re: Who couldn't miss that ugh nm

Rams_781309/15/2019 02:19PM

  What did he do this time?

Deadhead Ram2109/15/2019 02:21PM

  In Bridgewater's face

Ram_Ruler2209/15/2019 02:21PM

  Yep he's going to start drawing taunting's

stlramz2109/15/2019 02:21PM

  Re: Yep he's going to start drawing taunting's

Rams431709/15/2019 02:23PM

  WHO DAT! Lost that new car smell ?

stlramz6409/15/2019 02:07PM

  Loved the stiff arm

Deadhead Ram1809/15/2019 02:08PM

  Kupp is gonna get a random PED test lol

Ram_Ruler1309/15/2019 02:09PM

  The thought crossed my mind

stlramz1109/15/2019 02:21PM

  Touché. LOL (nm)

JamesJM909/15/2019 02:09PM

  Hey Payton, not so smart without Brees...nm

stlrams131709/15/2019 02:20PM

  I think Gator just crapped his britches...

sstrams4909/15/2019 02:12PM

  Re: I think Gator just crapped his britches...

Rams431809/15/2019 02:13PM

  Lot of us at that game today....

JamesJM1709/15/2019 02:14PM

  I would, but in my office I only work with one other guy..

sstrams1209/15/2019 02:15PM

  Re: Time for some priceless videos I would think lol nm

Rams_78709/15/2019 02:17PM

  Yeah, no doubt.. but he's actually...

sstrams1209/15/2019 02:20PM


Deadhead Ram2209/15/2019 02:19PM

  Let's see some Henderson!!

THE FANATIC2009/15/2019 02:17PM

  Not a bad idea. (nm)

JamesJM509/15/2019 02:17PM

  If we hold 'em here, shoot yeah..

sstrams709/15/2019 02:18PM

  So, do ya think Brees will try to come in to save the day?

MamaRAMa2909/15/2019 02:13PM

  Re: So, do ya think Brees will try to come in to save the day?

Deadhead Ram1409/15/2019 02:14PM

  Re: imo not a chance, the game now is over too much risk nm

Rams_781109/15/2019 02:14PM

  Re: imo not a chance, the game now is over too much risk nm

Deadhead Ram1109/15/2019 02:16PM


sstrams6809/15/2019 02:06PM

  Was his right knee down before the ball crossed the plane? nm

MamaRAMa1309/15/2019 02:08PM

  Re: Wow what a play by that young man

Speed_Kills1609/15/2019 02:08PM

  Re: damn shame

Speed_Kills1209/15/2019 02:10PM

  Absolutely spectacular by CK!!! (nm)

Suh-weet!1209/15/2019 02:09PM

  Re: unbelievable!!!

Speed_Kills1109/15/2019 02:12PM

  Re: Geez I switched to Fox and you called it before I saw it dang nm lol

Rams_781009/15/2019 02:10PM

  Re: TOUCHDOWN KUPP!!!!!!! but you called it wrong lol nm

Rams_78909/15/2019 02:11PM

  My internall satelite got my signals crossed..

sstrams909/15/2019 02:14PM


sstrams1409/15/2019 02:11PM

  We're a three RB committee baby!

Ram_Ruler1009/15/2019 02:12PM

  Rough day for Havenstein

Ram_Ruler4909/15/2019 02:05PM

  Re: Yeah but other Teams we switch their rushing DE's over to his side nm

Rams_781509/15/2019 02:06PM

  If they do that.

Ram_Ruler2109/15/2019 02:08PM

  Re: well the RAMS haven't make that adjustment today, maybe in the furtue I hope nm

Rams_781309/15/2019 02:09PM

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