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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Add jameis to low IQ club

Cornelius15709/25/2016 03:37PM

  Yeah, He Lost All Situational Awareness (NM)

ramBRO2009/25/2016 03:39PM

  And the The Rapist Club. He and Ben Roethlisberger

LesBaker2809/25/2016 03:55PM

  Re: What's this got to do with the game? nm

dzrams1309/25/2016 04:58PM

  Rams win!!

sstrams15009/25/2016 03:37PM

  Re: Rams win!!

Ram13804209/25/2016 03:39PM

  aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GO RAMS

Arkansas Ram9709/25/2016 03:39PM

  Finally. Yes. yes. nm

ArizonaRamFan7609/25/2016 03:38PM

  Shouldn't that be a runoff?? (nm)

mexram9709/25/2016 03:34PM

  Re: Shouldn't that be a runoff?? (nm)

ramBRO3209/25/2016 03:38PM

  Nice D last play

Hazlet Hacksaw12209/25/2016 03:37PM

  we got this 2-1 whoo

ramfan76t12709/25/2016 03:33PM

  should we take the safety?

Killrazor14909/25/2016 02:49PM

  Need a wide receiver in next years draft

ramfan76t3309/25/2016 02:52PM

  If we were up by 1 more point maybe

RamsDynasty2509/25/2016 03:02PM

  would def be the play then...

Suh-weet!2209/25/2016 03:11PM

  You know they're gonna..

sstrams2709/25/2016 03:12PM

  Re: You know they're gonna..

Suh-weet!1509/25/2016 03:31PM

  No chance for Britt, sorry bu that's on Keenum (nm)

mexram6909/25/2016 03:30PM

  C'MON!! TURNOVER!!! nm

Ramgator4709/25/2016 03:30PM

  Admire the moxy of a deep throw call .nm

ArizonaRamFan5409/25/2016 03:29PM

  A back shoulder throw would have done the trick...

jemach5509/25/2016 03:29PM


Ramgator5309/25/2016 03:29PM

  PERFECT time for Gurley to.......THROW!!!

Ramgator7209/25/2016 03:27PM


RounderRick7709/25/2016 03:27PM

  lets go 12 yd pass!!!!

Hazlet Hacksaw4309/25/2016 03:27PM

  Are the Rams cooking up a 3rd down play?

Hazlet Hacksaw10509/25/2016 03:13PM

  Re: Are the Rams cooking up a 3rd down play?

Cornelius3109/25/2016 03:14PM

  Re: Are the Rams cooking up a 3rd down play?

TonyHunter872609/25/2016 03:15PM

  that would work

Cornelius1909/25/2016 03:16PM

  Re: Are the Rams cooking up a 3rd down play?

Ram13801909/25/2016 03:15PM

  Re: Are the Rams cooking up a 3rd down play?

ramfan76t2309/25/2016 03:15PM

  ..and watch Austin run out of bounds..

sstrams1809/25/2016 03:17PM

  hrrrng .nm

ArizonaRamFan909/25/2016 03:18PM

  I would pass

stlramz2309/25/2016 03:17PM

  IF we had a receiver I trusted not to drop it...maybe

RamsDynasty1709/25/2016 03:21PM

  no crowd left. Need to pass

stlramz1609/25/2016 03:24PM

  yeah you would - jeff not so much

Hazlet Hacksaw1409/25/2016 03:25PM

  Re: yeah you would - jeff not so much

stlramz1809/25/2016 03:26PM

  Unbelievable - Austin is a moron

RamBum22609/25/2016 02:15PM

  just not a smart player

Hazlet Hacksaw9109/25/2016 02:17PM

  Re: just not a smart player

RamBum6909/25/2016 02:39PM

  you hit the nail on the head nm

21Dog1909/25/2016 03:20PM

  Does he think these things over in his mind?

Hazlet Hacksaw2409/25/2016 03:26PM

  need a 65 yd punt

Hazlet Hacksaw6909/25/2016 03:08PM

  If it has to be anybody, I want it to be Hekker. nm

ArizonaRamFan409/25/2016 03:14PM

  Re: If it has to be anybody, I want it to be Hekker. nm

RounderRick909/25/2016 03:26PM

  Kinda sucks

ramfan76t5709/25/2016 03:25PM

  Why go for 2 here?

RFIP17609/25/2016 02:01PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

The_Zone3809/25/2016 02:02PM

  Made zero sence!!

RFIP2309/25/2016 02:03PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

dzrams4009/25/2016 02:02PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

stlramz1909/25/2016 02:03PM


RFIP1809/25/2016 02:04PM

  Re: On 2nd thought...

dzrams2209/25/2016 02:04PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

CROMWELL213509/25/2016 02:02PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

CROMWELL212409/25/2016 02:03PM


RFIP709/25/2016 02:04PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

ramfan76t2309/25/2016 02:02PM

  because they will play soft on the next possesion nm

Hazlet Hacksaw1809/25/2016 02:02PM

  Because fish is stupid

stlramz2309/25/2016 02:03PM

  Re: Why go for 2 here?

RamsDynasty1509/25/2016 02:03PM

  Mind-bogglingly bad call!

Suh-weet!1609/25/2016 02:03PM

  Fisher's pay should be docked $1 million for that decision

PeoriaRa1409/25/2016 03:19PM

  VERY stupid

The Professor1209/25/2016 03:24PM

  WELL? I bet crowd noise will not be a factor on 3rd and 11!

Ramgator7009/25/2016 03:06PM

  Good to see you...

sstrams2009/25/2016 03:06PM

  HEY!!!!!!! 2+2 =

Ramgator909/25/2016 03:23PM

  Rams live for stressing out their fans

RamsDynasty4709/25/2016 03:23PM

  Gregg Williams will win or lose this game for us.

PeoriaRa4809/25/2016 03:21PM

  My internet feed just went dead..

sstrams5009/25/2016 03:20PM

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