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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Did anyone see this last night? Robert Woods block and NO PENALTY.

oldschoolramfan22201/14/2018 05:53AM

  Started with SB 36

NewMexicoRam26401/18/2018 08:59AM

  Nice effort Watkins

Ram138024401/06/2018 03:47PM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

napoli9501/06/2018 03:48PM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

RAMSINCE ARNETT9101/06/2018 03:57PM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

RAMSINCE ARNETT6901/14/2018 04:51AM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

Rams439601/06/2018 03:48PM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

no name7901/06/2018 03:49PM

  agree nm

21Dog6701/06/2018 03:51PM

  Re: Nice effort Watkins

Ram13807801/06/2018 03:50PM


9er8er7401/06/2018 03:51PM

  Good year with areas needing improvement...

jemach16601/06/2018 06:33PM

  Re: Good year with areas needing improvement...

reggae9001/06/2018 10:49PM

  Goodbye Sammy

RAMSINCE ARNETT31501/06/2018 06:19PM

  Good riddance

SUretHing11501/06/2018 06:23PM

  Re: Good riddance

EternalHorns12401/06/2018 06:24PM

  Re: Good riddance

Shaky12101/06/2018 06:27PM

  Time to stop making excuses

SUretHing9901/06/2018 06:33PM

  Re: Time to stop making excuses +1nm

Ram13808401/06/2018 06:34PM

  Re: Good riddance

reggae9501/06/2018 10:47PM

  LOVE the play from Goff tonight...

Suh-weet!28401/06/2018 06:22PM

  Flashed, but not consistent

EternalHorns9501/06/2018 06:23PM

  Re: Flashed, but not consistent

reggae9801/06/2018 06:35PM

  me too he is a stud

Ram499101/06/2018 06:24PM

  He wasn't very good tonight

9er8er13401/06/2018 06:29PM

  Re: He wasn't very good tonight

reggae7201/06/2018 06:39PM

  Re: i dont see it..

spagsbacker10701/06/2018 06:25PM

  Re: i dont see it..

SUretHing8301/06/2018 06:28PM

  Re: Boom this...even the announcers said it

dzrams13001/06/2018 06:32PM

  Re: i dont see it..

no name8501/06/2018 06:33PM

  Re: not defending sammy

spagsbacker9601/06/2018 06:36PM

  Think about that

SUretHing8301/06/2018 07:16PM

  Early on Goff was jittetery but not later

SUretHing9301/06/2018 06:27PM

  Both Wildcard games today

MamaRAMa19101/06/2018 06:32PM

  Re: Both Wildcard games today

Ramsfsninmd11401/06/2018 06:32PM

  Re: Both Wildcard games today

MamaRAMa10001/06/2018 06:34PM

  Re: Both Wildcard games today

RAMSINCE ARNETT8301/06/2018 06:48PM

  Higbee coming up big at the end. Oh, guess not. nm.

Saguaro18701/06/2018 06:16PM

  Looks like a drop

NewMexicoRam7601/06/2018 06:17PM

  wouldn't call it a drop

21Dog9101/06/2018 06:18PM

  Re: Higbee coming up big at the end. nm.

Hollywood Ram7101/06/2018 06:17PM

  Gonna be incomplete..nm

sstrams6801/06/2018 06:17PM

  Re: Gonna be incomplete..nm yep nm

RamFire7801/06/2018 06:17PM


jemach10301/06/2018 06:18PM

  Yes, what do you want US to do about it, jemach? nm.

Saguaro9101/06/2018 06:19PM

  Draft a real TE.

jemach10201/06/2018 06:22PM

  I said US fans. I'm not in the warroom on draft day, are you?

Saguaro9501/06/2018 06:23PM

  Gimme a break

jemach8601/06/2018 06:25PM

  And without much of a Flanker

9er8er6901/06/2018 06:44PM

  Watkins no better

9er8er11501/06/2018 06:23PM

  How many TDs do our TEs have?

jemach7101/06/2018 06:27PM

  Same number as Watkins tonight

9er8er10801/06/2018 06:41PM

  Why are we kicking a field goal with eight seconds left

RAMSINCE ARNETT17001/06/2018 06:40PM

  Great year Hold our heads up now

RAMSINCE ARNETT14401/06/2018 06:37PM

  Still love all of ya'll..

sstrams13001/06/2018 06:33PM

  Re: Still love all of ya'll..

RamUK11801/06/2018 06:34PM

  back atcha bud

Ram497101/06/2018 06:34PM

  Dues Watkins ever jump???

napoli16701/06/2018 06:28PM

  If yoiu mean high point then ...

SUretHing10801/06/2018 06:29PM

  wondering the same thing nm

21Dog7901/06/2018 06:30PM

  Re: Dues Watkins ever jump???

Ram138010001/06/2018 06:32PM

  Buffalo let Watkins go for a reason. He's

napoli14701/06/2018 06:32PM

  You just know that McVay

RamUK17801/06/2018 06:27PM

  I would agree

NewMexicoRam9201/06/2018 06:29PM

  Yeah but does he learn?

RamsDynasty10701/06/2018 06:32PM

  Pharoah has been crushed tonight

RamsDynasty18601/06/2018 06:28PM

  Re: Pharoah has been crushed tonight

napoli11101/06/2018 06:31PM

  No sign of Watkins and we need ILBers

Ram4920401/06/2018 06:10PM

  Re: No sign of Watkins and we need ILBers

MamaRAMa11101/06/2018 06:15PM

  The play that infuriated me

Ram_Ruler9701/06/2018 06:23PM

  Re: The play that infuriated me

MamaRAMa8701/06/2018 06:24PM

  Barron on the 52 yarder

Ram4912001/06/2018 06:26PM

  Re: the 3rd down play?

spagsbacker8601/06/2018 06:29PM

  I don't like the differences in officiating

MamaRAMa18801/06/2018 06:27PM

  I've felt that way since SB 36

NewMexicoRam7601/06/2018 06:28PM

  100% agree! Why change the officiating...

Saguaro7901/06/2018 06:29PM

  Right through Watkins hands

Ram4912801/06/2018 06:29PM

  Cooper should forfeit his probowl spot. nm.

Saguaro11501/06/2018 06:27PM

  Golf was mediocre

RAMSINCE ARNETT15001/06/2018 06:24PM

  He swung between great and terrible

RamUK10201/06/2018 06:26PM

  McVay messed up also

NewMexicoRam8101/06/2018 06:26PM

  I'd call it inconsistent

21Dog8101/06/2018 06:27PM

  Disappointing for sure...BUT

Ram138011301/06/2018 06:26PM

  Well, I ain't turning it off yet... nm

sstrams14501/06/2018 06:26PM

  I would have hated this more if we lost on a last second FG

NewMexicoRam13701/06/2018 06:25PM

  Disappointed they lost to this team

Ram4915201/06/2018 06:22PM

  Re: Disappointed they lost to this team

MamaRAMa7601/06/2018 06:25PM

  I missed the second half. What did Watkins do wrong?

Ramgator12901/06/2018 06:24PM

  Woods was a warrior tonight

RamsDynasty15201/06/2018 06:22PM

  Yeah, he did really well...

sstrams7301/06/2018 06:23PM

  Definitely the Best Buffalo Bill pickup this year

RamsDynasty6401/06/2018 06:23PM

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