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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Seats available due to work Attachments

Kid_Ram7312/01/2016 07:20PM

  Cards getting hammered. NFC West is all Seattle nm

Ram493511/27/2016 10:40AM

  Re: Seattle appears to be the team capable of stopping Dallas

Speed_Kills1811/27/2016 10:42AM

  Yep Cowboys and Hawks look like the winners

Ram491811/27/2016 10:43AM

  seaHawks are done....

Rampage2K-2611/27/2016 02:59PM

  I just can't remember

mexram13911/27/2016 11:07AM

  I seem to remember under Linehan..

sstrams4511/27/2016 11:08AM

  Re: I seem to remember under Linehan..

MamaRAMa2311/27/2016 02:01PM

  other than penalties

Hazlet Hacksaw12711/27/2016 11:12AM

  We have been outscored 42-7 since the 1st qtr.

Rams4310811/27/2016 11:07AM

  Feels so much worse than that. (nm)

JamesJM2011/27/2016 11:10AM

  Sorry I sent you the link...

sstrams3211/27/2016 11:11AM

  Peyton and Fisher handshake

Speed_Kills22511/27/2016 11:07AM

  Oooohhh....good call Speed

Ram496811/27/2016 11:08AM

  Re: Was that a real question?...

laram6411/27/2016 11:11AM

  And, AGAIN, its Gurley up the middle to get stuffed..

sstrams14611/27/2016 10:54AM

  Re: And, AGAIN, its Gurley up the middle to get stuffed..

IowaRam3611/27/2016 10:57AM

  Maybe the Rams should have called John

IowaRam3311/27/2016 11:03AM

  Can you imagine what Michigan or Ohio...

JamesJM3311/27/2016 11:04AM

  That was a great game

IowaRam3211/27/2016 11:09AM

  I was just watching, no preference...

JamesJM2911/27/2016 11:10AM

  Hello, NO fans enjoying some schadenfreude.

ArizonaRamFan12011/27/2016 11:06AM

  Sure feels much like 2007-2009

NewMexicoRam9911/27/2016 11:06AM

  Good news on the Horizan boys!!

RFIP18711/27/2016 11:03AM


Ram493811/27/2016 11:04AM


JamesJM4111/27/2016 11:06AM

  Is that giving up or what???

mexram13111/27/2016 11:03AM

  Wow, Gilliam looked FIT....

JamesJM11411/27/2016 11:03AM

  Can't even get 18 inches

NewMexicoRam13511/27/2016 10:52AM

  Re: Can't even get 18 inches

Rams433311/27/2016 10:53AM

  That's what she said .nm

ArizonaRamFan1811/27/2016 10:54AM

  Why are they even running the ball

Speed_Kills2911/27/2016 10:56AM

  Everyobe knew it was a run play up the middle...

jemach2911/27/2016 10:58AM

  If Payton tries to put it on...it's going to get ugly...

jemach12311/27/2016 10:35AM

  I'm praying he pours it on hardcore

Ram495711/27/2016 10:36AM

  I think you're on the wrong board

Ramadune4111/27/2016 10:51AM

  Re: I think you're on the wrong board

21Dog4611/27/2016 10:52AM

  LOL sure 21

Ram493811/27/2016 10:55AM


Ram494011/27/2016 10:54AM

  There you have it.

NewMexicoRam4511/27/2016 10:44AM

  I really like Cunningham...

sstrams10711/27/2016 10:49AM

  Re: Me2 sst, I was just commenting on his return...

laram2911/27/2016 10:51AM

  Yeah, that was a great return..

sstrams2511/27/2016 10:55AM

  Re: I really like Cunningham...

RFIP2911/27/2016 10:52AM

  8:32 to go.... WOW... how many do the Saints Score? (nm)

JamesJM7011/27/2016 10:53AM

  4th and 1 and WTH are you thinking Boras???

mexram9711/27/2016 10:53AM

  Let's see...

Rams438711/27/2016 10:52AM

  typical Rams play - pathetic

Hazlet Hacksaw8911/27/2016 10:52AM

  The final question yet to answer this season.

ArizonaRamFan9311/27/2016 10:52AM

  See any way Gurley up the middle...

JamesJM8211/27/2016 10:50AM

  they are in give up mode now James

Hazlet Hacksaw3111/27/2016 10:51AM

  It takes pressure off my sphincter..

sstrams2311/27/2016 10:52AM

  rams have perfected the 9yd offense

Hazlet Hacksaw8611/27/2016 10:49AM


IowaRam2611/27/2016 10:51AM

  tap tap tap goes the hammer.

ArizonaRamFan12411/27/2016 10:39AM

  I'm still not convinced that Fishers gone

IowaRam4611/27/2016 10:42AM

  Me either...

sstrams3211/27/2016 10:42AM

  They may give him a raise

stlramz3211/27/2016 10:43AM


JamesJM2511/27/2016 10:44AM

  Yeah, it is... lol

sstrams1811/27/2016 10:46AM

  Well then, we might hit 7-9 next year...!

sstrams1811/27/2016 10:45AM

  Fisher was right about one things

IowaRam2111/27/2016 10:46AM

  I'm pretty sure he's gone....

JamesJM3111/27/2016 10:43AM

  You'd have to be a genuine imbecile to retain Fisher now.

max2011/27/2016 10:51AM

  Running up the score - bad taste

Speed_Kills12111/27/2016 10:45AM


mexram3211/27/2016 10:46AM

  how about the D stop them

Hazlet Hacksaw2811/27/2016 10:47AM

  if Payton is running it up on Williams........

21Dog4511/27/2016 10:47AM

  Agreed nm

Speed_Kills1811/27/2016 10:49AM

  Re: if Payton is running it up on Williams........

Barf332611/27/2016 10:51AM

  LOL LOL LOL Sean Payton you cold blooded %$%$$ NM

Ram4913411/27/2016 10:45AM

  Can't stop laughing

Ram494111/27/2016 10:45AM

  Williams a joke too...

sstrams3411/27/2016 10:47AM

  I can't wait for the presser!!! nm

Ram491911/27/2016 10:47AM

  He wants a 60 burger

stlramz3411/27/2016 10:46AM

  Coaching makes a difference.

JamesJM2711/27/2016 10:46AM

  Always nm

Ram491911/27/2016 10:47AM

  Lol Stacey, it's officially a catastrophe! NM

RFIP2511/27/2016 10:49AM

  My sides hurt from laughing at that play Rich! nm

Ram492211/27/2016 10:50AM

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