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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Sticky Preseason Wk3 Rams vs Broncos Media Preview (1 Posts)

JamesJM3508/22/2016 01:24PM

  Updated: Game-time Forum Banner added

Shaky3708/23/2016 08:10AM

  C'mon... let the kid try to throw for a 1st down!

Guard10308/20/2016 07:10PM

  Re: I know right...you need to practice those situations smh nm

Speed_Kills2308/20/2016 07:12PM

  Re: I know right...you need to practice those situations smh nm

zn3108/20/2016 07:29PM

  Gents. Your humor has gotten me through this game.

Saguaro11508/20/2016 07:10PM

  Me too. A little to love and a lot to hate this game

ArizonaRamFan2608/20/2016 07:14PM

  You too brother....

Guard2808/20/2016 07:14PM

  No, but even when it sucked, you crack me up, Guard.

Saguaro2108/20/2016 07:16PM

  Bring your Noodles Guard!!!

Ram Fan Teacher2408/20/2016 07:17PM

  The disappointment in the announcers' voices

ArizonaRamFan11308/20/2016 07:16PM

  Murray looks quite comfortable out there

Hazlet Hacksaw9008/20/2016 07:03PM

  Re: Comfortable under pressure too nm

Speed_Kills1208/20/2016 07:04PM

  Re: not there Coples gotem' nm

Speed_Kills1008/20/2016 07:07PM

  Glad we jinxed em!

Hazlet Hacksaw1208/20/2016 07:09PM

  Re: I think we did buddy lol! Nm

Speed_Kills708/20/2016 07:11PM

  Whistle check?

ArizonaRamFan8208/20/2016 07:10PM

  HA! Rams might just win this. nm

Saguaro6308/20/2016 07:07PM

  I don't expect the Chiefs announcers not to favor the chiefs

ArizonaRamFan6308/20/2016 06:46PM

  This whole broadcast has been disrespectful. edit.

Saguaro2408/20/2016 06:47PM

  Has got to be frustrating....

Guard2608/20/2016 06:49PM

  Re: Has got to be frustrating....

Ram Fan Teacher1408/20/2016 06:50PM

  channeling my inner Rams-dom...

Guard1508/20/2016 06:55PM

  LOL...Love it! nm.

Ram Fan Teacher608/20/2016 06:56PM

  That sounds very interesting and engaging

ArizonaRamFan2008/20/2016 06:52PM

  did I ever tell you about the time I spent in a viet cong prison...

Guard1708/20/2016 07:00PM

  And now you're giving it to me? nm

ArizonaRamFan608/20/2016 07:02PM

  You seem to know it's hiding place. nm

Saguaro608/20/2016 07:04PM

  Something about # 27 and # 42 at safeties....nm

Arkansas Ram7808/20/2016 07:04PM

  I tell you what Dickerson and Faulk

Speed_Kills14108/20/2016 06:47PM

  Love Listening to Dickerson

Ram Fan Teacher2908/20/2016 06:48PM

  Maybe that will be available to me on the replay. I don't know. nm

Saguaro1108/20/2016 06:49PM

  Re: You have NFl mobile right

Speed_Kills1908/20/2016 06:51PM

  Didn't think of that, but it'd be on a 5 inch screen, or way out of synch. nm

Saguaro1208/20/2016 06:52PM

  Re: Get urself Apple TV nm

Speed_Kills1108/20/2016 06:53PM

  I don't do or know anything apple, but let's discuss it later. nm

Saguaro1008/20/2016 06:54PM

  Re: yep there is a Google equivalent nm

Speed_Kills1208/20/2016 06:55PM

  They will not allow me to cast games from my phone or tablet to my TV..

Saguaro1508/20/2016 06:57PM

  That would be better than this, tho, thx for the idea. nm

Saguaro708/20/2016 06:53PM

  Nope. Dial up NFL mobile on my tablet and it says...

Saguaro1208/20/2016 06:56PM

  Ok, got it on the tablet now, but still no way to go big screen. nm

Saguaro808/20/2016 06:59PM

  Re: yep you need app and usb device

Speed_Kills1308/20/2016 07:02PM

  Britt and Quick, will either make it ???????

Arkansas Ram11108/20/2016 06:57PM

  I think Britts a lock nm

Ram Fan Teacher1308/20/2016 06:59PM

  Re: Fisher said...

dzrams3508/20/2016 07:02PM

  Britt yes, Quick is anybody's guess right now... (nm)

Guard1408/20/2016 07:02PM

  # 8 McRoberts is someone you want to dismiss but....nm

Arkansas Ram7208/20/2016 07:00PM

  TD! Great catch by RB Brown....

Guard8308/20/2016 06:39PM

  Re: TD! Great catch by RB Brown.... Attachments

Blue and Gold3808/20/2016 06:40PM

  Wow, that was fast!

Guard4208/20/2016 06:41PM

  Re: Wow, that was fast!

Blue and Gold2408/20/2016 06:58PM

  Goff still in nm

Speed_Kills5908/20/2016 06:54PM

  Good. Nervous, but good .nm

ArizonaRamFan1208/20/2016 06:55PM

  Lets see if he can close out a game.....................nm

IowaRam1208/20/2016 06:57PM

  Those sideline spots are useless nm

Hazlet Hacksaw6808/20/2016 06:55PM

  Malcolm Brown has made the team

dzrams9708/20/2016 06:38PM

  Re: Malcolm Brown has made the team

Hazlet Hacksaw3508/20/2016 06:41PM


sacram3008/20/2016 06:43PM

  Re: Yep...

dzrams2008/20/2016 06:45PM

  Re: Malcolm Brown has made the team

spamlord1708/20/2016 06:49PM

  Re: Rams appear to have it going on @ RB nm

Speed_Kills1608/20/2016 06:52PM

  im not surprised

JamesJM2408/20/2016 06:54PM

  Crowd noise draws a false start--IN PRESEASON!

ArizonaRamFan4708/20/2016 06:51PM

  can Brown block?

BobCarl5208/20/2016 06:48PM

  AAAAAAND Quick Caught a Pass on that Drive!!!!

Ram Fan Teacher5808/20/2016 06:46PM

  Why run there...throw the damn ball in the endzone

Speed_Kills6608/20/2016 06:37PM

  There you go TD!

Speed_Kills2508/20/2016 06:38PM

  That's What I needed Speed!

Ram Fan Teacher2108/20/2016 06:39PM

  Re: That's What I needed Speed!

Florida_Ram2108/20/2016 06:41PM

  Re: me and you both lol nm

Speed_Kills1008/20/2016 06:42PM

  Goff needed that badly!

Saguaro2608/20/2016 06:40PM

  Re: yes

Speed_Kills1808/20/2016 06:44PM

  Comes with the territory of being 1st pick.

Saguaro1608/20/2016 06:45PM

  When all is said and done, 7/10 76yards 1/0

ArizonaRamFan10208/20/2016 06:41PM

  I agree, and like many have been saying here tonight...

Guard3308/20/2016 06:45PM

  Will we see the probowl version of Murray against the Rams?

Saguaro5308/20/2016 06:43PM

  Brown is a violent runner

Hazlet Hacksaw6908/20/2016 06:37PM

  Our RBs are maulers and play mean.

ArizonaRamFan2008/20/2016 06:43PM

  I can see right now Goff is a rhythm passer

six2stack7608/20/2016 06:41PM

  YEAH! That's it!

ArizonaRamFan6808/20/2016 06:39PM

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