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  Your favorite song....

JamesJM32012/20/2016 09:46PM

  hard to top your choice

21Dog10412/21/2016 06:03AM

  Hallelujah by

waterfield11512/21/2016 06:34AM

  I have been on a huge 70s kick lately

Ramgator8212/23/2016 09:40AM

  Re: Love that song. Favorite version: Jeff Buckley's.

Billy_T9312/23/2016 05:24PM

  Re: Your favorite song....

73Ram12512/21/2016 09:29AM

  Re: Makes me think of Grand Funk

Billy_T11912/23/2016 06:00PM

  Thanks for that....

73Ram9612/27/2016 05:22AM

  Thats a tough one.....

RAMbler12112/21/2016 10:33AM

  impossible for me

ferragamo7913512/21/2016 03:39PM

  Re: impossible for me

IowaRam9912/21/2016 07:04PM

  my favorite from that era

ferragamo799512/23/2016 09:24AM

  Re: my favorite from that era

Billy_T9012/23/2016 05:55PM


IowaRam10812/23/2016 06:20PM

  Re: That was surprisingly good. Didn't expect that.

Billy_T10312/23/2016 06:32PM

  Whole Lotta Love...

Atlantic Ram12012/21/2016 08:49PM

  Re: Whole Lotta Love... is one of those songs that...

JamesJM11412/21/2016 09:34PM

  live at Kezar in '73

21Dog11312/22/2016 06:07AM

  Re: I envy you.

Billy_T8312/23/2016 06:10PM

  Envy here too

Atlantic Ram10501/02/2017 11:42PM

  Re: Love Zep.

Billy_T11112/23/2016 06:05PM

  Right Place, Wrong Time...Dr. John.....

roman1810612/22/2016 11:45AM

  Re: Too many to count, but the Beatles . . . .

Billy_T9412/23/2016 05:36PM

  This one..............

IowaRam10412/23/2016 05:49PM

  Re: This one..............

Rampage2K-10312/27/2016 08:58AM

  Re: Your favorite song....which one???

Rampage2K-11012/27/2016 08:56AM

  That's an eclectic list there...

JamesJM10812/27/2016 09:13AM

  Re: That's an eclectic list there...

Rampage2K-10612/27/2016 01:43PM

  I didn't see Mariah's bad performance...

JamesJM19401/01/2017 06:15AM

  I just watched youtube vid...

sstrams11101/01/2017 11:54AM

  Good Lord, Father Mulchahy dies...

JamesJM22212/31/2016 07:50PM

  Why didn't any of you tell me how good...

JamesJM26712/29/2016 10:47PM

  We can correct that very easily

IowaRam10512/30/2016 06:31PM

  Today has to be better than yesterday....

JamesJM20612/29/2016 09:12AM

  We should go bowling....

sstrams7812/29/2016 01:33PM

  your story brings to mind the Biblical story........

21Dog8112/29/2016 02:00PM

  Alphonse Mouzon dies... this is insane...

JamesJM20212/29/2016 10:59AM

  RIP Princess Leia

Rampage2K-37412/27/2016 08:07AM

  God rest her soul

mexram9712/27/2016 08:26AM

  What the hell is going on???

Atlantic Ram9512/27/2016 09:34AM

  Someone will do the math...

JamesJM10312/27/2016 10:06AM

  The other day I saw a slide show

LesBaker9112/28/2016 03:02AM

  We have lost Richard Adams as well....

JamesJM9612/27/2016 10:45AM

  May the Force be with her

IowaRam11812/27/2016 03:12PM

  .She was a VERY brave woman! I know about depression battles

Ramgator7612/28/2016 04:25AM

  Some passings bother me more than others. This sucks!

Ramgator8112/28/2016 09:23AM

  Debbie Reynolds Rushed to Hospital

IowaRam10412/28/2016 01:50PM

  Debbie Reynolds has passed away

MamaRAMa10912/28/2016 04:00PM

  Re: Debbie Reynolds has passed away

IowaRam9512/28/2016 04:18PM

  Re: Debbie Reynolds has passed away

IowaRam8012/28/2016 04:33PM

  This may be the greatest Star Wars commercial of all time

IowaRam9612/29/2016 08:56AM

  Star Wars commercial I can so relate with

IowaRam9312/29/2016 09:07AM

  You feel that quake, Ferragamo, 21Dog?

JamesJM24312/27/2016 10:39PM

  That's 12 quakes in what, an hour?

JamesJM8312/27/2016 11:25PM

  Up to 15...

JamesJM8412/27/2016 11:36PM

  33 and counting....

JamesJM9912/28/2016 12:02AM

  SCREW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator8112/28/2016 04:29AM

  only thing I felt

21Dog8612/28/2016 05:54AM

  Was that a 6.0

IowaRam9412/28/2016 06:40AM

  Re: Was that a 6.0

21Dog7812/28/2016 02:41PM

  I did not

ferragamo798012/28/2016 07:04PM

  Now Debbie Reynolds?? If 2016 had a face????

Ramgator23912/28/2016 04:23PM

  Favorite Christmas song

IowaRam20812/24/2016 03:16PM

  Time to break out Deno

IowaRam8812/24/2016 03:27PM


IowaRam8012/24/2016 06:15PM

  Re: Hallelujah

Billy_T8712/25/2016 04:53AM

  Not really a song but.........

LesBaker8412/25/2016 06:06AM

  Sinatra and

ferragamo797712/26/2016 05:10PM

  I think this version is outstanding..

sstrams9112/27/2016 03:08AM

  Love it.... heard it before but it's been some time...

JamesJM6712/27/2016 08:32AM

  Never heard that one before..

sstrams7812/27/2016 08:44AM

  Wow! Carrie Fisher had a massive heart attack on plane!

Ramgator21212/23/2016 11:57AM

  Wow , thats terrible news

IowaRam9712/23/2016 01:26PM

  Now reported in Stable Condition... )nm)

JamesJM6912/23/2016 02:46PM

  12/27 - Carrie Fisher has passed away

MamaRAMa8912/27/2016 08:12AM

  Sad news indeed....

JamesJM6612/27/2016 08:44AM

  The Mummy teaser

IowaRam30412/01/2016 06:59AM

  Despicable Me 3

ferragamo7912512/01/2016 10:45AM

  Is Hollywood capable AT ALL.....

Ramgator11912/02/2016 04:37AM

  I love CGI....

JamesJM11412/02/2016 09:54PM

  I agree.

Ramgator11212/04/2016 02:58AM

  Yea but.......

IowaRam10612/04/2016 03:51AM

  Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

IowaRam10812/03/2016 01:44PM

  The Mummy , full trailer

IowaRam11812/04/2016 04:34PM

  The Mummy - Inside Look

IowaRam13312/06/2016 10:13AM

  17 seconds of Spider-man Homecoming

IowaRam9612/07/2016 05:31AM

  Spider-man Homecoming trailer

IowaRam11012/08/2016 07:22PM

  Spider-man Homecoming International trailer

IowaRam9412/08/2016 07:33PM

  War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer

IowaRam10712/10/2016 11:05AM

  Dunkirk trailer

IowaRam6312/14/2016 05:59AM

  Despicable Me 3 trailer

IowaRam8112/14/2016 06:49AM

  Hidden Figures trailer

IowaRam8012/16/2016 08:09PM

  Blade Runner 2049 teaser trailer

IowaRam10212/19/2016 05:36PM

  Alien Covenant trailer

IowaRam9112/25/2016 08:33AM

  A REAL Mummy teaser would've included....

Ramgator6712/26/2016 01:52PM

  George Michael passes away at 53

ferragamo7922312/25/2016 03:31PM

  Has there ever been a tougher year for music??

Ramgator6912/25/2016 05:38PM

  I get the feeling it wasn't entirely unexpected

LesBaker7412/26/2016 06:18AM

  If I recall....

Ramgator7512/26/2016 01:49PM

  Watching "The Martian" again takes me back to an oldie but goodie...

Ramgator19212/26/2016 01:48PM

  I was born to drive a Ferrari... Attachments

JamesJM25612/23/2016 03:34PM


sstrams9012/24/2016 04:04AM

  Beginning to think my new Jag is high maintenance...

JamesJM8712/24/2016 06:45AM

  I always thought Jags were high maintenance..

sstrams9412/24/2016 07:58AM

  Yup, and I suspected that going in...

JamesJM6512/24/2016 08:31AM

  You'll definitely feel the road...

sstrams7912/24/2016 08:42AM

  The British aren't known for cuisine or cars James

LesBaker8212/25/2016 05:50AM

  That's true... so when I went to England, a few years ago...

JamesJM6512/26/2016 10:38AM

  Surprise rich celebrities

ferragamo7921012/25/2016 04:04PM

  Wasn't he the founder of AM Records??

Ramgator7412/25/2016 05:40PM

  hmmmm didn't know that

ferragamo798912/25/2016 05:50PM

  I was shocked and had to look at Wiki

LesBaker9412/26/2016 06:14AM

  Forget DaVinci, Rembrandt, how do women...

JamesJM22712/23/2016 02:10PM

  Re: Forget DaVinci, Rembrandt, how do women...

MamaRAMa7512/23/2016 02:33PM

  HEY, I've seen one of those....

JamesJM7212/23/2016 02:37PM

  Re: HEY, I've seen one of those....

MamaRAMa8112/23/2016 02:51PM

  Have I ever mentioned...

JamesJM7212/23/2016 03:02PM

  I wrap GREAT till.............

Ramgator6212/23/2016 03:29PM

  There are a few tricks and if you know them your gifts come out beautifully

LesBaker7612/25/2016 05:58AM

  I actually wrap pretty good...

sstrams7412/25/2016 07:33AM

  Fellow musicians... don't cha love music stores?

JamesJM17412/24/2016 07:14AM

  I hate to say it..

sstrams8312/24/2016 07:53AM

  We decided to stay home today

IowaRam26212/17/2016 08:12AM

  Oh man

waterfield8312/17/2016 03:26PM

  Re: We decided to stay home today

73Ram7912/19/2016 12:20PM

  Scenes from the movie "Fargo"?

JamesJM8312/20/2016 03:04PM

  No , but we did break a new record

IowaRam8112/20/2016 03:24PM

  LOL The pictures make me think of Johnny Dangerously's Mom.

Ramgator8112/23/2016 09:46AM

  "It reeaallly socks!"

sstrams5912/23/2016 11:58AM

  Merry Christmas, to all...

JamesJM21712/21/2016 12:08AM

  Merry Christmas Jimmy..

sstrams11312/21/2016 05:05AM

  same to you and everyone else

21Dog7812/21/2016 06:01AM

  Been going through some tough times.....

roman188312/22/2016 11:52AM

  Re: Been going through some tough times.....

73Ram7712/22/2016 12:30PM

  Re: Been going through some tough times.....

Shaky7512/23/2016 02:00AM

  here's to a better 2017 for you and yours nm

21Dog9412/23/2016 05:32AM


Ramgator7512/23/2016 09:45AM

  Zsa Zsa Gabor dies age 99

ferragamo7924912/18/2016 05:47PM

  TCM Remembers 2016

IowaRam15412/18/2016 06:16PM

  Very rough year for celebs..

Ramgator7112/19/2016 02:54AM

  Sigh. The older I get...

Atlantic Ram9812/19/2016 01:33PM

  I say over n over n over again....

Ramgator7112/23/2016 09:43AM


Blue and Gold27712/19/2016 09:50AM

  Twitter war over Salvation army leap Attachments

Blue and Gold37312/18/2016 06:05PM

  That leap was a gift...

jemach10512/19/2016 01:16AM

  Re: Twitter war over Salvation army leap

MamaRAMa9512/19/2016 03:44AM

  No fine

MamaRAMa9012/19/2016 04:17AM

  Former senator, astronaut John Glenn dies at 95

sstrams21712/08/2016 10:54AM

  Just saw this...

JamesJM12212/08/2016 11:01AM

  A true American Hero

IowaRam10912/08/2016 03:32PM

  Godspeed, John Glenn ...

The_Bad_Guy7112/18/2016 04:34AM

  Ted Williams and John Glenn

21Dog6712/18/2016 05:29AM

  Awesome tributes to Sager

LesBaker24312/16/2016 07:35PM

  This topic has been moved. RIP Princess Leia

Rampage2K-5012/27/2016 08:36AM

  This topic has been moved. Twitter war over Salvation army leap Attachments

Blue and Gold25312/19/2016 11:58AM

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