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Pay attention to old folk...

May 01, 2022 07:54AM
laughing smiley As a society I think we don't do that often enough. Amazing what you can learn by 'listening'.

About 3 years ago I was visiting the father of one of my best friends. He suffered from Dementia. His family told me before I visited with him that he might not remember me... but he did. while visiting I stuck with tales about the past that we had shared... and in that way his memory was excellent. Getting to the point of this reply:

He told me a story about how one of the German prisoners at the camp I mentioned above escaped. He was found in a field owned by the guy I was visiting - very near my home. I had never heard that story before he told me about it.

Had I not visited him then, (today his dementia is very bad and he remembers almost nothing), I would have never known about that tale. - JamesJM

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  Ok, of course you knew I'd have related story, right?

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  Pay attention to old folk...

JamesJM27May 01, 2022 07:54AM

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IowaRam6May 01, 2022 08:01AM

  Star Trek....... Two things....... #1... DAMMIT, I hate CGI!! (Typed in McCoy's voice!)

Ramgator21May 09, 2022 08:43AM

  A cool idea for a story me and my Brother thought of....

Ramgator9May 09, 2022 08:51AM

  I would like to see...

sstrams9May 09, 2022 01:13PM

  Gator..., you ever see the TNG episode called 'Relics' ?

RAMbler6May 18, 2022 01:21PM

  it would never work

IowaRam14May 09, 2022 12:44PM

  I beg to differ. I think it would be a huge hit.

Ramgator8May 10, 2022 04:31AM

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  Alan Rickman (RIP) was freaking AWESOME in Galaxy Quest!

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IowaRam15May 09, 2022 12:52PM

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