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No, she..

February 11, 2020 07:53AM
passed away in 2014.. She was part of the 'forced' Hitler youth, which, in essence, was the Girl Scouts in Germany.. Her group voted her to hand flowers to Hitler during a rally.. She handed them to him and his reply was, "Thank you little girl"..

She had TONS of amazing stories.. Her mom died when she was 6.. her dad went off to war as a Lieutenant Colonel, but was fighting, apparently on the Russian front, where he was captured and did 3 years in a Russian gulag.. they only let him go when he contracted shingles and they didn't want the entire camp getting it.. as an officer, he was shown respect and sent home, whereas an ordinary soldier would have been taken out back and had a bullet put in his head..

So, when she was 13, she was pretty much running the household with her younger brother and sister.. during a bomb run, a bomb went through their roof, down 3 stories into the basement where it didn't explode - or i wouldn't be here.. she had to climb on the roof, in the rain, to put a cover over the hole so that rain didn't come through the bomb hole in their roof..

Around the same age, she was at a train station that was attacked by P-38's.. she HATED P-38's from then on.. they strafed the train station and everyone was running willy-nilly and an officer grabbed her, at age 13, and tried to shelter her in a bomb shelter at the station, but the shelter guard told him, "only family allowed" to which the office yelled, "she's my wife!" and pushed past him - or, again, I wouldn't be here as very few people survived the attack..

I could go on and on, but those are the stories I usually tell.. No the German people had no idea what was really going on.. Hitler's propaganda machine was extremely effective at convincing the German people that they were defending themselves.. they had no idea what was going on with the Jewish people..

Oh, I forgot one of my favorites: My uncle owned (dunno if its still owned by the family or not) Joseph Goebbels house in Berlin and I stayed there a week when I was about 8 - I didn't know it was his house then, or even who he was..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


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waterfield87February 10, 2020 08:58PM

  Have you watched JoJo Rabbit yet

IowaRam76February 11, 2020 06:12AM

  I really need to see that..

sstrams50February 11, 2020 06:39AM

  Re: I really need to see that..

IowaRam49February 11, 2020 07:16AM

  No, she..

sstrams52February 11, 2020 07:53AM

  Sorry to hear that she had passed

IowaRam46February 11, 2020 07:22PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams48February 12, 2020 03:20AM

  that's quite a history, Steve

21Dog40February 12, 2020 04:04AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams43February 12, 2020 04:23AM


JamesJM48February 12, 2020 04:20AM

  Yeah, I don't think..

sstrams44February 12, 2020 04:26AM

  Odd thing about WWII....

JamesJM45February 12, 2020 05:00AM

  That I don't know...

sstrams49February 12, 2020 05:25AM

  SST, I had NO idea your family was so rich with History!

Ramgator35February 15, 2020 02:54PM

  Yeah, its kind of cool..

sstrams38February 15, 2020 03:23PM

  Most people make that mistake, Steve...

JamesJM35February 15, 2020 04:15PM

  Well, Jimmy, not a lot I can do..

sstrams40February 15, 2020 06:14PM

  WELL......My Great Grandmother came over from Liverpool..

Ramgator33February 16, 2020 03:46AM

  I find it down right scary when family info/ History passes away.

Ramgator36February 16, 2020 03:51AM

  Same here, Gator..

sstrams34February 16, 2020 07:32AM

  My Dad was born n raised in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He befriended..

Ramgator36February 16, 2020 03:57AM

  Short story...

JamesJM36February 16, 2020 07:58AM

  Dusk at Eagle Field 2005

Crazylegs43February 16, 2020 08:45AM

  Beautiful Photo....

JamesJM37February 16, 2020 09:05AM

  '92 Video

Crazylegs41February 17, 2020 10:45AM

  Very nice, Tim... did you ever... Attachments

JamesJM34February 17, 2020 11:14AM

  Re: Very nice, Tim... did you ever...

Crazylegs42February 19, 2020 06:14PM

  Dang, man.. you look like..

sstrams34February 17, 2020 01:40PM

  Nice pic!

sstrams43February 16, 2020 09:45AM

  Just think.....

Ramgator38February 16, 2020 01:30PM

  UGH! That would piss me off.

Ramgator45February 16, 2020 01:28PM

  How old was she when she came to the USA

IowaRam39February 16, 2020 02:45PM

  My dad was..

sstrams35February 16, 2020 04:30PM


sstrams42February 16, 2020 04:32PM