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I've been going through family photos

June 03, 2024 03:48PM
Like great great grandfather stuff... some on tin. There are maybe 1 to 6 photos of any given person up to the 60's... and then there are maybe a dozen or so of people in the 70'2 and 80's... even 90's. There just weren't a lot of pictures taken. My dad developed his own film, so we had a lot of pictures but a lot of them were landscape or some kind of scenery. Outside of school photos I might have 10 pictures of me actually smiling for the camera. Several where I am in photos but not the focal point.

The old pictures are just so valuable... I think there are 3 of my grandfather... And I don't think any of him posing. Meanwhile my daughter has over 5000 of her with probably 1000 of those posing for the "camera"... and probably 100 videos.

Here's my great grandfather... love this picture.


  Anyone else wonder if photo documentation has actually REGRESSED with technology?

Ramgator64June 03, 2024 02:56PM

  That's a good point.

sstrams54June 03, 2024 03:19PM

  James has brought up my memory. I give a LOT of credit to my Mom.

Ramgator26June 03, 2024 03:26PM

  I've been going through family photos Attachments

Atlantic Ram50June 03, 2024 03:48PM

  What year is that photo? nm

Ramgator61June 03, 2024 04:23PM

  I'm not sure... I'm guessing 30's

Atlantic Ram26June 03, 2024 06:32PM

  I'm actually embarrassed to tell you....

JamesJM43June 03, 2024 04:57PM

  I really want to find someone who can PROFESSIONALLY restore my Mom's albums.

Ramgator56June 05, 2024 04:27AM

  Re: I really want to find someone who can PROFESSIONALLY restore my Mom's albums. Attachments

Atlantic Ram51June 05, 2024 05:19PM