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"The Land That Time Forgot" on Svengoolie, this Saturday.

April 29, 2024 02:19AM
Had not thought of that movie in a long time till I saw the Svengoolie ad this morning. I remember my Dad taking me and my Brother to see that movie when I was in 2nd grade. I enjoyed it. Have seen Actor, Doug McClure in lots of things but always think of this movie. We saw it in the same Theater where Dad would take me to see "The Hindenburg" and a few years later, I'd see "Every Which Way But Loose". That Theater is now a large Discount Auto Parts. Everytime I go there for something, I always look up at the high ceiling and look around, as I think back to the 70s.

  "The Land That Time Forgot" on Svengoolie, this Saturday.

Ramgator73April 29, 2024 02:19AM

  Re: "The Land That Time Forgot" on Svengoolie, this Saturday.

SeattleRam28April 29, 2024 06:33PM

  Gator.. do you have a photographic memory?

JamesJM30April 30, 2024 10:37AM

  I get teased about it from time to time but......I have a very vivid memory of past events.

Ramgator32April 30, 2024 01:45PM

  I'm kind of like that..

sstrams26April 30, 2024 05:09PM

  I sorta credit my Mom and her photos.

Ramgator21May 01, 2024 07:46AM

  SMELLS triggering memories is a strange one for me.

Ramgator11May 01, 2024 07:52AM

  Re: SMELLS triggering memories is a strange one for me.

SeattleRam18May 01, 2024 12:17PM

  MUSIC too! Whenever I hear a song from the 70s or 80s, that too will take me back.

Ramgator19May 01, 2024 07:54AM

  I've always had a specific "feeling"

sstrams22May 01, 2024 10:11AM

  Time machine

IowaRam67May 01, 2024 01:45PM

  I would think , or hope , all of us have have memories like that

IowaRam13May 01, 2024 01:24PM

  A photographic memory?

JamesJM26May 01, 2024 02:00PM

  LOLOL Rams won that one 10 to 7!!!

Ramgator17May 03, 2024 03:51PM

  Well now you're just being annoying.

JamesJM20May 03, 2024 03:57PM

  Re: A photographic memory?

SeattleRam22May 03, 2024 04:30PM

  Do you guys remember the show. "That's Incredible"?? I recall they had people...

Ramgator16May 04, 2024 09:36AM

  Frank Tarkenton John Davidson and there was a women

ferragamo7911May 06, 2024 06:16PM

  Cathy Lee Crosby. She and Joe Theisman were an item for a while.

Ramgator14May 07, 2024 01:52PM