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The sirens are cool....

March 12, 2023 11:22AM
Sounds like the Germans are bombing us in WWII.. They test the sirens the first Monday of every month at noon.. Every time they go off, I forget its the first Monday of every month at noon..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  WOW, we're in a tornado alert...

JamesJM192March 11, 2023 02:15PM

  If this winter is any indication

IowaRam100March 11, 2023 03:13PM

  Its tornado warnings you hafta worry about..

sstrams67March 11, 2023 06:07PM

  When I say I've never seen this before...

JamesJM73March 12, 2023 08:18AM

  Re: When I say I've never seen this before...

MamaRAMa53March 12, 2023 08:36AM

  Its tough to find actual photos of a wall cloud.. Attachments

sstrams96March 12, 2023 08:43AM

  Shelf and Wall clouds

IowaRam69March 12, 2023 09:19AM

  Watches and Warnings

IowaRam53March 12, 2023 09:04AM

  The one I got....

JamesJM65March 12, 2023 09:26AM

  Yeah, the lower you can get, the better..

sstrams57March 12, 2023 09:48AM

  Thats why I like having a full basement

IowaRam52March 12, 2023 10:00AM

  Wished we had one..

sstrams66March 12, 2023 10:05AM

  One funny story

IowaRam73March 12, 2023 10:22AM

  That's the way it is everywhere..

sstrams53March 12, 2023 10:51AM

  We don't have any sirens....

JamesJM56March 12, 2023 11:01AM

  The sirens are cool....

sstrams62March 12, 2023 11:22AM

  Just a few years ago....

JamesJM51March 12, 2023 11:39AM

  We have sirens arranged around the town..

sstrams54March 12, 2023 11:50AM

  Yea , ours is about the same

IowaRam50March 12, 2023 11:56AM

  I've only been surprised by it a few times..

sstrams60March 12, 2023 12:01PM

  Have you ever seen one

IowaRam48March 12, 2023 11:51AM

  We were hit with one just a few years ago.....

JamesJM56March 12, 2023 12:15PM

  Oh yes.. Attachments

sstrams55March 12, 2023 12:17PM

  Re: Thats why I like having a full basement

MamaRAMa52March 12, 2023 11:33AM

  I'd do anything for a basement..

sstrams50March 12, 2023 11:50AM

  Yea , pretty much the same as ours

IowaRam62March 12, 2023 12:04PM

  OMG basements

ferragamo7949March 12, 2023 12:08PM

  Craziest Tornado vid I've ever seen

SeattleRam50March 12, 2023 09:49AM

  grew up in Kansas City moved to Lubbock TX

ferragamo7950March 12, 2023 12:02PM

  Yeah thunder like that is nearly a daily occurrence here..

sstrams61March 12, 2023 12:19PM

  Thunder... maybe you can answer this...

JamesJM61March 12, 2023 01:01PM

  Man, I wished I knew..

sstrams57March 12, 2023 01:03PM

  It was probably just thunder

IowaRam52March 12, 2023 01:56PM

  Good grief we're getting another one....

JamesJM47March 12, 2023 01:14PM

  Mobile homes are death traps....

sstrams73March 12, 2023 01:33PM

  We can see the storm passing to the north of us....

JamesJM64March 12, 2023 02:14PM

  So when you say.....

sstrams55March 12, 2023 02:39PM

  Straight line distance.....

JamesJM49March 12, 2023 02:42PM

  Ah.. kind of what I was thinking..

sstrams58March 12, 2023 02:46PM