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Here's a few more from the "rarely come out of the case" series..

January 31, 2023 07:20AM
Jackson Roswell Rhoads

Jackson Randy Rhoads - just got this one a few months ago..

Cool story behind this.. bought right before we hit Six Flags Over Texas all day.. they had to store it in an air conditioned room..

This was sent to me by a guy I've never met on facebook.. guitarist who jacked his hand up and can't play anymore.. spent $60 shipping it to me FREE.. never met him and he disappeared.. I'm afraid to look up the serial number on a stolen guitar site.. But, I did screen capture his post where he gave it to me..

Newest addition and LOVE it.. Special edition Gibson V.. Might not be able to see it, but has my shark/cross logo etched in the large truss rod cover.. Most of my guitars have that logo etched in the truss rod covers, but this V's cover is MUCH larger, so it shows more easily..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Crossroads: What Ralph Macchio’s guitar solo actually sounded like....

sstrams162January 20, 2023 01:00PM

  Speaking of guitars..

Ridgewood Ram95January 20, 2023 06:44PM

  That's amazing..

sstrams92January 21, 2023 06:17AM

  Re: That's amazing..

Ridgewood Ram77January 21, 2023 07:51PM

  Yeah, dry winters would suck..

sstrams93January 22, 2023 04:46AM

  I can beat that story....!

Aries83January 24, 2023 07:24AM

  That's awesome, Aries..

sstrams60January 24, 2023 07:44AM

  Re: That's awesome, Aries..

Aries62January 24, 2023 09:50AM

  Yes you did..

sstrams110January 24, 2023 09:57AM

  Aries here a few I own that I rarely talk about.. Attachments

sstrams73January 25, 2023 01:51PM

  A drummer crashes your guitar party....

JamesJM64January 25, 2023 03:18PM

  That's like Guitar Center to me..

sstrams52January 26, 2023 02:19AM

  crashing our party

Aries64January 30, 2023 07:06AM

  Is it considered "crashing" when..

sstrams52January 30, 2023 07:10AM

  Touche' (nm)

Aries57January 30, 2023 07:10AM

  The oddest post ever made on this board....

JamesJM60January 30, 2023 07:41AM

  You'd have a blast here today..

sstrams50January 30, 2023 08:20AM

  Re: Aries here a few I own that I rarely talk about..

Aries59January 30, 2023 07:10AM

  The strat body guitars..

sstrams54January 30, 2023 08:17AM

  Here's a few more from the "rarely come out of the case" series.. Attachments

sstrams59January 31, 2023 07:20AM

  Re: Here's a few more from the "rarely come out of the case" series..

Aries69February 01, 2023 02:38AM

  Yeah, man, it was SO weird..

sstrams64February 01, 2023 04:18AM

  Re: Yeah, man, it was SO weird..

Aries63February 01, 2023 07:14AM

  I didn't think of that..

sstrams52February 01, 2023 08:26AM

  Re: I didn't think of that..

Aries66February 01, 2023 12:21PM

  I'll let ya know..

sstrams52February 01, 2023 02:35PM

  That didn't occur to me either....

JamesJM53February 01, 2023 08:54AM

  Yeah, it was somewhat shocking..

sstrams58February 01, 2023 09:00AM

  Somewhat related...

JamesJM72February 01, 2023 09:19AM

  Maybe she DID associate drums with him and..

sstrams51February 01, 2023 09:23AM

  It went very smoothly....

JamesJM60February 01, 2023 09:29AM

  Yeah, it would take a certain type person..

sstrams55February 01, 2023 11:14AM