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Re: Here's the problem...

February 12, 2024 05:44AM

I'll agree with you in so far as that Shanny didn't factor how tired his defense was. They went all all out the first half and i think they were gassed come the 5th quarter. His playcalling inside teh red zone didn't help.
But if the 49ers had stopped that 4th down, we'd be cursing them on this list today.

49er defense was on fumes during the final drive of the game.


  Let us listen to what the losers have to say

Stafford9385February 12, 2024 03:27AM

  Re: Let us listen to what the losers have to say

Stafford9120February 12, 2024 03:30AM

  Shanny is the best in NFL history at blowing 10+ point playoff leads

NewMexicoRam104February 12, 2024 03:33AM

  I love it!

Stafford991February 12, 2024 03:37AM

  Re: I love it!

GroundPounder77February 12, 2024 03:59AM

  Did Shanny Understand the Rules?

den-the-coach106February 12, 2024 03:38AM

  Den, he may have been thinking of the rules in 1995, you know the last time they won

Stafford974February 12, 2024 03:43AM

  Maybe it’s this…

max90February 12, 2024 04:13AM

  Re: Maybe it’s this…

303067February 12, 2024 04:55AM

  Here's the problem...

max63February 12, 2024 05:10AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

303052February 12, 2024 05:17AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

21Dog49February 12, 2024 05:44AM

  I mentioned that very thing to my brother...

RAMbler36February 12, 2024 08:53AM