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I love it!

February 12, 2024 03:37AM
I wish I was in SF, there is a pic on FB with a girl wearing an AD jersey flipping of a 49 er fan that is standing in front of here.

  Let us listen to what the losers have to say

Stafford9385February 12, 2024 03:27AM

  Re: Let us listen to what the losers have to say

Stafford9120February 12, 2024 03:30AM

  Shanny is the best in NFL history at blowing 10+ point playoff leads

NewMexicoRam104February 12, 2024 03:33AM

  I love it!

Stafford991February 12, 2024 03:37AM

  Re: I love it!

GroundPounder77February 12, 2024 03:59AM

  Did Shanny Understand the Rules?

den-the-coach106February 12, 2024 03:38AM

  Den, he may have been thinking of the rules in 1995, you know the last time they won

Stafford974February 12, 2024 03:43AM

  Maybe it’s this…

max90February 12, 2024 04:13AM

  Re: Maybe it’s this…

303068February 12, 2024 04:55AM

  Here's the problem...

max63February 12, 2024 05:10AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

303052February 12, 2024 05:17AM

  Re: Here's the problem...

21Dog50February 12, 2024 05:44AM

  I mentioned that very thing to my brother...

RAMbler36February 12, 2024 08:53AM