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Expert Review of 1917

February 10, 2020 08:58PM
That's right-I'm the expert !

Saw it tonight with 4 people including my wife. Other than me not one thought the movie was worth an Oscar. I OTOH thought it was a marvelous film. First, I've never seen a movie like this. The one shot film made me feel like I was part of the action. It was like someone with a camera on their shoulders was constantly running behind the character(s) as they were going through the trenches. In fact-so much so-I kept sidestepping with my feet as they were running. And I cringed in the river scene because it was so real. Maybe we sat too close but I began to get dizzy following this guy running throughout the film -as if I was right behind him.. Not sure I would want to see another "single shot" movie but it most certainly was different. Yes-not much to the plot-after all it was about a horrific and brutal war. So much so that if we ever are faced with another war and our grand kids are drafted into it I make no bones about taking my entire family to Canada without any care about patriotism or what others think. And I say that as a son of a dad killed in WW 2. That's what this movie did to me-far more so than all the other war movies taken together. No question it deserved the award for Cinematography. As far as best picture-it should have been in an entirely different category-what-I'm not sure. One thing I am sure: I doubt I will want to see another one shot movie. I want to sit back and not be a part of the action.

  Expert Review of 1917

waterfield40February 10, 2020 08:58PM

  Have you watched JoJo Rabbit yet

IowaRam21February 11, 2020 06:12AM

  I really need to see that..

sstrams12February 11, 2020 06:39AM

  Re: I really need to see that..

IowaRam14February 11, 2020 07:16AM

  No, she..

sstrams16February 11, 2020 07:53AM

  Sorry to hear that she had passed

IowaRam12February 11, 2020 07:22PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams17February 12, 2020 03:20AM

  that's quite a history, Steve

21Dog13February 12, 2020 04:04AM

  Thanks man..

sstrams13February 12, 2020 04:23AM


JamesJM16February 12, 2020 04:20AM

  Yeah, I don't think..

sstrams14February 12, 2020 04:26AM

  Odd thing about WWII....

JamesJM16February 12, 2020 05:00AM

  That I don't know...

sstrams13February 12, 2020 05:25AM

  SST, I had NO idea your family was so rich with History!

Ramgator10February 15, 2020 02:54PM

  Yeah, its kind of cool..

sstrams12February 15, 2020 03:23PM

  Most people make that mistake, Steve...

JamesJM12February 15, 2020 04:15PM

  Well, Jimmy, not a lot I can do..

sstrams13February 15, 2020 06:14PM

  WELL......My Great Grandmother came over from Liverpool..

Ramgator9February 16, 2020 03:46AM

  I find it down right scary when family info/ History passes away.

Ramgator9February 16, 2020 03:51AM

  Same here, Gator..

sstrams10February 16, 2020 07:32AM

  My Dad was born n raised in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He befriended..

Ramgator9February 16, 2020 03:57AM

  Short story...

JamesJM10February 16, 2020 07:58AM

  Dusk at Eagle Field 2005

Crazylegs17February 16, 2020 08:45AM

  Beautiful Photo....

JamesJM13February 16, 2020 09:05AM

  '92 Video

Crazylegs8February 17, 2020 10:45AM

  Very nice, Tim... did you ever... Attachments

JamesJM9February 17, 2020 11:14AM

  Re: Very nice, Tim... did you ever...

Crazylegs0February 19, 2020 06:14PM

  Dang, man.. you look like..

sstrams7February 17, 2020 01:40PM

  Nice pic!

sstrams12February 16, 2020 09:45AM

  Just think.....

Ramgator8February 16, 2020 01:30PM

  UGH! That would piss me off.

Ramgator11February 16, 2020 01:28PM

  How old was she when she came to the USA

IowaRam9February 16, 2020 02:45PM

  My dad was..

sstrams8February 16, 2020 04:30PM


sstrams10February 16, 2020 04:32PM