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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Troy Hill is getting abused

chico n da rams3010/14/2018 01:48PM

  Re: Troy Hill is getting abused

Classicalwit1210/14/2018 01:48PM

  Not Much Joyner could do nm

The Professor1210/14/2018 01:47PM

  Can't take a sack there...just CAN'T

Ram13804110/14/2018 01:44PM

  Then the coach should be helping him

NewMexicoRam1410/14/2018 01:45PM

  Re: Can't take a sack there...just CAN'T

Rams431210/14/2018 01:45PM

  Goff's worst game of the season so far. nm.

Saguaro810/14/2018 01:46PM

  Put a comma after that sentence...

JamesJM810/14/2018 01:47PM

  If I was an opposing QB, I’d throw bombs all day.

Deadhead Ram1610/14/2018 01:47PM

  Costly sack

dodgerram4710/14/2018 01:43PM

  Re: Costly sack

CraigMatson1010/14/2018 01:44PM

  In the 4th qtr and your QB not having the best game..,

Deadhead Ram1210/14/2018 01:45PM

  Third and short and we take a deep drop...

jemach810/14/2018 01:46PM

  Re: Costly sack

MamaRAMa810/14/2018 01:46PM

  Run for the first. Easier FG.

NewMexicoRam3010/14/2018 01:44PM

  Re: Run for the first. Easier FG.

Ram13801110/14/2018 01:45PM

  Re: Run for the first. Easier FG.

Classicalwit1110/14/2018 01:46PM

  Re: Run for the first. Easier FG.

YorkiePud1210/14/2018 01:46PM

  Again should be running

Ram491210/14/2018 01:45PM

  Defense Needs To Man Up

Classicalwit1110/14/2018 01:45PM

  The ps4 commercial with roughing the water was awesome nm

The Professor810/14/2018 01:45PM

  Santos misses the 47 yd FG

MamaRAMa3410/14/2018 01:43PM

  Re: Santos misses the 47 yd FG

Rams431310/14/2018 01:44PM

  Saffold down

chico n da rams4710/14/2018 01:41PM

  Re: Saffold down

MamaRAMa2210/14/2018 01:42PM

  Re: Saffold down

CraigMatson1710/14/2018 01:44PM

  McVay has earned my trust.

Saguaro10210/14/2018 01:31PM

  Same here....(nm)

JamesJM1110/14/2018 01:32PM

  Agreed (nm)

mexram910/14/2018 01:32PM

  Re: McVay has earned my trust.

Rams431610/14/2018 01:33PM

  Re: McVay has earned my trust.

chico n da rams1210/14/2018 01:33PM


Ram491310/14/2018 01:33PM

  That's what I want to see! nm.

Saguaro410/14/2018 01:35PM

  10-1 on road. Yeah I trust him

stlramz1110/14/2018 01:33PM

  Same here, but I gotta vent..

sstrams1410/14/2018 01:34PM

  Re: Same here, but I gotta vent..

stlramz810/14/2018 01:36PM

  he can be trusted (with good reason)......

21Dog1310/14/2018 01:34PM

  Yeah, but let's leave "idiot" out of the conversation. nm.

Saguaro710/14/2018 01:36PM

  True, man.. and I apologize...

sstrams1110/14/2018 01:37PM

  Re: True, man.. and I apologize...

Rams431010/14/2018 01:39PM

  Thanks '43... I do tend..

sstrams610/14/2018 01:40PM

  Don't sweat it, Steve....

JamesJM810/14/2018 01:42PM

  Thanks Jimmy... nm

sstrams310/14/2018 01:43PM

  It's good. They're gonna WIN, baby!

Saguaro1010/14/2018 01:39PM

  thanks, Al nm

21Dog510/14/2018 01:40PM

  So true...

jemach910/14/2018 01:41PM

  Yes, but he has his growing quirks

NewMexicoRam810/14/2018 01:41PM

  KWAP... Goff sacked... loses 10 yards

MamaRAMa3010/14/2018 01:42PM

  Horrible sack

NewMexicoRam3910/14/2018 01:42PM

  Goff is a faster runner than you would think

dodgerram3210/14/2018 01:38PM

  Helps to have an empty field

NewMexicoRam1310/14/2018 01:39PM

  Very Usain Bolt-ish.. lol

sstrams1010/14/2018 01:39PM

  LOL. You know what the fastest human reaction ever recorded is?

Saguaro910/14/2018 01:41PM


sstrams610/14/2018 01:41PM

  I thought he was an Olympic sprinter

stlramz1110/14/2018 01:39PM

  What's an ilegal snap?? (nm)

mexram910/14/2018 01:36PM

  Re: What's an ilegal snap?? (nm)

CraigMatson710/14/2018 01:41PM

  McVay is showing his inner Martz right now.....

RAMbler3710/14/2018 01:32PM

  Speaking of Martz

MamaRAMa1510/14/2018 01:41PM

  If we don't score 30pts I'm going to fast....

JamesJM2110/14/2018 01:41PM

  Good job getting the down, Goff!!

MamaRAMa1510/14/2018 01:38PM

  yep, didn’t take a chance

Deadhead Ram1010/14/2018 01:39PM

  Ok, they said this is the first time today

MamaRAMa3510/14/2018 01:37PM

  Our answer..

jemach710/14/2018 01:39PM

  Here's what's odd about not seeing the game...

JamesJM2910/14/2018 01:38PM

  Injury TOs and incomplete passes.

NewMexicoRam1010/14/2018 01:39PM

  Ok, HAS to be the NFL clock a bit skewed...

JamesJM910/14/2018 01:39PM


Ram13801610/14/2018 01:38PM

  Critical Drive Right Here..

LoboRam910/14/2018 01:37PM

  Is McVay a genius or an idiot?

sstrams6210/14/2018 01:28PM

  Re: Is McVay a genius or an idiot?

MamaRAMa2110/14/2018 01:29PM

  Re: Is McVay a genius or an idiot?

21Dog1910/14/2018 01:31PM

  I understand just running the ball isn't sexy to genius offensive minds

RamsDynasty1310/14/2018 01:34PM


RamBum1410/14/2018 01:35PM

  Re: Huh?

MamaRAMa810/14/2018 01:35PM

  Sorry, dude...

sstrams910/14/2018 01:36PM

  McVay is not having a good day..

jemach1010/14/2018 01:37PM

  Run, run, run and run some more

RamsDynasty1010/14/2018 01:36PM

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