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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  1 for 13 on third down

Hazlet Hacksaw3911/10/2019 02:22PM

  Re: 1 for 13 on third down

MamaRAMa1211/10/2019 02:23PM

  McVay worst game

Ram491411/10/2019 02:25PM

  Stupid late blitz

RamsDynasty3711/10/2019 02:24PM

  We may have discounted Cooks too soon

Ram_Ruler5311/10/2019 02:20PM

  Re: We may have discounted Cooks too soon

Deadhead Ram1011/10/2019 02:22PM

  Re: We may have discounted Cooks too soon

MamaRAMa911/10/2019 02:24PM

  Re: no we

Speed_Kills1011/10/2019 02:24PM

  McVay sucks

kw1310611/10/2019 02:12PM

  For the love of all reason WHY?

RamsDynasty2811/10/2019 02:13PM

  Re: McVay sucks

Deadhead Ram2111/10/2019 02:21PM

  that play had no chance

Hazlet Hacksaw3711/10/2019 02:20PM

  To coin a UK expression

RamUK9411/10/2019 02:12PM

  Re: To coin a UK expression

MamaRAMa1411/10/2019 02:13PM

  Hey Mama!!!

mexram911/10/2019 02:16PM

  Re: Hey Mama!!!

MamaRAMa711/10/2019 02:17PM


RamUK411/10/2019 02:19PM

  He's still very young with a lot to learn

mexram1111/10/2019 02:14PM

  defensive TD

Los Angeles Lenny6511/10/2019 02:13PM

  Preach Lenny

RamsDynasty1311/10/2019 02:14PM

  Well a safety is good too

RamsDynasty1211/10/2019 02:16PM

  Close enough

Ram_Ruler1111/10/2019 02:17PM

  That was a personal foul

mexram6611/10/2019 02:12PM

  Todd is our best RB today need to ride him as much as possible this game

RamsDynasty4311/10/2019 02:04PM

  agree 100%

Hazlet Hacksaw711/10/2019 02:06PM

  WTF is Brown in their for

RamsDynasty911/10/2019 02:10PM

  Micah or Jalen?

RamUK7411/10/2019 02:02PM

  Have depth at S and not sure I would give up a #1 for a FS

RamsDynasty711/10/2019 02:08PM

  Wasn't that a clear block in the back?

RamUK3611/10/2019 02:08PM

  that ball was out nm

Hazlet Hacksaw5411/10/2019 01:45PM

  Agree w t f

stlramz2211/10/2019 01:50PM

  and it was a 10 sec review

Hazlet Hacksaw1511/10/2019 02:07PM

  Steelers have no business winning this game.

napoli3111/10/2019 02:07PM

  Gurley seems to be hobbling

RamUK7511/10/2019 01:56PM

  Not sure

Ram_Ruler1611/10/2019 01:57PM

  Don't know my friend

mexram1311/10/2019 02:03PM

  Re: Gurley seems to be hobbling

kw131111/10/2019 02:06PM

  Not 7 but we are in it

mexram5711/10/2019 02:00PM


ramBRO1411/10/2019 02:02PM

  I believe!

RamUK1311/10/2019 02:04PM

  Kupp time!

RamUK4811/10/2019 01:58PM

  Touchdown Rams

Los Angeles Lenny6911/10/2019 01:57PM

  Niners and Seahawks struggled to beat this team

Great Bordeni3711/10/2019 01:55PM


Ram_Ruler1411/10/2019 01:56PM

  Run the dang ball

RamsDynasty3711/10/2019 01:49PM

  Keep pounding it

RamsDynasty1111/10/2019 01:54PM

  Put Todd back in

RamsDynasty911/10/2019 01:56PM

  That's 4 missed calls

mexram6711/10/2019 01:46PM


RamsDynasty1511/10/2019 01:51PM

  Agreed just too many (nm)

mexram611/10/2019 01:54PM

  I know the Steelers aren't in the same class

RamUK5011/10/2019 01:39PM

  Re: The Steelers have a good front

Speed_Kills1411/10/2019 01:43PM

  Its tough to play in the NFL

Hazlet Hacksaw1111/10/2019 01:52PM

  The conspiracy stuff is child like

RamUK4011/10/2019 01:52PM

  Despite everything, Rams are only down by 7...

Rams432211/10/2019 01:41PM

  let your post mark the moment

stlramz1311/10/2019 01:41PM

  Re: Despite everything, Rams are only down by 7...

MamaRAMa1111/10/2019 01:42PM

  Amen we are going to win

Los Angeles Lenny611/10/2019 01:52PM

  Crazy. We can tie the game on this drive

stlramz2011/10/2019 01:51PM

  Weddle has not had a good game

Speed_Kills5111/10/2019 01:48PM

  Re: Weddle has not had a good game

stlrams131311/10/2019 01:50PM

  nope his tackling is off also nm

Hazlet Hacksaw811/10/2019 01:50PM

  not all season

Ram491311/10/2019 01:50PM

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