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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  That's a backbreaker

mexram3309/15/2019 02:08PM

  I just peed myself. (nm)

JamesJM2309/15/2019 02:06PM

  THAT was a GREAT run..... SHEESH!n

sstrams1509/15/2019 02:07PM


Deadhead Ram3209/15/2019 02:06PM

  He's back baby!

Ram_Ruler3409/15/2019 02:06PM

  Havenstein need some help on the right side

Deadhead Ram1709/15/2019 02:05PM

  Come on TG

mexram5709/15/2019 02:00PM

  That would definitely ease my anxiety level. (nm)

JamesJM809/15/2019 02:01PM

  Yeah, we need to milk this thing..

sstrams1109/15/2019 02:02PM

  I know it's probably the wrong thing to do...

JamesJM1009/15/2019 02:03PM

  Agreed at least with some pitch and catch

Ram_Ruler809/15/2019 02:04PM

  I really don't wanna see..

sstrams609/15/2019 02:04PM

  I have every bit as much faith in Brown

Suh-weet!1109/15/2019 02:02PM

  You'll likely see more brown.

Ram_Ruler1009/15/2019 02:03PM

  Just maybe the RAMS have a DB that can cover the TE...it's been forever nm

Rams_783309/15/2019 02:00PM

  Rapp is a player

Deadhead Ram1209/15/2019 02:01PM

  Rapp looks like the REAL DEAL!

Suh-weet!1209/15/2019 02:01PM

  Welcome Taylor Rapp

mexram1309/15/2019 02:01PM

  My gf loves him.

Ram_Ruler1509/15/2019 02:02PM

  Man, their kicker just doesn't miss.

MamaRAMa2209/15/2019 02:01PM

  Rapp great play! Nm

sstrams1609/15/2019 01:59PM

  Matthews playing patty cake w the LT

Deadhead Ram3209/15/2019 01:59PM

  We need to win just to keep pace

MamaRAMa3009/15/2019 01:59PM

  Littleton might be my new favorite Ram

Ram_Ruler6809/15/2019 01:40PM

  Re: Littleton might be my new favorite Ram

reggae1209/15/2019 01:51PM

  I'd be okay if we gave him Peters' money lol

Ram_Ruler1209/15/2019 01:52PM

  Re: Littleton might be my new favorite Ram

Deadhead Ram1109/15/2019 01:55PM

  He can't win them all lol nm

Ram_Ruler809/15/2019 01:57PM

  There he is again!

Ram_Ruler1009/15/2019 01:59PM

  Look out, here come the Saints... (nm)

JamesJM3209/15/2019 01:54PM

  This game is not over, that's for sure

MamaRAMa1509/15/2019 01:55PM

  Hate the "prevent" defense

mexram1109/15/2019 01:55PM

  Re: Hate the "prevent" defense

MamaRAMa909/15/2019 01:57PM

  Re: Look out, here come the Saints... (nm)

CarolinaRam1309/15/2019 01:55PM

  Re: Look out, here come the Saints... (nm)

Classicalwit809/15/2019 01:56PM

  Offense woke up, defense went to sleep...

sstrams2709/15/2019 01:55PM

  You can't have it all sst (nm)

mexram809/15/2019 01:56PM

  We'll have to if we ever wanna win a championship... nm

sstrams509/15/2019 01:56PM

  @#$%& Peters...

kw138109/15/2019 01:49PM

  Re: @#$%& Peters...

MamaRAMa2409/15/2019 01:50PM

  Re: @#$%& Peters...

curt72209/15/2019 01:50PM

  What,d he do? i missed it.. nm

sstrams1209/15/2019 01:51PM

  Re: What,d he do? i missed it

MamaRAMa2409/15/2019 01:52PM

  Re: @#$%& Peters...

CarolinaRam2209/15/2019 01:52PM

  Certainly not worth what it'd take to keep him

Suh-weet!1409/15/2019 01:55PM

  Bad 3rd down

Deadhead Ram2909/15/2019 01:54PM

  I'm so glad for ram gator

stlramz5909/15/2019 01:47PM

  Had that same thought myself. :) (nm)

JamesJM809/15/2019 01:47PM

  I was just gonna post that he..

sstrams1509/15/2019 01:48PM

  Re: I'm so glad for ram gator

MamaRAMa1509/15/2019 01:48PM

  Can't wait for ALL CAP HEADLINES

stlramz1609/15/2019 01:51PM

  He Was Wound Pretty Tight

LoboRam1009/15/2019 01:52PM

  He's a good guy..

sstrams1109/15/2019 01:53PM

  Rapp knows how to wrap

Deadhead Ram2009/15/2019 01:52PM

  This team has a lot of heart

stlrams133109/15/2019 01:51PM

  Re: This team has a lot of heart

Deadhead Ram1309/15/2019 01:51PM

  Just think 15 more minutes and the RAMS pre season is FINALLY over nm

Rams_781609/15/2019 01:50PM

  Re: Just think 15 more minutes and the RAMS pre season is FINALLY over nm

stlramz1209/15/2019 01:51PM


sstrams5909/15/2019 01:44PM

  Beauty of a strike too

Ram_Ruler1409/15/2019 01:45PM

  Re:Somehow your seeing this game a bit quicker than I am

Rams_781609/15/2019 01:45PM

  Where are you watching?

Ram_Ruler1709/15/2019 01:46PM

  Re: DTV Sunday ticket laptop nm

Rams_78709/15/2019 01:48PM

  That's likely why (nm)

Ram_Ruler809/15/2019 01:50PM

  I am clairvoyant, '78..

sstrams1209/15/2019 01:46PM

  Re: Let's hook up for POWER BALL don't be cheap Lol nm

Rams_78709/15/2019 01:49PM

  Yeah, not so good with that lol. Nm

sstrams609/15/2019 01:50PM

  2nd half - 2 possesions, 2 TD's!!!

THE FANATIC1009/15/2019 01:46PM

  Saints on the sideline shaking their heads like bobbleheads

Deadhead Ram3009/15/2019 01:49PM

  Similar to last week

Ram_Ruler2009/15/2019 01:48PM

  That was a dart throw

MamaRAMa4509/15/2019 01:45PM

  I would say so... I missed it... thought it was intercepted...

JamesJM1109/15/2019 01:46PM

  Yes, AND....

Suh-weet!1309/15/2019 01:46PM

  Re: Yes, AND....

MamaRAMa1209/15/2019 01:47PM

  Good thing we don't give a $$%^%$# bout pretty...nm

Arkansas Ram2109/15/2019 01:46PM

  hehe, yeah... but actually I thought the last two drives were...

JamesJM1409/15/2019 01:47PM

  Re: That my friend might be the post of the day!! nm

Rams_781109/15/2019 01:47PM

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