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  Goff, an NFL Disruptor? Blueprint for Spread transition?

Rams4356509/15/2017 12:21PM

  Good article

Blue and Gold18309/15/2017 12:27PM

  Re: Good article

zn16109/15/2017 01:20PM

  a very interesting article.

SunTzu_vs_Camus14209/16/2017 07:05AM

  Re: a very interesting article.

zn9709/16/2017 07:43AM

  unfortunately, I run on hot air these days... ;)

SunTzu_vs_Camus6809/16/2017 10:02AM

  Re: unfortunately, I run on hot air these days... ;)

zn8209/16/2017 10:12AM

  Re: unfortunately, I run on hot air these days... ;)

Rams437609/16/2017 10:40AM

  Presumptuos? ZN names Bradford as a QB

guinnessram10409/16/2017 01:08PM

  NFL is much different than years gone by.......

oldschoolramfan27209/16/2017 08:26AM

  we had good defenses during Fisher....

SunTzu_vs_Camus10109/16/2017 09:59AM

  Re: we had good defenses during Fisher....

oldschoolramfan8709/16/2017 01:08PM

  Rams Add Donald, Peterson to Active Roster

RamBill41209/16/2017 10:55AM

  McVay faces the Washington friends who helped make him a head coach

RamBill26309/15/2017 09:01PM

  What Cousins accomplished under McVay is truly remarkable.

Rams436409/16/2017 09:03AM

  I was telling Mary after the game last week....

roman1834609/16/2017 03:52AM

  not sure I'd call this a "should" win

21Dog9909/16/2017 04:15AM

  You have a good point there....

roman1812209/16/2017 04:27AM

  Re: You have a good point there....

21Dog9509/16/2017 04:30AM

  and unfortunately for the Dophins and Marino.....

21Dog6109/16/2017 07:22AM

  Browns could bench Kenny Britt in Week Two

Ohiorams34809/16/2017 01:24AM

  I will say this for Britt

GreatRamNTheSky17809/16/2017 01:31AM

  Re: I will say this for Britt

den-the-coach12909/16/2017 04:02AM

  Re: I will say this for Britt

max8309/16/2017 06:12AM

  McVay: Aaron Donald will Start vs. Washington

RamBill35309/15/2017 12:13PM

  Considering how promising we looked without him ...

alyoshamucci14209/15/2017 01:55PM

  Aaron Donald will start Sunday despite prolonged holdout

RamBill7409/16/2017 05:35AM

  WR Cooper Kupp Appears on the Doug Gottlieb Show –Audio

RamBill18809/16/2017 05:26AM

  Josh Doctson could miss the game....

Killrazor47509/15/2017 11:56AM

  Could you even imagine..

RFIP24309/15/2017 11:58AM

  Re: Could you even imagine..

Rams4317009/15/2017 12:06PM

  Re: Could you even imagine..

VANRAM14609/15/2017 12:48PM

  Re: From what I saw last week, not much has changed nm

Speed_Kills11209/15/2017 12:53PM

  Re:C'mon he caught one pass, whatta ya want from him? lol...Nm

laram8309/15/2017 01:14PM

  Here's what's easy to imagine...

Saguaro14509/15/2017 12:55PM

  Re: Could you even imagine..

Steve9409/15/2017 10:58PM


GreatRamNTheSky8109/16/2017 01:49AM

  Re: Really?

stlramz7609/16/2017 05:10AM

  Drive to game or Subway?

promomasterj27209/15/2017 01:33PM

  Were I to do it again... and I will...

JamesJM12409/15/2017 01:39PM

  I Think I'm Going To Drive

ramBRO10209/15/2017 02:17PM

  Re: I Think I'm Going To Drive

OCRAM8510309/15/2017 02:22PM


XXXIVwin9909/15/2017 02:35PM

  Re: Uber!

SB34RAMS18909/15/2017 02:48PM

  thanks for all the reponses

promomasterj9809/15/2017 02:48PM

  Re: uber after game

XXXIVwin9709/15/2017 07:32PM

  Re: this is right......

leafnose7609/16/2017 02:56AM

  Re: Drive to game or Subway?

socalmab9309/15/2017 04:01PM

  Redskins staying out west?

RFIP37809/15/2017 10:51AM

  Re: 0-3? Try 0-4 with the Chiefs after that nm

Speed_Kills9409/15/2017 11:23AM

  Yikes, this one really is important to them, then.

Saguaro12009/15/2017 11:25AM

  Re: Redskins staying out west?

Barf339909/15/2017 01:15PM

  Well then..

RFIP8809/15/2017 02:23PM

  Re: Well then..

GreatRamNTheSky6509/16/2017 01:46AM

  Rams News of the Day: Sept.15th

RamBill23209/15/2017 10:02PM

  Head Coach Sean McVay – Media Availability – September 15, 2017

Blue and Gold29909/15/2017 02:35PM

  What a great read! NM.

Rams436509/15/2017 02:47PM

  Watkins is anti-Quick

Steve9809/15/2017 08:19PM

  Pretty funny Dave Dameshek video. (2 minutes)

Rams4325609/15/2017 06:37PM

  GMFB all over Rams and Goff this morning .....

Rampage2K-85409/14/2017 12:38PM

  here you go....I found a link

Rampage2K-24609/14/2017 12:43PM

  Re: Mcslay.... hilfricklarious nm

Speed_Kills12109/14/2017 02:04PM

  Re: Mcslay.... hilfricklarious nm

ramithard11509/15/2017 02:57AM

  Dumbest NFL show on the air

RFIP13309/15/2017 03:49AM

  Re: Dumbest NFL show on the air

MamaRAMa11709/15/2017 04:12AM

  Re: Dumbest NFL show on the air

Crazylegs5509/15/2017 05:24PM

  Re: tough crowd

Speed_Kills8909/15/2017 04:29AM

  Re: tough crowd

Rampage2K-8409/15/2017 07:00AM

  Re: tough crowd

ramithard7509/15/2017 08:00AM

  Re: tough crowd

MamaRAMa8209/15/2017 08:13AM

  Re: tough crowd

ramithard8609/15/2017 09:00AM

  Re: tough crowd

Rampage2K-7709/15/2017 09:29AM

  Re: lol its funny because

Speed_Kills6509/15/2017 09:33AM

  Re: GMFB all over Rams and Goff this morning .....

Barf3319109/14/2017 12:50PM

  Re: Lol that's pretty good lol nm

Speed_Kills11709/14/2017 02:00PM

  Re: Lol ...."I think they "McSlayed it."

oldschoolramfan9009/15/2017 05:10AM

  Re: yes oldschool nm

Speed_Kills6609/15/2017 05:19AM

  I'm watching a Redskins tv show

BlueRidgeHorns39509/15/2017 04:38PM

  I think we'll know all we need to know by end of week 4

stlrams1337109/15/2017 01:18PM

  This might be my favorite post of the year, 13...

Rams439109/15/2017 02:36PM

  DOn't think 99 is good comparison. So far, seems like 1966 or

Blue and Gold8909/15/2017 02:41PM

  The offensive stats are pretty even

Atlantic Ram10709/15/2017 02:52PM

  The Rams were 3-1 last year

NewMexicoRam8909/15/2017 04:03PM

  Great Post

Old Goat7609/15/2017 04:04PM

  The Coach McVay Show –Audio

RamBill55909/12/2017 09:57AM

  use of the term "handful"

Atlantic Ram31209/12/2017 06:41PM

  Re: use of the term "handful"

zn21309/12/2017 09:02PM

  Austin's touches

LMU9318009/13/2017 02:43AM

  Re: Austin's touches

zn15209/13/2017 03:45AM

  more on this

zn7709/15/2017 01:58PM

  I'm sure that McVay will use Tavon as best he can...

Rams4313609/13/2017 05:06AM

  value is important

max15909/13/2017 03:31AM

  Re: value is important

zn14409/13/2017 04:10AM

  Re: value is important

max11009/13/2017 06:00AM

  Re: value is important

zn12309/13/2017 06:05AM

  Re: value is important

max9009/13/2017 06:13AM

  I'm gonna make this Tavon issue as simple as I possibly can...

Rams4313409/13/2017 06:56AM

  Appreciate the simplicity.

Saguaro12509/13/2017 07:11AM

  Re: Appreciate the simplicity.

Rams4311009/13/2017 07:32AM

  Sooo... what?

Saguaro12009/13/2017 07:34AM

  In the English language that is called stealing

Los Angeles Lenny11009/13/2017 08:17AM

  Re: Sooo... what?

Rams439809/13/2017 09:49AM

  Re: Sooo... what?

RAMSINCE ARNETT9809/13/2017 10:18AM

  Let's stick to more objective data.

Saguaro10509/13/2017 10:29AM

  spot on, Sag!!!

SunTzu_vs_Camus8309/13/2017 02:52PM

  Re: On what planet is Cooper a better punt returner than Austin?

Speed_Kills10809/13/2017 08:59AM

  Re: On what planet is Cooper a better punt returner than Austin?

Rams4310609/13/2017 09:57AM

  Re: On what planet is Cooper a better punt returner than Austin?

Suh-weet!10109/13/2017 11:49AM

  Re: I'm gonna make this Tavon issue as simple as I possibly can...

dzrams11709/13/2017 11:43AM

  Value yes--but CONTRACT value!

RFL9809/13/2017 10:46AM

  So much more enjoyable to listen to than the Jeff Fisher Show

Los Angeles Lenny21709/12/2017 07:22PM

  Re: handful

XXXIVwin20609/12/2017 08:11PM

  And that's the thing

Atlantic Ram20309/12/2017 08:48PM

  Max with a question that is answered by McVay

den-the-coach19009/13/2017 03:47AM

  Yes. He gave a nice answer...

max14509/13/2017 06:04AM

  Redskins a much tougher test

GreatRamNTheSky11309/13/2017 10:35AM

  Re: Redskins a much tougher test....With each passing week....

oldschoolramfan10409/13/2017 12:00PM

  This game will be a route also.....

GlacieRam12209/13/2017 03:03PM

  TRANSCRIPTS: Rams HCMcVay, OC LaFleur – September 15, 2017

Shaky23209/15/2017 01:16PM

  Assessing Jared Goff’s Breakout Performance in Week 1

RamBill59309/14/2017 02:28PM

  Interesting point: Goff in college

RFL29309/14/2017 03:07PM

  I distinctly remember...

Saguaro24209/14/2017 03:12PM

  The biggest problem I had with Fisher

Deadpool22409/14/2017 06:27PM

  For the life of me, Deadpool...

Saguaro20809/14/2017 06:59PM

  Knowing that a QB was forced on him

Deadpool18309/14/2017 07:11PM

  Re: Knowing that a QB was forced on him

zn14809/14/2017 07:20PM

  Goff was never forced on Fisher

Deadpool13909/14/2017 07:40PM

  Re: Goff was never forced on Fisher

waterfield13209/14/2017 07:48PM

  A ranch needs cattle

Deadpool12009/14/2017 07:54PM

  Re: Goff was never forced on Fisher

21Dog8909/15/2017 05:24AM

  no I don't buy that

zn11909/14/2017 08:07PM

  I think for the most part we agree

Deadpool12009/14/2017 08:20PM

  No need to sugar coat it Fisher was a mess

Rams_8110709/14/2017 08:22PM

  Re: I think for the most part we agree

zn13809/14/2017 08:39PM

  According to Ben Allbright...

max11909/15/2017 04:46AM

  FIsher not wanting a QB makes sense because

Rams_8111809/15/2017 05:30AM

  Re: According to Ben Allbright...

zn11709/15/2017 05:36AM

  Re: the LA angle and "exciting player"

Speed_Kills8509/15/2017 06:59AM

  All except...

max7909/15/2017 09:46AM

  Re: yes agreed and despite what

Speed_Kills7809/15/2017 10:03AM

  on the Goff chat room criticism

max7909/15/2017 11:05AM

  I've run into a gazillion sheep ranches...

DaJudge8409/15/2017 12:26PM

  Re: Knowing that a QB was forced on him

Killrazor10309/15/2017 01:01AM

  Re: we never talk about the move

Speed_Kills7909/15/2017 06:50AM

  Re: we never talk about the move

zn9509/15/2017 11:30AM

  Re: we never talk about the move

Rams436409/15/2017 12:04PM

  Re: agree with that

Speed_Kills8409/15/2017 12:34PM

  Re: agree with that

zn8109/15/2017 01:10PM

  Re: arrogance

Speed_Kills8309/15/2017 06:46AM

  Re: Interesting point: Goff in college

bigjimram218509/15/2017 06:38AM

  Re: ya know

Speed_Kills16809/14/2017 03:35PM

  I'm pretty sure there was a post on here where one oddsmaker favored Colts. nm.

Saguaro12909/14/2017 03:39PM

  Re: Is there a Microwave for QBs

BumRap14309/14/2017 05:31PM

  Re: Is there a Microwave for QBs

zn10409/14/2017 09:37PM

  1 Better WRs 2 No Robinson 3 Much Better Coaching

Rams_8111109/14/2017 08:16PM

  agree 100%...

LMU937309/15/2017 02:56AM

  Re: agree 100%...

oldschoolramfan7509/15/2017 06:50AM

  Easy assessment, you played the Colts...nm

RFIP9009/15/2017 12:45AM

  Re: RFIP......We play who is on the schedule.

oldschoolramfan7809/15/2017 06:55AM

  Colts = Bad...., we get that. BUT.... 46-9 !

RAMbler8809/15/2017 09:03AM

  I'm telling you, McVay and Wade are just getting warmed up...

Rams4313109/15/2017 09:27AM

  Re: 43.......You are preaching to the choir my friend!

oldschoolramfan8309/15/2017 10:12AM

  John Clayton

RounderRick61909/15/2017 09:06AM

  man I hate Arizona

ferragamo7922209/15/2017 09:08AM

  Re: man I hate Arizona

Ohiorams19509/15/2017 09:17AM

  Re: man I hate Arizona

oldschoolramfan13409/15/2017 11:54AM

  Another move I like.....

Killrazor41309/15/2017 11:13AM

  Re: Another move I like..... Pretty sharp, Razor.

guinnessram11809/15/2017 11:23AM

  Re: Another move I like..... Pretty sharp, Razor.

Killrazor11309/15/2017 11:35AM

  Simmons/Farr Recap Colts Victory and Preview the Redskins Game

RamBill20809/15/2017 11:05AM

  Everret should have scored on that play. Rookie mistake:

guinnessram56709/14/2017 10:57AM

  yea I was worried there

The_Zone19909/14/2017 11:25AM

  He looks more like a WR to me

six2stack16609/14/2017 11:50AM

  Re: He looks more like a WR to me

Rams435609/15/2017 06:25AM

  Re: He looks more like a WR to me

six2stack6009/15/2017 08:46AM

  Re: Everret should have scored on that play. Rookie mistake:

droopy14009/14/2017 02:22PM

  Re: Everret should have scored on that play. Rookie mistake:

LMU939809/14/2017 03:05PM

  Kupp motioning to Everett

XXXIVwin18709/14/2017 03:19PM

  Re: Kupp motioning to Everett: Watch it again.

guinnessram14109/14/2017 09:57PM

  There was also a play....

CROMWELL2113809/15/2017 02:33AM

  Re: wisely

leafnose8309/15/2017 06:16AM

  nice observation 21

ferragamo797709/15/2017 09:05AM

  Did I get lucky or what?

JamesJM7109/15/2017 10:55AM

  So Everett heard footsteps and went down untouched?

RamFanEsq5709/15/2017 10:31AM

  Who knows what famous Rams birthday today is?

RFIP17209/15/2017 10:24AM


max6109/15/2017 10:34AM

  One of my mount Rushmore-Rams...

RFIP6009/15/2017 10:47AM

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