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  Honest querstion (and an unbelievable comment) for all Ram fans

RFIP59202/05/2017 05:51PM

  Re: Fox Sport Go

BumRap16302/05/2017 05:54PM

  rich what can you do

Hazlet Hacksaw17602/05/2017 06:02PM

  Re: Honest querstion (and an unbelievable comment) for all Ram fans

BeachBoy14602/05/2017 06:18PM

  Yep! nm

RFIP6102/05/2017 06:30PM

  I'd rather go 4-12 then lose a Super Bowl like that...

Rampage2K-14602/05/2017 06:33PM

  I can imagine how sick they feel. Rams were a 14 point favorite and lost

GreatRamNTheSky11602/06/2017 01:57AM

  No doubt, and btw in '99 I listened to fourth quarter on the radio due to ice storm

merlin10502/05/2017 06:34PM

  Re: Honest querstion (and an unbelievable comment) for all Ram fans

Classicalwit10902/05/2017 06:59PM


JamesJM10802/05/2017 07:04PM

  Hell No!!! nm.

stlramz10802/05/2017 07:07PM

  Yes I'm going to work if that was the Rams

GreatRamNTheSky11902/06/2017 01:56AM

  Rams News of the Day: Feb. 5th

RamBill29702/05/2017 09:28PM

  Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

IowaRam85602/05/2017 07:11AM

  Re: Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

Headslap7526402/05/2017 07:35AM

  Re: Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

max29302/05/2017 07:48AM

  Re: Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

Rams4322502/05/2017 07:59AM

  Re: Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

BeachBoy21002/05/2017 08:21AM

  I would be suprised if Atlanta would even allow it

IowaRam21002/05/2017 08:08AM

  Re: Rams expected to ask permission to talk to Matt LaFleur for OC position

AlbaNY_Ram20702/05/2017 08:38AM

  Yes, I do...

max19202/05/2017 09:49AM

  Report: Rams want to interview Falcons’ QB coach for offensive coordinator job

IowaRam22902/05/2017 09:42AM

  It seems the Falcons aren't that interested in keeping LaFleur

9er8er25302/05/2017 10:02AM

  Have the Rams named a QB coach yet

IowaRam17002/05/2017 10:10AM

  Yes. Greg Olson.

9er8er19302/05/2017 10:15AM

  Re: It seems the Falcons aren't that interested in keeping LaFleur

PHDram20702/05/2017 10:39AM

  Matt LaFleur, Rams have mutual interest, sources say

RamBill26102/05/2017 09:49AM

  thought I read they are best freinds

ferragamo7919602/05/2017 11:01AM

  Yep. Here's the article

PHDram21002/05/2017 12:24PM

  Re: Matt LaFleur for OC position...I CALLED IT !!!!!!

oldschoolramfan18002/05/2017 07:23PM

  Watch the coaches today...Our new OC may be on the Falcons sideline.....

oldschoolramfan39302/05/2017 05:24AM


21Dog18302/05/2017 05:27AM

  Re: Shanahan?.....Well,

oldschoolramfan17602/05/2017 05:35AM

  Re: Shanahan?.....Well,

oldschoolramfan11102/05/2017 07:18PM

  For those who have to get up early in the morning...

RFIP32502/05/2017 03:54PM

  Re: Lol

Speed_Kills13502/05/2017 04:24PM

  Nothing'll make me cheer for the Pats

ArizonaRamFan11702/05/2017 05:17PM

  Eye of the beholder....

JamesJM8502/05/2017 06:54PM

  Re: Lol

stlramz10402/05/2017 06:52PM


Ramgator27702/05/2017 05:44PM

  Scary how close those guys are to 7 Super Bowl rings

Blue and Gold10702/05/2017 05:48PM

  true, but...........

21Dog10702/05/2017 05:55PM

  the sign of a great team

Hazlet Hacksaw10002/05/2017 06:04PM

  Clearly remember one, especially

Blue and Gold9202/05/2017 06:05PM

  I have a faint recollection of that nm

21Dog8002/05/2017 06:26PM

  Re: Clearly remember one, especially

Classicalwit8702/05/2017 06:50PM

  Re: a couple? Lol

Speed_Kills8202/05/2017 06:06PM

  exactly.....3 close wins

ferragamo798802/05/2017 06:34PM

  POLL: After today's game Kurt Warner? Poll

RFIP49102/05/2017 05:22AM

  Re: POLL: After today's game Kurt Warner?

Rams4310702/05/2017 05:49AM

  Re: POLL: After today's game Kurt Warner?

RFIP10102/05/2017 06:53AM

  Last call folks, what say ye?

RFIP9702/05/2017 10:24AM

  LOL NO ONE had the correct answer!

RFIP10202/05/2017 05:36PM

  Hooray for Kurt, sincerely, but there's only one GOAT and that's Brady

Oakville Tim8802/05/2017 06:17PM

  I'm GLAD Brady is good for another 2-3 years!!!

Ramgator22302/05/2017 05:47PM

  Well, everyone's time comes...

JamesJM6402/05/2017 05:49PM

  Julio is "hands down" the best...

jemach21902/05/2017 04:49PM

  He totally disappeared

Speed_Kills8102/05/2017 05:33PM

  Literally forgot all about Julio Jones the entire second half

ArizonaRamFan10202/05/2017 05:37PM

  Gotta have a #1 WR

LesBaker9402/05/2017 05:49PM

  31 unanswered points.

ArizonaRamFan38502/05/2017 05:25PM


Speed_Kills11502/05/2017 05:27PM

  Not even the great Kyle Shanahan didn't have an answer

NewMexicoRam13302/05/2017 05:28PM

  Re: lol nope

Speed_Kills11602/05/2017 05:31PM

  Atlanta forgot it took the full 60 minutes...

Oakville Tim11802/05/2017 05:34PM

  had to complete a couple of 2 pt conversions, too nm

21Dog9802/05/2017 05:36PM


Oakville Tim11302/05/2017 05:43PM

  Kurt last MVP to win Super Bowl, right?

Blue and Gold20602/05/2017 05:28PM


RFIP6702/05/2017 05:33PM

  Insane comeback, 28-3 to 28-20, 2 minutes 2 go at the 21 1st down

Blue and Gold16402/05/2017 05:02PM

  Did the Falcons put the Rams defense in there?

NewMexicoRam9102/05/2017 05:17PM

  Re: Did the Falcons put the Rams defense in there?

MamaRAMa9802/05/2017 05:28PM

  Maybe he needed some advice from Jeff Fisher

ArizonaRamFan6802/05/2017 05:29PM

  Now that Brady is out of his funk is there no doubt the Pats will win?

Speed_Kills19602/05/2017 05:16PM

  Re: Now that Brady is out of his funk is there no doubt the Pats will win?

stlramz6902/05/2017 05:17PM

  He is amazing nm

Speed_Kills9302/05/2017 05:22PM

  Funny how ALL QB's look when hit huh?

RFIP26702/05/2017 03:13PM

  Dan Quinn first half MVP NM

Ram495802/05/2017 03:16PM

  Robert Alford

RFIP5202/05/2017 03:34PM

  Kurt was pretty good though

Hazlet Hacksaw10202/05/2017 03:33PM

  My oldest son said the same thing...nm

RFIP8602/05/2017 03:35PM

  Re oh yeah some are better than others

Speed_Kills7502/05/2017 04:33PM

  IS he human? Guy's got a heckuva second wind .nm

ArizonaRamFan9302/05/2017 05:11PM

  tell me about it nm

Speed_Kills5102/05/2017 05:12PM

  no.....he's not human nm

21Dog4902/05/2017 05:18PM

  He has completely regained his composure

Speed_Kills9302/05/2017 05:21PM

  edelman inhuman too... so clutch .nm

ArizonaRamFan8302/05/2017 05:22PM

  Amazing how some guys rise above it though, eh? nm

ArizonaRamFan10402/05/2017 05:02PM

  Kurt's records are looking pretty safe so far.

ArizonaRamFan20502/05/2017 03:40PM

  well.... nm

ArizonaRamFan8902/05/2017 05:04PM

  Just did it

Blue and Gold9502/05/2017 05:07PM

  T. Brady 38/56 416 2/1 nm

ArizonaRamFan7802/05/2017 05:10PM


Rampage2K-8102/05/2017 05:18PM

  Shouldn't They Have Tried Free Kick To Win?

RamFanInPA21102/05/2017 05:17PM

  Steady dose of Blount for the win

Ram4916902/05/2017 05:17PM


RamsDynasty14402/05/2017 04:49PM


ArizonaRamFan5902/05/2017 04:49PM

  Re: WHAT TIGHT COVERAGE?? Attachments

Blue and Gold6802/05/2017 04:55PM

  Winner: Matthews by Rear Naked Choke

ArizonaRamFan6202/05/2017 05:15PM

  A thumbs up for the Patriots!

jemach38302/05/2017 05:11AM

  Re: A thumbs up for the Patriots!

BeachBoy13302/05/2017 08:29AM


TonyHunter879002/05/2017 08:56AM

  Re: Aaron Rogers best QB of all time

TonyHunter8713202/05/2017 08:58AM

  Re: hands down?

Speed_Kills8602/05/2017 11:49AM

  so does montana

Hazlet Hacksaw7802/05/2017 11:50AM

  Re: Absolutely nm

Speed_Kills7102/05/2017 11:53AM

  Roger Staubach

The_Bad_Guy11102/05/2017 12:36PM

  Re: He was special

Speed_Kills7402/05/2017 04:22PM

  And that was AFTER...

Saguaro6302/05/2017 05:14PM

  I'll stick with hands down...

jemach5802/05/2017 05:10PM

  Re: No way

Speed_Kills7802/05/2017 11:39AM

  pretty much they are just adding to the dynasty

Hazlet Hacksaw6702/05/2017 11:42AM

  I think I just threw up a little....

Rampage2K-8902/05/2017 12:22PM

  Struggled with rooting for Long as well

Ram496402/05/2017 12:45PM

  Re: A thumbs up for the Patriots!

BobCarl8102/05/2017 01:16PM

  From a snoozer to thriller...

jemach16302/05/2017 05:11PM

  Wanna see a fair catch free kick to win SB

Blue and Gold7502/05/2017 05:12PM

  If Atlanta wins on FG in OT...

jemach7802/05/2017 05:13PM

  Re: Wanna see a fair catch free kick to win SB

stlramz8102/05/2017 05:13PM

  Brady is going to break Kurts record nm

Speed_Kills16102/05/2017 05:04PM

  Insult to injury

stlramz7202/05/2017 05:07PM

  If someone wa going to it...

jemach7202/05/2017 05:08PM

  Atlanta needs to just run this clock

Speed_Kills16902/05/2017 04:36PM

  They just left 20 seconds on the play Clock

stlramz6402/05/2017 04:47PM

  Re: Wow Ryan has been far from clutch here

Speed_Kills5902/05/2017 04:54PM

  Re: Wow Ryan has been far from clutch here

stlramz6602/05/2017 04:57PM

  Re: The Falcons are melting down

Speed_Kills5902/05/2017 05:02PM

  Two of the worst calls I've ever seen

Ram4926202/05/2017 04:53PM

  Martzian nm

Blue and Gold5602/05/2017 04:57PM

  Re: Martzian nm

stlramz7802/05/2017 04:58PM

  It staggering

Ram498202/05/2017 05:02PM

  FRIGGIN THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator24302/05/2017 02:55PM

  LOLOL Can you guys tell??????

Ramgator8002/05/2017 02:58PM

  I think it's over

Blue and Gold7402/05/2017 03:04PM

  Re: LOLOL Can you guys tell??????

CROMWELL2112502/05/2017 03:34PM

  Re: FRIGGIN THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MamaRAMa7102/05/2017 03:52PM

  Re: FRIGGIN THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Attachments

Blue and Gold6802/05/2017 03:57PM

  Atlanta better not blow it, they were dominant

Blue and Gold6002/05/2017 04:44PM

  This what we should have done to them in 01

stlrams1318502/05/2017 03:58PM


Ram496202/05/2017 04:14PM

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