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  Playbook Dissection Rams Vs Saints Week 12...

laram16411/22/2017 06:36PM

  Seahawks cut Dwight Freeney, Could he help Rams pass rush? Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky19011/22/2017 03:46PM

  worth a looksy

ferragamo795011/22/2017 04:08PM

  I think Lions claimed him

Blue and Gold4211/22/2017 04:46PM

  Yep reunited with Caldwell nm

RFIP3411/22/2017 04:57PM

  Jared Goff on Sammy Watkins:

Blue and Gold35111/22/2017 02:57PM

  Sounds good.

Ram_Ruler7511/22/2017 03:43PM

  Not use to this feeling...

BeachBoy19411/22/2017 03:41PM

  I'm rooting for Kupp BIG TIME!

Ramgator22311/22/2017 10:54AM

  Re: I would love that nm.

embraceable_ewe834511/22/2017 11:35AM

  not sure this applies to Kupp... but...

JamesJM5911/22/2017 12:06PM

  Anyone recall Jerry Rice's rookie season???

Ramgator4011/22/2017 02:51PM

  And Lumpy deserves it...

jemach5011/22/2017 12:38PM

  Golly jemach! LOL nm

Ramgator3711/22/2017 02:52PM

  Re: I'm rooting for Kupp BIG TIME!

Classicalwit3511/22/2017 03:41PM

  The Viking D solidified itself as an elite D...

Rams4314311/22/2017 10:05AM

  Re: The Viking D solidified itself as an elite D...

Classicalwit2711/22/2017 03:38PM

  Chiefs sign Revis

Rampage2K-19311/22/2017 12:06PM

  They say he's in "great shape"

Blue and Gold4411/22/2017 03:03PM

  Watching Redskins vs Saints....wow!!!

Rampage2K-33511/22/2017 07:40AM

  Re: Watching Redskins vs Saints....wow!!!

laram9911/22/2017 07:49AM

  Re: Watching Redskins vs Saints....wow!!!

Rams438611/22/2017 07:52AM

  Re Skins shredded Vikes defense two weeks ago

Speed_Kills8511/22/2017 08:07AM

  Re: Re Skins shredded Vikes defense two weeks ago

Classicalwit4611/22/2017 11:57AM

  Redskins vs Saints....replay just started on NFLN

Rampage2K-3411/22/2017 03:01PM

  The One-And-Niners will BEAT the Seahags this week

RinconRam23211/22/2017 10:21AM

  If nothing else...

Ramgator7311/22/2017 10:53AM

  Re: If nothing else...

Classicalwit6111/22/2017 11:51AM

  Re: If nothing else...

RinconRam5511/22/2017 12:10PM

  Re: If nothing else...

Classicalwit4411/22/2017 01:35PM

  TOUGH question here!!! The better QB....Wilson or.......

Ramgator3211/22/2017 02:48PM

  Re: Iol hilarious. True nm

Speed_Kills3211/22/2017 02:22PM

  Isn't that how Seattle plays EVERYBODY? nm

Ramgator2711/22/2017 02:46PM

  not a chance. Nm

Speed_Kills3911/22/2017 02:20PM

  Rams Tweaking Defensive Line Rotation

RamBill57311/21/2017 05:29PM

  Re: Rams Tweaking Defensive Line Rotation

CraigMatson9311/22/2017 03:13AM

  This is ALL about NT.

RockRam10811/22/2017 05:12AM

  wherefore art thou, Greg Meisner?

LMU937311/22/2017 05:32AM

  Re: wherefore art thou, Charles DeJurnett?

den-the-coach6411/22/2017 06:14AM

  Meisner and DeJurnett...

LMU936311/22/2017 06:19AM

  Just seems like the pressure is not there

GreatRamNTheSky6211/22/2017 06:23AM

  Re: A name: Corey Peters...

dzrams4011/22/2017 11:43AM

  I wish Easley was healthy

Ram495011/22/2017 09:03AM

  Me too

BC Ramsfan4511/22/2017 09:53AM

  This topic has been moved. Anyone ever have the early 70s game..BATTLE BALL???

Ramgator711/22/2017 11:24AM

  For the first time in 13 years I can look forward to talking playoffs on Thanksgiving!

guinnessram9611/22/2017 10:50AM

  Rams film room: O was ineffective on first downs...

Rams4316511/22/2017 10:40AM

  The Rams simply ran into a better team in Minnesota...

Rams4313211/22/2017 09:57AM

  Teams chances to make playoffs

Rampage2K-32011/22/2017 12:00AM

  It’s this simple...

max11711/22/2017 02:09AM

  another source

LMU938811/22/2017 04:33AM

  Re: Teams chances to make playoffs

leafnose5511/22/2017 05:05AM

  Look, it’s real simple...

Rams435011/22/2017 09:17AM

  Re he better break that jet sweep to Austin out lol nm

Speed_Kills4511/22/2017 09:24AM

  Re: Re he better breast that jet sweep to Austin out lol nm

MamaRAMa4211/22/2017 09:26AM

  "I've got to do a better job of finding ways to use Tavon" - McVay

Glyndwr7132811/21/2017 01:59AM

  Let another team worry about it

joram11711/21/2017 02:42AM

  Well, none of that is the case.

RockRam12111/21/2017 03:10AM

  Re: Well, none of that is the case.

Rams439611/21/2017 07:26AM

  Re: Well, none of that is the case. 100%+

BumRap6511/21/2017 08:29AM

  Re: Tavon was open for TD chance Attachments

govane10711/21/2017 09:00AM

  If thrown right, I see four chances in the photo.

Ramgator11411/21/2017 09:20AM

  Heck McVay, you didn't even useTA against the Vikes

six2stack8211/21/2017 10:03AM

  I see 4 receivers .

reggae3611/22/2017 06:28AM

  Re: Tavon was open for TD chance

Rampage2K-5811/21/2017 10:05AM

  Re: Tavon was open for TD chance

Classicalwit6711/21/2017 05:15PM

  I don't buy it

LMU938811/21/2017 08:55AM


stlramz6511/21/2017 10:06AM

  Re: Because of Minny's discipline mis-direction not as effective...NM

laram4611/21/2017 10:10AM

  Re: idk man... the one time they ran it

Speed_Kills6511/21/2017 10:18AM

  Re:Ran what?...NM

laram4311/21/2017 10:36AM

  JS or JA ..: ran it once w/Kupp on Goff slip nm

Speed_Kills4111/22/2017 05:42AM

  Re: was it analytics, or hot water ??

leafnose4511/22/2017 09:06AM

  Yep. McVay game planned something else...and it backfired

RockRam6611/22/2017 05:23AM

  Re: Hmmm listening Rock

Speed_Kills5411/22/2017 05:40AM

  Re: Hmmm listening Rock

21Dog4111/22/2017 06:25AM

  DID he even play Sunday

ferragamo796711/21/2017 10:32AM

  Goff on his way to 3,000 yards passing and Gurley on his way to 1,000 Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky23111/22/2017 01:57AM

  Defense, No Rams in top 10 for Sacks, Tackles or INTs Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky6511/22/2017 02:05AM

  Week 12 Top Ten Special Teams, Greg the Leg is number 1 and Pharoh Cooper made 2 Categories Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky6011/22/2017 02:12AM

  How smart was it to switch to a 3-4 defense?

GreatRamNTheSky8511/22/2017 02:18AM

  Week 12 Total Team stats Passing Yards Rams No. 9 Saints No. 2 Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky5411/22/2017 02:37AM

  Re: How smart was it to switch to a 3-4 defense?

AlbaNY_Ram6611/22/2017 04:20AM

  100% right nm

Blue and Gold3511/22/2017 05:34AM

  Wrong question...

Rams434511/22/2017 07:49AM

  Re: Wrong question...

MamaRAMa4311/22/2017 08:14AM

  Re: Wrong question...

Rams433411/22/2017 08:43AM

  Goff on pace for 4,100+

LMU935911/22/2017 04:29AM

  Re: Goff on pace for 4,100+

GreatRamNTheSky4911/22/2017 06:26AM

  Rams must score a lot to beat the Saints.

RockRam16211/22/2017 05:01AM

  Re: probably right

leafnose5411/22/2017 05:10AM

  Re: Let's see if this puppy can bite...

laram7811/22/2017 05:20AM

  I like it.

RockRam5611/22/2017 05:32AM

  Re: I like it.

73Ram4711/22/2017 05:47AM

  Rams also need sacks and turnovers

LMU934811/22/2017 05:35AM

  Re: Rams also need sacks and turnovers

73Ram4311/22/2017 05:49AM

  Not gonna lie. I’m really worried about this game...

Rams433811/22/2017 08:26AM

  from one top 5 opponent to another

LMU933211/22/2017 08:38AM

  Re: Rams must score a lot to beat the Saints.

GreatRamNTheSky3911/22/2017 08:36AM

  FootballOutsiders week 11 rankings

LMU9320911/22/2017 04:47AM

  Wow, even I am surprised! QB Jared Goff: 4th among 33 ranked QBs.nm.

Saguaro5611/22/2017 05:16AM

  poor production from TEs, and Watkins not enough targets

max5111/22/2017 06:48AM

  Watkins not enough targets

LMU935511/22/2017 06:49AM

  Please notice Higbee

RockRam6711/22/2017 06:59AM

  Yup. When is Hemmingway coming back? nm

max3611/22/2017 08:09AM

  To beat Saints, Rams must focus on stopping the run

RamBill14811/22/2017 05:09AM

  82 catches between them

LMU934911/22/2017 06:04AM

  My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

BeachBoy38111/21/2017 10:41AM

  Re: My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

Rampage2K-7011/21/2017 10:43AM

  Re: My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

BeachBoy5611/21/2017 10:48AM

  that really stinks

21Dog5911/21/2017 01:50PM

  sorry buddy

ferragamo794911/21/2017 02:11PM

  Re: sorry buddy

21Dog5011/21/2017 02:13PM

  pretty sure he went to Garces

ferragamo795811/21/2017 03:12PM

  he said he did nm

21Dog3911/21/2017 04:36PM

  Re: My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

Crazylegs3211/22/2017 03:24AM

  Re: My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

MamaRAMa3511/22/2017 03:30AM

  Re: My top Bucket List item will need to wait another year...

73Ram2311/22/2017 03:34AM

  Prayers for you for full healing (nm)

RockRam2211/22/2017 04:51AM

  The Most Potent Offense in NFL History.....

laram40611/21/2017 05:56PM

  Re: The Most Potent Offense in NFL History.....

Classicalwit8211/21/2017 06:56PM

  Great video - with some new stuff in there for me

RamsFanSince695311/22/2017 04:21AM

  Re: Yes you are correct RFS69...NM

laram5111/22/2017 04:36AM

  I would test Latimore early....

Rampage2K-32711/21/2017 03:48PM

  Re: I would test Latimore early....

Classicalwit8911/21/2017 04:31PM

  He may be inactive Sunday nm

max6911/21/2017 04:55PM

  One can hope

Ram_Ruler5211/22/2017 04:21AM

  Blast from the Past Holt Scores TD in Super Bowl Attachments

GreatRamNTheSky12311/22/2017 01:45AM

  Rams News of the Day: Nov. 21st

RamBill24111/21/2017 07:43PM

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