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Above my pay grade....

October 04, 2022 07:00PM
We have Sections, Divisons, and Leagues.... and all have undergone redefinition in the last few years.

Playoffs are based on Divisions BUT.... your division is computer generated so you really have no idea what division you are in for the playoffs until the playoffs start. You can see what 'may' be your division at any particular point during the season but W's and L's and opponent strength will change it weekly.

For example: We began the season as a Div IV team.... when we started the season at 4-0 we moved up to Div III.... now we've lost two in a row and this Friday we play another powerhouse so will be go back down to Div IV? Probably... but hard to say.

Not many like our system, and for good reason.... 'losing' on purpose can get you into a lower division, still in the playoffs, and greatly increase your chance at a championship.

21Dog may want to chime in on this... he could greatly disagree with my opinion on this next.... and if so he may be right, it's complicated... but "As I See It" -

The current system is designed to give the larger schools, (mostly in Fresno, the big city), a better shot at a championship by dropping them into divisions with smaller schools. I "know" it's possible to drop as much as 2 divisions because it's happened. For all I know a 3 or even 4 division drop may be possible and MAY happened. But it's worse than that:

A small school having a good year will move up divisions.. and again... 2? Maybe 3. So it's very likely for a school with a 4,000 student population who drops in division can play in the same division with a school of less than 500 students. Except in VERY rare circumstances this almost guarantees the larger school a championship.

This year I believe, (could be wrong) we could compete in the division we started in during the playoffs... Div IV.... Div III will be considerably tougher... and should we get kicked up to Div II wellllll... it's lights out. We could never move up to Div 1, (I don't think), but even not doing so it's very likely we would face a team that began in Div 1 but 'intentionally threw a game OR NOT' to drop down a division or more. - JamesJM

  21Dog.. best team in the valley? And Iowa.. check in!

JamesJM171September 19, 2022 07:43AM

  Another big win Attachments

IowaRam110September 19, 2022 03:06PM

  Don't know how your kids play in that heat

IowaRam69September 19, 2022 03:12PM

  Interesting you brought that up...

JamesJM79September 19, 2022 06:48PM

  my alma mater played them last weekend

21Dog233September 19, 2022 03:43PM

  We need all the luck we can get, BUT...

JamesJM82September 19, 2022 06:42PM

  My apologies..

JamesJM129September 19, 2022 07:26PM

  101 !!!! Attachments

IowaRam130September 20, 2022 04:05PM

  Garces Memorial Attachments

ferragamo7976September 23, 2022 03:09PM

  Spanked, ouch....

JamesJM113September 24, 2022 01:02PM

  Thats crazy

IowaRam89September 24, 2022 02:44PM

  I'm not taking video this year...

JamesJM86September 24, 2022 06:59PM

  How come you're not taking taping the games this year ?

IowaRam68September 25, 2022 03:55AM

  I'm too old...

JamesJM61September 25, 2022 05:29AM

  The Corn Bowl Trophy is staying put Attachments

IowaRam74September 24, 2022 05:54PM

  Congrats... and I LOVE the name 'Corn Bowl'...

JamesJM79September 24, 2022 07:02PM

  So how does your scheduling work ?

IowaRam86September 25, 2022 04:36AM

  Above my pay grade....

JamesJM69October 04, 2022 07:00PM

  Bummer of a weekend for football

IowaRam60October 04, 2022 01:07PM

  Same here....

JamesJM68October 04, 2022 04:09PM

  agree.....the football weekend from hell nm

21Dog77October 04, 2022 05:48PM