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Interesting you brought that up...

September 19, 2022 06:48PM
And you're right...lot of kids play both ways. My grandson does NOT... simple reason, he's their QB... they won't risk him. I'm torn...

My grandson is a great QB because he's an amazing athlete... but he's NOT a natural born QB... they have no one else. And also.. D is where he shines the most... he won't be playing D this year.

We live in heat, Iowa.. ain't nothing special about it. If you lived here you'd be the same. I know it probably sounds like hyperbole but I'm serious.... 100ยบ or in the 90's is cool for us. - JamesjM

  21Dog.. best team in the valley? And Iowa.. check in!

JamesJM242September 19, 2022 07:43AM

  Another big win Attachments

IowaRam214September 19, 2022 03:06PM

  Don't know how your kids play in that heat

IowaRam99September 19, 2022 03:12PM

  Interesting you brought that up...

JamesJM110September 19, 2022 06:48PM

  my alma mater played them last weekend

21Dog314September 19, 2022 03:43PM

  We need all the luck we can get, BUT...

JamesJM118September 19, 2022 06:42PM

  My apologies..

JamesJM166September 19, 2022 07:26PM

  101 !!!! Attachments

IowaRam252September 20, 2022 04:05PM

  Garces Memorial Attachments

ferragamo79100September 23, 2022 03:09PM

  Spanked, ouch....

JamesJM182September 24, 2022 01:02PM

  Thats crazy

IowaRam115September 24, 2022 02:44PM

  I'm not taking video this year...

JamesJM215September 24, 2022 06:59PM

  How come you're not taking taping the games this year ?

IowaRam87September 25, 2022 03:55AM

  I'm too old...

JamesJM95September 25, 2022 05:29AM

  The Corn Bowl Trophy is staying put Attachments

IowaRam97September 24, 2022 05:54PM

  Congrats... and I LOVE the name 'Corn Bowl'...

JamesJM116September 24, 2022 07:02PM

  So how does your scheduling work ?

IowaRam117September 25, 2022 04:36AM

  Above my pay grade....

JamesJM89October 04, 2022 07:00PM

  Bummer of a weekend for football

IowaRam81October 04, 2022 01:07PM

  Same here....

JamesJM87October 04, 2022 04:09PM

  agree.....the football weekend from hell nm

21Dog156October 04, 2022 05:48PM