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Would take some detailed consideration..

June 09, 2021 07:44AM
To think of the perfect "husband got his butt kicked by his wife" song to learn and play.. I'd hafta think about that a while, myself.. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do, musically.. First have to get the medical issues out of the way - kidney cancer appt July 1 and now pending cardiologist appt for yesterday's abnormal EKG and breathlessness.. Getting old kinda sucks...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Our upcoming Band Gig... this is why I love our crowds...

JamesJM38June 07, 2021 08:19PM

  a first indeed

21Dog17June 08, 2021 02:18AM

  A similar situation

waterfield22June 08, 2021 07:42PM

  LOL... well, I guess this isn't really funny is it?

JamesJM10June 09, 2021 07:59AM

  Would take some detailed consideration..

sstrams9June 09, 2021 07:44AM

  The perfect song... yeah... we should give that some thought.

JamesJM13June 09, 2021 08:11AM

  Have you tried one of those..

sstrams11June 09, 2021 08:34AM

  Say what?

JamesJM7June 09, 2021 10:51AM

  Its like a sub...

sstrams7June 09, 2021 10:56AM

  LOL, well, at $1,400 I'm not that curious...

JamesJM10June 09, 2021 11:09AM

  There are variations..

sstrams16June 09, 2021 11:16AM