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Exactly... that's what happened to me when..

September 07, 2020 08:48AM
I called UT Southwestern after sending in 4 appointment requests via their website form.. So, I'm on hold for 30 minutes, then an operator pick sup, I tell her who I want, and she says, "All I can do is give them a message".. you can't connect me to their office? So, she supposedly leaves them a message but they never called back and I still haven't heard from them - almost been two weeks...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  So what is a renal cell neoplasm?

sstrams63August 27, 2020 07:21AM

  Jimmy, from what I've just read...

sstrams31August 27, 2020 07:32AM

  I'm no Dr but... I bet losing the gall stones might help other issues.

Ramgator17August 27, 2020 07:27PM

  Thanks Gator...

sstrams12August 28, 2020 04:17AM

  OK then.......

Ramgator12August 28, 2020 08:36AM

  Oh, I'm gonna get rolled, alright...

sstrams12August 28, 2020 08:47AM

  It's serious

waterfield27August 28, 2020 08:24AM

  Thanks waterfield..

sstrams18August 28, 2020 08:29AM

  Re: Thanks waterfield..

waterfield15August 28, 2020 09:09AM

  Re: Thanks waterfield..

sstrams13August 28, 2020 10:02AM

  Re: Thanks waterfield..

waterfield16August 28, 2020 03:08PM

  get after it, Steve

21Dog12August 28, 2020 01:48PM

  Thanks 21...

sstrams11August 28, 2020 03:37PM

  I think I speak for most if not all of us on here when I say......

Ramgator14August 28, 2020 08:38AM

  Thanks Gator.. we'll see what happens...

sstrams12August 28, 2020 08:49AM

  Be proactive

ferragamo7915August 28, 2020 04:03PM

  I know, '79..

sstrams19August 29, 2020 05:36AM

  Upper and lower GI's were fun..

sstrams24September 04, 2020 06:22AM

  What the hell??

Ramgator16September 05, 2020 05:53PM

  Re: What the hell??

waterfield17September 05, 2020 09:01PM

  I thought UT Southwestern was..

sstrams12September 06, 2020 05:24AM

  Re: I thought UT Southwestern was..

waterfield13September 06, 2020 09:24AM

  Yup.. its quite amazing, actually...

sstrams9September 06, 2020 05:20AM

  can you have the gastro doc staff

ferragamo7913September 06, 2020 07:41AM

  Good idea!

Ramgator12September 06, 2020 07:50AM

  Yeah, that's what I was trying to do..

sstrams9September 06, 2020 08:29AM

  Re: So what is a renal cell neoplasm?

Arkansas Ram16September 07, 2020 04:31AM

  Thanks Arkansas..

sstrams12September 07, 2020 04:49AM

  I vividly remember about 43 years ago....

Ramgator15September 07, 2020 05:32AM


Arkansas Ram5September 07, 2020 06:17AM

  Exactly... that's what happened to me when..

sstrams13September 07, 2020 08:48AM

  Re: I vividly remember about 43 years ago....

waterfield4September 12, 2020 03:37PM

  Yet that's exactly what they're trying to do...

sstrams3September 13, 2020 05:21AM

  So, I'm gonna start taking Panacur C..

sstrams9September 08, 2020 09:21AM

  So just looked at the Ultra sound photos..

sstrams15September 12, 2020 10:26AM

  I've been hesitant to say anything. .. .

RAMbeau13September 12, 2020 01:52PM

  Thanks RAMbeau..

sstrams4September 13, 2020 05:22AM

  Re: So just looked at the Ultra sound photos..

waterfield11September 12, 2020 03:48PM

  Thanks for the info, waterfield..

sstrams4September 12, 2020 06:46PM

  Re: Thanks for the info, waterfield..

waterfield5September 13, 2020 09:52AM

  Take this seriously little buddy

ferragamo7910September 12, 2020 06:50PM

  Re: Take this seriously little buddy

21Dog7September 13, 2020 04:07AM

  Thanks 21... will do...

sstrams3September 13, 2020 05:25AM

  Thanks Skipper.... ; )

sstrams1September 13, 2020 05:24AM