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Re: They charge to use an ATM card, no?

December 05, 2016 06:56AM
Not sure who "they" is but there are no charges for the use of an ATM debit card or your use of any credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) If you want to draw cash from an ATM machine that is not part of the bank or credit union that issued the card there will be a charge.

  My very first ATM card.....

JamesJM650December 02, 2016 08:38PM


sstrams255December 03, 2016 04:32AM


JamesJM298December 03, 2016 05:28AM

  Mine's activated..

sstrams289December 03, 2016 05:45AM

  Question for you, since you're the expert...

JamesJM290December 03, 2016 05:49AM

  As far as I know...

sstrams266December 03, 2016 06:42AM

  understand completely

21Dog471December 03, 2016 05:29AM

  Little like me....

JamesJM268December 03, 2016 05:38AM

  Way ahead of me, 21..

sstrams403December 03, 2016 05:43AM

  I cannot get by without a cell phone...

JamesJM290December 03, 2016 05:56AM

  You're right..

sstrams290December 03, 2016 06:45AM

  me and Joe Walsh.

21Dog270December 03, 2016 06:51AM

  Not me ........

IowaRam314December 03, 2016 07:47AM

  Its funny 21..

sstrams332December 03, 2016 07:52AM

  If you're curious... because I was.....

JamesJM259December 03, 2016 07:05AM

  I only write..

sstrams229December 03, 2016 07:50AM

  Re: understand completely

waterfield268December 04, 2016 02:29PM

  They charge to use an ATM card, no?

JamesJM282December 04, 2016 06:07PM

  Re: They charge to use an ATM card, no?

waterfield273December 05, 2016 06:56AM


Drew2839250December 06, 2016 08:44AM

  I have an iphone wallet case

ferragamo79285December 06, 2016 09:04AM

  I need to do more investigating into those. nm

Drew2839256December 06, 2016 02:47PM

  here is the one I just got

ferragamo79253December 07, 2016 09:25AM

  Thanks bro! Think I'm going with the otter box. nm

Drew2839274December 07, 2016 05:05PM

  No, no, no Drew..

sstrams294December 06, 2016 09:54AM


Drew2839282December 06, 2016 02:46PM

  Mind if I complain about my wife?

JamesJM294December 06, 2016 04:04PM

  welcome to my world

21Dog352December 06, 2016 05:00PM

  LOL.. two quick tales for you...

JamesJM314December 06, 2016 06:29PM

  my ex was 21....I'd like to have a contest

ferragamo79275December 07, 2016 09:27AM

  Something even worse

LesBaker323December 08, 2016 10:21AM

  Re: Mind if I complain about my wife?

sstrams258December 07, 2016 03:55AM

  That reminds me of my parents when I take them out to eat

Drew2839264December 07, 2016 04:55PM

  You are correct....

JamesJM254December 06, 2016 03:59PM

  What's wrong with you guys

waterfield313December 06, 2016 06:29PM

  You can't understand....

JamesJM234December 06, 2016 06:35PM

  Its not that I'm impatient, waterfield..

sstrams277December 07, 2016 04:02AM

  I'm a wierdo-I admit it

waterfield352December 07, 2016 07:07AM


sstrams367December 07, 2016 08:03AM

  short story... you would have like her....

JamesJM312December 07, 2016 12:04PM

  Re: short story... you would have like her....

waterfield329December 07, 2016 02:57PM

  I am one of the most patient people you'll ever meet

Drew2839274December 07, 2016 05:00PM