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He's playing behind a shield....

June 10, 2024 09:05AM
I have never done that.... never seen it in a concert either. The only place I've ever seen it was in some churches where they don't want the drummer drowning out the guitar players and audience.

So I really have no idea what it would be for. I'll take a wild guess. I don't see any individual mic's on the drum kit.... that doesn't mean there aren't any but I can't see one. So I would assume that one mic catches the entire drum kit as the sound is diffused by the shield.

They probably aren't using mains.... that is, running all instruments thru main speakers - - so this "may", (remember, I'm only guessing), give the sound engineer control to balance the drums with the rest of the musicians.

  SST and Band guys. Concert question.

Ramgator81June 09, 2024 09:48AM

  I don't know for sure without seeing it, but..

sstrams37June 09, 2024 02:23PM

  Bass and Vocals are critical....

JamesJM32June 09, 2024 04:18PM

  Yeah, we set up differently..

sstrams24June 09, 2024 05:14PM

  You can see it in this photo... Attachments

Ramgator39June 10, 2024 07:17AM

  Yeah, I'd bet that's a direct line to the..

sstrams34June 10, 2024 08:38AM

  Yeah. I could see a couple of guys sitting behind control boards to the right of the stage.

Ramgator31June 10, 2024 01:17PM

  Possibly giv8ng specific instructions,.

sstrams25June 10, 2024 01:40PM

  He's playing behind a shield....

JamesJM29June 10, 2024 09:05AM

  Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy..

sstrams25June 10, 2024 09:09AM

  The only one I can make out.....

JamesJM30June 10, 2024 09:23AM

  Yeah, you're going to have to help me out here....

JamesJM38June 10, 2024 09:26AM

  Well, here's the two I see.. Attachments

sstrams30June 10, 2024 09:39AM

  Yeah, considered that one....

JamesJM34June 10, 2024 09:53AM

  hehe, I'm losing it Steve....

JamesJM32June 10, 2024 09:35AM

  Well, by rack I mean..

sstrams25June 10, 2024 09:41AM

  That makes sense...

JamesJM31June 10, 2024 09:57AM

  BOTH Drummers...Currington's and the Opening Act had drum shields. Gotta say..

Ramgator29June 10, 2024 01:22PM

  How big was the venue?

sstrams30June 10, 2024 01:46PM

  My Wife corrected me and she was right. The Opener did not use a shield.

Ramgator34June 10, 2024 02:32PM

  Here it is...... Attachments

Ramgator36June 10, 2024 02:36PM

  We have that same,,

sstrams34June 10, 2024 04:53PM


JamesJM30June 10, 2024 10:58PM