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Bass and Vocals are critical....

June 09, 2024 04:18PM
Playing without them in my monitors is horrible. It's has happened to me due to breakdowns.

We may set up differently than you do.... you may have your amps behind but a little to the side, at least a little maybe? Well, maybe not... but our guitar players set up their amps directly behind them. Bass player is directly in front of his amp... as is the lead guitar player and the rhythm guitar player. Everything goes through the mains which ARE to the sides, obviously.

Set up like that I have no need for monitoring the lead guitar because I think the sound that comes out of the back of an amp is nearly as loud as what comes out of the front. Since our lead guitar player sets up just to the side of my bass drum his volume is overwhelming withOUT being in my monitor. In fact, it's the opposite problem... when he turns it up, which he does occasionally, especially if he gets very excited, he will drown out everything else... I won't hear the bass which is in my monitor and I can just barely hear myself on the drums. My bass drum not at all.... IF he cranks it up. Fortunately he doesn't do that often anymore as we scolded him severely for it... no one else in the band could hear themselves playing. Now that's NOT a criticism of volume... I LOVE volume... but balanced volume... not one instrument 5 times louder than everyone else.

I'd have to say that we never did master the perfect setup. We did very well most of the time but I doubt if we ever hit perfection.

The best system we ever played was the concert I talked about here.. in Oregon just a few years ago. Trace Adkins, Dwight Yoakam, some others. That was perfection... or at least as good as we ever had. They didn't allow us FULL use of the sound system, however. laughing smiley I think they didn't want any opening group matching the volume and quality of the headliners. Not that we could have. laughing smiley

And just to add.... over those many long years I could never get used to headphones, or earbuds... I hated them while playing. Which is really too bad because it would have solved the 'hearing' a balanced sound problem. - JamesJM

  SST and Band guys. Concert question.

Ramgator65June 09, 2024 09:48AM

  I don't know for sure without seeing it, but..

sstrams24June 09, 2024 02:23PM

  Bass and Vocals are critical....

JamesJM21June 09, 2024 04:18PM

  Yeah, we set up differently..

sstrams16June 09, 2024 05:14PM

  You can see it in this photo... Attachments

Ramgator26June 10, 2024 07:17AM

  Yeah, I'd bet that's a direct line to the..

sstrams20June 10, 2024 08:38AM

  Yeah. I could see a couple of guys sitting behind control boards to the right of the stage.

Ramgator15June 10, 2024 01:17PM

  Possibly giv8ng specific instructions,.

sstrams15June 10, 2024 01:40PM

  He's playing behind a shield....

JamesJM19June 10, 2024 09:05AM

  Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy..

sstrams15June 10, 2024 09:09AM

  The only one I can make out.....

JamesJM15June 10, 2024 09:23AM

  Yeah, you're going to have to help me out here....

JamesJM20June 10, 2024 09:26AM

  Well, here's the two I see.. Attachments

sstrams17June 10, 2024 09:39AM

  Yeah, considered that one....

JamesJM17June 10, 2024 09:53AM

  hehe, I'm losing it Steve....

JamesJM20June 10, 2024 09:35AM

  Well, by rack I mean..

sstrams15June 10, 2024 09:41AM

  That makes sense...

JamesJM18June 10, 2024 09:57AM

  BOTH Drummers...Currington's and the Opening Act had drum shields. Gotta say..

Ramgator17June 10, 2024 01:22PM

  How big was the venue?

sstrams18June 10, 2024 01:46PM

  My Wife corrected me and she was right. The Opener did not use a shield.

Ramgator16June 10, 2024 02:32PM

  Here it is...... Attachments

Ramgator23June 10, 2024 02:36PM

  We have that same,,

sstrams21June 10, 2024 04:53PM


JamesJM19June 10, 2024 10:58PM