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Sorry for repeating this....

January 05, 2024 10:27AM
although it has been a long time since I wrote about it so you probably haven't heard it.

I coached football for some 15 years? When I began I couldn't wait until my son reached the age to play and I could coach him.

When that time came I was VERY excited..... and then one day son came up to me said, "I want to play Ice Hockey, not football". I was dumbfounded. I replied, "ICE HOCKEY? What the hell are you going to do? Travel to Canada every night for practices and games? This is central California... we don't have any ice".

I knew next to nothing about Ice Hockey at that time..... didn't know Fresno, (about 35 miles from my home), had an ice arena. My son had gone with his friends family to skate at the Fresno Ice Rink and that day they had a "Fresno Youth Hockey" game which he saw.... and he was sold. It became his life's ambition. laughing smiley

So I'll keep this short... we entered the ice hockey world. I think about 12 years of it? We traveled all over Calif and even a few neighboring states.... ice hockey became 'our' world.... and we became passionate about it. I think we won two state championships... but, ummmm, that's Calif.... had we played a Canadian team we'd have lost 50 to zip. laughing smiley

Over those 12 years we met many ice hockey families... and no few professional players.

My grandsons all play football now... or did, two have finally gone one... the other 4 still play. And I love it with all my heart.... but at the same time..... there is NOTHING like the smell of that ice when you enter a Hockey arena. The sound of crashing into the boards, the puck hitting the plexiglass. I miss it..... and I miss it dearly..... it gave me some of the best memories of my life. - JamesJM

  Wife and I watched "Miracle" AGAIN! Probably our 6-7th time??

Ramgator132January 02, 2024 04:07PM

  Re: Wife and I watched "Miracle" AGAIN! Probably our 6-7th time??

SeattleRam52January 02, 2024 08:30PM

  Time erases all.....

JamesJM45January 02, 2024 10:44PM

  I love the Narrative that Kurt Russell does at the end of Miracle.

Ramgator46January 03, 2024 01:50AM

  Yes, that was great... but my favorite line

JamesJM40January 04, 2024 10:03AM

  I thought about that as I watched.

Ramgator38January 04, 2024 11:57AM

  Yes, Cox....

JamesJM35January 04, 2024 12:19PM

  For some perspective..

canadaram37January 05, 2024 09:38AM

  Sorry for repeating this....

JamesJM26January 05, 2024 10:27AM

  I don’t recall seeing that story from you before.

canadaram31January 05, 2024 12:56PM

  Canada Cup

SeattleRam34January 05, 2024 01:58PM

  1987 was crazy.

canadaram19January 05, 2024 03:19PM

  when I think of Soviet-Canada hockey........

21Dog43January 05, 2024 04:42PM

  Re: when I think of Soviet-Canada hockey........

waterfield26January 05, 2024 07:11PM

  Re: when I think of Soviet-Canada hockey........

21Dog34January 06, 2024 06:11AM

  Interesting time of these Hockey posts....

JamesJM34January 06, 2024 07:54AM

  Re: when I think of Soviet-Canada hockey........

waterfield31January 06, 2024 11:10AM

  I would agree with that....

JamesJM25January 06, 2024 11:22AM

  Re: I would agree with that....

waterfield19February 06, 2024 05:34PM

  I haven't been to SoFi either... yet...

JamesJM18February 06, 2024 06:20PM

  Re: when I think of Soviet-Canada hockey........

21Dog22January 06, 2024 12:57PM


waterfield20February 06, 2024 05:39PM

  I was 4 years old during the Summit Series

canadaram36January 06, 2024 01:10AM

  Free on TY this month

SeattleRam24February 06, 2024 01:51PM

  Re: Wife and I watched "Miracle" AGAIN! Probably our 6-7th time??

IowaRam20February 07, 2024 03:12PM

  LOL AWESOME!! Wife and I just watched. We LOVE this! nm

Ramgator18February 08, 2024 02:19PM