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Disney has been blowing their OWN feet off for 30 + years.

May 24, 2023 08:11AM
The trend now is to blame Florida, our Governor or whatever Politics. It started WAAAAAAY before the internet and everyone going bat crap crazy over %^&% Politics .In the 70s / very early 80s, we'd go to Disney 2...even 3 times in one Summer. That was BEFORE WDW became a giant Cash @#$%&. It USED to be quite affordable and not so chaotic. In the mid / late 80s, the trend downward started. I took my Girlfriend there 30 years ago...June 1993. I had not been since 1981. I was stunned at just how much admission had jumped and what REALLY disappointed me was the quality of the food. Talk about a crash n burn! We got there when it opened at 9 AM and stayed till about 5 PM. USED to be that we'd stay till 10-11 PM but in 93, after being there for 8 hours and time for only 4 rides, with CRAP food in between??? It was time to go. I said I'd never go again. But then I had two boys. We took them 18 years ago. I will say the quality was better BUT....WDW simply priced themselves out of my business. I'm only 2 hours away and can drive down n back WITHOUT staying in a Hotel. HOW the people can afford to come from out of state is beyond me????? That's jut the issue with the Parks.......

Disney USED to be AWESOME at putting out movie CLASSICS! Lot's of original ideas. Now?? Not so much. How......HOW does a company get handed the keys to Lucas Films and screw it up so ROYALLY?????? For crying out loud.... Disney even had Mark Hamil face palming (He was VERY dignified on how he handled it). They had Hamil, Fisher AND Ford on board and had the Actors sighing at the writing and maybe THE largest fan base of any movie franchise PISSED.

There's a reason why Disney is closing Hotels and laying off workers. They are / have been so mismanaged for a LONG time, it's not even funny.

  Joy. I'm hearing Disney / Kathleen Kennedy have screwed up Indiana Jones also.

Ramgator225May 24, 2023 04:05AM

  Have seen previews for it while at other movies..

sstrams88May 24, 2023 05:19AM

  Movies are at a all-time low point

SeattleRam78May 24, 2023 06:32AM

  Yeah, we've been hitting the theaters quite a bit..

sstrams73May 24, 2023 07:20AM

  Re: Yeah, we've been hitting the theaters quite a bit..

MamaRAMa71May 24, 2023 09:49AM

  There was another Chernobyl series..

sstrams68May 24, 2023 09:55AM

  USED to be when you'd see a movie around Christmas time.....

Ramgator73May 24, 2023 07:46AM

  Now movies HAVE to have a certain criteria to be considered for an Oscar.

Ramgator88May 24, 2023 07:47AM

  The Critical Drinker

SeattleRam75May 24, 2023 06:46AM

  Disney has been blowing their OWN feet off for 30 + years.

Ramgator82May 24, 2023 08:11AM

  Hollywood , and especially have gone way to WOKE

IowaRam129May 24, 2023 01:21PM

  there actually WAS a chick in Lost Boys..

sstrams73May 24, 2023 01:27PM

  I was in the...........

IowaRam61May 24, 2023 01:47PM

  There's a reason why I prefer old school movies and TV.

Ramgator57May 24, 2023 03:23PM

  How Kathleen Kennedy still has a job

IowaRam54May 24, 2023 01:09PM

  New Academy Awards rule

IowaRam68May 24, 2023 01:38PM