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going to watch the second episode this evening...

March 09, 2023 12:18PM
So I didn't read you post for fear of spoilers.

I think, can't remember for for sure, that some time back I posted that I wasn't sure if I'd ever get back into the Mandalorian because so much time had passed... but I wasn't thinking - laughing smiley

I have grandsons... they weren't about to allow me to not get back into it.

Now as I said, I did not read your post.... you may have mentioned the first episode. I saw it... .thought it was the worst of the entire series. Didn't like it at all, actually. But my second oldest grandson explained to me that it was just a setup episode.... that it would get better. I hope so because seriously... that first one not only didn't do anything for me but it danged near ruined any chance I'd continue watching. Of course he could be right... what he says makes sense.... so yeah, I'm watching episode 2 tonight.... but if it doesn't get drastically better it's possible it could be the last episode I'll ever see. - JamesJM

  This week on The Mandalorian Attachments

IowaRam54March 09, 2023 10:25AM

  going to watch the second episode this evening...

JamesJM22March 09, 2023 12:18PM

  Your grandson is right,............nm

IowaRam20March 09, 2023 12:30PM

  This week one Star Trek Picard

IowaRam30March 09, 2023 01:16PM

  Het sstrams , some new Jaws trivia for ya

IowaRam32March 09, 2023 01:23PM


sstrams29March 09, 2023 01:26PM

  Lee turned down the role?

JamesJM22March 09, 2023 01:34PM

  Yes he did..

sstrams27March 09, 2023 02:16PM

  I will always say the shark was a far second to the main three.

Ramgator27March 10, 2023 01:44AM

  There's no doubt that..

sstrams33March 10, 2023 04:58AM

  That was VERY key to the movie. The mystery of the shark.

Ramgator22March 11, 2023 03:47AM

  Yeah, I've read that Spielberg used...

sstrams19March 11, 2023 05:08AM

  Just ME speaking..... New shark flicks should not even be attempted.

Ramgator33March 11, 2023 01:46PM

  Yeah, exactly...

sstrams27March 11, 2023 06:08PM

  Picard question...

DaJudge31March 10, 2023 05:41AM

  Re: Picard question...

IowaRam22March 10, 2023 01:31PM

  Re: Picard question...

DaJudge15March 12, 2023 12:04PM

  Yup, episode II was a lot better.... SPOILERS

JamesJM18March 09, 2023 04:51PM