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This week on The Mandalorian

March 09, 2023 10:25AM
Season 3 , Episode 2

last weeks episode 1 was a little weak , only about 30 minutes , was kind of just a refresher episode , felt more like a filler episode then a season premiere episode

but I knew that going in , as some of the selected few had the opportunity to see the first two episode a couple weeks ago and said the same , you need to see both episodes before making any judgements

but epiosde 2 was pretty good , top 5 for me

couple things

this episode is a good example , for people who have never watched the animated series Clone Wars , and those who have not

for those who have never seen Clone Wars , you most likely will watch the episode from Din Djarin perspective , because it is his show.................lol

but , those who have watched The Clone Wars will most like see the show from Bo-Katan's perspective

kinda interesting , two people can watch this exact show , and see it two different ways

another thing

those who know about the space whales are gonna get pretty excited , those who don't know about the space whales , probably didn't even notice them ,

and probably my favorite part of the episode , was R5-D4 , remember the red droid in the original movie , the one with the bad motivator

with out giving much away , he is now in the employment of Din Djarin , and....................he needs to be motivated to do what he's asked , although what he's asked to do does have some danger involved , I didn't catch the humor at first , but soon found the humor brilliant .....................lol

hope R5-D4 become a regular cast member for Din Djarin and gets his time to shine


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IowaRam138March 09, 2023 10:25AM

  going to watch the second episode this evening...

JamesJM52March 09, 2023 12:18PM

  Your grandson is right,............nm

IowaRam99March 09, 2023 12:30PM

  This week one Star Trek Picard

IowaRam55March 09, 2023 01:16PM

  Het sstrams , some new Jaws trivia for ya

IowaRam63March 09, 2023 01:23PM


sstrams62March 09, 2023 01:26PM

  Lee turned down the role?

JamesJM67March 09, 2023 01:34PM

  Yes he did..

sstrams72March 09, 2023 02:16PM

  I will always say the shark was a far second to the main three.

Ramgator57March 10, 2023 01:44AM

  There's no doubt that..

sstrams68March 10, 2023 04:58AM

  That was VERY key to the movie. The mystery of the shark.

Ramgator62March 11, 2023 03:47AM

  Yeah, I've read that Spielberg used...

sstrams54March 11, 2023 05:08AM

  Just ME speaking..... New shark flicks should not even be attempted.

Ramgator58March 11, 2023 01:46PM

  Yeah, exactly...

sstrams68March 11, 2023 06:08PM

  Picard question...

DaJudge60March 10, 2023 05:41AM

  Re: Picard question...

IowaRam54March 10, 2023 01:31PM

  Re: Picard question...

DaJudge48March 12, 2023 12:04PM

  Yup, episode II was a lot better.... SPOILERS

JamesJM47March 09, 2023 04:51PM