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Re: Jared Goff and Detroit

September 28, 2022 11:54AM
Old Goat
I'm sorry, but how has Goff proved his doubters wrong? From what I've seen, he's the same guy he was with us- makes good and bad throws, more bad decisions than good decisions, is dicey at best when pressured, and needs a complete supporting cast to be effective. He might get you to the playoffs, but won't be why you won the game.

I don't consider myself a "Goff detractor". That's just my observations of him, and I don't feel at all like he's proving me wrong. Throwing a few touchdowns doesn't change my perspective, he did that before with us quite often. Yes, Goff will do enough to get the Lions back to respectable. But just like with us, it's the true stars on that team that will put them over the top. He isn't one of them.

hate to break it to you, but he has better numbers and higher rating and QBR than Stafford this year and has the Lion fans excited.....he was supposedly a "throw in" QB in the trade and was maybe a bridge QB for the QB they could have drafted this year with all those picks, but they decided to stick with Goff and passed on drafting a QB....he has played well and has the Lions as one of the top offenses in the league....all QB's need "help" to be successful btw....

Glad we made the trade obviously cuz Stafford delivered, but doesn't mean we still can't root for Goff from afar

btw, go back and watch the NFC Championship vs Saints and tell me Goff didn't help us win that game....after trailing 13-0 ..without Kupp....and that place was insane!!!


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  Goff has made the most of his second chance

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  He hasn't done anything yet

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  The Lions would be better if they followed the rest of the division

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  Goff has looked very good so far.

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