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Stafford not RPO and based on the approach

February 21, 2021 09:03AM
He is a good hit away from ending a season or career.
The more I llook at our offense and listen to the noise that to me is so irrational and inconsistent in the media I am become less excited about our QB situation. Wolford is not the answer if Stafford skills are required to get us into a SB. Wolfords inprovisational skills have a pretty meager return for the record. If McVay needs someone to not turn the ball over to win versus 49ers whom our top Defense has failed to stop he will have to find a way to call the perfect play and have the better players to get the ball too. The way I see it, TOs happen and will happen in this offense the same with incompletions of 15 or more yards since we tend to throw more shallow stuff and the good defensive teams have been able to play cover 4 and also agressive underneath and win matchups. Anyone able to limit our RAC to catch and tackles then they have the leverage to beat us and McVay's scheme. While his attach may be pick your posion the more teams that have had success against us certainly pushes us to the limits of this offense. You don't get a #1 Defense without the personnel. Your offense will never be #1 if its main arguments for superiority are on a white board or simply the HC. You have to have the weapons to attack each level of the defense.

Stafford is not able to bring RPO as a viable long term options and his arm which I am not sure is significantly stronger than Jared's still demands the speedy weapons to capitolize on said strength to say nothing about accuracy. No Calvine Johnson, No Hopkins or Metcalf and no Hockinson or KIttle. There is a tradeoff because to get that level of performance upgrade that we will need also is an admission that we lacked that in 2020. Furthermore to gain on Offense to upgrade WR to that level we will neglect necessary OL upgrade and also jeopardize our Defense's FA retention which also does nothing to upgrade our QB rum with a more than capable back-up or future starter.

I see our short comings last year as untimely TOs combined with untimely play calls or unfortunate match-up limitations and a lack of adaptability or answers against the good defenses or defenders with elite skills to matchup. I think McVay puts a lot on his shoulders to address and at least up until now there has been less for the QB to account for in how this offense runs but to execute plays with thier arm. Wolford proved that much in my opinion and failed to score a TD. Hie had only 1 big run to his record and could not overcome dropped balls, penalties, poor play selection and defensive physicality that results in taking unecessary hits or disrupting passess (few can). So even if you assume that an RPO QB is your answer then we did not trade for the answer in obtaining Matthew Stafford. We traded for an Arm upgrade over a winning competitor who has managed with a bigger target on his back to win several games for this organization and HC including making it to a SB and out dueling some of the best QBs in the game.

So our net plus is Arm Strength, fewer TO (Subject to seeing what happens in our scheme) and Age and HC enthusiasm with the latter being the real critical plus but for me as a fan. The HC will be fully responsible for setting the plate differently or a very bad mistake was made by a tempermental and overconfident HC. Solution is Rams will have to upgrade BU QB and draft a Quality young QB very soon.

Los Angeles Rams

Rap on.

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merlin22February 22, 2021 12:50AM

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