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Re: question

January 14, 2020 07:36AM
What was their choice? Let him play for $16mm or whatever in 2020, then cut bait or let him be a free agent if they do not feel he is the answer?

If they did think he was the answer the cost goes up every year as it is not elite money he got, it is what QB's get in their second contracts get.

Instead of $110MM guaranteed, and $33.5 MM added for four years, it could be $125MM guaranteed and $36MM a year. Inflation.

If they did think he was not worth it, they cut bait and start over.

Both are risky and I am not commenting on his talent, I just don't think they wanted to take that chance and not sign him and pay a lot more later. They thought he was the answer and signed him a year early to save money/secure his future in terms of there is no doubt he is the franchise QB.

I do not know if he was "worth it", we have to see, but they did not have a lot of choices...

Look at where TB and DAL are. They are not sure and have not paid and the costs goes up as does the doubt and relationship of the QB and the team. Maybe it works out that TB cuts bait on Winston. Maybe DAL regrets not paying Prescott last year and the costs go up. It is a tough call.

Not arguing, just my opinion..

  Decided the watch the Rams v Saints NFCGC

Speed_Kills335January 13, 2020 03:06PM

  Goff has the Saints number

Speed_Kills156January 13, 2020 03:23PM

  And didn't McVay say...

Ram49151January 13, 2020 03:39PM

  Re: yes that is true

Speed_Kills109January 13, 2020 03:49PM

  Re: Goff has the Saints number

Ram Fan Teacher118January 13, 2020 03:40PM

  Re: lol!!!

Speed_Kills102January 13, 2020 03:47PM

  Re: lol!!!

Ram Fan Teacher102January 13, 2020 04:11PM

  Re: agreed

Speed_Kills92January 13, 2020 04:30PM

  Re: agreed

Ram Fan Teacher95January 14, 2020 03:27AM

  Re: question

Speed_Kills82January 14, 2020 07:24AM

  Re: question

ramsfaninmd74January 14, 2020 07:36AM

  <shrug> idk (to both of you)

Speed_Kills92January 14, 2020 08:52AM

  Re: <shrug> idk (to both of you)

RamsFanSinceLA62January 14, 2020 09:14AM

  Re: question

Ram Fan Teacher98January 14, 2020 08:34AM

  it's not done that way

zn100January 14, 2020 09:26AM

  Re: it's not done that way

Ram Fan Teacher77January 14, 2020 10:02AM

  basically yeah

zn61January 14, 2020 10:19AM

  Re: question

AlbaNY_Ram78January 14, 2020 09:54AM