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Re: It worked?

March 07, 2019 09:11AM
Recently in a cabin with my daughter-in law's sister. She says "I'm going to go skiing". I said the lines today will be long and you will have to wait forever for rental boots, poles, and skis. "no problememo" she says and picks up her I phone. W/i a minute she not only had reserved her poles, skis, and boots but she also had obtained her lift pass which she printed out.

I should say she works in the Silicon Valley for a high tech company-is there any other kind?

That kind of stuff just depresses me because I know if I tried it I might get the equipment but likely at a different ski area than where I wanted to go.

  Is technology endangering restaurants. . .

RAMbeau164March 02, 2019 03:02PM

  We don't even have Pizza Delivery yet...

JamesJM82March 02, 2019 04:22PM

  I have never eaten at a food truck . . .

RAMbeau101March 02, 2019 04:44PM

  Sure that counts... and also...

JamesJM74March 02, 2019 06:13PM

  Isn't it strange? , , ,

RAMbeau91March 03, 2019 06:55AM

  You're right, times have changed...

JamesJM77March 03, 2019 08:06AM

  Corn on the cob

Atlantic Ram45March 05, 2019 02:23PM

  Fair Food

IowaRam48March 05, 2019 02:54PM

  I HAD one of those... you're right...

JamesJM45March 05, 2019 03:11PM

  Wow... that's a must have

Atlantic Ram45March 05, 2019 04:14PM

  You reminded me of a line from M*A*S*H..

JamesJM42March 05, 2019 03:05PM

  oranges are grown to the east of me about 20 miles or so

21Dog42March 05, 2019 03:10PM

  Is there anything easier to grow than sweet corn?

JamesJM36March 05, 2019 03:14PM

  Yea , one nice thing about being from Iowa........

IowaRam41March 05, 2019 03:15PM

  I honestly think Corn is the all time greatest food...

JamesJM41March 05, 2019 03:17PM

  The Iowa Waltz Attachments

IowaRam46March 05, 2019 04:02PM

  I think it's endangering EVERYTHING!

Ramgator102March 04, 2019 07:24AM

  As opposed to your jokes? LOL. .. nm

RAMbeau47March 10, 2019 12:28PM

  NO RESPECT!!! Attachments

Ramgator66March 10, 2019 02:28PM

  Re: Is technology endangering restaurants. . .

waterfield44March 06, 2019 06:06AM

  Under those circumstances. . .

RAMbeau100March 06, 2019 03:51PM

  Re: Under those circumstances. . .

waterfield51March 06, 2019 05:40PM

  Re: Under those circumstances. . .

MamaRAMa45March 06, 2019 06:17PM

  Talking to strangers

waterfield95March 06, 2019 07:37PM

  Well, ya done it now... two short tales...make that 3....

JamesJM41March 07, 2019 08:39AM

  6 Degrees of Separation-theory

waterfield41March 07, 2019 09:03AM

  Yes, I've heard and read about that...

JamesJM42March 07, 2019 10:38AM

  It worked?

JamesJM40March 07, 2019 07:33AM

  Re: It worked?

waterfield39March 07, 2019 09:11AM