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Re: yes that is true

January 13, 2020 03:49PM
and I was going to mention the rookie game against the Saints too but decided to focus on his against the Saints with McVay

  Decided the watch the Rams v Saints NFCGC

Speed_Kills296January 13, 2020 03:06PM

  Goff has the Saints number

Speed_Kills140January 13, 2020 03:23PM

  And didn't McVay say...

Ram49129January 13, 2020 03:39PM

  Re: yes that is true

Speed_Kills95January 13, 2020 03:49PM

  Re: Goff has the Saints number

Ram Fan Teacher102January 13, 2020 03:40PM

  Re: lol!!!

Speed_Kills90January 13, 2020 03:47PM

  Re: lol!!!

Ram Fan Teacher88January 13, 2020 04:11PM

  Re: agreed

Speed_Kills77January 13, 2020 04:30PM

  Re: agreed

Ram Fan Teacher83January 14, 2020 03:27AM

  Re: question

Speed_Kills66January 14, 2020 07:24AM

  Re: question

ramsfaninmd59January 14, 2020 07:36AM

  <shrug> idk (to both of you)

Speed_Kills80January 14, 2020 08:52AM

  Re: <shrug> idk (to both of you)

RamsFanSinceLA51January 14, 2020 09:14AM

  Re: question

Ram Fan Teacher85January 14, 2020 08:34AM

  it's not done that way

zn91January 14, 2020 09:26AM

  Re: it's not done that way

Ram Fan Teacher64January 14, 2020 10:02AM

  basically yeah

zn51January 14, 2020 10:19AM

  Re: question

AlbaNY_Ram65January 14, 2020 09:54AM