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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Goff doesn't even have a chance nm

YOUNGBLOOD8511101/01/2017 11:39AM

  Re: Goff doesn't even have a chance nm

napoli5501/01/2017 11:41AM

  Re: Goff doesn't even have a chance nm

YOUNGBLOOD855501/01/2017 11:52AM

  Not at all

Ram495201/01/2017 11:53AM

  If it's Payton as HC, will all the coaches be fired?

NewMexicoRam10401/01/2017 11:46AM

  they should be except bones

Hazlet Hacksaw4701/01/2017 11:50AM

  Goff needs to show something today.

kw139201/01/2017 11:32AM

  Re: Goff needs to show something today.

napoli5201/01/2017 11:34AM

  no Britt - just survive

Hazlet Hacksaw5101/01/2017 11:35AM

  Re: no Britt - just survive

napoli5901/01/2017 11:43AM

  Re: no Britt - just survive

ABQRam6101/01/2017 11:46AM

  Re: no Britt - just survive

napoli5201/01/2017 11:46AM

  once again no blocking at all

ferragamo799101/01/2017 11:46AM

  Arians going afte Goff big time

napoli9801/01/2017 11:38AM

  he wont last the game at this rate

Hazlet Hacksaw5301/01/2017 11:39AM

  Re: he wont last the game at this rate

napoli5301/01/2017 11:40AM

  Re: Arians going afte Goff big time

stlramz5701/01/2017 11:39AM

  Amazing isn't it?

sstrams4501/01/2017 11:42AM

  Just no blocking.

NewMexicoRam8701/01/2017 11:37AM

  Re: Just no blocking.

napoli5501/01/2017 11:38AM

  cards should blitz every play

Hazlet Hacksaw5201/01/2017 11:38AM

  Worst Oline I have ever seen

The_Zone5201/01/2017 11:40AM

  This Oline sucks sooooooo bad. Saffold

napoli8801/01/2017 11:37AM

  Rodger can't seem to hold up at OT

RamsDynasty5601/01/2017 11:39AM

  saffold made it to the last game at least

Hazlet Hacksaw7601/01/2017 11:38AM

  Re: saffold made it ot the last game at least

napoli4901/01/2017 11:39AM

  slow developing run plays wont work

Hazlet Hacksaw6301/01/2017 11:37AM

  hate the home whites nm

Hazlet Hacksaw4701/01/2017 11:35AM

  nice play 26 nm

Hazlet Hacksaw6101/01/2017 11:31AM

  Link for the game?

TonyHunter8710501/01/2017 11:01AM

  I'm here...

sstrams4901/01/2017 11:27AM

  Re: Link for the game?

Bud Frosty5601/01/2017 11:27AM

  Re: Link for the game?

Ram495001/01/2017 11:28AM

  Re: Link for the game?

Blue and Gold4501/01/2017 11:28AM

  Rams D booking tee times. Nm

napoli9001/01/2017 11:28AM

  Watching the Saints......

HighPlainsDrifter15612/24/2016 01:18PM

  I'd do anything to get Sean Payton nm

Ram496312/24/2016 01:19PM

  Payton is a fantastic coach

Rams_816812/25/2016 05:06AM

  Re:Yeah you can do that with a HOF qb....NM.

laram6312/24/2016 01:22PM

  They have a QB, OL, and receivers who can get open...we don't

droopy6712/24/2016 01:23PM

  A Real OC will work wonders

The_Zone9212/24/2016 01:31PM

  Saw this in the opener

Rams_815712/25/2016 05:03AM

  Worst Rams Team I've Ever Seen

Ram4916312/24/2016 02:33PM

  This was very close to being an 0-16 team

Rams_815112/25/2016 04:57AM

  Dang is Goff this bad????

73Ram22812/24/2016 02:34PM

  Kind of, but also NO supporting cast whatsoever

mexram6712/24/2016 02:36PM

  Re: Kind of, but also NO supporting cast whatsoever

73Ram5912/24/2016 02:38PM

  I don't think so

Ram496212/24/2016 02:36PM

  He is stinking up the place right now

Hazlet Hacksaw7312/24/2016 02:42PM

  I fear he's worse

RFIP8012/24/2016 02:36PM

  Starting to understand why Fisher didn't want to start Goff

IowaRam6712/24/2016 02:52PM

  Because the offensive coaching was so bad

Rams_815212/25/2016 04:55AM

  swept by the 49ers

Hazlet Hacksaw14712/24/2016 02:27PM

  For that alone

RFIP6312/24/2016 02:28PM

  Snead should get axed for this one

Ram495012/24/2016 02:29PM

  Worst part is no consolation prize of better draft pick

Rams_814412/25/2016 04:52AM

  Do you smell that?

max18912/24/2016 02:39PM

  Goff sucks right now

Hazlet Hacksaw7912/24/2016 02:40PM

  Re: Goff sucks right now

The_Zone8212/24/2016 02:41PM

  Re: Goff sucks right now

73Ram6112/24/2016 02:43PM

  he was clean as a whistle the last two throws

Hazlet Hacksaw7112/24/2016 02:43PM

  Re: Goff sucks right now

stephen machado7212/24/2016 02:47PM

  Re: Do you smell that?

73Ram7512/24/2016 02:41PM

  Sit Goff and you'll find...

max6712/24/2016 04:23PM

  Re: Sit Goff and you'll find...

73Ram5912/25/2016 01:39AM

  10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... WTF Goff. Bad Offense Again

Florida_Ram14612/24/2016 01:50PM

  Re: 10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... WTF Goff. Bad Offense Again

reggae6012/24/2016 01:54PM

  Re: 10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... Expectations is all reggae

Florida_Ram5712/24/2016 02:03PM

  Re: 10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... Expectations is all reggae

reggae5712/24/2016 02:56PM

  Re: 10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... WTF Goff. Bad Offense Again

Rams436012/24/2016 01:56PM

  Re: 10-21 88 Yards and 1 INT...... Merry Christmas 43

Florida_Ram5312/24/2016 02:11PM

  most embarrassing moment EVER

ferragamo7923312/24/2016 02:28PM

  Embarrassing doesn't capture it

Ram497812/24/2016 02:28PM

  And even that would smell better (nm)

mexram5012/24/2016 02:31PM

  certainly top 5

Blue and Gold9612/24/2016 02:29PM

  Re: Hmmmm.

laram6912/24/2016 02:34PM

  Re: Hmmmm.

73Ram6912/24/2016 02:37PM

  But it's the OL

RFIP6112/24/2016 02:37PM

  Re: That's some middle school BS right there!! LOL...NM

laram6012/24/2016 02:39PM

  I actually thought that until today

Hazlet Hacksaw5212/24/2016 02:39PM

  Yeah that wasnt too good today

Hazlet Hacksaw6712/24/2016 02:38PM

  I'm just numb

IowaRam8112/24/2016 02:29PM

  most embarrassing moment EVER- until that interception

RamBum7312/24/2016 02:36PM

  Start Mannion next week

RFIP15412/24/2016 02:35PM


Hazlet Hacksaw6512/24/2016 02:37PM

  Goff sucks too

Hazlet Hacksaw15912/24/2016 02:36PM

  Quick.... Lazy route. Goff poor throw

no name16412/24/2016 02:34PM

  that route

Ram4911112/24/2016 02:35PM

  Perfect friggen ending.

The_Zone14912/24/2016 02:34PM

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