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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of the HERD. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Run the ball. You have Gurley.

NewMexicoRam1401/06/2018 05:35PM

  Where's the TA jet sweep? Nm

sstrams901/06/2018 05:35PM

  Damn Ogletree

BlackSheep8401/06/2018 05:16PM

  Two back to back there...

Guard2601/06/2018 05:17PM

  Re: Damn Ogletree

YorkiePud2801/06/2018 05:17PM

  Re: Damn Ogletree

no name2901/06/2018 05:24PM

  Re: That's not it...

dzrams1801/06/2018 05:27PM

  Re: That's not it...

no name1501/06/2018 05:35PM

  Out of Control

RamBill1901/06/2018 05:26PM

  Re: Out of Control

joram1601/06/2018 05:27PM

  Re:Yep.....that would have been a 3 & out for the D...nm

RamFire1101/06/2018 05:27PM

  great point nm

21Dog1001/06/2018 05:31PM

  A gassed D about to take the field......

RAMbler701/06/2018 05:35PM

  No screens??? WHY

napoli3801/06/2018 05:32PM

  They're looking for it

NewMexicoRam1701/06/2018 05:34PM

  Re: No screens??? WHY

VANRAM1001/06/2018 05:35PM

  Gurley was toast anyways

napoli2901/06/2018 05:33PM

  Re: Gurley was toast anyways

YorkiePud701/06/2018 05:34PM

  Falcons D Coach is having a good play calling night...ugh nm

RamFire801/06/2018 05:34PM

  Bad time to dial up three passes. BUT!

EternalHorns5001/06/2018 05:31PM


RamsDynasty1101/06/2018 05:34PM

  My phone is about to die.

EternalHorns3101/06/2018 05:33PM

  Again - thank god Woods....... nm

sstrams1801/06/2018 05:31PM

  Re: Again - thank god Woods....... nm

YorkiePud1301/06/2018 05:32PM

  Robert Woods.. Heckuva catch

MamaRAMa2501/06/2018 05:31PM


RamFire701/06/2018 05:31PM

  Hopefully our wunderkind

Ram13804501/06/2018 05:29PM

  I really thought our DL would dominate their OL.

Rams435401/06/2018 05:26PM

  Re: I really thought our DL would dominate their OL.

Hollywood Ram1001/06/2018 05:28PM

  Re: I really thought our DL would dominate their OL.

dzrams901/06/2018 05:28PM

  Countess oh man ..... nm

ArizonaRamFan4501/06/2018 05:25PM

  Re: Countess oh man ..... nm

YorkiePud1301/06/2018 05:28PM

  TD is a must NOW!!!

napoli4001/06/2018 05:28PM

  This team is gutsy

RamUK5501/06/2018 05:26PM

  Keep fighting and scratching...

Guard1101/06/2018 05:28PM

  Defense bend but doesn't break..good job nm

BlackSheep4301/06/2018 05:26PM

  Re: Defense bend but doesn't break..good job nm

napoli1101/06/2018 05:26PM

  The way that drive was going, althat stop was huge. (NM)

EternalHorns1101/06/2018 05:26PM

  Re: The way that drive was going, althat stop was huge. (NM)

YorkiePud801/06/2018 05:27PM

  Hold em to 3

RamsFanSince695401/06/2018 05:22PM

  Offense gonna have to run a long, clock eating TD .nm

ArizonaRamFan1201/06/2018 05:23PM

  Atlanta Time of Pos. 26:02 Rams 12:04

MamaRAMa1101/06/2018 05:26PM

  Those TOs are huge.

ArizonaRamFan1301/06/2018 05:27PM

  I hear you - but Will trade TDs for FGs

RamsFanSince691201/06/2018 05:27PM

  Okay, very important stand

ArizonaRamFan5501/06/2018 05:26PM

  Re: Okay, very important stand

Hollywood Ram1201/06/2018 05:27PM

  Re: Okay, very important stand

CarolinaRam901/06/2018 05:27PM

  Cooper is gonna bust one here....

Hollywood Ram5301/06/2018 05:26PM

  We're losing key players on D

Kilroy5201/06/2018 05:24PM

  Ogletree disappointing nm

joram801/06/2018 05:26PM

  D stiffens when it needs to..... nm

sstrams3201/06/2018 05:25PM

  They are going after the D weakness

NewMexicoRam7301/06/2018 05:21PM

  Re: They are going after the D weakness

napoli1601/06/2018 05:22PM

  Ooph. We're getting dominated this drive.

EternalHorns1401/06/2018 05:23PM

  Don't overlook Brock being out .nm

ArizonaRamFan601/06/2018 05:24PM

  Very smart

Ram491501/06/2018 05:23PM

  Joyner down...

MamaRAMa5101/06/2018 05:22PM

  Re: Joyner down...

napoli1301/06/2018 05:23PM

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