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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Didn't realize Rapp was back Nice to see nm

Rams_781910/20/2019 08:39AM

  Troy Hill sucks

Paco703510/20/2019 08:39AM

  Fowler getting his arms up

Suh-weet!2610/20/2019 08:38AM

  Sparse crowd

MamaRAMa910/20/2019 08:37AM

  Natson!!!!!! nm

Rams_786410/20/2019 08:26AM

  He's gotta go

Ram_Ruler2310/20/2019 08:27AM

  He doesn't seem to have football smarts...

sstrams1610/20/2019 08:28AM

  Re: He's gotta go

six2stack1510/20/2019 08:28AM

  No clue.

Ram_Ruler1110/20/2019 08:31AM

  Re: He's gotta go

CarolinaRam1010/20/2019 08:34AM

  Re: He needs his OWN Special Teams Coach nm

Rams_78810/20/2019 08:29AM

  Disagree on that one

Suh-weet!1010/20/2019 08:35AM

  Throw the ball to Henderson

RamBum5010/20/2019 08:32AM

  Re: Throw the ball to Henderson

six2stack1710/20/2019 08:32AM

  Re: Yep the KID looks dynamic in space nm

Rams_78910/20/2019 08:34AM

  Holy Crap way to go GZ!! nm

Rams_782510/20/2019 08:32AM

  Our special teams

chico n da rams3510/20/2019 08:29AM

  Re: Our special teams

MamaRAMa1310/20/2019 08:31AM

  Good job D..... nm

sstrams2010/20/2019 08:27AM

  Re: Good job D..... Yes it was!!! nm

Rams_78910/20/2019 08:27AM


CarolinaRam8210/20/2019 08:22AM

  Re: GZ

six2stack2210/20/2019 08:23AM

  Sure doesn't feel like our year, does it?

sstrams1210/20/2019 08:24AM

  Re: GZ

Classicalwit2010/20/2019 08:24AM

  Re: GZ

MamaRAMa1310/20/2019 08:24AM


Rams_786210/20/2019 08:22AM

  Momentum killer

Ram_Ruler1410/20/2019 08:24AM

  Greg is no longer The Leg

MamaRAMa3810/20/2019 08:24AM

  Lets have a GOOD game Edwards...nm

Rams_783310/20/2019 08:18AM

  Re: Lets have a GOOD game Edwards...nm

chico n da rams2110/20/2019 08:21AM


chico n da rams5410/20/2019 08:21AM

  Ram Game on Radio

Ram Fan Teacher4010/20/2019 07:53AM

  Re: Ram Game on Radio

Arkansas Ram1610/20/2019 07:59AM

  If you use Explorer

ABQRam1410/20/2019 08:05AM

  Thanks NM

Ram Fan Teacher410/20/2019 08:05AM

  Re: Ram Game on Radio--THANKS!!!!! nm

Steve710/20/2019 08:14AM

  Terrible sack attempt by Fowler nm

six2stack2710/20/2019 08:11AM

  Not even blocked...

sstrams1610/20/2019 08:11AM

  Rams-Falcons not on TV!

MamaRAMa3210/20/2019 08:03AM

  If you don't holler.. I got several... nm

sstrams1110/20/2019 08:05AM

  Re: If you don't holler.. I got several... nm

MamaRAMa1410/20/2019 08:08AM

  I know - I've just found a couple more, just in case... nm

sstrams1110/20/2019 08:09AM

  We win the toss EVERY week!

sstrams1610/20/2019 08:05AM

  Re: If i had that kind of luck with lottery numbers...lol nm

Rams_78310/20/2019 08:07AM

  Let's do this!! Plenty of time

napoli1410/20/2019 07:42AM

  Yup, lets get rolling, napoli...!

sstrams310/20/2019 07:48AM

  Re: Yup, lets get rolling, napoli...!

MamaRAMa210/20/2019 08:02AM

  It'd be about time, right?

sstrams110/20/2019 08:04AM

  Road crowd shouldn't be an issue

Ram_Ruler1510/20/2019 07:55AM

  Goff is just OFF...

KRams29610/13/2019 02:04PM

  Re: Goff is just OFF...

napoli4910/13/2019 02:09PM

  Not off...he's off-ful...

jemach5210/13/2019 02:13PM

  He's not off. He's just Goff lol

Ram_Ruler4610/13/2019 02:14PM

  QB can't overcome bad coaching and protection

BumRap4010/13/2019 02:18PM

  Re: The QB isn't absolved of blame...

dzrams3810/13/2019 02:21PM

  You could say that about the whole team

30303310/13/2019 07:12PM

  McVay magic gone....others figured him out

ferragamo7925810/13/2019 02:03PM

  Re: Now he grows or he goes...

dzrams5310/13/2019 02:09PM

  Re: Now he grows or he goes...

WhiteHorns4010/13/2019 03:39PM

  Re: Now he grows or he goes...

Ramfan213510/13/2019 04:17PM

  Re: I too had this thought today....

dzrams3410/13/2019 06:32PM

  Re: McVay magic gone....others figured him out

napoli2210/13/2019 02:10PM

  New car smell?

Deadhead Ram2110/13/2019 02:10PM

  All NFC West Teams won today... except the Rams

MamaRAMa19510/13/2019 02:25PM

  Not even worried about power rankings, Mama..

sstrams1410/13/2019 02:37PM


Deadhead Ram1110/13/2019 02:38PM

  Re: Not even worried about power rankings, Mama..

MamaRAMa1210/13/2019 02:56PM

  Their back up Oline was better than our starting Oline

headslapper8510/13/2019 02:14PM

  Because their head coach.

Ram_Ruler2310/13/2019 02:34PM

  Alright, well....

Deadhead Ram7010/13/2019 02:30PM

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