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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Pharoah needs to take a knee. Nm

NewMexicoRam7510/01/2017 08:12AM

  Re: Pharoah needs a new neck after that hit..nm

BlackSheep3110/01/2017 08:14AM

  He'd save his neck, and his job, if he'd take a knee. Nm

NewMexicoRam3010/01/2017 08:19AM

  Didn't like the 3rd play call.

napoli7510/01/2017 08:18AM

  Goff makes a play...

JamesJM10110/01/2017 08:15AM

  I'm liking this offense so far

BlackSheep8010/01/2017 08:13AM

  Nice run Gurley

BlackSheep7010/01/2017 08:12AM

  Nice stop D. Clap clap

napoli8710/01/2017 08:09AM

  Keep them to all FG's

NewMexicoRam3310/01/2017 08:10AM

  Re: Keep them to all FG's

napoli3310/01/2017 08:11AM

  I am ok with just 3

Los Angeles Lenny3310/01/2017 08:11AM

  Gonna Be A Long Afternoon ...

Classicalwit10210/01/2017 08:06AM

  Re: Gonna Be A Long Afternoon ...

CarolinaRam3410/01/2017 08:11AM

  Let's get this started!

sstrams7510/01/2017 08:03AM

  not a great start for TJ nm

21Dog3410/01/2017 08:05AM

  So far the D doesn't seem to have gotten it together...

JamesJM4510/01/2017 08:08AM

  could have been worse nm

21Dog3210/01/2017 08:09AM

  At least we held 'me to a FG... nm

sstrams3710/01/2017 08:10AM

  C'mon Rams!!!!!

BlackSheep8210/01/2017 08:06AM


napoli10010/01/2017 08:04AM

  Being a Rams AND Cubs fan

Ram138020909/21/2017 07:21PM

  Should Wade be fired?

NewMexicoRam33409/21/2017 06:39PM

  Re: Should Wade be fired?

reggae13009/21/2017 06:42PM


ferragamo7915009/21/2017 06:44PM

  D is injured and gassed.

no name14009/21/2017 06:45PM

  Bones almost as much to blame as Wade

RamsDynasty13509/21/2017 06:48PM

  Re: Bones almost as much to blame as Wade

CarolinaRam14609/21/2017 06:53PM

  You're joking, I hope. Good grief.

Suh-weet!12409/21/2017 07:00PM

  He might be right

9er8er12809/21/2017 07:02PM

  Good joke nm

rambleon10309/21/2017 07:15PM

  Two "strengths" of this team nearly lost it...

Hollywood Ram20809/21/2017 07:01PM

  WHY RUN IT OUT?????? nm

Ram Fan Teacher17709/21/2017 06:28PM

  Why run any of them out?

RamBill10509/21/2017 06:31PM

  Because it's all about him

L.A.Rams15709/21/2017 06:34PM

  Re: Because it's all about him

AlbaNY_Ram12209/21/2017 06:59PM

  Donald just won it.

NewMexicoRam25409/21/2017 06:47PM

  Re: Donald just won it. Knock on wood!! nm

RamFire9609/21/2017 06:47PM

  Re: NOW I HAVE to give him credit for a game saving play!!...NM

laram9909/21/2017 06:47PM

  Re: Ask and you shall receive!!!..NM

dzrams10309/21/2017 06:52PM

  Re: NOW I HAVE to give him credit for a game saving play!!...NM

JYB11509/21/2017 06:56PM

  Wouldn't say that

Suh-weet!11409/21/2017 06:54PM

  Re: Well Gurley sealed it nm

Speed_Kills7409/21/2017 06:59PM

  Re: yup nm

Speed_Kills10509/21/2017 06:55PM

  Give Wade a raise!

9er8er22209/21/2017 06:47PM

  He should take a pay cut, you mean

NewMexicoRam9909/21/2017 06:48PM

  He almost lost game

ferragamo7910609/21/2017 06:52PM


9er8er9209/21/2017 06:57PM

  I would give good money to get Chris Collinsworth

PeoriaRa30209/21/2017 06:49PM

  Re: I would give good money to get Chris Collinsworth

MamaRAMa11709/21/2017 06:55PM

  Cant ignore the special teams screw ups either (nm)

tomatosan13809/21/2017 06:54PM

  Whew dodged a bullet

RamsDynasty24109/21/2017 06:47PM

  Ugh, the 99 defense was better than this

NewMexicoRam9309/21/2017 06:49PM

  Re: Whew dodged a bullet

CarolinaRam10909/21/2017 06:50PM


Suh-weet!9009/21/2017 06:52PM

  Re: Boy and how

Speed_Kills9709/21/2017 06:53PM

  Where was Quinn. Did he get hurt? Nm

droopy15809/21/2017 06:53PM

  laram there you go ... game saving clutch play ! nm

dzrams15309/21/2017 06:47PM

  Re: Look UP!...NM

laram6909/21/2017 06:48PM

  SACK YES......nm

RamFire12609/21/2017 06:46PM

  Total collapse

CarolinaRam20209/21/2017 06:44PM

  Re: Total collapse...not just yet!! nm

RamFire8809/21/2017 06:45PM

  The only way Goff can be stopped!!! Keep the ball out of his hands! :) :) nm.

Saguaro16109/21/2017 06:44PM

  The clock an out before kick.

CROMWELL2120909/21/2017 06:42PM

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