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  From the Herd Board... 'movies'...and my special gift...

JamesJM26706/06/2017 07:35AM

  I'm horrible at that

IowaRam11506/06/2017 07:55AM

  Names are another matter...

JamesJM9506/06/2017 08:04AM

  Baseball in the summer...

JamesJM29106/04/2017 08:07AM

  Booze in Movie Theaters?

JamesJM35405/24/2017 10:51AM

  Common around here..

sstrams14005/24/2017 11:04AM


JamesJM14305/24/2017 11:11AM

  Drive in, huh?

sstrams13405/24/2017 11:50AM

  Re: Booze in Movie Theaters?

waterfield14505/24/2017 09:13PM

  The Galaxy Thearter in Tulare sells alcohol...

RAMbler11405/25/2017 10:13AM

  Wow, didn't know that...

JamesJM11505/25/2017 10:48AM

  ...and thats not all....

RAMbler13605/26/2017 10:08AM

  You could have saved me $8,000

JamesJM14805/26/2017 10:31AM

  Re: The Galaxy Thearter in Tulare sells alcohol...

73Ram11805/26/2017 04:35AM

  my downfall, booze at public events

ferragamo7912105/25/2017 03:18PM

  Peeing makes up 20% of my life

Drew283913506/03/2017 08:18AM

  Good topic... peeing...

JamesJM11906/03/2017 11:20AM

  You and Drew and Ferragamo

LesBaker12206/03/2017 12:21PM

  Re: Booze in Movie Theaters?

73Ram12605/26/2017 04:26AM

  Theater of the absurd

waterfield12605/26/2017 11:12AM

  You just illustrated my entire life...

JamesJM10705/26/2017 11:18AM

  Re: Theater of the absurd

73Ram13205/27/2017 03:04AM

  For those who don't understand how the movie theater has changed into a living room

waterfield12006/02/2017 10:23AM

  Any old theaters left in your area?

JamesJM10906/02/2017 12:12PM

  Not that I can think of

waterfield10706/02/2017 12:36PM

  Sea Of Japan

IowaRam22306/02/2017 07:53PM

  WWII was a long time ago but...

Ramgator8506/03/2017 05:26AM

  Tonight, my favorite meal...

JamesJM21606/02/2017 03:39PM

  Meatloaf and mashed Potatoes

IowaRam9106/02/2017 07:12PM

  you're gonna need a Costco sized supply of tissues, Waterfield... Attachments

JamesJM27806/01/2017 10:59PM

  great stuff, Grandpa

21Dog11006/02/2017 04:45AM

  Congrats to you..

sstrams11006/02/2017 05:20AM

  Glory Days... once a Lion, always a Lion Attachments

JamesJM9706/02/2017 07:56AM

  Re: you're gonna need a Costco sized supply of tissues, Waterfield...

waterfield9206/02/2017 08:02AM

  Remember my granddaughter? Attachments

JamesJM8606/02/2017 08:14AM

  I've got one now, too!!

21Dog11806/02/2017 09:29AM

  WOW... great news.

JamesJM9306/02/2017 10:22AM

  Re: WOW... great news.

21Dog11906/02/2017 11:00AM

  LMAO.. you're right.. Attachments

JamesJM10106/02/2017 11:55AM

  Getting a Life Scan physical tomorrow and I'm a tad nervous.

Ramgator35305/30/2017 03:05PM

  Re: Getting a Life Scan physical tomorrow and I'm a tad nervous.

73Ram13605/30/2017 04:07PM

  Have fun with the colonoscopy

ferragamo7913305/30/2017 04:57PM

  Good luck Gator..

sstrams13105/31/2017 03:00AM

  been there, done that.

21Dog10405/31/2017 04:47AM

  Prostate stuff and PSAs.

waterfield13805/31/2017 08:51AM

  had something done at SC about a month ago

21Dog11006/01/2017 03:03PM

  Re: had something done at SC about a month ago

waterfield11506/01/2017 04:23PM

  All went...ok

Ramgator15105/31/2017 07:45AM

  They said that?

sstrams13605/31/2017 08:06AM


Ramgator11006/01/2017 06:30PM

  Its the #11 on your jersey..

sstrams10306/01/2017 06:58PM

  I know a few guys here are gonna love this.. Attachments

sstrams47805/19/2017 11:22AM

  Speaking of drummers...

JamesJM15605/19/2017 11:55AM

  Re: I know a few guys here are gonna love this..

73Ram15005/20/2017 03:40AM

  I gotcha ' 73.. cuz..

sstrams16305/20/2017 05:11AM

  Re: I gotcha ' 73.. cuz..

73Ram14405/20/2017 05:46AM

  ..and to add to that..

sstrams14605/20/2017 07:58AM

  If there is a way for Gene Simmons to make a buck..

IowaRam15805/21/2017 01:51PM

  You ain't lyin'...

sstrams13905/21/2017 02:58PM

  I'll post pics off my new home office this summer

ferragamo7948205/25/2017 03:24PM

  Re: I'll post pics off my new home office this summer

73Ram20805/26/2017 04:20AM


ferragamo7916505/27/2017 05:33PM

  Re: ok

73Ram13005/28/2017 03:11AM

  Did you see who they cast as Cable

IowaRam24905/28/2017 07:40AM

  I'll look forward to that, 79...

sstrams14905/26/2017 04:29AM

  My Monty Python set

IowaRam15005/28/2017 05:13PM

  A few recent additions

IowaRam16905/28/2017 05:23PM

  I think I had that spiderman

ferragamo7911505/30/2017 06:14PM

  Me too

Atlantic Ram11105/31/2017 03:17PM

  Re: Me too

IowaRam14306/01/2017 09:30AM

  That's great

Atlantic Ram11705/31/2017 03:18PM

  Ordered a Farrah Fawcett Mustang II diecast

IowaRam16806/01/2017 09:52AM

  Well I bought a Kindle

ferragamo7935505/29/2017 04:03PM

  Always figured my wife has the right idea

IowaRam11305/29/2017 05:17PM

  Trouble with Kindle and audio tapes

waterfield14105/30/2017 11:15AM

  You and me, Waterfield.. I agree.. and as for Kindle...

JamesJM9205/30/2017 02:33PM

  I hear you

ferragamo7912005/30/2017 06:10PM

  sad, but true

21Dog11105/31/2017 04:48AM

  It's called (one word)

waterfield13405/31/2017 08:53AM

  Yup, and my family has it bad....

JamesJM11905/31/2017 09:54AM

  Re: It's called (one word)

Atlantic Ram10705/31/2017 03:14PM

  Here's an article reflecting the future

waterfield12305/31/2017 06:57PM

  I do not like shopping malls...

JamesJM12106/01/2017 06:47AM

  Re: I do not like shopping malls...

waterfield10306/01/2017 07:22AM

  Next week space camp

waterfield29205/31/2017 07:02PM

  My old singer..

sstrams11006/01/2017 03:31AM

  He said..

sstrams11606/01/2017 04:51AM

  Anyone ever done the Nascar Racing Experience?

sstrams27305/31/2017 02:57AM

  18 years ago....

JamesJM13905/31/2017 06:00AM

  Thanks Jimmy..

sstrams10305/31/2017 06:26AM

  Best friend did the Monster Mile

Atlantic Ram11905/31/2017 02:38PM

  My son did the bike experience...

JamesJM10605/31/2017 02:48PM

  We were just at Hershey Park

Atlantic Ram11405/31/2017 03:06PM

  I got the Practice Experience..

sstrams11006/01/2017 03:27AM


ferragamo7935505/29/2017 03:49PM

  Re: Spicoli

six2stack12105/29/2017 08:19PM

  here ya go six

ferragamo7913105/30/2017 06:07PM

  loved the line.....

21Dog13405/30/2017 04:16AM

  I actually use that line..

sstrams13305/30/2017 04:54AM

  That is so funny

Atlantic Ram11105/31/2017 03:24PM

  I swear, Atlantic...

sstrams11705/31/2017 06:23PM

  Why can't I post or see videos anymore

LesBaker12505/30/2017 03:35PM

  What web browser are ya using

IowaRam11205/30/2017 03:44PM

  too much wine Les

ferragamo7912905/30/2017 04:58PM

  Sorry, a whining post... NetFlix

JamesJM34705/24/2017 05:22PM

  Ain't that the truth?

sstrams12305/25/2017 02:53AM

  I'm a bachelor...

JamesJM8505/25/2017 02:05PM

  I like Netflix and here's why

Atlantic Ram11005/31/2017 04:23PM

  Spaceballs II ???????

JamesJM32005/23/2017 12:43PM

  They shoulda named it..

sstrams12205/23/2017 12:48PM

  hehehe, very clever... (nm)

JamesJM11605/23/2017 12:52PM

  That would be perfect.........nm

IowaRam12305/23/2017 01:00PM

  Speaking of Balls...

MamaRAMa15505/26/2017 11:38AM

  I plead guilty...

JamesJM12005/26/2017 11:46AM

  Re: I plead guilty...

MamaRAMa10705/26/2017 12:01PM

  I envy you, Mama.... Attachments

JamesJM12405/26/2017 12:16PM


waterfield11305/26/2017 01:33PM

  The sad thing today is..

sstrams11905/27/2017 08:06AM

  Re: The sad thing today is..

73Ram11405/28/2017 03:20AM

  Re: Speaking of Balls...

73Ram12905/28/2017 03:19AM


ferragamo7910105/29/2017 03:38PM

  They've been " talking " for 20 years now

IowaRam13805/23/2017 12:59PM

  Same with Dodgeball..

sstrams12305/23/2017 02:13PM


waterfield12505/26/2017 01:38PM

  Our grade school dodgeball was pretty much just like in the movie

IowaRam20805/26/2017 02:34PM

  Yeah, that sounds like..

sstrams11805/27/2017 08:03AM

  Didn't you play dodgeball in elementary school ?

IowaRam13205/27/2017 08:46AM

  Waterfield, aren't you glad..

sstrams12005/27/2017 08:04AM

  Re: Waterfield, aren't you glad..

waterfield11905/27/2017 08:08AM

  Mel Brooks is 90

IowaRam11205/23/2017 02:29PM

  Will be VERY surprised if it has the "Mel Brooks edge".

Ramgator11205/27/2017 10:48AM

  What happened to History of the World Part 2?

Atlantic Ram11605/31/2017 03:31PM

  Wow, I'm back to the 50's... (TV - Antenna)

JamesJM46505/27/2017 06:35PM

  I probably could survive withy just one channel

IowaRam14505/28/2017 09:41AM

  Trust me, you are not alone.

Ramgator14105/28/2017 02:23PM

  Re: Wow, I'm back to the 50's... (TV - Antenna)

JoeMad17305/30/2017 10:25AM

  I perhaps spoke too early...

JamesJM17105/30/2017 02:51PM

  Re: I perhaps spoke too early...

JoeMad17105/31/2017 07:17AM

  the Rams....

JamesJM16005/31/2017 07:45AM

  NFL Game Pass

JoeMad15005/31/2017 09:45AM

  Ok, if I understand you correctly...

JamesJM12005/31/2017 09:55AM


JoeMad13005/31/2017 10:07AM

  I'd love that... although...

JamesJM11905/31/2017 10:11AM

  with NFL Game Pass

JoeMad13705/31/2017 10:29AM

  I have NFL Game Pass and like it a lot

Atlantic Ram13605/31/2017 02:57PM

  According to that web site

IowaRam12905/30/2017 03:14PM

  think I got 6 or 7

ferragamo7912605/30/2017 06:09PM

  Re: Wow, I'm back to the 50's... (TV - Antenna)

IowaRam10305/31/2017 02:29PM

  Not sure I'll ever get used to these big screen TV

IowaRam12105/31/2017 02:49PM

  Steve, Vicki, Frank, and All.. Music…. On NetFlix I found gold…

JamesJM43405/26/2017 08:31PM

  Not music related....but I am tied to Muscle Shoals

73Ram12005/28/2017 03:46AM

  thanks for the tip

21Dog12805/28/2017 05:05AM

  Yup, same here...

JamesJM12805/28/2017 06:03AM


ferragamo7912505/29/2017 03:37PM

  Sorry, Jimmy...

sstrams11605/31/2017 10:06AM

  The Swampers...

JamesJM12005/31/2017 10:19AM

  That's really cool...

sstrams13305/31/2017 10:49AM

  I got ya... understand perfectly...

JamesJM14405/31/2017 11:09AM

  Yeah, I got you on that one.. Attachments

sstrams12705/31/2017 11:42AM


ferragamo7935105/29/2017 07:59AM


Ramgator12605/29/2017 09:58AM

  Well, well, well, look who is in

ferragamo7910105/30/2017 06:13PM

  Dammit! Just read Olivia Newton John has cancer again.

Ramgator23505/30/2017 09:54AM

  Dang, she's playing here..

sstrams11905/30/2017 10:14AM

  Well, just announced she's postponing..

sstrams10605/30/2017 10:59AM

  SO glad I saw her in March....

Ramgator11905/30/2017 11:09AM

  Chance of rain on Memorial day weekend

IowaRam49305/29/2017 05:21PM

  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone

IowaRam36905/27/2017 08:48AM


Ramgator10505/27/2017 10:50AM


73Ram12305/28/2017 02:55AM


21Dog11705/28/2017 05:03AM

  Re: amen

73Ram10605/28/2017 09:55AM

  just to clarify

21Dog9605/29/2017 04:54AM

  Re: just to clarify

73Ram10105/29/2017 05:22AM

  My dad was lost in WW2

waterfield10705/29/2017 07:14AM

  Re: My dad was lost in WW2

21Dog11605/29/2017 09:44AM

  Re: My dad was lost in WW2

73Ram12505/29/2017 11:41AM

  Re: My dad was lost in WW2

waterfield12005/29/2017 03:08PM

  a story that hits home

21Dog10205/29/2017 05:11AM

  Thank you all who have served

ferragamo7915005/29/2017 12:00PM

  Great Indy today...

JamesJM37005/28/2017 11:08AM

  RIP Gregg Allman

ferragamo7949105/28/2017 08:05AM

  Re: RIP Gregg Allman

73Ram11505/28/2017 09:53AM

  This will probably, and I think deservedly, come off as condescending..

JamesJM36305/24/2017 06:10PM

  I take 'em, but for the most part..

sstrams9105/27/2017 08:08AM

  My family is at Disneyland, on Memorial Weekend...

JamesJM34505/26/2017 05:15PM

  Universal's Dark Universe

IowaRam37605/22/2017 04:51PM

  To a new world , of god's and monsters

IowaRam11605/22/2017 04:53PM

  Spider-Man: Homecoming - Trailer 3

IowaRam11405/24/2017 05:59AM

  SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - International Trailer #3

IowaRam10805/24/2017 06:00AM

  Tony Stark clip

IowaRam10305/26/2017 03:23PM

  Adrian Toomes clip

IowaRam11305/26/2017 03:33PM

  New Suit clip

IowaRam9505/26/2017 03:35PM

  Despicable Me 3 trailer

IowaRam9205/24/2017 06:29AM

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