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Bucky's Pub

The HERD's off-topic message board is where all non Rams related discussion takes place. NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!!!
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  What's the cost to replace a lap top speaker...installed?

Ramgator15009/27/2016 07:50AM

  Oh man...

sstrams10409/27/2016 08:36AM

  cheaper to hook up

ferragamo797909/28/2016 08:30AM

  I don't know, but...

JamesJM7609/28/2016 09:00AM

  Rather humorous High School Football Stat...

JamesJM15409/27/2016 09:57AM

  Re: Rather humorous High School Football Stat...

waterfield5909/27/2016 11:30AM

  Can you imagine if they coach that kid to run...

JamesJM8109/27/2016 12:19PM

  Maybe he ran..

sstrams6109/28/2016 04:25AM

  Not bad for a OLB

Atlantic Ram7909/27/2016 06:17PM

  #2 place was a JAG...

JamesJM7909/27/2016 07:41PM

  Video, my daughter's are mad at me...

JamesJM21209/26/2016 01:37PM

  Not working

IowaRam8109/26/2016 02:03PM

  Is it saying 'private'?

JamesJM9509/26/2016 02:19PM


IowaRam8209/26/2016 02:21PM

  I've seen that happen..

sstrams10109/26/2016 03:12PM

  Not sure, but this happened a couple times before...

JamesJM14709/26/2016 02:21PM

  Re: Not sure, but this happened a couple times before...

IowaRam10709/26/2016 02:22PM

  Ah, ok. That's something else then.

JamesJM9409/26/2016 02:31PM

  Works for me...

sstrams10409/26/2016 03:06PM

  Working now for me as well

IowaRam6909/26/2016 03:13PM

  R.I.P. Arnold Palmer!

Ramgator26609/25/2016 04:21PM

  Sad day here in the 'burgh...nm

RFIP7809/25/2016 04:26PM

  ++++++++++1 nm

jemach7709/25/2016 04:39PM

  all class

ferragamo799509/25/2016 05:35PM

  read a quote this morning.......

21Dog9609/26/2016 05:24AM

  I heard Arnie say once...

JamesJM9609/26/2016 12:15PM

  I have had very few sports heroes in my life...

JamesJM11209/25/2016 10:33PM

  I love the values.com commercials

ferragamo7915509/25/2016 06:18AM

  Re: I love the values.com commercials

ferragamo799009/26/2016 10:47AM

  There are some pretty awesome..

sstrams8709/26/2016 11:34AM

  You guys HAVE to see "Sully"!!

Ramgator27309/20/2016 05:43PM

  I only see kids movies in theaters these days...

JamesJM9209/20/2016 05:47PM

  Re: You guys HAVE to see "Sully"!!

RounderRick9309/20/2016 05:51PM

  Maybe my favorite scene.

Ramgator8609/21/2016 05:09AM

  Its on the list..

sstrams9109/21/2016 04:32AM

  Fans of the F4 Phantom will enjoy. WINK! nm

Ramgator8409/21/2016 05:07AM


sstrams9909/21/2016 06:19AM

  Must have.

Ramgator8709/21/2016 07:56AM

  And you guys know me. I hate everything in Hollywood lately.

Ramgator9309/21/2016 05:13AM

  A terrific movie

waterfield11009/22/2016 09:08AM

  Saw it last night...

sstrams9209/25/2016 03:32AM

  Not having seen the movie as yet...

JamesJM8109/25/2016 05:08AM

  I'm sorry Jimmy..

sstrams8209/25/2016 05:28AM

  No, you didn't give anything away...

JamesJM8309/25/2016 05:32AM

  Ok cool..

sstrams7409/25/2016 07:45AM

  Country Road................Take Me Home

IowaRam21609/22/2016 08:38AM

  I love that song...check out this version

ferragamo7910209/22/2016 10:08AM

  That was terrific....

JamesJM9109/22/2016 09:11PM

  I like "Fly Away".

Ramgator10309/23/2016 07:57AM

  I like

ferragamo7911909/23/2016 03:14PM

  sstram... about Bora Bora...

JamesJM19109/23/2016 11:03AM

  Yeah, sort of...

sstrams8209/23/2016 12:57PM

  I copied it and sent it to my son...

JamesJM8309/23/2016 01:01PM

  Anytime man..

sstrams9409/23/2016 02:00PM

  Photo.. what do you look like in the morning? Attachments

JamesJM22509/23/2016 10:49AM

  i look like Keith Richards having a bad day

Atlantic Ram9709/23/2016 01:46PM

  I had NO idea the Tower Of Pisa was designed by a Chinese guy!

Ramgator18009/23/2016 07:55AM

  ..and here I thought it was Eileen... nm

sstrams7009/23/2016 09:35AM

  Ok, non Rams related.. and nothing but self promotion...

JamesJM63409/20/2016 10:37AM

  Done! Great stat line!

Guard13109/20/2016 10:39AM

  Re: Done! Great stat line!

bigjimram2111809/20/2016 03:08PM

  Re: Done! Great stat line!

VANRAM11909/20/2016 09:37PM

  Re: Done! Great stat line!

VANRAM10809/20/2016 09:44PM

  I think that's a good observation...

JamesJM11809/21/2016 02:59AM

  I voted for the guy from Bakersfield

ferragamo7916309/20/2016 10:42AM

  LOL, Todd

JamesJM13309/20/2016 10:45AM

  Yeah baby!

RFIP12909/20/2016 10:45AM

  I'm buying you a Ferrari!

JamesJM11509/20/2016 10:46AM

  got my vote

21Dog9509/20/2016 10:45AM

  Coaching change did it...

JamesJM9009/20/2016 10:55AM

  Hey, leave the picking on Coach Fisher...

Guard12009/20/2016 11:00AM

  SUPER stat line!

Suh-weet!10409/20/2016 11:00AM

  Yup, that's how I saw it...

JamesJM11309/20/2016 11:15AM

  Re: Ok, non Rams related.. and nothing but self promotion...

Rampage2K-12009/20/2016 11:05AM

  YIKES.. yeah, that would help: MASON- KERMAN

JamesJM11509/20/2016 11:14AM

  Re: Ok, non Rams related.. and nothing but self promotion...

EastBayRam10609/20/2016 11:07AM

  Thank you very, very much...

JamesJM11509/20/2016 11:29AM

  Re: Ok, non Rams related.. and nothing but self promotion...

Ram138012809/20/2016 11:17AM

  A video of the Pick Six...

JamesJM14809/20/2016 11:28AM

  Re: dude how proud are you! That was awesome

Speed_Kills9909/20/2016 03:45PM

  Looks like we did good

Drew283912209/20/2016 12:41PM

  That you did, Drew...

JamesJM11109/20/2016 01:42PM

  I voted for him.....

NewMexicoRam11809/20/2016 12:46PM

  Done. Those grandsons were great kids. Smiles, no attitude. Loved'em. nm

Saguaro10509/20/2016 12:58PM

  Thanks Saguaro...

JamesJM12909/20/2016 01:40PM

  Re: Voted buddy

TonyHunter8712009/20/2016 01:21PM

  Looking good, thanks... now comes...

JamesJM10709/20/2016 01:37PM

  #1 @ 5:22.......nm

Arkansas Ram10309/20/2016 01:23PM

  My daughter wants to give you guys a kiss....

JamesJM12609/20/2016 01:39PM

  Just voted for Mason: he's leading 166-92 (nm)

AlbaNY_Ram9709/20/2016 02:31PM

  voted- good luck Mason...

LMU9311409/20/2016 02:36PM

  Good luck to that young man

Old Goat11209/20/2016 03:09PM


RFIP9709/20/2016 04:33PM

  And I just noticed the kids number too!

RFIP11209/20/2016 04:36PM


JamesJM10609/20/2016 04:42PM

  By NOW everybody here knows I'm a HUGE fan of...

RFIP10209/20/2016 05:16PM

  Your grandson...

mexram12009/20/2016 04:51PM

  Thanks, MexRam...

JamesJM12109/20/2016 04:53PM

  Totally unethical.

stlramz13409/20/2016 06:38PM

  ROTFLMAO....best line of the year...

JamesJM11909/20/2016 07:19PM

  listen to him, Jimmy

21Dog11009/20/2016 07:44PM

  LOL! Talk about abuse of power!

ArizonaRamFan12109/20/2016 06:49PM

  Never been accused of that...

JamesJM13509/20/2016 07:20PM

  That admin hammer you carry...

ArizonaRamFan9809/21/2016 04:44AM

  Not 70 yet, a few years left...

JamesJM11909/21/2016 04:51AM


sacram10909/20/2016 06:54PM

  Re: Nice boy, enjoyed meeting him, got my vote nm

embraceable_ewe8311309/20/2016 07:54PM

  Re: 271 to 148 at midinight NM

VANRAM11709/20/2016 09:50PM

  Got my vote....

RamBum11809/21/2016 03:28AM

  285. Nearest is 154.

CROMWELL2110309/21/2016 04:56AM

  JUST A QUICK NOTE OF THANKS... to all of you...

JamesJM15509/22/2016 10:45AM

  Great to hear...

Guard13709/22/2016 10:50AM

  Re: JUST A QUICK NOTE OF THANKS... to all of you...

Prickly Pear11709/22/2016 06:12PM

  well deserved nm

21Dog11209/22/2016 06:34PM

  Hey James , ya watching It's A Mad Mad mad World

IowaRam22109/21/2016 03:39PM

  Nope, didn't know it was one, BUT...

JamesJM8809/21/2016 04:01PM

  Ghost Rider made his debut on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

IowaRam19109/21/2016 02:24PM

  The Hell Charger

IowaRam8209/21/2016 02:46PM

  Theaters better get a grip!!!!

Ramgator20309/21/2016 05:22AM

  My grandson is up for defensive player of the week... wanna vote?

JamesJM18809/20/2016 10:04AM

  Done! Good luck to Mason! nm

Guard9409/20/2016 10:36AM

  My deepest appreciation, Kevin...

JamesJM8209/20/2016 10:39AM

  Done.. he's winning right now, huh?

sstrams9909/20/2016 10:52AM

  Thanks, Steve... yeah, right now...

JamesJM9509/20/2016 10:57AM

  sstrams... I just missed a great opportunity...

JamesJM8809/20/2016 01:20PM

  That would be a win all around, Jimmy..

sstrams9409/20/2016 05:50PM

  I'm still thinking it may work?

JamesJM9009/20/2016 06:00PM

  Ya know, Jimmy..

sstrams8009/21/2016 04:28AM

  I have 2 computers..

sstrams7509/21/2016 04:31AM

  Please return my cords...

JamesJM22309/19/2016 07:28PM

  Great to be with so many of the Herd Today...

JamesJM22109/18/2016 11:21PM

  Re: Great to be with so many of the Herd Today...

Shaky12509/19/2016 02:28AM

  One of these days..

sstrams15509/19/2016 03:22AM

  Me too

Atlantic Ram10109/19/2016 09:43AM

  They soothe my soul.... Photo Attachments

JamesJM16309/19/2016 05:53AM

  James the Gentleman Farmer

LesBaker11509/19/2016 03:18PM

  been to the coliseum

JamesJM11309/19/2016 03:36PM

  Re: Great to be with so many of the Herd Today...

MamaRAMa15209/19/2016 05:58AM

  My first real concert

IowaRam27109/08/2016 03:35PM

  i was at a similar show in 1981

JoeMad11409/12/2016 07:35AM

  good to see Iron Maiden is touring again

ferragamo7910509/12/2016 07:41AM

  Re: My first real concert

Arkansas Ram13709/12/2016 08:18AM

  Two things I remember most about that concert

IowaRam12609/12/2016 02:50PM

  Re: My first real concert..

sstrams13009/12/2016 08:29AM

  Kiss came to Lubbock for the Alive II tour

ferragamo7914609/12/2016 10:40AM

  I've missed a few..

sstrams17609/12/2016 10:59AM

  Every dang time I walk through that door

IowaRam11109/12/2016 03:09PM

  KISS Alive II was my first KISS album

IowaRam11209/12/2016 03:37PM

  I was with 'em..

sstrams12709/12/2016 03:39PM

  Alive is hands down their best album

ferragamo7911809/12/2016 06:58PM

  The KISS Army

JoeMad10309/16/2016 12:10PM

  Its kinda funny...

sstrams9409/16/2016 12:22PM

  That is awesome

Atlantic Ram9509/19/2016 09:34AM

  Yeah, when I look back on it..

sstrams9809/19/2016 11:38AM

  WOW, wish I could remember...

JamesJM11109/12/2016 12:36PM

  Guess my first real one was

ferragamo7912009/12/2016 01:03PM

  I think mine was Robert Plant in Philadelphia 1983

Atlantic Ram11709/12/2016 09:22PM


IowaRam33308/28/2016 05:36PM

  I can't wait

ferragamo7915308/29/2016 07:57AM

  Premiere date is October 2

MamaRAMa12408/29/2016 03:29PM

  You've never seen the original ?

IowaRam13408/29/2016 03:55PM

  Christian Bale

ferragamo7912008/30/2016 07:21AM

  thx, Mama

ferragamo7912008/30/2016 07:22AM


IowaRam11508/29/2016 03:58PM

  Westworld ; Classic Western Meets Science Fiction Film

IowaRam9309/18/2016 07:40AM

  Eddie Braun jumps Snake River Canon

IowaRam25109/17/2016 09:17AM

  So he pulled off the exact stunt..

sstrams9109/18/2016 05:31AM

  Good over shadowed by bad. Youth football.

JamesJM19909/17/2016 05:52AM

  with the state our favorite team........

21Dog17709/16/2016 06:20AM

  Re: with the state our favorite team........

IowaRam10609/16/2016 06:49AM

  If Jack Dawson Was Really From Wisconsin...

IowaRam17009/16/2016 02:59PM

  TV Viewing preferences......

RAM2333909/04/2016 09:41AM

  My guess would be, 23...

sstrams15809/05/2016 04:22AM

  sst you're probably right regarding.....

RAM2313909/05/2016 06:47AM

  Kinda sounds like..

sstrams15109/05/2016 01:26PM

  Bingo sst, you hit on.....

RAM2314109/06/2016 05:09AM

  You're the best, 23..

sstrams13709/06/2016 05:41AM

  LOL, yeah maybe your.....

RAM2313809/07/2016 06:20AM

  Ya know, 23, that's the BEST part..

sstrams12209/07/2016 06:29AM

  LMAO sst, I turned into the NFL channel yesterday to.....

RAM2310409/08/2016 06:14AM

  So, 23, you're saying..

sstrams11209/08/2016 07:44AM

  LOL sst, now that you've found the......

RAM2310709/09/2016 05:09AM

  Rest easy, my friend...

sstrams11409/09/2016 08:46AM

  I've read here about some of your.....

RAM2311909/10/2016 05:21AM

  You gotta go, 23.....!

sstrams10509/10/2016 12:59PM

  Yeah, no doubt I.....

RAM2311409/11/2016 06:41AM

  You and I should go bowling, 23...

sstrams11209/12/2016 04:23AM

  LOL, funny you mention bowling......

RAM2311109/13/2016 07:27AM

  Gutter balls..

sstrams9509/14/2016 08:05AM

  LOL, they must put.....

RAM239209/15/2016 05:18AM

  Re: LOL, funny you mention bowling......

waterfield9209/14/2016 04:34PM

  That's a good question, waterfield......

sstrams10209/15/2016 03:06AM

  There is no doubt that kids today.......

RAM2310509/15/2016 05:32AM

  Re: There is no doubt that kids today.......

waterfield9509/15/2016 08:29AM

  I kinda get it, but not really...

sstrams9309/15/2016 08:54AM

  You should know by now that if.....

RAM239109/16/2016 08:44AM

  This Tuesday it's supposed to drop to 82 degrees...

JamesJM22909/09/2016 06:38AM

  Today its mid 90's here...

sstrams11009/09/2016 08:41AM

  We're still upper 90's...

JamesJM10109/09/2016 09:20AM

  I hear ya, Jimmy...

sstrams10009/09/2016 10:10AM

  We are already getting Fallish mornings!

Ramgator10509/09/2016 09:24AM

  Mid 60's all next week

IowaRam10409/09/2016 09:35AM

  Shelf Cloud that came over this morning

IowaRam10909/09/2016 08:21PM

  I never even heard of these things...

JamesJM9609/09/2016 09:43PM

  Pretty impressive, Iowa...

sstrams13709/10/2016 03:56AM

  Here is what a stormy day looks like... Attachments

JamesJM10909/10/2016 06:19AM

  That's quite a system...

sstrams10609/10/2016 07:08AM

  We're in big trouble... Steve...

JamesJM11009/10/2016 07:17AM

  I'll get a 4 wheeler...

sstrams9909/10/2016 11:21AM

  4 1/2 inches of rain so far today , and counting

IowaRam10309/15/2016 05:21PM

  We got over 3"...

sstrams8709/15/2016 05:48PM

  Looks like Da Raidahs will be moving

LesBaker22809/15/2016 03:12PM

  That's the scuttlebutt here...

JamesJM12909/15/2016 03:56PM

  This topic has been moved. R.I.P. Arnold Palmer!

Ramgator5909/25/2016 05:03PM

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