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I miss playing lead guitar....

September 13, 2022 03:45PM
and of course you're right.... I never played lead guitar, or guitar at all. What I mean is... the melody. As you know I played trumpet thru college... I wanted to continue playing music my entire life, loved rock, and trumpets weren't not at all common in rock bands. laughing smiley

I had bought a set of used Ludwigs while still in high school.. AND played them in my first band.... and I didn't set aside the trumpet until after my time in the Army. In the Army I played a little with the base band ....after the army I put the trumpet away.... seldom picking it up... today I can't play it worth a damn. I can play the notes, not as well of course, but the tone? I can't even bare to hear it myself. laughing smiley

But back to my point... I don't like the drumlines or the bass line any more than I like the melody..... just as much but no more. And today I really do wish I could play the melody more often.

Singing just isn't the same to me, even though it's most definitely the melody. I love great vocalists as much as the next guy but in truth... never heard a human voice I like as much as a musical instrument.

  James and SST. You can pick ONLY one!

Ramgator130September 13, 2022 10:27AM

  Holy crap...

sstrams91September 13, 2022 10:36AM

  Same here, have to think about that....

JamesJM63September 13, 2022 11:04AM

  I am sorta counting on you..

sstrams40September 13, 2022 11:55AM

  Yikes, that's a challenge...

JamesJM40September 13, 2022 12:04PM

  Well, i knew you'd appreciate the challenge..

sstrams76September 13, 2022 12:23PM

  I won't come up with THE one either....

JamesJM72September 13, 2022 01:32PM

  And Steve, question for you....

JamesJM42September 13, 2022 01:38PM

  Its kind of all about emotion for me..

sstrams53September 13, 2022 02:19PM

  I actually don't know this song..

sstrams41September 13, 2022 02:09PM

  Glad you appreciated...as I said...

JamesJM49September 13, 2022 02:29PM

  I somehow knew you'd somewhere bring up...

sstrams53September 13, 2022 02:51PM

  Not at all your kind of music BUT.....

JamesJM95September 13, 2022 03:19PM

  Speaking of bass...

sstrams57September 13, 2022 03:29PM

  I miss playing lead guitar....

JamesJM54September 13, 2022 03:45PM

  Totally get that.. and my theory is..

sstrams54September 13, 2022 03:54PM

  I know, I know....

RAMbler63September 13, 2022 02:21PM

  In the words of Sam Kenison.....

Ramgator48September 13, 2022 02:00PM

  I tried to cheat..

sstrams58September 14, 2022 09:49AM

  I do that more and more these days....

JamesJM53September 14, 2022 10:52AM

  Part of my problem is..

sstrams41September 14, 2022 12:20PM