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So this is a great example...

November 22, 2021 08:27PM
I was listening to Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence and thinking well that was awful. Then I got a FB message with that very song in it and she was saying how great it was and how it just gave her chills, etc. etc. And then I do some online searches and evidently its the greatest cover ever... in the history of cover songs it is decidedly the best, signed, The World. What???? Now, I am not a Disturbed fan and actually hate the the lead singer's vocal sound. So I am listening to it and feeling barfy like I do when I hear Prince. But in Prince's music I can hear the talent. Here I just hear a cover... meh... I definitely don't get it. How can so many people like something that makes me nauseous? Prince is different... except for his ridiculous over-the-top guitar solo in My Guitar Gently Weeps. Not sure why that is the best guitar performance ever but again...

So anywho... when you say you don't think Chase and Murray are funny (except for a few movies) I think... What??? But then, I guess I find their movies more enjoyable than flat out funny. It's a different kind of comedy I guess. And I think some very funny people have been in very unfunny movies... so maybe it has to do with the writing at times. I think Murray is a good actor. Chevy Chase not so much. I could see them both being jerks in real life. That would probably taint it for me if I knew that to be true.

I guess to each his own but I am like you feeling like the whole world see's something differently. How can anyone like the Sounds of Silence remake? Haven't they heard the original? The incredible chill inducing original? But I think its just different tastes but it feels weird to be the only person on the planet that doesn't like something.

I guess if everyone went around liking the same exact stuff it would be pretty boring... or maybe amazingly great... hmmm...

  Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

Ramgator49November 22, 2021 07:07AM

  Chase made some awful movies

ferragamo7923November 22, 2021 07:22AM

  Re: Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

MamaRAMa35November 22, 2021 07:58AM

  Re: Am I the only one who does not think Bill Murray or Chevy Chase are funny?

IowaRam28November 22, 2021 12:55PM

  I'm harsh on comedians...

JamesJM31November 22, 2021 03:50PM

  Though an Icon, I was never a big fan of Richard Pryor. But...

Ramgator21November 22, 2021 04:49PM

  Saw Seinfeld in person and came away disappointed.

Ramgator18November 22, 2021 04:51PM

  So this is a great example...

Atlantic Ram34November 22, 2021 08:27PM

  Totally got what you said. Not a Murray fan but LOVED "Stripes"

Ramgator28November 23, 2021 04:00AM

  Re: Totally got what you said. Not a Murray fan but LOVED "Stripes"

IowaRam22November 23, 2021 12:17PM

  I think that's an underrated movie

Atlantic Ram22November 23, 2021 01:08PM

  "Disturbed's version of Sounds of Silence".... interesting.

RAMbler32November 23, 2021 08:54AM

  Just listening to it for the first time...

JamesJM24November 23, 2021 10:40AM

  Re: Just listening to it for the first time...

RAMbler23November 23, 2021 01:30PM


JamesJM21November 23, 2021 01:43PM

  Re: LOL....

RAMbler19November 23, 2021 02:28PM

  So of course I don't understand lol

Atlantic Ram23November 23, 2021 05:23PM

  Taste's Great! - Less Filling!

RAMbler16November 24, 2021 07:55AM